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prime exclusive phones remove ads

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Amazon to Remove Lock Screen Ads from Its Prime Exclusive Smartphones

your LG reach 20 years are here, and today I'm doing a bit about Amazon guys, so I'm on burner and I come here. we were reading an artikle here. it says Amazon drops lockscreen ads from its promise which the phone starting tomorrow- today, rather, because it's at the trouble pocket on the East Coast, February 7th here. so, yeah, here some of the autumn Islam prom which lifts off Aaron's head day got some really nice urns on how to get the birdie fireplace, the LG q 6l, DD 6 + mega export and um and a lot of other times. that's pretty cool. also, yeah, so says customers looking for a deal on a smart friend has been able to save anywhere from $25 to $100 off the retail price by buying them from Amazon, as long as they didn't mind being forced to watch like three nights starting tomorrow or today, rather, February 7th. Amazon is no longer forcing these ads on promises of buyers and those who already own a promise whistle model, but will receive a software update that removes the ads from their phones while the at while the ads are going, new climate system models will still come with pre-installed apps from Amazon. future Amazon Prime exclusive handsets will be available only to those who had signed up for the membership to prom and will be sold- I'm not a single sign- and will allow users to log in to Emma's on apps like crime video primers, implant verdicts, but there, but there will be a price to pay for the removal of the lockscreen and surprises. for the current lineup of karma system handsets will raise about twenty dollars starting the morning or today, rather, according to multiple reports. in a statement, Amazon said that it was removing the lock screen and so that users of promises and models can use Trant tiknologies to a month their handsets. Amazon is referring to the fingerprint scanners and they were facial recognition systems. right, here's a summary from Amazon and they say- quote: as smartphone tiknology has evolved, we've also I want to evolve the prime of certifying expense, since your customers can easily use feed-in easiest regions such as the friends, different mobile online tiknologies like facial recognition and fingerprint sensors, as well as be able to personalize the buy stoks, change your photos and wallpapers in quick, says I'm alone. the current Amazon Prime expensive lineup includes LGD six parts, LG g 6l, GX x, Moto X for Moto G, fat loss. nikki is 6 murder, efore, says a member of the ball. prices are expected to rise by 20 dollars starting today, February 7th. so see, so you got. so you got. see the prices right there. what to do? just add $20 of them, all prices right there, and so yeah. so this is good news, my opinion, because, like you know, like strain that you're just not little action acts that you love, like straight answers suck and I'm sure a lot of people didn't like them. so this is good news for this is good. good initial that you want to Amazon comics, just affirm but don't want the ads. but you still have Amazon apps on there, obviously through the edge and all you know, but you wanna have, like strand ads anymore. so that's really good. this is good news, man. so, um, yeah, this, this will be starting today, February 7th. it says, for those of you who have a pump of comics, just a front already you got. y'all guys will be young guys will- will be receiving a software update to remove the ads. I don't know when I saw update will be released, but stay tuned for that. it says I am like I said, new premises of brands. we'll have our print staff members on. obviously it's a comic strips of things and you want them is on apps on there. it says with my Amazon remove the elm add so that users could used arm, could use the current tiknologies on their phones like the facial recognition and independent sensors. so that's really good. I think them are. the Murdock g5 + had a security or flaw with the pinkprint sunset on the amazon planet shoe- something I think the liturgy Papua side hope for the Amazon has fixed that issue by now. so this is good news. Mary cuz man, you know adds suck. um, I don't like ads at all. you know. I'm sure like ads in the way you should not be. you know, if you guys want to still use the UH, add the minutes, up to you, but you guys don't want to use it. I mean, you get, you get us should be getting an update here eventually that will remove the ads and stuff like that from the like strain. so that's good news there and I'm sure a lot of people aren't happy about this. for desi, you who were considering, for those of you who are considering a plant, a promise, its of Franklin, Amazon, and you got, and you got some good choices here. you know you get the G 6 plus the Q 6, the road x4, g5 + g5 motive for you got a whole list of ferns there. um, you know, really nice homes. um, so, yeah, man. so Amazon is removing its lecture nights from its coming sister, fern studying the day 5 or 7. um, you guys have current. I promise it's a fine. you got guys war, so how does? until a software update it comes to your device. so you keep that in mind. but I'm glad Amazon is removing this dude, because I'm sure I'm not. people did not like the on, like the, like screen answers. nests attend the ass, um, you know. so, yeah, what do you guys think about Amazon moving on like stirring that Simon Thomas? so, friends, what do you guys think about that? you guys say it's a good move, or do you guys earned a promise? it's a fern? do you guys like the live streams? you guys don't like on what your experience with? like string ads and all that stuff. so, um, yeah. so while that's good news, let's get down though, cuz you know, like I said, ads sucks. well, you could just bypass the that generated by this using a fingerprint sensor, can you? I guess you can. so, um, yeah. so if you guys enjoy this video, give me a thumbs up, guys. it really helps me out a lot, Peter, come subscribe, think about much or watching mine every day, and that gets you guys in the next one pizza.

Amazon Removes Ads Off Prime Phones!

[Music]: alright, so next bit of news: amazon has dropped off ads off their prime phones. now I think I'm like the only person in the world who actually found this interesting, but this week Amazon has removed ads from their prime phones. now, if you remember right, Amazon had a phone that they created a couple years ago and it was a massive flop, didn't do well at all because it had their fire OS on there and it wasn't like an Android. it was based on the Android, but it wasn't really Android in. people didn't like that and it was a flop. so what they did after that was they didn't want to go the phone industry, so they made these partners with all these different carriers and and what they would do is they would sell their phones at a discount, but in exchange for them putting ads on the home screen so you could get a nice phone for cheaper. but the trade-off was the ads. and now they've decided to take a step back. they are now removing the ads. this is for new and old purchases, by the way. so if you have purchased one of these phones, if you update your Amazon app or something, it should remove the ads and instead now the price of these phones that are discounted by a pretty large margin. some of them are gonna go up $20, which i think is pretty fair. so it makes me really curious. let's let's rewind a little bit here. when we tok about the original Amazon phone, they had fire, Oh, a song and everything. I don't think it was a terrible idea. I think it probably would have caught on really well had it happened a lot sooner. but when you have markets like you know- Android and iOS- that were already very prominent and you have things like window windows not surviving hardly and then plenty of other ones just falling off the face of the earth, it's such a hard market to try and bring something new into and I I feel like they were just way too late to the game to really try and get him to that market. so when they switch over these faults, I thought it was a smart idea because it was still a good way for them to make money right, because with his advertisements you know it's getting people to buy more of their products right. so the discount on the phone wasn't that big of a deal to them because they knew they'd make the money in the long run. but now that they're removing these and they're earning $20 on their. it makes me really interesting, I'm really interested and to you know what's in it for them? are they recording people's data? or I mean, you know, I'm saying, like, what are they doing that's making them money off this? they're not just giving you a deal for no reason here. no, for oh, that's what I'm trying a hard time understanding, because I don't know why they would just discount it for the heck of it. the only I can gather is, yeah, of a prime membership to do this, and so they're just making this like a more appetizing thing for people who they want to get on prime. but other than that, I don't know. like I I would imagine maybe they're doing some data collection, but it's really hard to know. I don't know. I would be very if I was gonna buy one now, I would be very careful to read the privacy policy and figure out, like, what are they doing? because it's not really clear. and if you, uh, if you look at their tablets, though, they're still doing the ads on their tablets, so they'd sell. they sell fire OS tablets. there's several sizes, and they still will offer you, I think, if 15 or 20 dollar discount, if you're willing to tolerate their ads. so they haven't removed them off those devices. so I'm not sure. hmm, I don't know what they're doing. it's really interesting, but they're just doing it for the phones. but part of me is just like, are they just gonna kill these phones off? you know, for me, like Amazon was way too late to the phone game and just like you just said, and now they've created the whole new market with the echo dot and they're kind of owning the market. Google is challenging them quite a bit and Apple just release their home pod. but I think that really is where their focus needs to be. then home automation, because the phone thing, I think, is a distraction. they are not adding anything to these phones, are not doing anything that's special other than just giving them at a discount and there's no way they're making good money off of it. that's the thing. what's in it for them? no, and maybe they're selling in bulk and making like a few pennies off each one. I don't know, I don't get it. no, but yeah, I mean the ads made sense to me, even though like as funny actually, even I'm like dad's made sense to me. I was like: hey, Leslie, your phone broke, let me get you blows my wife, by the way. I was like, hey, I'm gonna get you one of these Amazon phones that have ads on them. do that be okay with you? and I was being dead serious and she was like, uh, why would I want ads on my phone? she looked at me like like the stupidest person that ever lived, and which may or may not be true, but anyway. but she said she was like, no, I'm not doing the ads and it makes sense, like I mean, it's your phone, something use all the time you can tolerate on a tablet, which is something you use maybe once a day, but on your phone you don't have to deal with the ads. that makes a lot of sense to me, but I still understand why they're in the phone market to begin with. I don't know. it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. it's something they should just really let go and move on. and also just to note, if you have that your Amazon offer app from the Google Play Store, that will ensure that the ads down on your Amazon phone, if you have one of those so excited that, hey guys, thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it and, if he did, maybe take a second, hit that like button below and if you really liked it, hit the subscribe button. we'll have Clips like this one coming out every single day of the week. and if you want the full podcast experience- this week we toked about Elon less sending his car into space. we toked about my experience that celebration, Harry Potter and a lot of other cool stuff. we had a lot of fun with. the show- is to search for awesome podcast. there will be a link coming up on the screen in just a second to the full show and also to my main channel, which is the search for awesome, where I do reviews and I host the main podcast, and in the description there are links to the in full podcast in the audio form on iTunes stitcher and SoundCloud. I hope you guys enjoyed and I guess I'll see you around next time. [Music].

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[Music]. alright, guys, welcome back to another video. she mange was, I pretty much guess- just got the best news ever. well, if you have a prime phone, like you, have all these phones exclusive to amazon prime. you probably got that email to, or pretty much they're going to disable the Amazon ads on the lockscreen. so if you didn't know about this before, what happened is when you would try to unlock your phone, you'd have to go through like the Amazon at first. so even if you would unlock it, it would still be another initial step. so Amazon has decided that they are going to disable the Amazon lockscreen ads and this is this is probably going to change the game for a small bit, because if you think about some of the phones that are available on Amazon Prime, you got the q6, the LG X charge, you've got the g6 plus, you've got the Moto G 5 plus, you got the Nokia 6, you've got the Moto X 4 and you've got the Moto e 4. so there's a lot of pluses to this- them doing this to these Amazon phones. now the phone is, the phones are probably. they're just like they're all my phones are like any other phone. they need to have all that Amazon bloatware baked in and predominantly it's the lockscreen. so if you have Amazon prying phone, you should have gotten this email too. fantastik news. I'm super excited about it. I hope you guys are too. and now I think Amazon is probably trying to move some of these units on their website, leaving the website. I think Amazon is trying to get rid of this inventory. and and another thing is they probably got a lot of complaints about people saying I'm gonna take this extra step when I watch quality. that comes with being an Amazon Prime phone, so not too many complaints can come in. but I think it got it. I guess I didn't complain about it. it didn't really bother me too much, but now not having to access the Amazon ads on the front screen at all is absolutely great. I think they did right by their customers by putting it into an app form. and basically what the email said was: I want to give you more freedom over your lockscreen and then also you're going to be able to go in and start. nobody said was you're gonna get an update, but soon as you connect to Wi-Fi and it'll disable the lockscreen ads and you have more freedom over your lockscreen. that's pretty much what the email said, and when I saw that I thought it was an air. I had to read the entire thing. I was like whoa, they are tripping right now. so pretty much, if you want a discount on the phone, letting buy an Amazon Prime phone, because in the email it also said that you're still going to be able to get the phones at a discounted price and that, my friend, is a huge plus. so you see how these Amazon ads on here eventually rolling out. today, February 6, those are going to be an update, the hits and all you have to do listed. it says the next time you connect to Wi-Fi it's gonna start rolling out and you'll get it eventually. so that's a huge plus. so shout out to Amazon for taking care of their customers, and I really appreciate it because I use Prime- I don't know how many times a week. so this is good news. spread the news, share this video, retweet it on twitter, shared on Google+, wherever you're looking at it at, mission manager will. Amazon Prime phones just got a serious bump and recognition and I think a lot of people are now gonna start buying these Amazon Prime phones at the discounted prices because they'll still have that Amazon bloatware in there, but it won't be in your lockscreen. so if you have like fingerprint reader, you won't have to unlock it and then swipe up and, you know, do that extra step. so, Prime members, you know exactly what I'm toking about. so there was all kind of hacks out there where you can just go in and disable it, but now they kind of did a samsung Bixby move and just say: you know what, let's just turn it off. so you managed, I will. I'll see you guys in the next video. ego nation. I had two champs, baby.

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Amazon Prime Exclusive Android phones dump lock-screen ads [Update] by BuzzStyle

amazon has announced that it is dumping the lockscreen ads from its prime exclusive phone program. since 2016, the massive online retailer has been selling low-end Android phones loaded with ads and Amazon software at a discount of around $50 and, in one case, a $200 discount. now, the biggest advertising surface on the phones, the lock screen, is being scrubbed of advertising. in its FAQ, Amazon spins the change. is Amazon being nice by saying this change allows you to personalize your prime exclusive phones lock screen and to more easily use your phone's unlock tiknologies such as facial recognition and fingerprint senses. the move is more likely related to Google's recent ban on lockscreen ads from non lockscreen apps, though. in December, Google added a new rule to the google play developer policy saying: unless the exclusive purpose of the app is that of a lock screen, apps may not introduce Adso features that monetize the lock display of a device. the goal of the rule, as it is written, seems to be not to outright ban all lockscreen ads, but to stop apps from misleadingly displaying lockscreen ads without the users consent. as a user, it would be very hard to identify which app was displaying lockscreen apps, since any game or app would tiknically be able to takeover the lockscreen. Prime exclusive phones are shipped with pre-loaded ads, which could tiknically make them immune to the Play Store rules, but the apps are also updated through the Play Store, so the rules should apply to any updates. if Amazon made a lock screen up and preloaded it, it would be allowed to show lockscreen ads again, but as it stands, the apps are made through the Amazon office app, which would seem to be in violation of the Play Store rules. the obvious solution would be to make an Amazon lock screen app with ads and preloaded on Prime devices. existing Prime devices should receive an update to the amazon offers app which will wipe the lockscreen ads. there will still be ads in the Amazon widget app and the phone will still collect information about your use of your device, including your device's system and stability, applications and services on the device and your device's interaction with software applications and services on the device. the question now is: what does the future of Amazon's cheap phone program look like? the company just lost the biggest revenue stream from these devices and we've got to believe the current prices were set with that revenue stream in mind. so the prime phones just become more expensive. now will the ads pop up in other places? for now, at this step seems like a band-aid, and Amazon will need a more permanent solution in the future update. it's not listed on the FAQ page, but an Amazon spokesperson told Digital Trends and some other outlets that the price of every prime phone will be raised by $20. there's also reports of Amazon offering refunds to people who paid to have lock screen apps removed. [Music].

Amazon Prime Exclusive Should You Sell Your Lockscreen

[Music]: smartphones are too damn expensive. it's one of the little truths of modern life, a tagline up there with: think different and just do it and subscribe to my youtube channel. but how far would you go to make your smartphone cheaper? I'm mister mobile and these are Amazon Prime exclusive phones. [Music]: this is one of those brand names that just makes sense. see, these phones are exclusive to Amazon Prime members. prime is a membership plan that gives you free two-day or same-day shipping, access to Amazon streaming video and photo storage, a restaurant delivery in some markets. basically, it's a pass to Amazon's deluxe features, but it's not free. membership costs about a hundred bucks a year, so if you're not already a prime member, these funds probably aren't a good deal for you. but if you are one of the estimated 80 million Prime users in the us, you can pick up one of these smart phones for a hefty discount. not bleeding edge smartphones with 4k displays or dual cameras, but mid range selections that are at least solid. Amazon sent me a moto e for idol 5 and a Nokia 6 for testing. now lots of you have been asking me about the Nokia, so I'll touch on that in a second, but first I want to tok about what you have to give up for that discount, which is your lockscreen on prime exclusive phones. Amazon gets to use your lockscreen as a kind of billboard to try selling you stuff. every time you wake up your phone, there's a new ad there for some product being sold on Amazon. now, when I hear myself say that, it sounds like the most terrible, dystopian future since Minority Report and it's posters that read your eyeballs. but I've used prime exclusive phones for about the past 4 or 5 days, and being subjected to a little ad every time I wake up my phone actually isn't as annoying as I expected. there's no ding or buzz, and they're styled differently than a true notification, so they're always easy to spot. what did annoy me, though, was just how poorly targeted they were. the deals are said to be personalized, and one of the first things you do when setting up the phone is to log into your Amazon account. to my mind, the phone should be just as good at recommending products as amazoncom is when I browse it on a computer. but it's really not a vinyl delivery service, an am/fm radio, a plastik potato ricer- what is a ricer anyway? organic protein, a novel called beach lawyer? I don't need or want any of this stuff. I even got an ad asking me if I was new to the Amazon Appstore. I was like no, and you should know that. aside from that, the Amazon integration is nice. prime video has a few movies I found worthy of free download, and prime now, which lets you order stuff that then appears at your door inside two hours. that's just incredible. true, you can download these apps on any Android phone, but it's nice that prime exclusive phones preload them with single sign-on, so you only need to put your password in once. now about the phones of the devices I used. the Moto e 4 is an awfully good smart phone for 99 bucks. we covered it a few weeks back on the mr Mobile Facebook page. the e 4 is also the only prime exclusive phone that'll work on Sprint or Verizon. the others are limited to t-mobile or AT&T or other GSM carriers. on the other side of the price sheet is the Alcatel idol 5, which uses the same processor that gave the Moto Z play, such as standing battery life. so I'm hopeful that that one turns out to be a low-key winner. but easily the most buzz worthy of the bunch is the Nokia six in a Masonic sclusively R in the state. it's the first time in a while we Americans have seen the name Nokia on a phone, and you know it's fine. honestly, my biggest takeaway is that for its full price at 230 bucks, there are better options out there, but the Nokia 6 comes down to $180 with prime exclusive. so in that context you're getting a lock. I mean, this thing is all metal and it feels like a tank, which does the old brand name proud. it ships with Android 7.1 and it's running the Google launcher out of the box, so there's not a lot of crap to bog it down. and that Dolby speaker system packs a bigger punch than you'd expect from something in this class. at the same time, this phone is very much a product of that class. you can definitely feel that snapdragon 432 chugging at times. the camera in partikular is advertised as fast, but from launch to snap it's anything but at the end of the day, the Nokia six is a good phone for the price, but it's not much more than that, unless you're buying it to rock that iconic brand again. I'll show you a couple more camera samples from the Nokia six. well, I tell you my favorite thing about all of the prime exclusive phones: you can buy your way out of the ads later on. so if you really want a Nokia 6, you can only come up with 180 bucks. you can get the phone in its prime version and then, three months down the line or however long it takes you, you can drop those extra 50 bucks and wipe out the commercials. I like knowing that escape hatch is there. you don't totally feel like you're selling your soul every time you unlock your phone to a beach lawyer lockscreen. our Amazon Prime exclusive phones- the kind of things I shop for or ones I'd recommend to my tik head friends- no, absolutely not. but I know an awful lot of people who just need a phone to be a phone, and the cheaper the better. if you're one of those folks, Amazon Prime exclusive phones are available in the link in the description below. until next time. thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends. [Music].

How to disable audio description on Amazon prime video Mobile & Tablets

[Music]. amazon studios and legendary television studio production carnival row, created by travis beacham and renee echeverria. teleplay by renee echeverria. story by renee echeverria and travis beacham, directed by thor freudenthal. light shines from a tower atop misty, forest-covered mountains. text appears: hello friends. uh, as you can see that we are annoyed with the on-screen audio description when we play a video on amazon prime. if you are facing this issue, then definitely you are watching the right video and, without wasting your time, can you please help me subscribe to my channel and hit bell notification so you get all the upcoming notifications directly you to your inbox. so, guys, we made a video a few weeks back and that was, uh, how to enable or disable the on-screen audio description on your smart tv. today we are repeating this, but on a smartphone. this will work on all smartphones, whether you have an android or ios device or a smartphone. it works exactly the same way. and, uh, let's start from the scratch. opening amazon prime video on my ios device. as you can see on my user dashboard, there are plenty of videos. i could pick and choose anything i would like, and just to tell you that this method will work on those videos where we have options to enable or disable audio on screen audio description or to change audio languages, or also you can use on those videos where we have audio description with the language uh in the cc options. so, guys, as you can see, we have plenty of videos here. let's open vikings and i will show you. so as you can see that the standard audio language is set to english. on my top right hand side, you can see three boxes. the one at the right is to minimize or maximize the screen size. the one on the left is basically to share your content on your smart tv or any other smart devices, for example, a projector or anything similar. and the one in the middle is basically a dialog box. if you click on this, then this mess, this box, will appear. on the left hand side, you can see subtitles of english cc. on the right hand side, you can see that we have audio description and audio language, and that is set to default, which means it will be english. so let's uh this, uh. close this uh and let's open this carnival row and [Music] you can uh before going forward, guys. uh, i'll show you, for a quick help, how you can do that. as you can see, here we have languages and uh, available audio languages are 10 and the subtitles are available in 28 languages. a complete list of audio languages and the cc language or subtitle languages you can see before even you start watching the video. so let's turn this off. misty, forest covered mountains, text appears and basically, uh, the on-screen audio language is set to default. uh, especially happened with the new accounts, so you have to go in the this dialog box in the center, as you can see the same process. go in this center dialog box and this will open the subfolder. we will see the subtitles and the audio options on the right hand side. uh, from here, you can change the subtitles to all these available languages, whatever you prefer. if you have hearing impairment or anything which you prefer on this list, that will be helpful for people with hearing aid. and then we have, on the right side, english audio description. that is set to default and this will be normally on every single account, which is brand new. but if, for some reason, you see this on your amazon prime, you can come here and enable and disable. so, if you set this to english, then the on-screen audio description will be disabled. [Music] and if you would like to change the language from this to any other language. for example, let's say we can, we can check spanish asphalt and we will try to play the video foreign. as you can see, we have set the audio language from english to spanish and if you want to come back to the stok language or the study language, then you can set back to english. so this is how you can enable and disable audio description on your smartphones. guys, thumbs up if you like the video and share it and leave your comments. i'll come back with another video. till then, take good care of yourself. have a good day. bye.