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Print On Demand: 4 SEO Hacks Most Etsy Store Owners Miss!

Published on: December 2 2022 by Anji Long

Print On Demand: 4 SEO Hacks Most Etsy Store Owners Miss!

Print On Demand: 4 SEO Hacks Most Etsy Store Owners Miss!

hey guys in today's video I'm going to
be sharing with you four SEO hacks for
your print on demand business and these
are four features inside of sales
Samurai that a lot of etsy sellers are
skipping over and missing out on I'm
also going to share with you an
evergreen Niche that has a lot of money
in it that not a lot of other sellers
mention or tapping into so be sure to
stik around until the very end of this
video so you scoop up all of these gems
to help you crush out more sales on Etsy
with print on demand and as always I'm
going to provide a ton of resources Down
Below in the description I have a seven
day free Etsy boot camp for you that's
going to take you day by day by day over
the next seven days to help you get set
up with your very own Etsy print on
demand business and you can also access
the free trial of sale Samurai down
below and follow along with me here
today as I guide you through these four
features that most people are missing
out on so without further Ado let's go
ahead and get into today's video okay so
I have went ahead and logged into sale
Samurai and the first thing that you see
when you log in is all of these tutorial
videos that show you how every single
one of the features work here inside of
sale Samurai now in several videos I
have shown you guys how to use the basic
search and also how to use the Chrome
extension and if you haven't watched
those videos yet I will link those for
you down below because there are so many
great features on this tool that helps
me and my business so hopefully it will
do the same for you so what I'm going to
hit on today under the shop tab right
here you can actually connect your Etsy
shop and this is also going to help with
the API connection between the tool and
the Etsy data so you can connect that
and then what it will also do is analyze
your shop and let you know if you're
missing anything so that right there is
a nice little hack to tell you what you
need to fix in your own store because
there could be some things that you
overlooked and then that is really going
to help you out the next thing is the
competition tracker and I will show you
this in just a moment so what you can do
is take the store URL any other store
that you've kind of been watching you're
inspired by you're taking inspiration
from and you can put it in here and you
can actually track their sales now I
personally really like to do this
because it lets me see that there is
lots of sales happening on the platform
and you can see how many listings are
getting added and that can keep you on
track in your own business with staying
excited and seeing how other stores are
performing then we have the favorites
right here so if you have keywords that
you're using repeatedly over and over
again you can heart those keywords and
then that is going to save them for you
so it's going to continue to update you
know the search volume and the
competition and so you don't have to
keep typing those in every single time
they're all going to be saved under your
favorites Tab and then you guys know how
much I love the profit calculator I use
this all the time when I'm doing my
listings right because sometimes the
pricing changes inside of printify and
so being able to update your pricing
with accurate numbers knowing all of the
fees and everything that calculator is
priceless for your Etsy business and
then we have the calendar so the
calendar is going to be a really great
reminder of some possible niches that
you can jump into or seasonal items that
you may not have otherwise thought of
there are some really really cool ones
in here so for example American Beer day
sandwich day baloney day like who would
think of these things so then these are
some additional little niches that you
can look at and type into
Etsy and sales Samurai and maybe find
yourself a little pocket where there's
not a whole lot of competition but
people are really searching for this hey
look at this one taco day I don't know
about you guys but I absolutely love
tacos so there may be a little bit of a
gold mine there for you but what we're
really going to focus on today in this
video is doing a single listing search
so what I'm going to do is pop over to
Etsy and just go really broad with my
search and then we're going to bring a
single listing over and analyze it over
here okay so I'm over on Etsy and I am
using an incognito window and I've seen
several comments on my videos of people
asking how do you find an income Cognito
window so what you do is there's three
little dots right here you click on
those and then it says new incognito
window and so this is going to pull it
up in a new window and why that's
important is simply because if you're
not using an incognito your previous
browsing history is going to be showing
up in the Etsy search so it's going to
be more tailored to you instead of being
more General so I've typed in Etsy
women's teas and I also use the filter
to select best sellers you can scroll
through and we can kind of see what's
going on we can see what's popular now
and we're just going to go ahead and
pull one up so here is a really cool
simple t-shirt that is just text and as
you can see this one is a bestseller and
it has over 20 in the cart and so what
I'm going to do now is copy the URL at
the top of this listing in just by going
Ctrl C to copy and now we're back in
sales Samurai we're going to click on
search and then single listing then
we're going to go ahead and paste that
URL right here in the box and then
simply click search all right so once
that loads then you can see all of the
details about this listing if it was
running kind of slow for you a one
additional thing that if you haven't
connected your shop or updated the shop
connection that can probably help as
well so let's go ahead and take a look
here so you can see the entire title you
can see the category that they place
this item in you can see how many
characters they're using how many words
are in the title characters are in the
description and how many images they are
using then you can come down and see how
many views that this has gotten how many
views that they're getting every single
month right so this listing is
generating over a thousand views every
single month that is really really great
and then down at the bottom you can
actually see all of the tags that they
are using now I work with a lot of other
Etsy Sellers and I know even though tags
are very simple once you get the hang of
it a lot of new sellers actually
struggle with what to put in their tags
so this should actually help you if you
go and start analyzing what some of the
best seller tags are it's going to help
you to understand what a good tag looks
like and help you frame it in your mind
for what you should be doing I like to
make it uniquely mine however this is
going to give you a good idea and you
can use some of their elements so their
tags are vintage gift for women gift
birthday gift rainbow retro heart
sorority shirts be kind love one another
Christian shirt Bible shirt Jesus is
better and then over here you can see
all of the search volume for every
single one of those this is extremely
helpful so you now have a good idea of a
lot of the elements of the best sellers
from from the keywords that they're
using in their title which you can then
take the keywords and run them through
the basic search
restructure the title if you need to
right because a more seasoned store than
yours might have a different order to
their keywords in the title and down in
the tags you can also see some really
great Evergreen niches that not a lot of
other sellers even tok about and that
is the Christian Niche the Bible Niche
or Jesus right religious niches now this
is also about kindness which is also a
niche in itself and in addition to that
sorority learned in one of the videos
that we need to look at trademarks right
so you want to make sure that you're not
actually using the sorority names
however ever over on trade marchia you
can see that the word sorority in itself
the more general term is not trademarked
so if we just type in sorority shirts
you can see this is a medium competition
keyword with a search volume of 1067
searches per month so yes you can
absolutely use that in a tag and it will
be fine just always make sure you use
trademarkia.com to look at your
trademarks and make sure that you can
use that in your title in your
description and in your tags so in
addition to the basic search and the
Chrome extension this single listing
search is also extremely helpful and
will help you to hack your SEO very very
efficiently and for those of you that
are new and don't even fully understand
what SEO is it's search engine
optimization right Etsy is a platform
geared towards search customers come
there and type in a keyword or an item
that they're looking to buy such as
comfort colors be kind shirt and then
based on the keywords in the listing
this will pop up and you can see a
thousand people a month are viewing this
listing so Etsy literally has all of the
buyer traffic that you need if you show
up to your business every single day
there are buyers there for you the key
is that it has to be treated like a
business right
Etsy has been my business for the past
three years and so I know it very very
well however when I first started Etsy I
knew nothing I was a blank slate I had
no clue how to get a sale on Etsy I just
put up a listing and cross my fingers
and hope for the best but I learned over
time that there's actually a strategy to
Etsy and once you get the elements right
then this is such a very very illegal
creative platform and combining it with
parent on demand this is by far one of
the best business models out there
because once those listings are
populated in your store
Etsy is going to continue to send you
traffic and then printify is going to
print and ship and fulfill the orders
for you absolutely Priceless so let me
know Down Below have you been using
these features on sale samurai or did
you just now discover them today also be
sure to let me know what your favorite
takeaway is from today's video I am so
excited about your success with Etsy and
print on demand so I have created an
entire playlist for you that I'm going
to link right here so that you can click
on that and watch all of the videos that
I have created to help you succeed on
Etsy I'm also going to in the
description down below link all of the
videos related to sales Samurai so you
can go through those and learn how to
master this tool to help you with your
Etsy SEO make it an amazing day and I
will see you in the next video

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