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print on demand customized shopify

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Justin Cener explains why personalized products are crucial in print-on-demand businesses. He highlights the benefits of high-ticket sales, high-margin items, and increased perceived value. Additionally, he discusses the challenges that come with adding personalized products and shows how to overcome them using the Customily app.

Benefits of Personalized Print-on-Demand Products:

- High-ticket sales

- High-margin items

- Increased perceived value

- Unique products compared to competitors

Challenges of Personalized Print-on-Demand Products:

- No built-in print-on-demand feature on Shopify

- Need to use an app

- Few print-on-demand choices offer personalization

- Need for 100% automated fulfillment

Using Customily for Personalized Print-on-Demand Products:

- Customily is a powerful app that provides a live preview of personalized items

- The app has a wide variety of personalizable products and 100% automated fulfillment

- Customily offers a realistic editor and preview for advanced customization options

- Customily has a huge library of niche-specific designs that are ready to use

Steps to Use Customily for Personalized Print-on-Demand Products:

1. Choose a print partner, such as Printful or Printify.

2. Copy the API code from the print partner's API section.

3. Enable the API code in the Customily app.

4. Select a product from Customily's vast catalog of personalizable items.

5. Choose the print area, design, and variant options.

6. Customize the product using the built-in personalization features.

7. Edit the product details, including name, description, and price.

8. Publish the product to your store.

9. Offer high-ticket personalized print-on-demand items to your customers and make a profit!

Personalized print-on-demand products offer many benefits, such as high-ticket sales, high-margin items, and increased perceived value. Customily is a powerful app that provides a wide variety of personalizable products, a realistic editor and preview, and 100% automated fulfillment. By using Customily, print-on-demand businesses can overcome the challenges of adding personalized products and offer unique items that stand out from the competition. Start offering high-ticket personalized print-on-demand items to your customers today and watch your profits soar!

How To Start Your Own $150k / Mo Personalization Store - Shopify Print On Demand 2019

A few weeks ago, a video case study was conducted analyzing two multi-million dollar print and demand stores utilizing personalization. After receiving DMs and questions regarding how to build a Shopify store selling personalized products, the focus is on the research and planning aspect. The article will cover personalization, market research, pricing, and innovation.


Personalization is the key to success in e-commerce. Customers love seeing their name or details on products, and this feeling can be applied to e-commerce. With the right product and niche, trust and loyalty can be built quickly, leading to impulse purchases and positive social media mentions. The success of the Coca-Cola Share a Coke campaign is a prime example of personalization's effectiveness.

Market Research:

A great place to start researching personalized products is on Etsy. Searching for a specific niche and looking at high-rated sellers can provide insight into what products sell well. Personalization Mall is another great website specializing in personalization. The Night Sky and Piper Lu are examples of successful e-commerce stores utilizing personalization. Keyword searches on Etsy and Google can also help with research.


The price should be based on data and margin. It is recommended to have a 20+ margin on the front end to help with advertising. A placeholder price can be used initially, but the goal should be to find the sweet spot with pricing. This can be done by analyzing customer data and adjusting prices accordingly.


Once the niche and product have been selected, it's about innovation and getting customer feedback. Making changes, adding similar products, and switching things up can help keep customers engaged. Face Socks is an example of a successful e-commerce store not using a preview generator.

Personalization is the key to success in e-commerce. Researching the market, finding the sweet spot with pricing, and innovating can help build a sustainable business. By following these steps, a Shopify store selling personalized products can potentially make $150,000 per month on autopilot.

Print On Demand Personalization (Full Tutorial) How To Sell Custom Personalized Products On Shopify

Print on demand is becoming increasingly popular, with more people opening stores and moving to Shopify. Personalized custom products have been successful for both print on demand sellers and big businesses.

Types of Personalization:

There are three types of personalization: image, text-based, and combo. It is important to choose the type of personalization that makes sense for your niche and is easy for customers to do.

Creating the Design:

Once you have chosen the type of personalization, you need to create a design and template that shows customers what they can customize. You will also need to install an app on your store that allows you to collect the personalized information from customers.


There are two ways to fulfill orders with personalization: manual personalization and using a print on demand app with personalization features. Manual personalization involves creating the product yourself and then fulfilling the order, while using a print on demand app with personalization features makes the process easier but may be limiting in terms of design options.

Personalized products can give you a competitive edge and allow you to charge more for your products. With the right approach, personalization can be a successful strategy for your print on demand store.


In this video, the speaker discusses launching a new personalization store called BAM prints. They stress the importance of personalization in e-commerce and cite companies like Netflix and PupSocks as examples of businesses that have mastered it. The speaker breaks down the process into five steps, including determining a budget, product research and planning, bringing the store to life, setting up email flows, and launching the store. They recommend using resources like Etsy and personalization apps like Upload Kit and Bold Product Options to make the store stand out. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of optimization for conversions and establishing social proof through email marketing. Overall, the goal is to create a successful business that sells unique and personalized products.

See How This Print On Demand Shopify Store Made $1 Million!

Many people believe that to make hundreds of thousands of dollars on a print-on-demand store, you need a fantastic marketing strategy, good niche choices, amazing product choices, flawless branding, and designs that people actually want to buy. In this article, we will take a look at a print-on-demand store that has done over a million dollars in sales and analyze their marketing strategy, products, niches, and designs.

Store Overview:

Tailoredcanvases.com is a product-focused print-on-demand store that sells canvases to different niches, including farmhouse, coffee, dogs, bar and grill, cattle, lake house signs, patio signs, gym signs, and more. They have created tasteful designs that customers can personalize with their names, locations, and dates. The store has built a trustworthy brand and a cohesive homepage with social proof and over 11,000 customer reviews.

Marketing Strategy:

The store has used social media marketing to grow its Instagram account to over 17,000 followers by posting videos of customers opening their products. They have also used Facebook ads and created several Facebook pages under multiple names, such as tailored canvases, tailoredcanvases.com, faith over fear, I love cattle, and specialty canvas art, to promote their products. They have also included a note from the CEO of the store on the homepage to bring a human element and connect with customers.

Tailoredcanvases.com has achieved over a million dollars in sales by creating awesome products for passionate niches, building a trustworthy brand, using social media marketing, and running Facebook ads. As a print-on-demand store owner, it is crucial to have a solid marketing strategy, good niche choices, amazing product choices, and flawless branding. By following these tips and analyzing successful stores like tailoredcanvases.com, you can increase your chances of making hundreds of thousands of dollars on your print-on-demand store.

Create A Print on Demand Empire: How To Sell Custom Products With No Risk

Print on demand is a revolutionary technology that allows entrepreneurs to sell products online with virtually zero risk or upfront financial investment. With print on demand, you can have employees that work for you without having to pay or manage them until you get paid first. This article will discuss the nuances and tips for guiding you to your very first sale.

Pros and Cons:


- Minimal risk and upfront financial investment

- Ability to validate designs and business before mass-producing

- Create a brand front and center

- No need to manage inventory or a store

- A fantastic option for YouTubers, influencers, and visual artists


- Limited product options

- Lower profit margins

- Longer shipping times compared to most modern consumer expectations

Who should consider print on demand?

- Entrepreneurs who are deeply immersed, passionate, and knowledgeable about a narrow niche or community

- YouTubers, influencers, and visual artists

- Anyone who has a baseline community or audience to immediately sell to without the need for paid ads

How to start with print on demand?

- Make sure the print on demand supplier you’re interested in has a seamless integration with your online store.

- Create your designs, following the guidelines provided by the supplier.

- Sign up for an account with your print on demand supplier and upload your designs to their product generator.

- Download and install your print on demand supplier’s integration app.

- Set up the product in your online store, including creating the product page and setting up the shipping rules in your back end.

- Drive awareness and traffic through various methods.

Print on demand is a fantastic option for entrepreneurs who want to start a business without taking significant risks or investing large amounts of money. It allows for the creation of a brand front and center, and it’s a great stepping stone for validating designs and business before mass-producing. However, it’s important to keep in mind the limitations, such as limited product options and lower profit margins. By following the tips outlined in this article, entrepreneurs can set themselves up for success with print on demand.

How To Sell Personalized Print On Demand Products In Your Shopify Store

Personalized products are a hot trend in the e-commerce world and can help you stand out from your competitors while increasing profits and conversions. In this article, we will explore two print-on-demand apps, Custom Cat and T Launch, that make it easy to add personalized products to your Shopify store.

Adding Personalized Text with Custom Cat:

Custom Cat is a print-on-demand provider that offers a wide selection of products at great prices. Adding personalized text to your designs is easy with their app. Simply upload your design and hit the add personalization text button. You can then customize the text box with a font, size, and color that fits your design. Customers can then enter their own text, such as a name or date, and see what it will look like on the product. Custom Cat charges the same cost for personalized designs, but you can charge more in your store, increasing your margins.

Adding Personalized Images with T Launch:

T Launch is another print-on-demand provider that offers a unique way to add personalization to your products. Instead of just adding text, you can allow customers to upload their own images onto the product. This is a great way to stand out and offer a truly unique product. Customers can simply hit the personalize button and upload their image onto the product.

Adding personalized products to your Shopify store can help increase sales, profits, and conversions. Take a look at your designs and see if you can add customizable text or images that fit with your niche market. Custom Cat and T Launch make it easy to add personalization to your products and stand out from your competitors. Consider adding personalized products to your store today.

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