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print on demand or dropshipping

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Print On Demand 1 Week Results (Beginner)

i try to do print on demand for one week with printful and etsy. let's tok about how it went before we tok about my results. i think it's really important that we tok about what print on demand actually is. print on demand is a very interesting business model. it's actually where you create the design and then you have a fulfillment center such as printful take care of all the details behind the scenes, so they'll take your design and print it onto the hoodie or the crewneck or whatever item you have that you're selling. they'll also ship it out to your customer and hopefully they'll get it on time. now the second part to that is that you have to create a store. people usually like to go with shopify or etsy. in my case, i went with etsy and so what happens is when you get a sale on etsy, it's going to be automatikally linked back to printful. printful will take care of all the stuff behind the scenes. they'll print it on to the hoodie, they'll ship it out to your customer. etsy will take a little cut of the profits and obviously printful will take what you have to pay for the supplies and then you keep whatever is in the middle, those little margins, and that's basically how print on demand works and now that you know what print on demand is, we can tok about my experience with it in this one week trial. now i'm not gonna stop after this one week. i'm gonna keep going. i'm gonna try to grow this business and make more and more profit from it. but i thought it would be cool to let you guys know how this one week went and what you can expect to see if you're trying it yourself- realistik beginners stuff in a week trial. so on day one it was all about setup. i went over to printfulcom, created my account, got all the billing stuff done and then i went over to etsy, created an account, created my store, linked those two together, made sure that they work together and that's when i can start creating my product designs. now over the next few days i was creating more and more designs to put on that store, but on day one i created one simple design, put it on the store, launched the store and was hoping to see some results. i think you're probably just as shocked as i am when i say on day one we didn't sell anything, we didn't get any sales, and i mean we didn't really market anything either. right, we just put one product on our store on etsy and hope for the best. and that leads us into day two now. on day two, i was set out to make a few more products, just so that the etsy store had some more stuff to bring people in. right, we wanted people to find our stuff on the etsy explorer page and hopefully entike him to buy something. i mean, that was as much as i could figure out at the time. so we created a few more designs there and we hoped for the best. i was starting to think: how can i advertise all these things? can i do instagram promotions? can i do facebook advertising? maybe tik tok advertising? but on day two, it was still just about making sure everything worked out. at the end of day two, i did order a sample of our product so that we could create more customized advertising in the hopes that in the future we can do more customized instagram advertising for for this business, along with tiktok and facebook or whatever we decide, but to make it seem more legit- not just a picture, not just a mock-up that we got from printful. on day three, we woke up again to no sales. now, that's not really that surprising, as we still hadn't done any advertising for our store. but i did run into some problems with the order for the sample. now there were some back end issues on printful, something about the digitization that didn't really work out the right way. they offered a different image to put onto the mock-up. i responded to them with some changes, some things that i wanted to see. i was hoping that we could hear back from them and get that sample come in our way so we can make those custom advertisements as soon as possible. now, on day three we did make a few more. i believe we made two more product designs, posted those on there and we also found out about etsy advertising. so it turns out that you have a choice to have your post advertised on etsy. if somebody searches up your product, something with your product's name and it'll be posted at the top and says advertised by seller. and once i saw this i decided that we're gonna put a few dollars per day into this advertising and see how it goes. so i first started with five dollars per day and the results weren't all that great. we started getting a few more views and a few more clicks. it didn't go too well. we didn't get any sales on day three. now on day four and five, there isn't much to say. i kind of messed around with some designs and some ideas, but we didn't really make too many changes. we got more views and more clicks on our posts from etsy advertising, but no sales still. so i guess that's going into day six now. on day six we started to try something a little bit different. i created a tiktok account for the business. i also created an instagram account for the business. now i was hoping to use these two accounts to advertise our store and maybe pull in some more buyers. on day six, i tried to post a few of the products onto the instagram, but they didn't seem to get much traction. and on tiktok i did happen to get 500 ish views on one of the videos that i posted, but i only got likes, no followers. now on day 7- and you're hearing me say: no sales, no sales, no sales for all these days. well, that's kind of on me. i didn't really know what i was doing. i jumped into this head first and i was thinking i'll figure it out on the fly. the good thing is, we figured out a lot about etsy advertising, about tiktok advertising, instagram advertising. here we also learned that you can make your products look a lot better if you use placeitcom. you can just create a free account on there and put your design on it and it'll look a lot better than using the standard mock-ups from printful. so i've gone ahead and posted on instagram with these new mock-ups. i've also changed the images on our etsy store to make it seem a little bit more appealing. but since the week is over, since it's day seven, let's tok about the numbers that we see on etsy. so on etsy, through the advertising, we've spent 26.53, got 9451 ad views, 87 ad clicks and zero orders from the advertising. ah, now, it's not just zero sales from the advertising, it's also zero sales in total. but if we look at it a little bit closer, we do see that we got at least a few favorites, and somebody did put it in a cart. we've created these sales and discounts to shoot out automatik emails for people who favorite our stuff. or if they had it in their cart and they abandoned it, it'll send them a 10 off coupon hoping to get that sale back. but at the end of these seven days we have nothing to show for everything we've done other than experience and knowledge- knowledge. this isn't the end. i'm going to keep going forward with this account. i'm going to keep going forward with this business, and i think what i got to do is gain more followers on instagram so that i can promote it on there, keep posting on tiktok and see if i can link it to my instagram so that people can come there and basically just try to advertise this a lot better and outside of etsy. i think i might actually try to create a shopify account for this as well, in a shopify store instead of an etsy store, because i think the shopify store will look a lot more professional and it won't let people see the competition. if you guys like this video, found it at all entertaining or learned anything from it, be sure to leave a like and don't forget to subscribe, because in the coming weeks, i'll be posting more about this print on demand journey. i'll try to be as transparent about it as possible, and i'll be showing you everything that i'm doing in hopes to create a successful business. that's all for me today, though. thanks for watching, guys, and i'll see you in the next one.

Stop Selling T-Shirts With Printful On Etsy/Shopify Print On Demand Stores In 2022

what are the biggest problems facing print-on-demand sellers in the year 2022? it's not the continuation of the rising facebook ad costs or even the big mystery around why some people get banned from running facebook ads. it's also not the continuation of the increases to fees on etsy. it's also not the inability by some to actually get approved to sell products on merch by amazon. in fact, the biggest problem facing print-on-demand sellers is the constant promotion of selling t-shirts by some of the most popular youtube channel. in 2019, i made this video here, where i started to tok about not selling t-shirts. in 2020, i made this video here, where i continued to make that point. and in 2021, i continued with more videos trying to tell people not to sell shirt. on those videos, i got comments like these: it's not about the t-shirt or whatever you're selling. people buy your stuff because they like your design. if they like your design, they'll spend that money. or this one guy who failed with shopify and printful is all over youtube toking about nothing. or even this one here for every here is how to make money video. there is a don't do this or you will lose money video and people wonder why everyone is so indecisive and, honestly, the majority of the people that made comments like that likely closed their print-on-demand store a long time ago because it probably didn't work out. there was, however, a lot of really positive comments on those videos that i just referenced, so before you comment on this one, please watch the whole video so that way you can understand exactly what i am trying to say. so now, in 2022, i am still going, and over the last few months inside of my print on demand facebook group, i've been giving tips and keeping people updated as i've scaled one of my newest stores to over six figures in sales. now i certainly don't claim to have all the answers, but what i do try to do is share some of the most up-to-date information about what's working right now with print on demand. a lot of the other channels out there just sort of recycle content about things that they did back in 2017, trying to convince you that those things still work today. now here's the basic premise of what i do with my print-on-demand stores. the first is i need to choose a great niche. this is what gets people interested. secondly, i choose high profit products and then i make a great design, and the key here is: i really do recommend shopify and i recommend people to go all in on paid traffic, whether it's with an instagram ad or a facebook ad. to me, that is the quickest way to make real money with print on demand in the year 2022, and i know there are other ways to sell print on demand products and i'm sure there are people out there that do very well. i will even address some of those other methods in this video today and tok about why i think, as beginners out there, you might not have as much success with those methods. now, before you say what some of the other people on some of those other videos said, keep in mind i started my first print on demand store in 2016.. i eventually had some success with t-shirts in 2017.. i had a store where i was selling shirts. i was using facebook ads, i was using instagram influencers and i was growing my own social media pages to make my sales. i eventually ended up selling that store on something called the shopify store exchange. this is a website where you can list stores for sale. shopify handles the entire transaction to make sure that both sides cannot get ripped off. basically, what i'm saying is: i've had success with shirts. however, it was a long time ago and then something happened. not only were facebook ad costs continuing to rise, but tons of different print on demand companies started to innovate and they started to offer some much cooler product, and when i say cooler, i mean things that customers were going to get much more excited about. i also mean products that were going to make a lot more profit margins for me on my store. now i've been making print-on-demand content and posting about my journey for a while, and i dug up some of these old posts. this one here was made back in 2018, when i started selling hooded blankets from a print-on-demand company called wc fulfillment. over the years, even throughout 2019, 2020 and 2021, and even now, i've continued to try to sell a lot more unique products that make me a lot more profits on my stores. i'm toking about things like car seat covers from the pillow profits print on demand company. toking about all over print hoodies or other oliver printed apparel from companies like printfy or subliminator. toking about print-on-demand jewelry from a print-on-demand company called shine on, and so many more. if you want to check out some of the other videos on my channel, i show some of these awesome products all the time. so this takes us to today, where i'm still making videos like this, and there will definitely be people out there that don't want to hear it. they want to continue to try and sell t-shirts on etsy or on shopify or wherever, and ultimately those people can do what they want. but for those that are interested in learning some things that might be a little bit different than what you're used to hearing, definitely stik around, because in this video i'm going to be breaking down a whole bunch of things that can help you to be successful with some of these higher profit products. so i'm not sure if i actually said this earlier, but my name is joe robert. i make videos here on my channel to help you start grower scale your print on demand store on shopify. if you want to access my free course, there's over 20 step-by-step videos that will help you to get started to actually build your store and get started with facebook and instagram ads. check the link down in the description. you can also check out the pod ninjas facebook group. there's over 50 000 store members inside of that group. there's a link for that as well down in the description. now, the first reason to not sell shirts in the year 2022 is the saturation, no matter what platform you are selling on, whether it is shopify, amazon, etsy, redbubble or anywhere else- they are all saturated. now, this book here was written by someone named dan kennedy, and he is a marketing genius. he toks about a concept called a red ocean, and this, right here, is a red ocean: tons of different sellers, tons of sharks eating all of the fish, causing the water to be red. if you're starting an etsy store in 2022, you're instantly putting yourself in direct competition with hundreds of thousands of other sellers, and if you're doing t-shirts or even mugs, it's likely that your designs look exactly like everybody else's. that's because with those products, it's pretty difficult to make your stuff actually stand out. in this book, he also toks about a concept called a blue ocean, which is an ocean that doesn't have a lot of sharks in it. there's not a lot of blood in the water, which means there is less competition. this to me, in the year 2022, means building your own website where you are actually off on your own and you're not competing with everybody else on a platform for limited amounts of organic traffic. what i would say to do from there is to build your own communities on social media and go all in on driving paid traffic to your store. some of the biggest print on demand stores out there are doing just that, and one of the keys to actually succeeding with that method is choosing better products, things that make you more profits, and avoiding things like a t-shirt or a mug. now let's break this down. earlier, i mentioned that facebook ad costs have been rising. this certainly doesn't mean that we cannot use them. it just means that we need to do things a little bit differently than we did back in 2017.. it means we just have to adapt and choose new products and get out of our comfort zone and get away from some of the things that we are so used to seeing when it comes to print on demand product. take a look at this study here it shows on aver.

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How to Start a T-Shirt Business For FREE & Make BIG Profits - with Print On Demand 2022 | Tutorial

i'm going to show you how you can build a wildly successful print-on-demand t-shirt business with no money. so this is my printful account and this is some of the stats just from the last seven days. in this video, i'm going to show you how i'm doing it. i'm actually going to show you one of my designs that is selling like hotcakes at the moment, and i'm going to show you everything you need to know to get started yourself. in this video, i'm going to walk through the entire process of how you can start a fully fledged, profitable ecommerce business just using a laptop: no investment required, no amazing design skills required and no printing or fulfillment required by you. this is a fantastik passive income business model that you definitely need to try. i recently started doing it myself and making some epic profits, and if you follow what i'm going to show you in this video, you could have your first sales coming in by today. now let's dive into it first up. if you don't know, print on demand is a simple but effective business model which allows you to sell unique products online, such as printed t-shirts, mugs, wall prints and so many other types of products. but the great thing about it is you don't have to invest in any stok up front. you don't have to do any of the printing or fulfillment yourself because it's all taken care of by an external printing company such as printful, who have kindly offered to sponsor this video. we're going to be focusing on t-shirts with this business, mainly because they've got quite a good profit margin. they're very quick to print and they're also quite easy to ship and fairly cheap shipping, so i think it's a very good product to get started with. the only thing that we really need to worry about is the designs which are printed onto the t-shirts. but do not worry, because i've got you covered in this video. i'm going to show you how to find and create super simple designs that sell like hot cakes. it's really not as difficult as it sounds okay, so let's get started. so first of all, you're gonna need to create a free printful account. you can use my referral link in the description to sign up to printful totally for free and, if you don't already know, printful is a global printing and fulfillment company and they've got a range of blank products available and the way that it works. we can sell any of these products with our own designs on online and if someone purchases from us. printful will print that product and send it to our customers. so it's totally passive income. so all you need to do to get started is create your printful account. okay, so once you've created your printful account, the dashboard should open up looking something like this. now i am actually going to go into the setup of everything a little bit later on, once we've actually created our designs. i'm just going to show you some results from my actual printful account, because this is obviously the one that i created for this example, and then i'll show you how we're setting all of this up. so this is my printful account and, as you can see, just this week so far i've managed to make a total gross profit of 620.. and let's just change it to the last seven days just so you can see: the last seven days total profit of 1 277. now the way that i'm making these sales is on etsycom, so there are actually a few etsy fees which come off this, but it's well over a thousand dollars profit just this week using the print on demand business model. if you don't already know, etsy is a massive marketplace which gets around 300 to 500 million visits every single month and it's the best place where people are looking for unique gifts. but t-shirts sell incredibly well on etsy. so it is the perfect free traffic source for your t-shirt business. and the great thing about printful is it connects directly to etsy, so if someone orders a t-shirt from your etsy store, it will be automatikally sent over to printful. printful will deal with that, they'll print it and they'll send it to your customer and you don't have to do anything. it is true, passive income. so first of all, you need to create an etsy account now. usually with etsy, you will need to pay 20 cents every time you upload a listing. now, if you actually click on the link in the description box below, you can actually create an etsy store for free. but you'll get 40 free listings and in this video, i'm going to show you the best way to use your 43 listings to make the most profit. now, once you sign up to exit, it'll walk you through the steps of actually setting up your account where you can name your shop. but in order to complete this setup, we actually need some t-shirt designs. so now we need to focus on the t-shirt designs. you might think in order to sell t-shirts online, you're gonna need to be some amazing designer or have a fashion degree or something like that, when that is really not the case. some of the best selling t-shirt designs online and on etsy are super, super simple designs. now i'm going to show you one of my t-shirt designs that i'm currently selling in just a moment, but i just want to show you this one that i just found on etsy just to show you the potential and how simple this can be. so this t-shirt here- all it says on the front is nap queen in white writing, super simple, would have, took literally a minute to create and they're currently selling it for 23 us dollars, which is probably around about 18 pounds, and just down here. this is a little tool which estimates how many sales people are making on etsy and it says they currently made over 5 800 sales just for this single t-shirt, which is a total revenue of 134 000 for one single t-shirt. now, based on my experience, you can probably buy this t-shirt from printful for around about 11 to 15. so let's just say, for instance, after some of the etsy fees and stuff like that, they're probably making, say, for instance, six dollars per t-shirt, which let's just add that up just to see how much profit. that is six times five, eight, four, nine equals thirty five thousand dollars profit for a simple t-shirt design. that is how crazy this is, and that's just one. they've probably got lots of different t-shirt designs that they're making constant sales from and constant profit from, totally passively. now it obviously would be amazing if you could get a t-shirt design that sells as crazy as this, which is totally possible. it really is possible. you can see that. but you don't obviously have to get these super high selling individual designs. you can still make money by tapping into niches or jumping on like events and trends that are happening as well, which is what i've kind of been doing myself. so let's just have a look at one of the t-shirt designs that i'm currently running. so this is it here. as you can see, it's a fun queen themed t-shirt, mainly targeting people in the uk, but i have been getting sales all over the world for this, and the reason why i created this is because there's a big event happening in the uk. you might not know if you're not from the uk, but it's the queen's jubilee, happens every 10 years to celebrate her being in power. people have loads of street parties and it's a big, fun event and obviously people want to wear fun t-shirts at these fun events. so i thought it would be a great idea to create a fun party t-shirt for the queen's jubilee and it's been selling fairly well, currently selling it for 23 pounds in the uk, which is probably around about 30- 29 in america, and i'll just show you some results from this now. this is obviously not my best selling t-shirt, but so far i've sold 22 of these, got a total revenue 386 pounds, which is probably around about nearly hundred dollars, and i'm making probably on average between five to ten pounds profit per t-shirt, which is around about six to twelve dollars profit per t-shirt. the reason it varies is because i've been running different sales and changing the price and testing different things to see what people will pay for it and what's going to work out the best. but let's just say on a

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Why I Chose Print On Demand Instead Of Dropshipping Of Shopify

hey, joe, it's folks here- new series on the channel where i'm going to be picking questions that i see inside of the pod ninjas facebook group or here on the youtube channel. today we're going to be answering this question here from rose. she basically asked me if i solely focus on print on demand or if i have ventured into drop shipping as well. so, obviously, print on demand is a business model that utilizes drop shipping. right, when we sell a print-on-demand product, it is something that we never have to touch. our print on demand supplier is going to be sending that to our customers without us ever touching it, which is essentially drop shipping. right, but for the sake of this video, uh, we're going to assume that what she means- and this is honestly what most people mean when they say print on demand or drop shipping- is that when you are doing print on demand, you are creating a, a product like this or like this or like these canvases here, you're putting a design on it, and then, when you're doing drop shipping, you're selling, you know, some sort of a gadget item, right? a kitchen gadget, a tool, pet products, whatever cooking products. you know what i mean? a whole bunch of different items. now i think it's really important here to first and foremost say that i have never drop shipped. i have never created a shopify store and utilized a drop shipped supplier and then sold some sort of product like that. i've only ever done print on demand. but one thing i have done is, before i got into print on demand, i actually had an ebay store. i was i was selling electronic cigarettes, where i was actually ordering them in bulk from chinese suppliers, getting everything shipped to my house, and then i was shipping everything out myself. i was bringing 50 packages on average per day to the post office. i was literally packaging everything up in my house and bringing it to the post office and, honestly, that's a little bit of the reason why i have never ventured in to drop shipping. and you might be wondering, joe, how are you making the connection between you having an ebay store where you sold products that you shipped yourself to drop shipping? and it's really quite simple. i have not drop shipped and i never went into drop shipping at all because i didn't want to deal with chinese suppliers. when i was ordering electronic cigarettes in bulk, i was getting them from china and i didn't want to utilize a service like oberlo or aliexpress, where they were connecting me to a whole bunch of random suppliers that were based in china. rather, i have gone instead with print on demand, mainly because i would rather create my own products than find my own products. meaning, with print on demand, you are choosing a niche, you, you are creating a design and then you're putting it on the product. with drop shipping, you're just going out and looking through products and and potentially selling the same thing that tons of other sellers have already tried to sell. that's why, a lot of times in the drop ship communities, you hear people toking about winning uh products. right, i also tok about winning products with print on demand, but that's a second second thing for a different video. with drop shipping, a lot of people could sell- you know- the same products, right, and then, like i said, with print on demand, you are creating uh, your own product. so that's why, you know, i have primarily uh focused on print on demand, mainly because i wanted to utilize, like a real supplier. with print on demand, you're actually utilizing uh, a company that specializes in the products that they offer, compared to drop shipping, where you're just kind of getting connected to a random supplier. there's likely going to be tons of suppliers that are out there that will connect you to products, but it's a little bit more official when you're using a print-on-demand supplier. and then, secondly, i wanted to be able to create my own designs on my products within whatever niches that i want, without having to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of different potential drop shipping products that i could potentially sell. but that's just me. let me know down in the comments what you're doing, if you've done both, if you've only done one but not the other, or why. and, like i said, this is going to be a little bit of a new series here on the channel where i'll just be answering random questions. so if you guys want to drop one here on this video, you can. i'll also be pulling them from the pod ninjas facebook group, so if you're not a member there, make sure to join. there's a link down in the description and i'll see you guys in the next one.

Shopify Dropshipping vs. Print-On-Demand | What Should I Do!? (Beginner's POV)

so I've been interested in starting an online e-commerce business for a while now, and if you've watched my videos recently, then you probably know that. the two business models that I'm most interested in pursuing our Shopify drop shipping from Aliexpress and print-on-demand, whether that be with Shopify, teespring or other website options, and in today's video I want to compare what I feel are the pros and cons of both business models. I've been very conflicted whether I want to start with Shopify dropshipping- just one product or a print on a mast, or on teespring. hopefully, by the end of this video, we can come up with a solution. what's up everybody. welcome back to another video. my name is Meg. for those of you that don't know me already, I'm a content creator based in Pennsylvania. I started my channel off as a vlog Channel. now I mainly focus on making money online as well as trying out different side hustles, so that's what most of my videos are about now, so if you're into that type of content, please consider hitting that subscribe. and I started learning about online business about a little over a year ago just by watching youtube videos online. at this point I was still in college. I don't even know how it started. I just stumbled upon a youtube video about Shopify drop shipping. I was hooked on this idea. as I did more research, I kept learning and eventually found some videos about print-on-demand. and I really can't tell you when I started to get into this, but it was just sort of a gradual process. and then I was really conflicted for a few months because I had left school to pursue freelance photography and videography. so I was conflicted because I kept thinking about drop shipping. I kept thinking about other online business ideas, but I was trying to force myself to focus on my freelance business and it wasn't until recently that I accepted that it was okay, that I wanted to pursue something other than that, because I had left school to pursue freelance. and then, all of a sudden, I want to do this as well. and now, now I have two ideas of what I want to do and now I don't really know what to do. as I kept learning about online business, I kept learning about even more business ideas and then I was like whoa, now I really don't know what to do. that's the whole conflict and I'm still working it out. I still want to do freelance videography and photography, I still want to do online business and I feel like if there's anything that the past couple of weeks have shown, is that you shouldn't put all of your eggs in one basket, because all my business is something that you can still be doing right now, even during this pandemic. that doesn't mean that I don't want to do freelance anymore. I still do, but I also want to do this, and it just comes down to how I balance it all out, and I'm documenting that journey on here. so that's how I got into Shopify, dropshipping and online business. all right, so what is Shopify dropshipping and what is print-on-demand? these are two online businesses that don't cost very much money to start up because of the fact that you don't have to keep inventory for you there. one for those of you that don't know what Shopify dropshipping is: I don't think I've explained this in any video before, so I have a definition on my phone that I'm gonna read to you guys. I'm pretty bad at explaining things on my own. according to Shopify's blog, drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products that it sells in stok. instead, when a store it sells the products using the drop shipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. as a result, the seller doesn't have to handle the product directly in the popular form of drop shipping that you see a lot of YouTube videos on. that is one. you use a website called Aliexpress or Alibaba to find cheap products from suppliers in China and then you list them on your own website that you create with Shopify and you sell them for a higher price. whenever a customer places an order on your store, you order the product from the supplier on Aliexpress or Alibaba and they ship it directly to your customer. and I made a couple videos on print-on-demand recently, but for those of you that don't know what it is, I looked up the definition here again, and this is from the e-commerce guidecom. print-on-demand is an e-commerce model that allows you to sell customized products that are printed only after an order has been placed. with on-demand printing, you don't hold on to any physic inventory. instead, you sign up with print-on-demand platform that takes care of the printing and fulfillment process for you. so, tiknically, a print on demand is a form of drop shipping. for the past couple of weeks, I've been working on multiple store and product ideas. I've made progress on like none of them, and I need to focus on one idea at a time. I need to focus on one store at a time, so I made a list of pros and cons for both of these business models. the best advantage that Shopify drop shipping products from Aliexpress or Alibaba has over print on demand, in my opinion, is that it's easier to validate products. I have an idea for a one product Shopify drop shipping store. that means I'm building a store around one single product. so a few weeks ago I decided to run an engagement ad on Facebook for two dollars a day for five days- so only ten dollars altogether- just to see if there was interest in this product, and ended up getting a lot of likes, shares and comments. that makes me think that there's a lot of interest in the product, and I just haven't seen that kind of reaction from any of the ads that I've ran for my print-on-demand products with print on demand. I've been designing my own products and I'm not a graphic designer, so I can't tell if these products are good enough for people to want to buy them. I think my designs are good, but I know that I'm biased because I am proud of myself for being able to design them with such a little Photoshop experience now. I could hire a designer on Fiverr or upwork, but that would be spending extra money and I also feel like a reason that print on demand appeals to me so much is that I found that it's really like another creative outlet for me. if I hired other people to do that design work, then I feel like it just wouldn't be as fun for me. the biggest disadvantage when it comes to Shopify drop shipping from websites like Aliexpress or Alibaba, from the research that I've done, is, of course, the shipping times. typically, from the research that I've done on this, most people use the e pocket option for shipping, which used to take two to three weeks to get to your customer after processing their order, but now, because of kovat 19, that takes even longer and it can be up to over a month sometimes, and this is the fastest and cheapest shipping option that Aliexpress offers. a solution to this could be finding us suppliers, which you can do on Aliexpress. I don't know about Alibaba, but it's likely that us suppliers will be more expensive. but that's probably what I'm going to end up doing if I do go forward with this Shopify drop shipping store that I have the idea for, and the other option is to just warn anyone that comes to your store because of covin 19 shipping Mex might take longer, and if they're cool with that, then they'll buy your products, but if they're not, then they're not going to. so when it comes to shipping times, print on a man has more of an advantage because, from what I've seen, is pretty normal around three to five days. I think the last time I was on teespring it said three to five, or maybe it was three to seven business days, which is pretty normal compared to two to three weeks. the biggest advantage that print-on-demand has, in my opinion, is that the only business expense that you need to invest in at first is the marketing aspect of it. if you're using Shopify, then you're going to be spending the $29 a month for the subscription, but if you're using websites like teespring t

72 Hour Print On Demand Dropshipping Challenge

since drop shipping took over the youtube space by storm in 2017, a major topic of discussion has been this concept by the name of print on demand. this is pretty much where you create a cool and trendy design, put it on a t-shirt, hat or pair of panties and hopefully, if your design is cool enough, you'll start getting some sales. once money starts coming in, you pretty much have to do nothing from there, because platforms like teespring and printful- if you're using shopify- will literally do all of your fulfillment for you without you having to do any work at all, so you can just stand next to your lamborghini and tok about knowledge. after hearing about this fun and exciting new business model, i decided: you know what? let me try it out for myself. so in this video, for the next 72 hours straight, i am going to be hustling as hard as garyvee in an attempt to build the most stunning and prosperous print on demand drop shipping website the world has ever seen. [Music]. it is officially 4: 42 pm on the first day of this challenge, and well, we have quite a lot of work to get to today. to start things off, we have to come up with a trendy drop shipping product that is going to sell massive units, and we also have to come up with a bulletproof advertising strategy that is going to help us secure millions of dollars in profit. all of these tasks may seem overwhelming, but, guys, don't worry. i already did some preparation work before this challenge started. first things first, i hired a designer on fiverrcom to create two different custom designs for me for a total cost of 85. although that is quite a steep cost, it's necessary to get the business off the ground, and when i say the designs are fire, i'm not over exaggerating. with the 2020 presidential election coming up this november, there's a lot of hype around politiks right now, especially since my boy, kanye, is running as an independent. to capitalize on all of this hype, i set up a teespring store featuring a bunch of different kanye west for president designs, in hopes that people buy some of the designs and help me secure a fat profit. as for how i'm going to advertise this entire business, well, i have two very intriguing ideas. the first idea i have is kind of a long shot, but it's still a very legitimate way of advertising and it doesn't cost any money. all that i'm going to do is post three very funny tiktoks on a random account i have promoting the kanye west merchandise with the link in bio and hopefully, at least one of the posts go viral, so i secure a bunch of money in sales with absolutely no money in ad spend. the second method of advertising is far more traditional and it is also far more likely to work out. this is where i'm basically going to reach out to a bunch of random meme pages on instagram with good engagement and a solid amount of followers with good pricing, and i'm basically going to ask them to post one of the funny tiktoks i made promoting the kanye west merchandise and once they do that, hopefully their followers see it and decide to cop the merch. so i once again make money. now that we have a general game plan for this challenge all lined up, it is time to get some actual work done by filming a few tik toks featuring the kanye west merchandise. i believe right now i have some good, potentially viral worthy ideas up here in my noggin. so, guys, with that being said, let's get to work. it's been about an hour and, as you guys can see, all tiktoks featuring kanye west are officially live on the page and also the link in bio is set to go, so hopefully we start generating some sales soon. i really hope that at least one of the three tiktoks we made today end up going viral and we make a bunch of money and sales on our website. but really, time will tell if that ends up happening. so, guys, i will see you all tomorrow. one eternity later, it is currently 8: 41 am on day 2 of this challenge and well, guys, i am depressed because the tiktoks we posted yesterday definitely didn't blow up. the first tik tok we posted got a sad 33 views. the next one we posted got 614 views and finally the third tiktok got a sad 681 views. obviously, from those views on tiktoks yesterday we got absolutely zero sales on our teespring website, but that is okay because i made up for it yesterday by closing 10 different deals with instagram meme pages, and every single one of those instagram promotions is now officially live on each instagram page's feed. the total cost for all of this was a fat 175 dollar bills, but luckily the total following on all of the pages i am working with today is over 900 000 people. this is definitely a big risk, but you know what the saying is, guys: with big risk comes big reward. so if we get any sales throughout the day, i will be sure to let you guys know. as the ads were running with the instagram meme pages, i kept busy by trying to buy hyphy shoes on their drop to resell for a profit and, despite my efforts, i earned a fat zero dollars from that business venture. and, to top things off, my teespring website was yet to see a single sale. i just finished up trying and failing to buy some sneakers at retail to resell for a profit and anyways, guys, i have yet to see a single sale on the teespring website and the ads have literally been live for about three hours at this point. usually the first two to three hours of an instagram promotion is when you get most of your traction and sales, so i'm definitely getting kind of worried about these promotions up today. but you know what, guys, only time will tell if this is a successful venture or it's not, so i will check in with you guys at 4pm to update you on the results. guys, i am literally so depressed right now. the ads on the instagram meme pages have literally been live for eight hours at this point and so far we have generated zero dollars in sales. and to make matters even worse, all of the comments on the meme pages are telling me that my kanye west merchandise is trash and that i should kill myself after losing over 175 print on demand drop shipping. the depression hit big time, so i decided to apply for a job at mcdonald's. all right, guys. so we just pulled up to mcdonald's, but unfortunately they are closed right now on the inside because of the whole coronavirus situation. so, with that being said, i'm just gonna go ahead and call them on the phone and ask them for a job. so let's do that right now, guys. 12 seconds later, are you kidding me? mcdonald's didn't even answer me. all right, wow, that's just terrible service. so you know what i'm gonna have to get them back, guys. unfortunately, since mcdonald's ignored my cry for help, i decided i had to get revenge on all of the employees at the store. so i partikipated in one of tiktok's most brutal and annoying trends. i'm going to stretch my thoughts again. uh, you know what i'm here for. okay, and what would you like to drink with that? uh, a sprite. let's brighten anything up. no thanks, that'll be 6: 30.. anyways, guys, now that we have ordered ourselves the sicko mode special in the form of a tax write-off. it is time to continue on with this challenge by finding a new product to sell on teespring with a better advertising strategy, and hopefully by doing that tomorrow we will come back with a strong day for the business and secure a pretty fat profit. hello everybody and welcome to day three of this print on demand drop shipping challenge. for the last day of this challenge, i decided to switch things up by starting a whole new teespring website along with a new advertising strategy with instagram meme pages, and hopefully by doing this we can secure a fat profit on the last day of this challenge to make up for yesterday's insane losses. for the new products on the teespring website, i went with a simple design that looks a little something like this, in case you guys don't get the joke: well, it's based on an instagram meme that is absolutely popping off right now and it's not really a joke that's fit for me to explain to my pg-13 channel. so basically, what i'm going to do is post the meme on multiple ins.