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Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

Ramadan is currently being observed by many people, and there is a demand for principal Ramadan activities. In this article, we will introduce a special Ramadan beauty catcher that is printable, fun to make, and great for learning.

Steps to Make the Ramadan Beauty Catcher:

1. Gather materials: pencils and the printable, which can be found below for free.

2. Cut out the printable along the edge of the square.

3. Color the printable in whichever way you like.

4. Fold the printable in half and then again in the opposite direction to create creases along the middle.

5. Fold the bottom corner into the center and bring the corner up.

6. Repeat this process for each corner until all four are in the middle.

7. Fold the printable in half and then again in the opposite direction.

8. Hold the corners and push them towards each other.

9. Pull up the sides to complete the beauty catcher.

Uses of the Ramadan Beauty Catcher:

1. Ask people to pick a number and a question to answer.

2. Discuss facts and quiz questions about Ramadan.

The Ramadan beauty catcher is a fun and educational activity that is perfect for celebrating and learning about Ramadan. The printable is available for free, and it is easy to make. Try it out and enjoy!

Jannie Teaching Ellie How to Swim in the Pool | Kids Pretend Play Swimming Pool and to Not Give Up

This article is a summary of a story about a group of kids learning how to swim and having fun in the pool. The story also includes their adventures and mishaps while playing games and buying food and floaties.

Learning to Swim:

The story starts with Danny teaching Ellie how to swim by pedaling and paddling in the pool. Jenny also wants to learn how to swim, and Uncle Jason teaches her by making her go through an obstacle course. After two rounds of training, Jenny finally learns how to swim.

Playing Games:

The kids play various games like collecting balls, racing on floaties, and competing for prizes. They also face challenges, like Wendy's floaty breaking, Eric not knowing how to swim, and not having enough money to buy things.

Buying Food and Floaties:

The kids buy food and floaties from various vendors. They enjoy watermelon juice, ice cream, and frozen foods. They also buy different types of floaties like bananas, tubes, turtles, and a big watermelon.

The story ends with the kids having a great time in the pool, enjoying their games, food, and floaties. They learn valuable lessons like never giving up, being kind to others, and always being safe in the pool.

Owleez | Unboxing & How-To

Unboxing and Playing with Ally's Owl

Unboxing and playing with toys can be a fun experience, especially when it involves teaching a baby owl how to fly. Ally's Owl is a special toy that requires some care and attention, but with the right guidance, it can be a rewarding experience for both children and adults.

Unboxing Ally's Owl:

When unboxing Ally's Owl, you will find:

- One pink or snowy owl

- One mess and one berry (her favorite snack)

- One instruction sheet

- One quick start guide

Charging Ally's Owl:

Before playing with Ally's Owl, make sure she is fully charged by:

- Unwinding and plugging the USB end of the cable into a computer

- Placing Ally's Owl in her nest (her eyes will blink red when charging)

- Removing the cable from the computer when fully charged (her eyes will turn solid green)

Playing with Ally's Owl:

To play with Ally's Owl, touch her tummy or forehead to interact with her. Her eye colors indicate her mood:

- White eyes mean she is happy and ready to play

- Yellow eyes mean she is hungry (feed her a berry)

- Green eyes mean she is gassy (pat her gently on the back to burp her)

- Blue eyes mean she is cold (hold her forehead to warm her up)

- Pink eyes mean she loves you (pet her on the head, below her beak, or on her tummy)

Teaching Ally's Owl to Fly:

To teach Ally's Owl to fly, follow these steps:

- Make sure her eyes are white (happy and ready to fly)

- Place her in her nest (not plugged into a computer)

- Spin her wings to take off (she can only fly indoors, away from walls and faces)

- Help her fly by holding your hand under her

- If she crashes, give her some space and try again

Ally's Owl is a fun and interactive toy that can provide hours of entertainment. By following the instructions and taking good care of her, you can teach her how to fly and enjoy playing with her in various ways.

Jannie & Ellie Learning about Jealousy & Rules of Behavior | Good & Bad Behavior for Kids

In this article, we will follow the adventures of Ellie and her friends as they enjoy their favorite fruits, play games, and learn about the importance of physical exercise and healthy eating.

1. Fruits and Games:

- Ellie and her friends love strawberries and blueberries.

- They play a game with a pirate pop-up toy.

- They have fun, but Jimmy doesn't like blueberries.

2. Physical Exercise:

- The group decides to call Jenny and Danny to play sports.

- Ellie wants to score, but Jenny seems angry.

- Jenny feels left out and thinks Auntie loves Ellie more.

3. Farm Visit:

- Ellie and Jimmy go to the farm to get eggs and milk for cake.

- They learn about chickens and cows.

- They also see pigs and grapes.

4. Cake Making:

- Ellie and Auntie make Jenny's favorite cake.

- Jenny realizes her misunderstanding and apologizes.

- They all enjoy the cake together.

Through their adventures, Ellie and her friends learn about the importance of healthy eating, physical exercise, and the value of love and friendship.

How To Make A Flip Book For Kids!!!

How to Make a Flip Book like Ryan's

Have you ever wanted to create your own flip book like the ones Ryan from Ryan's World makes? If so, then this article is perfect for you! In this article, we will teach you how to make a simple and easy flip book just like Ryan's using flash cards and a light box. Let's get started!

Materials Needed:

- Flash cards

- Light box (or a window)

- Markers or colored pencils


1. Draw a stick figure man on the side of a flash card and have him holding a balloon.

2. Place another flash card on top of the first one and make sure everything is lined up.

3. Draw the next frame of the flip book, which will show the stick figure man and the balloon a little higher than before.

4. Keep repeating the process of placing a new flash card on top and drawing the next frame until you have reached the desired number of frames.

5. Color in your drawings if desired.

6. Put all of the flash cards together and flip through them to watch your creation come to life!

Other Flip Book Ideas:

- Let's Be Friends

- The Beautiful Butterfly

- Woohoo Celebrate

- Travel Time

- Bounce Bounce

- Watch Me Grow

- Tick Tock

Making a flip book like Ryan's is a fun and easy activity that anyone can do. With just a few materials and some creativity, you can create your own unique flip book that you can share with others. So go ahead and give it a try, and remember to always stay happy and rise up!

Peppa Pig Game | Elf On The Shelf Hiding in Snow Toys

Peppa Pig and George are trying to find the elf on the shelf in their house, but everything seems frozen. They decide to go outside and make a snowman, but the elf on the shelf keeps changing it.

Steps to Making a Snowman:

- Find snow on the car, roof, and ground

- Make snowballs for the body and middle of the snowman

- Give the snowman a face using rocks and a carrot nose

- Add a scarf and hat for warmth

- Find fun things to add to the snowman, like glasses and buttons

Elf on the Shelf:

- The elf on the shelf keeps changing the snowman, making it look silly

- Peppa Pig and George look for the elf on the shelf but can't find it

- The elf on the shelf was hiding in a bucket and ends up giving the snowman arms

Peppa Pig and George had a fun time making the snowman and playing with the elf on the shelf, but they also learned not to touch it or it might do something silly.

Ten Awesome 3D-Printable Gifts

In this article, we will be discussing ten free 3D prints that make great gifts for the holiday season. From collapsible katanas to lithophanes, these unique and impressive gifts are sure to impress your loved ones.

1. Collapsing Katana:

This bad-ass blade is a great demonstration of what a creative maker can accomplish with a 3D printer. Made of telescoping segments, all the parts print together and lock the sword open but can snap off the plate and slide freely. Thangs searches for models on Thingiverse too, so you can find even more iconic weapons like a pirate cutlass, bo staff, or even a lightsaber.

2. Coronavirus:

This reasonably accurate facsimile of the virus is based on imagery from the CDC and makes a really adorable stocking stuffer. The most important feature of this particular print is that you get to say you gave the recipient coronavirus.

3. LiftPod:

This is different from a tripod because it sits right on the table and is really easy to adjust. This makes it easy to experiment with different shooting angles and positions, especially when you're trying to dial in one of those fancy pants close-ups.

4. PBC Dream Blaster:

This is the perfect gift for that annoying uncle who just won't stop telling terrible dad puns. Download a crossbow that fires peanut butter cups, simply pull back the tray, chamber a peanut buttery payload, take aim, and fling them majestically through the air.

5. Gift Kit Cards:

These ingenious prints are a fun twist on those old-school snap-out model planes that boomers grew up with. You can download functional mechanisms, iconic military planes, siege weaponry, holiday cheer, and even fictional spaceships that totally aren't abruptly destroyed.

6. Cute Dumpster:

This lovable dumpster baby is the perfect symbol of the year. Just attach his little dumpster doors to his adorable dumpster body and hand him off to that special someone who had a real trash 2020.

7. Lithophanes:

These are really easy to personalize with pictures you care about and you don't even need to open up a 3D modeling program at all. Just head to lithophanemaker.com, 3DPRocks, or many other easy-to-use sites, pick a shape, load an image, and get to squirtin'.

8. 3D Maze Puzzle Box:

This dastardly little tube imprisons your dead presidents in an obnoxiously labyrinthine challenge. They need to navigate this maze with everyone at the Christmas party staring them down, checking their watches impatiently, fidgeting with the unopened presents in their laps.

9. PBC Dream Blaster:

Maybe you're doing office secret Santa, and you got Gary who never talks to anyone, has no social media, and only wears plain Uniqlo t-shirts. Who the hell knows what Gary wants? Download a crossbow that fires peanut butter cups.

10. The Cyclone:

Weighing in at 250 grams of filament and taking 18 hours or longer to print, this group of loops, chutes, and circuitous routes is an absolute hoot. The Cyclone is truly a low effort, high reward print that anyone can make, but when it gets unwrapped, you are going to look like a mastermind.

These ten free 3D prints are unique and impressive gifts that anyone can make in time for the holiday season. From collapsible katanas to lithophanes and 3D maze puzzle boxes, these prints are sure to impress your loved ones and make you look like a creative genius. So, why not give them a try and see what you can create?

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