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prisma ads

Published on: June 28 2023 by pipiads

In this video review, Allfonz introduces and tests the Prisma photo editor app. He begins by highlighting its promise of using AI to turn photos into paintings and exploring its unique art styles. He then demonstrates how to adjust picture settings such as exposure and brightness, and how to access the library of art styles, which includes special collections like Broadway and Huawei. Allfonz tests out different filters and effects, noting the app's potential for anime and comical styles. He also mentions the app's premium features, which require payment. Allfonz concludes that the app is not bad, especially for free filters, and suggests using it in combination with other apps for crossover effects. He provides a subscription price for those interested in unlocking additional features. Overall, Allfonz's review is informative and straightforward, offering his personal experience and opinions on the app.

Scaling Databases For Serverless World: A Chat With Sugu Sougoumarane - Prisma Serverless Conference

the schema deployment problem, we canrevolutionize how databases are managedand how software is built. And that'swhat we are doing at Planetscale, we aremaking it easy for developers to manageand deploy database schema changes withour Git-centric workflows. We allowdevelopers to work on their schemaslocally and then push them to theirrepository, where they can be reviewedand merged, just like any other codechanges. This allows for easycollaboration and faster development. Andwith our branching feature, developerscan work on different versions of theschema in parallel, without worrying aboutconflicts or breaking the productiondatabase. This feature is crucial for anymodern software development process, andwe are proud to be leading the way inmaking it easy for developers to manageand deploy database schema changes.

What's new in Prisma (v3.15.0)

create in Grafana and you can customize them to fit your needs. Overall, metrics is a powerful feature that allows you to gain insights into your application's performance and diagnose problems quickly. By exposing data in different formats, you can use it with various monitoring and alerting systems to visualize data and perform other cool stuff. The recent release of Prisma 3.15 has added improvements to the Prisma client for data proxy, a new metrics feature, and bug fixes for Azure SQL on Mac OS environments. With all of these new features, Prisma continues to be a valuable tool for developers looking to simplify database management and improve application performance. So, if you haven't tried Prisma yet, give it a shot and see what it can do for you!

Using Prisma to connect any Canadian household to the Internet - Olivier Falardeau I Prisma Day 2022

The presentation focuses on using Prisma and other web tools and technologies to connect any Canadian household to the internet. The speaker starts by sharing his experience of learning to code by hacking online poker platforms. He then talks about his company, Oxxo, a digital ISP that provides automation software to other ISPs worldwide.

Key Points:

- The Canadian ISP landscape has been dominated by a monopoly, leading to high prices for average speeds.

- The government subsidizes the networks, resulting in high taxes.

- Oxxo is a digital ISP that does not own the last-mile infrastructure and focuses on automating operations to lower expenses.

- The value chain spectrum has network providers on one end and service providers on the other, with entry costs and margins varying accordingly.

- Canadian ISPs purchase monolithic software and twist their operations to fit it, rather than building software in-house.

- Automation is crucial to compete with big players and achieve short time to market.

- Oxxo's microservices architecture, with Prisma, Aura, Lambda, API Gateway, and GraphQL, allows for quick expansion, supporting new regions, tax codes, devices, activation, shipping, and plans.

- Oxxo's services are available in new regions within two weeks, compared to months for competitors.

- Canadians gain access to better services at lower prices, with legendary customer experience, via software, automation, and web development.

Using Prisma and other web tools and technologies, Oxxo has disrupted the Canadian ISP landscape, providing better services at lower prices via software and automation. With a focus on short time to market and quick expansion, Oxxo has achieved legendary customer experience, making it a game-changer in the industry.

ADS PRISM Overview

Welcome to this demonstration of Ads Prism, a software that delivers near real-time information from flow level and rainfall monitors. This software is capable of scaling up to hundreds of locations and is designed for immediate insight into your collection system.

Home Page:

- The home screen comprises a map and leaderboard tiles.

- The map shows each flow level and rainfall monitor with location and condition details.

- The color coding of the location markers changes depending on the condition state of the location.

- The leaderboard tiles provide quick access to information on alarms, battery data, communication, and blockage predict.


- The alarms tile displays the number of active but unacknowledged alarms.

- The alarm widget allows you to manage alarms by indicating the type of alarm, date and time of the alarm event, and the alarming location.

- You can acknowledge the alarm by clicking on the red bell under status, and the location marker changes to indicate the alarm has been acknowledged.


- The battery tile displays the number of critical and low battery locations.

- The widget displays the battery level for each of the locations and allows you to sort on each of these columns.

- The buy now button directs you to the Ads online storefront to purchase replacement parts and full systems.

Data Communication:

- The data communication tile displays the number of locations that fail to populate data into prism.

- The widget allows you to initiate an on-demand collect or a scheduled collect.

Blockage Predict:

- The blockage predict feature uses machine learning to learn the behavior and typical data pattern for each location.

- Prism evaluates every location on a daily basis and looks for any upward trending depth anomaly.

- Prism can discern between wet weather increases versus developing blockage patterns.

- If the location is normal, things are good, and the location status is green.

- If there is a blockage brewing, prism will tag the location with a yellow flag with a status of developing blockage, and if the location is surcharge, prism will tag it as read a developed blockage.


- The map is interactive and allows you to add a composite location to your project or add a new location under tools.

- Clicking on the tools opens up the location card to display the location properties, and with appropriate prism credentials, you can edit the parameters, perform limited activations, view data, collect, and export the location properties.


- The custom dashboard allows you to graph multiple locations on one graph both in hydrograph and scatter graph views.

- The dashboard locations provide access to more data, and the default entities are depth, quantity, rain, and velocity.

- You can view data in a hydrograph format and scatter graph, and below are tabular presentations of the data.

- You can also export data from the location dashboard and download the report as a CSV file.


- There are two types of notifications: alarm events and daily reports.

- The administrator can set up an advanced notification based on conditions, which is called an answer notification.

- The schedule collect allows you to schedule prism to call meters and collect data and populate prism.


- The daily summary provides minimum, maximum, and average values for the selected date range and the entity selected along with a report summary.

- The percent full report provides the average and maximum percent metrics for the past day and the past week.

- The uptime report provides data availability percentages for the past week.


- The vault is a repository for files, and you can create folders and upload and export files.

- Prism already has a default folder named data exports, and you can export data as CSV files from multiple locations and multiple entities.

In conclusion, Ads Prism is a powerful software that provides near real-time information from flow level and rainfall monitors. With its easy-to-use interface and various features like alarms, battery, and data communication, blockage predict, map, dashboard, notifications, reports, and vault, it helps you manage your collection system effectively.

Girl Crushes Luxury Party that she was not invited to

This article is about Maxine, who was born prematurely and raised by a single mom on a farm. Her mom was overprotective of her and always made sure she was healthy and safe. Maxine dreamed of becoming a doctor and worked hard to achieve her goal. Along the way, she faced many challenges and made some mistakes, but ultimately found success.

Challenges Faced by Maxine:

- Born prematurely and raised by a single mom

- Overprotective upbringing that limited her experiences

- Missed her entry test for medical school due to partying with a friend

- Lied to her mom about missing the test

- Mom became disappointed in her and cut off contact for a while

- Had to work hard to get into medical school and prove herself

Turning Points for Maxine:

- Going to a concert and partying with her friend Mia

- Crashing a party and getting caught by her future professor, Dr. Payton

- Realizing she wanted to break free from her overprotective upbringing and start living

- Finding a job and working hard to get into medical school

- Meeting Evan, a nice guy who became her friend and helped her through tough times

- Reconnecting with her mom and making her proud by getting into medical school

Maxine's story is one of overcoming challenges and making mistakes, but ultimately finding success and happiness. She learned to break free from her overprotective upbringing and take risks, but also to work hard and stay focused on her goals. In the end, she proved herself to her mom and achieved her dream of becoming a doctor.

How to make own free fire character in prisma 3d || how to make free fire 3d character in android

Welcome to our channel, friends!

In this article, we will be summarizing the content of a video on the Lenovo G03 and Motorola T550 phones used by Telkom Sukardi and Linasempurna. We will also be discussing other topics such as software, media, and religion.

Key Points:

- The Lenovo G03 and Motorola T550 are trusted phones used by Telkom Sukardi and Linasempurna to handle their workload.

- The video mentions the Morley and Christopher as being involved in the production of the video.

- The use of slang terms such as lagi and enggak add a colloquial touch to the video.

- The use of transitional phrases such as walaupun and tetapi show the connection between different ideas.

- The video briefly touches on topics such as software, media, and religion.

In conclusion, the video provides insight into the use of reliable phones for work purposes and also touches on other interesting topics. The use of colloquial language and transitional phrases makes the video engaging and easy to follow.

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