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Prize Giveaway & A Stoopid Joke!!!...

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Prize Giveaway & A Stoopid Joke!!!...

Prize Giveaway & A Stoopid Joke!!!...

hello youtubers its King human and I got
two things for you this video one is
gonna be a stupid joke and two is I got
crap to give away and it's a contest so
pay attention okay guy goes into a
doctor's office the doctor takes him
into the examining room a few minutes
later the doctor comes out of the
examining room laughing his ass off his
partner walks over and says what's so
damn funny and the doctor says you got
to go in here and look at this patient
he's got the word little tattooed on his
pecker the other doctor goes in comes
out a few seconds later laughing his ass
off the nurse walks up what are you two
doctors laughing about what so [ __ ]
funny nurse you got to go in here and
look at this patient he's got the word
little tattooed on his penis she goes in
10 minutes goes by 20 minutes goes by
half an hour goes by 45 minutes goes by
she walks out of the examining room and
she's not laughing her hair's messed up
she's buttoning up her shirt and she's
this shovel they the two doctors walk up
and go well well she goes you guys had
it all wrong he didn't have the word
little tattooed on his penis he had the
word Little Rock Arkansas united states
of america
okay it sucks but here's the challenge
that's a joke so you send a video and
reply to this one telling a joke and if
it's better you'll win some cool crap
and here's the deal here's what you can
win you can win this cool watching
sunglasses set or you can win this cool
clip on plasma pocket plasma disc which
is actually wicked cool are you could
win this cool I don't know if it's cool
maybe it's a piece of [ __ ] I don't know
you could win this webcam or you can win
this box of animal crackers woohoo okay
or you could win a cool laser light show
thing I don't have a picture of it I
don't think but those are some prizes
now how do you win these prizes like I
said first thing you gotta do is make a
joke video and send it to me King human
and reply to this one the next thing you
gotta do is click that button it's
either over there or over there I don't
know but it says subscribe click the
subscribe button and subscribe to King
human next you gotta click the little
button down there that says send this
video to your friends and send
to your friends and tell them to
subscribe to King human and yes there is
a catch there's always a catch what's
the catch you have to do something nice
for five random people yeah it's a
[ __ ] but you gotta do it this is
humanitarian stuff and you gotta be a
human on this planet so you might as
well make it a better planet okay i'll
show you my head one more time okay do
it you got one week and i closed it off
so tell a better joke or just tell any
joke entertain my subscribers with your
joke and winfrey crap who else does this
nobody but King human all right and I
got more cool crap coming up we're
coming to ipods and oh I know what I
next week I've got a cool DVD recorder
deck to give away so start winning win
this thing get people to subscribe and
get on it that's all I can say I don't
know what to say that's it go back to
look at my past videos you'll get the
idea of what's going on here in the king
human channel and in the king human
world alright that's all I got get the
hell out of here

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