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problem solving products for dropshipping

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

Winning Products Don't Have to Be Problem Solving (Dropshipping)

a winning Drop Shipping product does not have to be problem solving, and most people get crazy when they hear the statement. however, the reality is there's way more important things than being a problem-solving product. unfortunately, everybody on YouTube preaches that the main thing is that if you solve a person's problem, you're gonna be making money. that's it. as long as you solve problems, you're making money. as easy as that. however, in reality, there are so many other things which are way more important than actually being problem solving, and I'm going to explain a couple of them here. so let's imagine this: you have a product which is really, really problem solving. however, it doesn't have the best margin and the product itself is very broad, so it's not easy to Target. basically, everybody can buy it, and it's not like a dog product where you can clearly Target dog owners. it's Broad and also, on top of that, no, it doesn't make sense at all to buy multiple pieces of the same item. okay, so that product, if you only have one of them, your set for life. you don't need anything else. so your average order value is going to be decreasing by that drastikally. okay, and on top of that, nobody else is selling this product right now, except a really great looking brand, which basically just have their down. okay, imagine the scenario: you're not going to be able to sell this product for sure- I guarantee you that- and it's not going to be helpful. that this product is problem solving. and those are just a couple of examples to make it clear, and there's way more to that. I cannot explain everything here because you probably never even heard of those criteria, but basically you need to understand there's like a 10 check boxes which all of them have to be checked before you even consider selling the product, and it annoys me that most people think that the marketing matters way more and you can sell every product. you just need to hit the right marketing angles and be really good about showing how this product is going to solve the problem you're currently facing. so in theory, again, this sounds great because, yes, if you do have a problem and somebody comes up with a solution, obviously you're going to pay money for them. great. but why would you sell a product which, for example, just doesn't look like? it's gonna make really good creatives out of that if you take that product and try your best and find the best Clips out there and even film your own things. the product itself just doesn't give the opportunity to make really good creatives. why would you sell that product? because why would you make your life so hard and sell this product instead of picking something which does both? first of all, your product can solve a problem. it doesn't have to, but it's for sure like it's going to be beneficial. however, a strong creative is going to be way more important than that. okay, if you have a product which is not solving anything, but your product is just, if you just show your product, it's just gonna look amazing and everybody's gonna stop scrolling when they see it on Instagram, of course, that's a better product because the creative is just better. all right, and you, you don't need to make your life hard by selecting something where you need to actually go out there and have really good marketing skills to be able to sell this. that's not. that's not necessary at all. the most, the top the first five products I've sold in dropshipping. they: number one: four of them didn't solve a problem. number two: those were just the low hanging fruits. like I was selecting only 10 out of 10 perfect, perfect products. why? because why the would I not do that? why would I sell something which is not super, super simple to sell. okay, and you have to get this idea out of your head that you're this marketing expert which already has studied marketing or has some experience in marketing or worked in other marketing areas- that does not matter. all right, just select a product which is really really good and people will buy it if you just show it in front of them in a nice way, where the creative is really good and the store just doesn't look like it's going to scam you. if you have those three things, you're gonna make money. that's it okay. however, that's only doable if you really understand the criteria of what a winning product is, and this is exactly what we cover in depth in the program itself, where, basically, you and me are going to constantly have like one-on-one calls where we find out, where we basically go about selecting products together. so you make a list with all the products which fit my criteria, which I'm going to tell you, and I personally go over that list and tell you: this one is good, this one is bad, this one is good, this one's bad. narrow things down until we basically have the top product and only then we're gonna start selling that okay. so if you have any questions about product research or generally any questions, what you can do is you can DM me on Instagram, as actually started to be a little bit more active on there. just started a new account and yeah, DM me there, ask me whatever you want to. and also, if if you want to join the mentoring program, click the link below, sign up for a free consultation session and yeah, tok to you there.

Found A UNIQUE 7-Figure Store Selling "Problem Solving Products"! (Dropshipping)

[Music]. [Applause]. [Music] [Applause]. hey, what's going on? empire builders? welcome back to another episode. today it's another installment of our econ playlist. if you don't know what that is, every single wednesday i go behind the scenes of seven, eight, nine figure businesses. i purchase their products, i look at their ads- right, i take what, those parts that they're doing that we can then implement into our own businesses, right. then the follow-up video to this one is going to be on friday, where ali is actually going to be building out their entire store, their entire funnel, and giving you the template completely for free to use. we call this our ecom vault and we already have a ton of these on the channel already. just head over to the playlist tab and select ecom vault. there's so many of these hacks that i've done already and fully built out businesses that you can use on storefunnelsnet for inspiration for your own business. but, guys, today's request comes from ali, who builds out these every single friday. smash that like button for ally here. uh, he puts in so much effort to build out these templates for you, guys, you don't even realize how much time and effort he puts into it, uh, to give back to the community here building out these proven templates for you guys to use for your stores and your funnel. so smash that like button for him. uh. but guys, today he sent me over this ad that he came across and i wonder why, uh, he was getting it with this ad. that's a question to ask. uh, but it's basically this: calming heat, massage heating pads. okay, now, right here in the copy and we quickly will go over their advertisements. they have a main video ad. it's only 20 seconds long. here, uh, they're saying: buy one, get one 50 off. that's they're kind of like their offer pitch. you see, this ve, this is very common in ecoms for the style products kind of competing on that price. uh, calming heat knee wrap is the world's first vibrating, weighted heating knee pad. calming heat- i like the little trademark that they added right there: provides the perfect amount of pressure to direct the soothing heat into your muscles for deep penetrating relief. all right, fantastik, easy copy, easy headline, right. mainly it's the video ad here that's actually selling the actual product. i'm just gonna meet this guys. um, and they're just joking. these are very easy ads to do, guys. i mean you can put these kind of advertisements together. you can kind of get these image clips, these video clips directly from your supplier. whoever you're using aliexpress, cj, drop shipping, you're manufacturing the product yourself. i mean, guys, this is not difficult to get these kind of images together and look. that's it. that's the advertisement. check out. great engagement here: 1.5k likes, 250 comments, almost a million views on this advertisement, and i love the one part i really like. guys, i think all of us can do a better job at this. uh oh no, what is this? we're going to a tiger music video? what the all? right, let me pause this, guys, because we got to keep it pg here on the channel. uh, so right, here is the comments, and this is something we could all do a lot better uh at, and we can all strive to do better. train our va's to do it is responding to comments on facebook advertisements. uh, and just, you know, a lot of people are gonna ask questions. of course, there's gonna be a lot of those spammers and you know, you know what. you know the comments i'm toking about, guys, just block, report, delete those comments, move on with your life, all right, um, but there's also gonna be a lot of comments. so people just genuinely curious, they're genuinely just wanting an answer to their question and oftentimes we don't answer them right. but the thing is, you want to right answers comments, because a lot of people might, um, might, have those kind of questions, right, so answer them right answer them because other people might scroll through the comments and have those same exact uh, questions, objections. by the time they're seeing the ad, they're looking at some of the comments, by the time they get to your landing page, they're going to be, you know, a lot more prepped and primed, ready to actually purchase the product. you know, uh, so that's the basic ad. i mean, guys, this is very, very easy. i mean, within a day you can have a similar ad kind of setup like this, very, very quickly. all right. so coming over to their landing page, very nice style. one product funnel again. don't forget, we're gonna be building out this entire funnel, including the upsells, all this stuff, for you on friday. so make sure you hit that notification bell, that subscribe button as well, because you do not want to miss it, okay? so, coming to their landing page right here- kind of a little bit like overwhelming to me, um, but hey it, that's definitely working. they have a million views on their advertising. that means they're they're doing something right here. they have a little short video. i'd rather see that kind of like right in the middle. but it's okay, it's right here. yeah, um, you know, probably showing a similar uh uh product uh ad that we just saw here. just kind of show the product. you're showing some testimonials in there as well. it's not giving me an option to meet this, but, uh, you guys can watch that uh afterwards, um, but basically, testimonials, product the news, similar, kind of your common bsl style stuff. um, love this. ships from the usa in stok, ready to ship. um, soothe your knees with combined weighted pressure, vibrating, massage and heat therapy. you know a couple of these big uh benefits: soothing, heat therapy, massaging, vibration, weighted beads, right. one year limited warranty, right. so they're kind of like hitting on those big benefits of the product. nice offer stack image here with the product in the box. uh, an order now button right here. free shipping offers available, right. so they're just highlighting pretty much their entire offer right here, kind of like in the hero right, um, which is fantastik, right, you kind of want to get. you know, a lot of people aren't necessarily going to scroll through every, every, every little nitty-gritty thing, right? a lot of us as consumers. what we're doing is we're just picking up on cues. do we see testimonials? okay, right, we're maybe not reading the whole thing, but we're just making sure all other people using it right, like what is this for, how do i use it? can, and you know all these kind of questions about your product your customer usually has that you kind of want them to just be easily seen. so from here they're obviously hitting on these three big benefits: a lot: soothing, heat, therapy, massaging, vibration, weighted beads. it must be like stuff that you know. a lot of these other knee things don't necessarily do. uh, coming back down to the actual plate, okay, so that's actually the whole page, very simple. so one, two, three, four, five, uh, six, seven, seven sections and let's say, eight with the frequently asked questions. nice little opening up of these, easily done in store, funnelsnet as well. come right here where the offers are. this is where something interesting is happening. uh, basic calming heat: need 10 relaxing combinations. two heat and five massage setting- just 59, okay. uh, deluxe, coming heat me, 30 relaxing combinations for 10, more interesting, all right. so i guess they have like standard version, um, and then premium version, okay, and then they're offering quantity break discounts of both. you guys know it's something i always recommend, no matter what the product. like a product like this guys like a product like this, so why would somebody need more than one right same thing for your product? you might be saying, hey, you know what? there's no chance somebody's gonna be buying more than one of my product. right, always offer it, always, always, always offer it. i had a student under 50 000 per month club guys. he was selling like these, uh, uh, uh, uh. i don't want to say exactly, but it was like a like this kind of thing for your skin, uh, and it was like a hundred dollars for one unit and people were buying more than one of them. like it didn't make.

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Top 10 Dropshipping Products for December 2022 (Sell This Now)

so I'm about to show you the same product research strategy that I use on my six and seven figure stores and that you should be using on your stores as well to find viral products that are selling right now. this is the same strategy that a lot of my students are using. I'll flash some results up here so you can see- and they're doing quite successful with their stores right now: over a thousand dollars a day, students doing over 400k on a year. so, yeah, I'm gonna share with you that exact strategy right here. I got AliExpress in one hand, I got my phone in the other and before we get into that, I want to announce that I'm doing yet another giveaway. alright, so if you want to enter, all you have to do is comment down below, make sure you're subscribed and make sure you like the video. I'll pick one lucky person by the end of this week to win a free one-on-one coaching call with myself. we'll tok for about 30- 40 minutes and get you up and going to answer any questions in Roblox you might have with your business. let's get right into it. as you guys know, if you're new here, the way we like to do product research is we go directly to where everybody's attention is at, which is tiktok. all right, so I got 10 attack here on one screen and, as you guys know, it's craziness as soon as you open it up. so try your best to just make it over to the search bar up top and then what we're going to do is type in: tiktok made me buy it. what that is going to allow us to do is see a bunch of videos of recent products that are trending, products that are winners, and we're gonna find the top products for December right here, right now. so let's aim for 10. it might take, uh, longer than 30 minutes, might take shorter, but we'll get through it here. I'm just going to start off with the videos tab up here and then I'm going to scroll down. let's start out with that first video. Let's see what this is about. okay, headset [Music]. so I'm not really sure what this product is. it does seem unique, but the reason why I wouldn't classify it as a winner is because you don't really know what it is off of first glance. all right, so that's really a bad sign for you guys that know what we want to look for is products that are lightweight. I'm gonna look for products that we can sell for three or four times multiple, and we also want to look for products that have high quality images and products that are actually in demand. so we want to see that the videos and the comment sections are going to be showing that there's a big demand for these products. we found this product last week and I'm seeing a lot more videos, you know, pop up on it. but this is a Wristband Charger and if we go over to AliExpress, all right, let's just do this to get some momentum going, so charge your wristband. so if we just go over to AliExpress, we'll be able to see there's a few options here, ranging from about 1.50 to about three dollars right here, and you know, this product seems to be going very, very well. you can sell it for iPhones, we can sell it for Androids. we have a USB type-c, so we have a few options when it comes to this product. let's go into the comments and see what people say. what is bro recording with? how are you recording this video? what did you plug it up to? people are definitely having some interest, and usually the comment section is like that. once there's one type of comment, people will kind of Follow That same Trend, but I want to see people say stuff like this: I like this, I want this. that's so cool. okay, that's what I want to see, because that's showing that there's demand and there's people genuinely interested in this product. right, if I go here and I go on to their website, let's see what they got going on here. so they're selling it for about 20.. um, they're doing a very good job with the high quality images, as you can see here, selling it as a fashion product, but it does have that multi use. I have a nice clean layout with the three options that you can choose from. they got a few upsell options right here, which is very neat and unique, and I can already tell that they're doing very well with this product. I would classify this as our first winner of the day, even though we found it last week. it seems to be popping up, so I'm pretty sure people are making a bit of money on this product. that's gonna be our first one. now let's find some unique ones that I haven't seen already, so we're gonna go back out, okay, and we're gonna go straight to. we might have to tap into some other hashtags other than tiktok made me buy it- just to find some more unique ones, but for right now, I'm really liking this feed so far. let's go with this one. I'm never buying things from tiktok again, but this I'm buying. so this is a door. I think it's an auto door shutter, okay. so, very unique product. uh, this video itself got like 1.3 million likes, so it's got a few million views on it and that's the way it works, right there. so, uh, this is an example of a winning video, and if we go into the comments, let's see what people are saying. just use your hand. of course, people, there's always going to be, you know, the devil's advocates in the the comments. don't pay attention to those. looks useful, okay. uh, somebody's mentioning they get it from Alibaba. yes, there's always going to be people that know it's a Drop Shipping product. that's completely fine, all right. so we're gonna keep going here. just use a water bottle as a way. that's a little bit much of a compromise over there, okay. so, right here, listening to you, bro, I'm not buying it, okay. so, people, people are definitely gonna make their comments. they're gonna have their things to say. all right, I would say the demand on this is just a bunch of trolls in the comments, but there's definitely going to be people that say: imma buy this. okay, cool product, I'm going to buy it. you have to scroll down to get past the trolling comments. the way tiktok works is it likes it feeds those trolling comments All the Way to the Top because it makes it seem like those are more relevant. but if you scroll down and really get a good sense of who's um in the comment section as a whole, you'll see that there's actually a demand quite a few times when this video is getting such uh recognition and it's getting such Impressions. all right, so let's check over here. I'm gonna go into door stopper. I'm gonna find, uh, hopefully, our second winner. we found this one last week. that was a pretty good one, but not door stopper. we're going to find door closer, automatik, right. so here we go. here's the product. okay, this person has it on sale, so I'm not gonna pay attention. it's definitely selling. okay, don't pay attention to the comments, because we can see right here: it has 4 100 orders and a 4.7 review rating, so this is a very good product. I'm not gonna trust their pricing, though. what I'm gonna do is come down into one that seems more realistik. this one's for about two dollars, so about three dollars you can expect to get. this product is doing very well, obviously, and all we have to do is model this person's website. so let's check that out and this is going to be our product number two. if you like in the video so far, do me a favor, hit that like. like I said, I'm doing the giveaway, so if you make a comment down below, if you have any questions on my product research strategies, anything in general when it comes to e-commerce or Drop Shipping, I'm gonna pick one lucky person by the end of this week. make sure you like, subscribe and comment. I'm just gonna go here to automatik door closer and let's see, it's a five piece set that they're selling it for for about 37. so they're trying to get their average order value up very high. very good though, I mean I don't blame them for doing that. they have a very nice setup, nice Dynamic website that's doing a great job of explaining the product visually right. so it's visually appealing. this product seems lightweight and has the good margins we know that it's selling. this is definitely a winner right here. all right. so we got product number two down in the books. they could do better.

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listen up. it is time to start making some sales on your online store, and the way you're going to do that all throughout November is by having a product that is trending and scalable. with that being said, I'm about to give you the top 10 winning products that you need to be selling this November, but I'm not gonna just leave it there. I'm going to be giving you absolutely everything that you need to start selling these products today: from the competitor, Facebook advertisement, the ad copy, the headlines, the competitors website, the AliExpress link, five interested tests, profit margins and so much more, so that you have absolutely everything that you need to start selling these products today, and not just starting, but making some serious profits throughout this month without further Ado. let's go ahead and jump right into it. what's going on, everyone? my name is AC Hampton. I'm an eight figure marketer who gets to help students from all across the world start and continue their eCommerce Journey successfully. now, some of these winning products that you need to be selling today. in this list of products that you need to be selling this November, I found, through my own product research methods and I'm currently selling- my current students are scaling, or I found them training on the market today. on top of this, I've dug deep into product research and validation, using methods like ad spy, AliExpress, Google Trends and more market research to give you these top 10 winning products that you need to be selling right now. now, as you can see, I'm currently on the Google Document that's going to give you everything that you need to start selling these products today, from the Facebook ad, the ad copy, the headlines, the competitor product page, the AliExpress link, five interested tests, profit margins and so much more. so if you want to take advantage of this list and this cheat sheet, smash that like button down below, because once this video reaches 2 000 likes, I'll give you full access completely to the sheet. and before I dive in, as you guys know, I give out a free one-on-one Consulting call every single week to one lucky winner, who's looking to have all their questions answered and streamlining their success while doing so. and if you want the opportunity winning this week, all you have to do is, in the comment section below, comment the word Supreme November with your goal for your online business this November and, trust me, I will be announcing the winner from last week somewhere inside this video, so make sure you stay tuned with. that being said, let's go ahead and jump right into product number one, so Prime number one. I've been seeing absolutely everywhere. it's a giant Leaf blanket. let's go ahead and check out the advertisement and see what we're working with. all right, so it looks like it's a big, heavy blanket. it has plants as pillows, which is automatikally going to be a great upsell. if you do sell this blanket, it definitely solves the problem. we know the winter time's here, so we're going to need some big blankets. it has a wow factor and definitely giftable for the upcoming season, with Christmas. when I say I've been seeing this product everywhere, I mean tiktok, Instagram, Facebook. it's everywhere right now and, trust me, you do not have to listen to me. look at this: 1.3 000 comments and 1.4 000 shares with 6.7 000 likes, and it's only been on the market for two weeks. and, trust me, you do not have to listen to me if you want to validate that this is somebody who's actually running these advertisements today. you just need to check out the comment section, so you're coming over here to most relevant, you would go to newest and you can see it's been having comments in the last 24 minutes, two hours, two hours, three hours, four hours, is getting comments literally every single hour, and this is a product that's going crazy. it's time for you to take full advantage of it. let's go ahead and check out the competitor product page to see where you're gonna be selling this item for it. alright, so here we are. you can see that they're selling this product for 139 dollars, with free shipping. remember how I literally just said in that advertisement that you need to be upselling those pillows as well. they're taking advantage of it. so now taking a selling price from 139 now up to 179 dollars by upselling other cross-related items. and this is one of my favorite apps that I definitely recommend you use on your store. it's called frequently bought together, but I will say there is a lot of images that are just sitting here right on the left side of the store, which is making people scroll forever without actually seeing the product description, which shows that right away, you can go ahead and wipe out the competition. while doing so, let's go ahead and check out AliExpress and see what we're gonna be getting this item for. alright, so on AliExpress, you can see that we're gonna get this item for twenty dollars and eleven cents, and this is the biggest and most costly variant, and you're still making some serious profit off of this, which actually they have this size right here, this size right here, which ultimately changes the cost of goods as well, which I definitely recommend. if they do have other sizes, that you upsell with that too, and you can see that this flyer is going to give us free shipping. hey, they even have videos that you can use as well. with that being said, the competitor was not charging shipping, so the selling price stayed at 139. the product cost was 20 and 11 cents with free shipping, which is going to give us a crazy profit margin of 118.99 every single time you just sell one of these. and the five interest I would test out with this product is winter blanket, nature, natural environment and leave and before you guys tok about all the long shipping times and what suppliers you should be using to get the most competitive shipping with these products. check out this video right here where I break down all this in complete detail. make sure to go and check it out after this video. and we have officially opened up 10 more limited spots for my one-on-one mentorship. so if you're ready to learn tested and proven strategies that can help you generate results, just like my students right here. I'm taking 10- 10 dedicated people who are ready to take action and learn how to create a side hustle that can bring in an extra five to ten thousand dollars back into your pocket every single month. if you're looking to apply for these limited spots, head over to my Instagram AC underscore Hampton, DM me the word mentorship or apply with the link down in my description. all right, we're officially on product number two. product number two is a liquid lash extension mascara. it's growing crazy on tiktok. let's go ahead and check out this product. when I say this product is going crazy, I mean look at all of these different advertisements that are going out for it. it is never ending and there's huge demand behind this. here's one example right here: the best mascara on the market. this is like a review ad that's working really well on tiktok. these beauty products that actually solve a problem always have huge demand, as this one has magical mascara that makes your eyelashes look longer, and any woman would love this product. I'm not gonna lie. I might know somebody who's selling this right now. as you can see on their website, they are selling this item for 24 plus shipping. as you can see it says free shipping on orders over 35. one thing I really love is that they have a gift showing how the product actually works. so nobody- including myself, and most likely you- want to go to a website and just see all texts. we want to see the product working and how it can work for us. so not that they just have text explaining the product, but they also show how the product works, what, which is very, very important to do to continue to keep convincing the customers to shop from you. now, one thing they can definitely improve on is the reviews, though. yes, these reviews have text, but it doesn't c.

Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In 2023 (Shopify Dropshipping)

today, I'm going to be sharing with you the top 10 products that you need to be selling in 2023. all of these products are proven and validated products that are currently going viral, and I hand picked each and every one of these so you guys can succeed in your Drop Shipping Store. so, with that being said, I'm going to be showing you the ad that's currently going viral. I'm going to show you the competitors website plus. I'm going to show you the product price on AliExpress, so you have all the information you need to go out and crush it. so, with that being said, let's get into product number 10.. product number 10 is an absolutely genius product. as you see this tiktok over here. it's only about nine seconds, but it's blown up: nearly 450 000 likes, 10 000 shares. but it's this scooper that also gives you a weight every time you scoop something up. the reason why I think this product is going to be such a winner is not only can you advertise this product as a food prep product, so people can accurately measure the amount of food they want to eat, but I also think this a great pet product if you want to accurately measure your pet food, and if we actually come over this competitor's website, you can see how poor they've actually merchandise this product. the website's literally named Connor storecom, so it looks like someone who's about 16 years old probably just got into Drop Shipping and his mom let him create a store and he named it Connor store. now, no hate to him, but this store could definitely be improved upon quite a bit and I think how you're going to be able to sell tons of this product is if you actually merchandise this for that bodybuilding community and brand your website to feature information targeting your ideal customer demographic. now, another thing I notike is this competitor is only selling this for 19.99. now, when we do come over to AliExpress, the product is super cheap. it's 4.31, which means that the competitor actually has a really solid markup. he's making about 15.50- 50 cents every time someone decides to purchase this product. now, the genius of this product is the fact that you would be able to get away selling this for 39.99 if you're really honing down and advertising this to your dream customer. so I think, if you want to sell this product, create a custom experience for your ideal demographic for this, which will be bodybuilders and weight lifters, and really create your messaging to speak to that customer. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number nine. so product number nine is a classic example of Click bait marketing. they're showing someone with frostbite black fingers and then they're saying, hey, here's how you can prevent it- these heated gloves. and it shows someone going into snow and actually using these. so, if you aren't aware, these heated gloves go viral every single year and they also are a pretty Evergreen product. of course, they will do better in this wintertime season, but I think the potential to advertise this right now is Limitless, especially because winter is still going to be here for quite a bit longer. now we have 221 000 likes on this post, 2500 likes from this company called try hot glove, so they're getting a great reaction and you can see their website over here. it's not a great website, guys. this is a very simple website. they don't even have reviews on this website, so I think that pretty much anyone watching this video can build a better website like this. on Shopify: Shopify makes it super easy, so you guys can obviously use my link down below if you guys don't have a Shopify membership yet, and it actually helps the channel out a ton. so thanks for doing that now. this would be my strategy if I wanted to sell this product. first, I would create a much better website than this competitor has over here and where I think they could use the most work is in this description, so make sure you have a very compelling description. I'll leave a link above. if you don't know how to create descriptions yet, this video will definitely help you out ton. but, as you see, they're selling this for 45 dollars and if we do come over to AliExpress, you can find a competitive product for 18.32. so there's definitely a decent profit margin. that means every time someone goes onto the hot glove and buys this product, they're making about 28 profit. so definitely a good profit margin. and this product would be really easy to advertise, doing organic content, just like this competitor has done. I think they figured out a really compelling hook, which is showing these people with frostbite and then showing this product. it's basically a classic- here's the problem and here's the solution- type advertisement. so if you are wanting to sell this product, just rinse and repeat the content strategy they've already developed, and I think this will also do awesome on paid advertising as well. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number eight. product number eight is a product I found on Facebook and I know this product is going to do extremely well. as you see, this video is showing this windshield that's frozen over and it has this device that basically unfreezes your windshield and it also acts as a portable heater in your car. so this is a two for one product. it's going to help you out with your windshield and when it's also super cold in your car, you're going to be able to put this on and turn it towards you. and, as you see, this is a paid ad that's being run right now and it started October 17th over here, but it already has 10 000 likes, over 3 000 shares on this product and if we come to the comment, you can see that a lot of these people really love this product. people are saying: I would love to have this, that would be good for my buggy, so there's a ton of people who already want this product, which is a great sign. to come over the comments and see that real demand. now, if we do come over this competitors website, we can see that they're selling this for 29.99 for the air blower and if you want the bracket as well, it's 32.99. now, in my opinion. I think they should have just grouped this together and sold it as one variant. usually having three separate options for such a simple product like this can definitely cause some confusion, but overall they have a decent product website. they put some good information in here, but I think it's a little bit clunky and, as you can see, the color scheme is not very congruent, and they also don't have reviews on this product, which kind of shocks me. reviews will easily increase your conversion rate dramatikally. so if you are wanting to sell this product, make sure you have a clean color scheme and make sure you're having a solid description with those reviews. now, if we do come over to AliExpress, the product is only 13. if I was selling this personally, I'd be selling this at 39.99. you can get a three times markup on this product easily. it just depends on how your branding this and Merchandising it. the more high-end that you're branding this, the more premium price you're gonna be able to command for a product like this. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number seven. product number seven is a product I found on Pinterest and, as you see, they're advertising this as 10 times cheaper than the Dyson air wrap and basically this is a five in one curler, and if we do come over to their website, you can see that they're selling this for a pretty hefty price- 99- and, honestly, their website's actually pretty decent. you guys should be looking at websites like this that have beneficial gifts and are actually clean, but there is a lot you could improve here. having too many gifts can slow down your website, and they've also bolded a lot of words that I don't think need to be bolded, and they could have simplified this page quite a bit. so take these notes if you are wanting to sell this product. but overall, it's good that they have a lot of information on here, because when you are selling products- this High tiket- you're definitely going to want to make sure you

Winning Products Should NOT be Problem Solving [Dropshipping 2021/2022]

all of these youtube experts and gurus tell you one thing: your product has to be problem solving, and that's gonna be the main thing which is gonna lead you to success. if you have a really problem-solving product, it's gonna work out okay, it's gonna be a winner. so let me quickly show you this: one of my students made 100 000 with this guitar spoon. it's not problem solving at all, it's super low tiket and it does not make sense that this works with this philosophy. however, in reality, there's a couple of things which are crucial and way more important than having a problem-solving product. the focus should not be finding a problem-solving product. the focus should be to find a product which is the easiest to sell, and there's just a couple of things which you have to follow to make sure that your product is super simple to sell. let me give you two examples of why this guitar spoon is a really, really good product without being problem solving or without being super high tiket. the number one thing is it's in a very, very passionate niche. it's super simple to find a person who likes guitars on facebook. okay, it's very easy to target people who like guitars. so having this passion niche is super strong and, for example, if you would sell some kind of phone case or a magnetik phone charger, who would you sell that to? everybody has a phone, right. so there's no specific, clear audience who's super passionate about your product. it doesn't make sense to start out with that because it's so tough to actually find people who are going to be into that product. you're going to burn through tons of money on facebook by just testing and testing and testing and letting the algorithm on facebook optimize and at some point they're maybe gonna find the target audience which you actually have to target. okay, with the guitar product, you immediately have that. you just type in guitar on the targeting and that's it okay. so keep in mind, whenever you sell a product, it has to be in a passionate niche. the second thing which is really strong about this product is the upsell potential, and that's something most people don't even think about because, for example, this guitar spoon, it just doesn't make sense to buy only one piece. it makes sense to buy multiple spoons, because to buy a set of spoons is super normal. okay, and if you have something which people are incentivized to buy three, four, five times, it's going to be so much easier to sell. the margins are going to increase and even a low tiket product will be super profitable because you have this aspect in place, because it's just free extra money. you don't pay anything for that customer to come to your website. they're already on the website and they buy the second piece. it's basically free money. so keep that in mind and understand that upselling is done in the product research. while doing product research, you already select a product which is easy to upsell. okay, that's extremely important and those are just two examples of why this product is good. also, just a quick disclaimer here: obviously, this product doesn't work anymore. if it would work, i wouldn't reveal it because it's from my student and we basically toked and he's not going to sell it anymore. this product is saturated at this point, but it was a perfect product. okay, and why this is a perfect product is not only because of those two things. there's so much more to it and i personally also know that it's very tough to identify winning products as a beginner. if you're just starting out with drop shipping, it's super tough to see a hundred products and identify: okay, this one is the best one. it's extremely tough and this is exactly why i decided to start out this channel. i want to provide as much value as possible on this channel by showing you what good products are, where to find them, how to create a good store, how to create a good product page, how to create really good converting ads, how to set up your- your things on facebook, on tiktok, how to have the proper mindset in place to really make drop shipping work. i'm gonna show you tons of case studies of my students who actually succeeded with dropshipping, which is also going to give you a lot of motivation to keep going, because you're going to see, all right, this works in theory. now i just have to do it by myself. so subscribe to this channel. trust me, you don't want to miss out on all the content i'm going to post in the future, and it's going to be extremely valuable. if you actually want to build an online business, so subscribe to the channel. and also, if you want to work with me one-on-one, sign up for a free consultation session. you're going to have a call with me personally. we're going to find out if it's going to be a good fit, and if it actually is, we're going to start out working together. and also, if it's not, no hard feelings, all good, so sign up for a free consultation session with me personally there just the link below this video. and yeah, either see you in the call or in the next videos.