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Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

The BEST Amazon PPC Advertising Strategy

it's been some time since i last spoke about amazon pay-per-click advertising, better known as amazon of ppc. this is a platform that amazon provides their professional seller, plan account types, the ability to sponsor and to market their products using amazon's platform. so today i want to share with you definitely my most efficient and my most effective advertising strategy that i use for all of my products, from start to the very, very end. so today, let's get into it. we are going to be using this test product here. if you've been on the channel for some time- for years now- you're well aware of this test product. now this product is currently unavailable because i do not have any stok at amazon, since it's just a test product. but for this scenario, let's just pretend that the sales price is 7.09. we'll come back to that when we uh go over our advertising budget and see how that all factors into it as well as being competitive against our competitors. we'll get into all that. the first thing that i want you to do is to copy your asin. if you have the jungle scout chrome extension, you'll see that up at the top of the page here. you can go ahead and just click copy asin and it immediately copies that to your clipboard. if you do not have jungle scout, don't worry, you can just scroll down to the very bottom where it says product information, and then there'll be a row which says asyn and copy that right there. okay, great. so at that point we can go to our amazon ppc campaign manager. to navigate to this, go to your seller central in the upper left hand corner. you can click the menu bar and it'll take you to advertising and then to amazon's campaign manager. you'll be met with this screen here and this is exactly what we need- to be able to create our campaign. so we'll go ahead down below here and click create campaign. we'll be met with three different options: sponsored products, sponsored brands, sponsored display. now i'm assuming that if you're watching this video, you're more than likely a beginner amazon seller and you don't have a product line of multiple brands or just one single brand with multiple products. so i would recommend continuing with the sponsored products. this is going to display your product at the top of the search results or at the top of an uh, a competitor, a sin, which we'll be getting into more detail here shortly. so click continue and then you'll be met with uh- the settings. so what is our campaign name? uh, you want to put something in here that is going to identify the product and then also your strategy. that's what i've always done, using this generic format as such, as the date and the time. you know it's not going to tell you a whole lot about what you're trying to do with that amazon advertising campaign. so we'll put iphone 11 cases and then i'll put product targeting, because that's going to be the campaign strategy that we're going to get into. make sure the start date is the date that you want this to actually start and amazon will start spending your advertising budget. we'll set this as today, of no end date, so you can actually- you know, say you just wanted this to run for two weeks. you can actually put that time frame in here. so if i wanted to go for two weeks, i can put april 19th. so you know we'll actually leave that, because that makes more sense here. next is the daily budget. this is a very common question that i receive is: you know how much should i set for my daily budget? and the honest answer is that it's ultimately up to you check how much you have for your overall budget for this product. what are you setting aside for marketing. that is really what you need to think about here now. if you do not have a set budget and you want to just go with what i recommend, i would recommend doing this. you're in the pulpit calculator, so pull that up here, and what i recommend doing is to calculate the total revenue that you expect to generate for the amount of products that you have in your first batch. so, for example, for this iphone 11 case, let's say that we have 200 products that we want to sell. that's how much. that's how many units that we purchased from our supplier. so put 200 units in here and then we'll multiply that by our sales price. again, this is just revenue. it's not your profit, it's you're not your net income. so i said before, 7.99 is our sales price, so i'll multiply those together to get about 1600 is my expected revenue for these 200 units. now what i recommend doing is to take 10 of your total revenue and allocate that to advertising. so what we'll do is we'll take that number of total revenue and multiply it by 10 and we'll end up getting our total advertising budget. so let's just call this 160. i rounded up 20 cents and this is the total amount that we want to spend for these 200 units of the iphone 11 product cases. now we want to take a look at our start and finish date. if you have no end day and you want this to run for months to months, at least pick an end date of when you want this advertising money to run out. for our example, here we have this advertising campaign going for 14 days, so i want to allocate this 160 evenly over those 14 days. so what? what are you going to do? you divide that by the number of days, 14.. and then we're left with 11.43 cents. that is our daily budget. now i usually round up or i round down, depending on the number. so let's just round down to 11 for our daily budget. now you do not have to be as mathematikal and tiknical as i usually am for my- uh, my business, but i recommend at least putting five dollars to ten dollars when starting out, and then you can set the duration of time. um, if you don't want that to run for a week, a month, two months, you know. whatever it is, that's entirely up to you. all right, and moving down, we have targeting. do you want to set up an automatik or a manual targeting campaign. now i do not recommend setting up an automatik targeting campaign because it's honestly like giving amazon a free blank check and saying, hey, go find the keywords for me and do all this stuff on me, my behalf, and i guarantee you that amazon is just going to spend your money and not really care about your. you know a metric like your, a cost, to see how efficiently you're advertising. they just want to spend your money so they can make money. you know, i hope it's not always like that, but that's what i've experienced with my own business. so i'll select manual targeting that gives us full control on the keywords or the a sins that we want to target. all right, so scroll down here. campaign bidding strategy: i am fine with the dynamic bids down. only this gives amazon honestly some leeway on what to set those bids at if they know that you're likely to convert a sale. now i only want them to go down. so if i set my bid at one dollar per click, you know they may come down to 80 cents if i'm way over spending. so it works in your advantage. i do not want to give amazon the ability to go up from that one dollars if that was the example for the bid. next, we'll go down to create an ad group. an ad group is just one layer beneath our campaign, so you can have multiple ad groups targeting different tactiks and different strategies all within one single campaign. if you're only going to have one ad group within your one campaign, i just recommend putting ad group or ad group one, just so you know what it is. moving down to the product section, this is where we actually select our products by just clicking search or we can enter our asin, which we're about to do, and you can actually advertise multiple products within the single ad group. for this example, we're just going to advertise that one single ace in that one single listing, which were the iphone 11 cases. so type in your- uh, your asin right there and click add, and then you should see your product listing on the right hand side here. just verify that all the information is correct. remember i said that it is out of stok, but our sales price is 7.99. i'm not gonna actually have this campaign running since it's for test purposes, but just.

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon PPC | Creating & Optimizing Sponsored Product Ads (2022)

today, I'm going to show you exactly how to use Amazon PPC to get more exposure, increase your keyword rankings and, of course, get more sales on your Amazon products. in fact, using the strategy in this video, I generated over 10,000 dollars in sales from an investment of only three thousand dollars. this means, for every 30 cents spent, I was able to make $1.00 in return. if you'd also like to generate sales like that, you're gonna love this step-by-step video. so let's dive in first up. PPC stands for paid per click, which is a form of advertising where you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. we're gonna set these up inside of amazon's platform and then amazon will display your ads to the customer when they search for this type of product. now, there are three types of ad campaigns on Amazon. however, we're gonna focus on sponsored product ads in this video, as it's the most common, in my experience, the most effective. let me show you where these ads appear on Amazon, and you'll see them on the search results pages at the very top. it can be one listing or sometimes as many as five. you'll also find them in the middle of the page and sometimes also at the bottom. if you click into the product detail page. you'll also see them here in a number of locations, including sponsored products related to this item. now, before I dive in and set these up, I want to tok about something that's foundational to your Amazon advertising, which is keyword research. it's important to have relevant keywords in your listing in order to tell Amazon what your product is and also help customers discover your product with sponsored product ads. it's also important to do keyword research and have keywords relevant for your partikular product, because in one of the targeting types, called manual targeting, we're gonna choose which keywords we want to show our products on. so to perform my keyword research, I'm gonna use Jomo Scouts keyword Scout. there are two strategies that I like to use. the first is to perform a reverse Aysen search on one of my competitors. to do this, all you do is copy the Aysen of your competitors listing from either the URL or down in the product details section. paste that into keyword scout. now you see how many different keywords they rank for. let's go ahead and add all of these to a keyword list. click a new one and give it a name. this second strategy I'm gonna use is searching by keyword for my product. try and use the keyword that best describes your partikular product. now I'll go ahead and add all of these to my keyword list as well. let's go ahead and look at the new keyword list that I've created. you can see all of the keywords that I've added right here. there's a few different ways you can get these into your sponsored products campaign. the way that I like to do it is select. I'll go to export list and then save it to a CSV file. I'm gonna open this in Excel and all my keywords will be right here. now what we want to do is import all of our keywords into Amazon, but before I do that, I want to remove any keywords that I don't think are relevant to my partikular product or that people who are searching for wouldn't want to purchase my product. this happens more with some types of products than others. let me give you an example. if I were bidding on the term glasses, you can be shown keywords for either eyeglasses or drinking glasses. people searching for eyeglasses most likely aren't going to be interested in drinking glasses. now, Amazon's pretty sophistikated and they likely wouldn't show your product for people searching for eyeglasses. however, it is best practike to go ahead and just delete the keywords that you think people won't purchase your product for when they're searching for it. typically, if it's in the right realm, then I keep it in there. if it's not, then I usually remove it again. what I did, to recap, I searched for one of my competitors, but I'd actually encourage you to search for more to see what keywords they rank for, because those are usually relevant for your partikular product. I also then did a search and keyword scout for my main keyword or keyword that I feel like describes my product well. I saved all those into a singular list. I exported that list so that I can now copy the column of keywords and paste them into my advertising campaigns. keep in mind that the more specific a keyword is, the better it's going to perform for your partikular product. but, that being said, I usually keep the keywords relatively broad to get started, and then you'll see as we optimize, we choose, which ones are performing well and which ones are. after this step, we now have a list of keywords ready to use in our sponsored products campaigns. again, keywords are really important, not just for advertising, but also for your listing. I'd encourage you to take the most relevant keywords from this list that have the highest search volume and weed these into your listing. the title description bullets and back-end will cover listing optimization in-depth more in another video. so let's now go back to seller central and get some campaigns set up now. when you set up a sponsor products campaign, you have two different options: automatik targeting and manual targeting. with automatik targeting, these are very easy to set up because you don't have to choose which keywords or which pages you want to display your products on. instead, Amazon's gonna automatikally choose these for you. the back end of Amazon is very sophistikated and they have a pretty good idea of what kind of product you're selling, based off of what keywords use, the category that you're in and maybe even some image recognition. through all of that, they have an understanding of what types of keywords customers would search for and then end up purchasing your product. after you've had some sales, the system gets smarter and smarter because they can see what types of keywords people are searching for and then end up purchasing your product. so automatik campaigns are a great way to get started because you also get some good data from it, like which keywords your customers are searching for and which keywords they search for and then end up purchasing your product. the downside to it is you have less control over what gets targeted and how much you're bidding on for each keyword. now let's tok about manual campaigns. they take a little more work to set up. in these, you have to choose which keyword or products or brands to target. keyword targeting is the most common, but we'll also tok about product targeting once we get into setting up our manual campaign. the first thing we're gonna do is set up a portfolio and naming convention for a product. now, when you only have one product, this isn't that big of a deal, but you'll find once you launch multiple products that it is important how you structure these so you can find them easily and keep your campaigns organized. the structure looks like this: first you have a portfolio, then there's a campaign, then an ad group and then finally the ad itself. I like to make my portfolio the type of product or the name of the product. then I like to have different campaigns for automatik, manual, manual, product targeting and then even sponsor brands or sponsor display. these are each going to be campaigns. now, on the ad group level, I like to have an ad group for each variation. for example, pretend I'm a black version and a white version and I'd like to have a black exact match campaign and a white exact match campaign. those are each going to be ad groups. now that you understand all that, let's create our first campaign, which is going to be an automatik campaign from seller central will go to advertising campaign manager. note that in the future this area might also be found inside of Amazon advertising. let's create a portfolio for a product create campaign. we're going to click sponsored product ads. we'll type in our campaign name: start it today and end it and ever. for people who have a little bit more money to spend on this, I would recommend a daily budget.

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Creating Sponsored Display Ads (2022 TUTORIAL) Step-by-Step Amazon PPC Advertising Guide

according to amazon, 64 of shoppers use more than one retail channel to make a single purchase. that's why sponsor display is so important, as it's the only campaign type where you can remind potential customers about your product even when they're not on amazon. sponsor display is a relatively new campaign type that helps sellers grow their business on amazon by engaging shoppers with ads both on and off amazon. so in today's video, we're going to show you how to create and launch the different types of sponsored display campaigns. but first here's what you need to know about launching your first campaign. in many ways, sponsor display ads are different from sponsored product and sponsored brand campaigns, with the major difference being you don't need to target keywords. instead, sponsor display targets customers based on their interest and shopping behaviors. so if you're wondering if this campaign type is right for you, here are the three main benefits of using sponsor display ads. with sponsor display, you can reach relevant audiences who are browsing, discovering or purchasing products both on and off amazon. these ads appear in the amazon search results, product detail pages, as well as on third party websites and apps. in just a few clicks, you can create a campaign that automatikally optimizes for you and can promote your full catalog with automatikally generated creatives. additionally, you can measure and achieve your business objectives, from product awareness to consideration and conversion. with the multiple targeting options available, you can even learn what types of shoppers are converting best for you. let's now dive into how you can actually create and launch sponsor display campaigns. however, these campaigns are only available to sellers enrolled in amazon's brand registry, so if you're not yet enrolled, go ahead and check out our recent video up in the cards on how to apply for brand registry. to start, open up your campaign manager and click create campaign next. select sponsor display first. go ahead and give your campaign a name and set your daily budget. coming down to the targeting section, this is where you get to choose between the two available targeting options. the first targeting option is called product targeting, which is a strategy very similar to how you target your competitors listings with sponsored product and sponsored brand campaigns. however, unlike at the bottom of your competitors listings, these ads typically appear above the fold, oftentimes underneath the bullet points or the buy box. here's one way that you can use sponsor display campaigns to target your competitors. again, make sure you have product targeting enabled, then come down here and select your product, scrolling down to this next section, called bidding. this is actually pretty new. amazon says that by choosing one of these bidding strategies, they will optimize your campaign's performance depending on the metric that you want to optimize for. the first available bidding strategy optimizes for page visits, which helps you drive greater product consideration by showing your ads to shoppers more likely to click on your ad and visit your page. this strategy optimizes your campaign for a higher click-through rate. however, if you're looking to optimize your campaign for a higher conversion rate, i recommend choosing the optimize for conversion strategy, as this helps you get sales by showing your ad to shoppers more likely to purchase your product. for this example, we're going to optimize for conversions and then adjust our default bid. like i said, product targeting is very similar to sponsored product and sponsored brand campaigns, allowing us to target either categories or individual product pages. we're going to now target a few competitors that we know we have one huge advantage over, and that's our price point. so here i have a list of competitors whose prices are higher than ours. i'll go ahead and enter this list here and click target. what we're looking to achieve with this strategy is to have our ad displayed just underneath our competitor's buy box so that when shoppers go to purchase, they'll see our ad and hopefully, because our price is lower, they will consider buying from us instead. now, this is just one strategy for using product targeting campaigns, but you can do this in many different ways, such as even targeting complementary products that pair well with your product. for example, perhaps we could target a few dog bowls, hoping that shoppers will see our dog mat and think it's a good idea to buy the mat to put underneath the bowl. so go ahead and experiment with this targeting option and, hey, if you find any strategies that are working good for you, go ahead and let us know down in the comments. now, that was just the first targeting option, however, let's now dive into the second way. you can use sponsored display campaigns by targeting certain audiences. with audience targeting campaigns, you can reach audiences on and off amazon based on their shopping signals. while on amazon, this is important because sellers who are using audience targeting on average see up to 82 percent of their sales coming from new to brand customers, which are customers who haven't purchased from your brand in the past 12 months. by selecting audiences, you're given three different ways to use this targeting option. the first one, however, is split into two separate strategies. first, we have views remarketing, which essentially allows you to engage shoppers in three ways. you can target shoppers who have viewed your advertised products on amazon in the past 30 days. you can also target shoppers who have viewed similar products on amazon in the past 30 days. and, lastly, you can target shoppers who have viewed products within a specific category on amazon also within the past 30 days. if you plan to use one of these three targeting options, in my experience it's best to spend the majority of your budget reconnecting with those who viewed your product listing. this strategy helps keep your product at the top of their minds. regardless of your selection, amazon automatikally filters out shoppers who purchase your advertised products in the past 30 days, so you don't have to worry about targeting those who already purchased your product. the second strategy is called amazon audiences, which offers thousands of pre-built audience segments to help you reach new customers through awareness and consideration campaigns. currently, amazon audiences consist of four targeting strategies. lifestyle audiences are mostly positioned for brand awareness campaigns, as these audiences reflect a variety of combined shopping and viewing behaviors. these audience include those shopping on amazon, browsing on imdb, streaming movies on prime video or even streaming video games on twitch. interest-based audiences allow you to help raise awareness with customers based on what they usually browse and buy. examples of these audiences include those who are interested in certain movie genres or interested in certain types of food and drinks. life events audiences give you the opportunity to drive awareness in consideration for relevant products based around life moments, such as new parents or shoppers who are traveling soon. lastly, in-market audiences allow you to engage shoppers who are in the aisle ready to buy, since they've been recently shopping for products in a given category. you can reach these audiences in whichever category you choose, so this is a great strategy, not just to drive greater awareness, but to also capture sales from shoppers ready to buy. with all of these options, you can even add multiple amazon audiences together inside a single campaign. in fact, on average, sellers who use multiple targeting tactiks inside a sponsored display campaign have 3.2 percent higher sales than those just using one targeting tactik. however, just note that combining these multiple amazon audiences into a single campaign will result in a broader audience for your ads, giving you less clarity into exact

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How To Advertise On Amazon Seller Central | BEGINNER Tutorial FBA/FBM

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Amazon Sponsored Products (Amazon PPC) - Step by Step: Create Your First Sponsored Products Ad

[Music]. creating your first advertising campaign was sponsored products is easy. here's how to get started. in this video, we will cover the campaign creation process by selecting the ad type, setting your campaign settings, selecting your targeting, adding keywords and negative keywords if applicable to the campaign, and launching your first sponsored products campaign. before you start, consider a few things. which products do you want to advertise- remember you can advertise any of your by box eligible listings- and how much you want to spend. you'll be able to set your bid and budget. to get started, if you are a seller, go to the advertising tab and click on campaign manager. if you are a vendor, simply click on advertising and you'll be brought to the campaign manager page, click create campaign and select sponsored products. now let's set up your first campaign. to begin, give your campaign a name. this might be the type of products you'll be advertising: seasonal merchandise you're promoting or anything else you want to use to distinguish the campaign and keep multiple campaigns organized. next, set your campaign duration. you can choose to let your campaign run continuously, starting today, or set a start and end date for the campaign. we recommend an always-on approach and starting the campaign immediately to ensure your ads are active at all times so shoppers can discover your products anytime they search on Amazon. if you need to, you can pause your campaigns after they've gone live. then set your average daily budget. this is the maximum daily amount you want to spend on advertising the products in this campaign. you can adjust this at any time. amazon offers two distinct ways to target your sponsor product ads. we recommend starting your first campaign with automatik targeting. this allows Amazon to automatikally match your ad to relevant shopper search terms based on your product information. it is a quick and easy way to learn how shoppers are discovering your ads will cover manual targeting in create a manual targeted campaign video later in the series. if you're a seller, the next step is to name your ad group. think of ad groups as subfolders in your campaigns. you can have multiple ad groups in a campaign. this field is not available for vendors at this time. then select products to include in your campaign or ad group. you can search by product name, SKU or a sin'. you'll be able to sort a 'sons by the date they were added to your catalog, as well as see their star rating and the number of reviews they have. find the products you want to advertise and click select to add them to your campaign. your selected items will appear. now let's set your cost per click or CPC bid. the bid is the maximum amount you're willing to pay for a click on your ad. for automatik targeting campaigns like this one, the default bid will apply to each product in the campaign, so you'll want to consider the margins on each item. we'd also recommend you consider the category. you may also choose to be more aggressive and bid higher, or take a more conservative approach in bid lower. remember bids can be changed at any time. whichever strategy you land on, we recommend you bid only as much as you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. now you're ready to launch your campaign. congratulations on launching your first sponsored products campaign. your ads are now ready, but they may take up to an hour to begin displaying on Amazon. remember your ads need to be relevant to the shoppers and winning the buy box in order to be eligible to display, and you must also have the winning bid for the search term. if you have additional products you'd like to advertise that fall within a different category or type of product, we encourage you to create another sponsor products campaign for that line of products. reviewing your campaigns regularly is the key to success. make sure you visit your campaign manager one to two times a week to monitor performance and adjust where necessary. in this video, we hope you've come to understand how to create your first sponsor products campaigns, including how to select the products to advertise your budget, CPC bid and targeting methods. stay tuned for the next video in the series, which will cover how to understand your metrics to ensure your campaigns are meeting your goals.

How To Setup Amazon PPC (Sponsored Products) In 4 Minutes

there's five steps to setting up Amazon PPC and I'm going to show you how to do it in just four minutes. I've been putting off setting up Amazon PPC for my new product and I've just been over complicating it in my head. but setting up Amazon PPC is easy and it's extremely powerful. so I decided to challenge myself. in this week's tactikal vlog, Thursday video- this video right here- I'm going to show you live as I set up PPC for my new Amazon FBA product in just four minutes. and the reason the Amazon PPC is so powerful is because when people are searching for things on Amazon, you can show up right at the top of the search results and, in fact, sponsored products. you can tell it's a. it's an Amazon PPC product if it says sponsored on its multi products show up before the regular organic search results. so this is an extremely powerful tool to increase your sales. and there's five things I'm going to go over in this tutorial video. the first thing we're going to tok about is setting up an automatik campaign, which is the easiest campaign to set up. it's one of the most powerful, one of the most profitable campaigns and it has some added bonuses I'll tok about later in this video. then I'm going to tok about how to do keyword research. because the way Amazon PPC works is people search for different keywords. for instance, performance nut butter would be the keyword someone is searching for. then that triggers certain ads. so when people search for this keyword, it triggers my ads. obviously, there's other keywords as well that I target and I show up for, but you get to decide what keywords you want your product to show up for and you have to pay for it. now keep that in mind. every time someone clicks on an ad on Amazon PPC, it charges the company a certain amount of money. so if I were to click on this ad- which I won't do- it would charge this person probably a dollar or so just for me to see their products page. so you pay every time. that's why it's pay-per-click. and the third thing I'm going to show you is how to set up keyword targeted ads. so the automatik campaign just automatikally targets different keywords that Amazon thinks that you'll make sales from. but you can also target specific keywords. you can also do product targeting, and product targeting campaigns are really powerful as well, because they actually show up. they make it. so your product will show up down here in the sponsored products related to this item. so if you want your product to show on your competitors products, this is a very powerful way to do it. and then the last thing I'm gonna tok about is negative keywords, which is something that so many people forget about. but if you don't add negative keywords, you are wasting money. so let's dive into it and start the clock. the first thing you're going to do is go up here to campaign manager. once you're in here, you're gonna click create campaign and the first campaign, as I mentioned, we're going to do is an automatik campaign, which is so easy to set up. you're gonna click sponsored products. now, pause for a second. I will do a future video toking about sponsored brands and sponsored display. but sponsored products is the easiest type of campaign to set up and, honestly, I think it's probably one of the most profitable, one of the most powerful ones. these ones can be very, very powerful as well, but I'll save that for a future video. so you'll click continue, because we're gonna do sponsored products here and you'll name your campaign name. it doesn't matter what you name it. I'm just gonna put PMB cacao test one, and we're gonna do a daily budget. I recommend starting with ten to twenty dollars. let's put 20 dollars. you're gonna want to make sure that it says automatik targeting. well, do the future ones. we'll tok about manual targeting. this is a more advanced topic. I'll save for next week's video. I'm doing a video next week, going in-depth, a complete tutorial video. we're gonna go here. we'll just do this test one, it doesn't matter. and then you select what product you want to advertise for. so this is my new product I just launched. I'm gonna click that, scroll down and you set what the default bid is. every time someone clicks on your ad, how much money do you want to? do you want to spend? and I could put 75 cents. it suggests a bit of 177. I'd say, you know, start with maybe the suggested bid and then play with it. now, an advanced thing you can do is well, is set bids by targeting group and there's all these different ways of targeting. you can get little information about all these, but close match will automatikally target keywords that are close match. loose match will automatikally target keywords that Amazon thinks is a loose match, and you can set different bids. but an even more powerful thing to do is set up different campaigns or different ad groups for each one of these so you can turn them off and turn them on. so maybe this one I just want to target compliments. let's go 76 cents and launch the campaign and boom, just like that. we're done with the first step, which is setting up an autumn campaign. I will obviously tok later about adding negative keywords, which is very important, but let's tok about how to do keyword research, because obviously the automatik campaign is gonna target whatever keywords Amazon thinks is relevant. but we don't want to just let Amazon decide what they think is relevant. we want to target certain keywords as well. so how do you find these keywords? well, I'd recommend helium 10 or jungle scout or, if you don't want to pay for either one of those tools, you don't have to- you can use the Google Keyword planner and I'll link videos. I've done videos comparing helium 10 in Jungle Scout and I've also done videos on how to use the keyword planner to do keyword research. but once you've done keyword research and you have your keywords, it's time to set up the next type of campaign, which is keyword targeted sponsored products. so we're gonna go create campaign again, will click on sponsored products and again name it whatever you want: test123, daily budget of whatever you think the max that you want to spend per day while you're in the testing phase. and here's the trick: you're gonna click manual targeting. we don't want the automatik targeting for this campaign. and another trick I didn't mention: if you want to do keyword research, you can actually let Amazon help you with the keyword research. go in here again. you can change the ad group name if you want. for for just ease of use, I'm gonna scroll down and Amazon actually recommends a bunch of different keywords. so I might want to go: macadamia, cashew butter- boom, that's a good one. Quito, nut butter singles- that's another good one. but if, for whatever reason, Amazon doesn't recommend certain keywords that you think is good, you can click inter list and you can paste a list of all the keywords that you want to target for me. I came up with this list. we're gonna click Add keywords. and one thing you're gonna want to do is make sure you change the the bid that you're willing to pay. so for this one, every time someone searches for nut butter and they see my ad and they click on my ad, I'd be paying on average about a dollar fifty five. and I can change that. maybe I say, wow, that's way too much money. you can adjust it here, but once you've done that, you can click launch campaign. now something I didn't tok about is the difference between a broad match, exact match and phrase match. I'll tok about that later in this video. but the last type of campaign we want to set up is product targeting, which I showed you earlier. a very powerful thing. you allows you to show up in your competitors product page, basically, and the way we're gonna do that, and you can use helium 10- and I believe jungle Scout also has a future- to help you find products to target. but Amazon itself will has a tool that'll allow you to do that. I'll show you how to do this right now. again, we'll click on sponsored products. type in the campaign name here set the daily budget looks like twenty dollars. manual target.