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product page shopify

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Product Page Customization 2022 | Using Shopify Online Store 2.0 & Shopify Metafields

since i started using shopify i always,struggled with how limited i was when it,comes to optimizing or modifying the,product pages well the good news is,after shopify online store 2.0 now,things are way better now we can,optimize our product pages and make them,look perfect without the need to hire,any web developer or any professional hi,there i am rehab and on this youtube,channel i share with you videos related,to e-commerce entrepreneurship and more,and as i told you before in this video,i'm going to show you step by step how,you can create your product pitch,but before starting with our topic i,want to invite you to sign up to the,free workshop i'm currently offering in,this workshop i show you step by step,how you can create a sustainable strong,e-commerce business i show you the exact,framework that you should be applying to,your business in order to be able to,attract convert and most importantly,retain your customers so if you are,interested in creating a strong,sustainable ecommerce business go down,to the description and sign up to this,free workshop it's 100 free so you don't,need to pay anything,whenever i want to create product pages,for any store the first thing i start,with is to do a market research i need,to understand my potential customers i,need to understand what they are,searching for and what kind of,information they are interested about,before buying the product a customer,must know everything about the product,so we must provide all the needed,information inside of our product pages,and in order to know how our potential,customers think and what they care about,i always go to my competitors stores and,do my market research i also go to,amazon and see the reviews and read them,because inside of the reviews i will be,able to understand my potential,customers more and i will know what kind,of questions they have in mind what kind,of information they are interested about,and what kind of guides or maybe details,they need before making the decision,whether to buy the product or not so i,started with this i went to amazon i,read the reviews then i went to my,competitors stores and i saw what they,are doing in there and i collected,information about what are the things,that i will be including inside of my,product page,this store for example sells wigs and,hair extension bundles and accessories,and stuff like that so i needed to,include inside of the product page,everything my customers care about,starting from the dimensions of the wigs,the length for example the density also,the cab dimensions also a guide about,how to wash the wig and how to take care,of it in addition to a list of,frequently asked questions so i did my,best to include all the needed details,inside of my product page because i want,my potential customer to be able to find,everything they are searching for inside,of this page so they don't have any,hesitation and they don't feel like they,still need more information before,making the decision to buy my product,in addition to that while checking the,competitors i have found that multiple,ones of them offer free returns and free,shipping so we decided that these are,things that we need to offer in order to,be able to compete with other stores so,we created a list of all our unique,selling propositions and i created an,illustration where i have included all,our unique selling propositions it's,true that all of these information are,there within our product descriptions,and within our shipping conditions and,stuff like that but creating a visual,illustration of our unique selling,propositions make it way easier for our,potential customers to understand and to,absorb the information,i created this illustration using canva,and i made sure to brand it as per our,brand colors and our brand font,after deciding what content you are,going to include inside of our product,page we hired people from upwork and,fiverr in order to create the,infographics and maybe write a text and,stuff like that and when we had,everything in place i created the first,product page template and now i'm going,to show you how i did that i'm using the,symmetry theme as an example so the,options of this team might be different,than other themes,but for example i can choose between,including the description directly near,of the photos or i can include it below,the buy box i have decided to include,the description below the buy box but i,have added a small description inside of,the box and in order to include this,small description i have used a meta,field because this description is going,to be unique by product also in order to,include the specification of the product,i have used shopify meta fields in order,to have a unique specification tab per,product,so here i am inside of my shopify,dashboard and from here i'm going to,online store themes and i'm going to,click on customize,i will show you how to create a product,page template but i will show you first,the product page template i have created,so from here you go to products and in,here you can see all the templates,i've changed already the default product,page template because this is the one we,are going to use to almost all of our,products,so this is how my product page looks,like first i have the product photos,from here then i have the buy box in,here i have the product title the price,the,variance because i have different,variants then i have the buttons i have,the unique selling propositions in here,then i have the steps some of these tabs,are common between all of my product,pages and some of them are dynamic this,means that they are unique per product,so for example the product description,is a meta field this means this tab is,unique per product,when it comes to shipping and delivery,this tab is common between all of my,products when i scroll in here when i,scroll down i have the description this,is the product description itself,moving down i have also this section,where i have added my unique selling,propositions,down i have the,the section about the cap sizes then i,have the section about how to choose the,correct length then i have more details,about the cap then i have,care guide also another care guide and,finally i have the frequently asked,question section,okay,if you want to create a page like this,one,this is actually very simple so as you,can see in here i have this first,section which is the product page,section okay in here i can see the,characteristiks of this product page i,can for example change the media size i,can change the position of the,photos the thumbnails from here i can,enable stik on scroll or not so for,example i can change the position of,these photos to be in here but i prefer,them to be beside main page okay so,these options will differ depending on,the theme you are using under this,section you will have all the blocks,that they are a part of the product page,so all of these are elements that exist,in here okay starting plumber title the,prize the vendor and so on,most of these elements at the beginning,are here by default because we need the,title the price the variant picker and,stuff like that,but starting from here after the buttons,these are elements that i have add,myself so first i have the image and i,have created this image on kamva as i,told you and i have included this image,in here so simply in order to edit it i,have clicked on add block and i have,added add an image like this and i,simply select my image and use it in,here,now let me remove this,concerning the tabs i did almost the,same thing so i went in here clicked on,add block and this time instead of,adding an image i added a collapsible,tab like this,okay if i include the content in here,directly from the editor this means that,the content of this tab will be common,between all the product pages that use,the default product as a template okay,so for example for the shipping let me,show you for the shipping the content is,in here because this is a statik tab,common between all of my p

Shopify 2.0 Templates Tutorial - Create Different Layouts for Product Pages & Collection Pages

all right what's up guys i did a poll,recently on my youtube channel where i,asked what my next video topic should be,and the most voted for topic was shopify,2.0 so today i want to tok about page,templates which is a new feature of,shopify 2.0 that many people aren't,using yet it's a really underrated,feature and it can really be quite,powerful one of the most common,questions that i get on my channel when,i tok about adding a specific feature,to a product page,is how can i add this to one product,but not to another product right how can,i add a feature to one product page,without affecting the rest of the,products on my store and a good example,of this is this tutorial where i showed,you how to add a gift message field to a,product so obviously this is for,products that have some kind of note,attached to them or maybe they have an,engraving or maybe there's something,written on the shirt whatever it's a,customizable product right and maybe not,all your products are like this maybe,not all your products are customizable,so you want to add this on one product,but not on another type of product and,that's really easy to do in shopify 2.0,you just have to use page templates so,i'm going to show you how to do that,today another good use of page templates,is to make a completely different design,for different product pages so you may,have some products which are like your,flagship products your main products,and you have a lot more to say about,them right you have you want to tok,about their features a lot more so the,example that i've got here is all birds,you know they've got their merino wool,or or tree actually tree fabric sneakers,and they have this product page right,the top of it is a typical shopify,product page but then they've got these,extra features that they want to tok,about below and we can do this now,thanks to shopify 2.0 and sections,everywhere you know how previously you,only had sections on the home page now,you have them on every page so you can,add sections,underneath your main product section on,your product page but maybe you don't,need that for all products so here,they've got their beanie and you know,they just don't have that much to say,about the beanie because the beanie is,like not their main thing their main,thing is sneakers so they have these two,different product page templates one for,the shoes and probably the other one is,just the default product template for,regular products and you know this,doesn't have to be limited to just,product pages either so here they have a,collection page which is like your,typical shopify collection page right,you have a product grid and you have,your filters on the left here but they,also have this other collection page,under new arrivals when you click on,warm weather,they have collection pages with this,nice image banner and look this is for,warm weather and it's really warm image,it really gives the mood and they have,this kind of image banner for every type,of collection that is for a specific,use like when their shoes are for a,specific scenario for example running,they have these people running and to me,as a potential customer of all birds you,know that really appeals to me right so,think about the psychology of a shopper,here i was actually looking for shoes,for summer i was looking for some,lightweight breathable shoes i had heard,of all birds before so i go on their,website and then when i'm looking at,their website i open the nav and i see,this like best for warm weather so i,click on that and immediately it kind of,confirms my expectations right like i'd,heard that they make lightweight shoes,and then i see that they actually have a,collection for warm weather and that,makes me a lot more confident as a,shopper that this is the product that i,need and yes i actually did end up,buying these tree runners made of,eucalyptus,so,it worked beside product and collection,pages you can also do this on your,regular statik pages like your about,page your team page or whatever so like,all birds has this um,our story page right and they're using a,big image banner with a video background,then they're using kind of like i would,say that this is a page section and by,the way i should have mentioned this at,the start but all birds is on shopify uh,they're one of the most successful,shopify store examples yeah these are,all pretty regular sections i mean this,is a gif image which is pretty cool,but you can do something like this on,your store as well using page templates,and sections everywhere which is now on,shopify 2.0 by the way if you haven't,upgraded to a shopify 2.0 theme yet i,hope now you're starting to understand,why you should,because it gives you so many more,options in terms of the design of your,website and yeah i think that's all the,examples that i wanted to give so now,let's jump into my computer i'm going to,show you first how you can add something,simple like the note field to just one,product template and then how you can do,a product template with a an additional,section like the alternating information,sections that all birds is doing and,then also how you can do the same for,collections and for a statik page it's,pretty much the same process for all of,them this is going to be a pretty quick,tutorial so yeah let's get started okay,so let's first tok about templates what,are templates i think that the most,common use of templates is on the,contact page so if you've ever made a,contact page in your shopify store using,a contact form,then you've had to create the page,contact right and then down here,in the theme template,you choose contact because every theme,in shopify comes by default with a,regular default page template and a,contact template right and enabling this,contact template would enable the,contact form on your contact page and,you'd have the same with products right,so,on every product page you might have,notiked already,that you have this and that there's,pretty much nothing there i mean i have,one template already you may have no,templates at all or if you're using a,more advanced theme like turbo you might,have two pre-built templates that they,allow you to use maybe three but you,never had the ability in the old shopify,to create your own templates right to,create as many as you need and so one of,the biggest advantages of the new,shopify 2.0 is that we can now create,our own templates we create as many,templates as we need so here i am inside,the theme customizer,looking at my gift product example and i,have this message field,and it's currently using the default,product template so this message field,is on all my products now you might be,used to navigating inside the theme,customizer by simply using your,navigation and using your site as a,customer would,but you should get used to using this,drop down as well so to get to the,default product template you just go to,products and then default product so i'm,on the default product template i've,added this field and every product now,has it but that's not what i want what i,want is just for this gift product to,have this field so what i'm going to do,is actually duplicate this template or,i'm going to create a new product,template on the basis of the default,product template which already has this,so,let's go to products and then i'm going,to click create template,and i'm going to call it,with gift note right,i'm doing it in dashes like this because,if you save it with spaces,shopify will just convert it to dashes,anyway so i'm just doing that,immediately,um so let's just create the template and,it might take you to a different page,this is just a preview right it might,take you to a different product just go,back to previewing the product that you,want to,see this template on just so it's less,confusing to work on so now that we're,on this template we're looking at it,this is the with gift note template and,we see that it has the gift note that's,great now we can go back,to the default product template

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How To Build A FREE BRANDED One Product Dropshipping Store With Shopify 2022

this is the exact method that we're,using to create our six figure and seven,figure drop shipping shopify store,designs and i've just created an example,one for you guys and you can see how,beautiful this looks we have the,thumbnail for the youtube video on the,website you've got the drop down menus,right there to give people more,information without having it all bulky,on your website then you've got the,side-by-side images going over more,details of the product and then you've,got the button if we keep scrolling back,up you can see how beautiful this,website looks and i'm going to be,teaching you exactly how to do this in,this video hey guys welcome to the,youtube channel my name is camille,sannon is the ecom kingdom in today's,video i'm gonna be teaching you step by,step on how you can create a one product,store that looks really branded and,professional and that converts extremely,well in 2022 and 2023. this tutorial is,going to be around about 30 to 50,minutes long i'm not joking it's going,to be step by step so you can carry and,follow along with your laptop or your,computer if you want to create a shopify,store that looks like mine now i'm also,going to be giving you guys copy and,paste templates that you can use on your,store for things like privacy policy,terms and condition and shipping and,delivery and as soon as we hit 2 000,likes i'll leave it in the pin comment,and in the description below so if,you've been somebody wondering how to,design a shopify store that's going to,convert really well and look really,appealing then i'm going to give you the,exact formula right now that will work,with every product that you choose and,you can also convert this into a niche,store if you want to and this has been,proven to work for me for the last 12,months because i'm using it right now in,some of my six figure and seven figure,stores,[Music],so before we can start creating our one,product shopify drop shipping store we,need to have a product in mind that,comes with good photography and good,information to make our life easier and,to give us the best quality store now if,you haven't already got a product in,mind you can use a website like,pixar.com and head over to the winners,section and this is going to show you,loads of wooden products in different,industries different niches and it's,also going to give you all the relevant,information about these products so for,example let's say i like this product,i'd click details and then it would show,me everything about the product now this,is gonna be my product choice in the,video so this is the product that i'm,gonna be using to design the website,about it's called the cordless air,duster and you can see it's gonna give,me the description and i can use this,for my website it's gonna give me the,aliexpress link the alibaba link the,amazon link and later in this video,you're gonna understand why it's,important to have the amazon link the,aliexpress link the alibaba link also,other stores selling it so you can see,how they've designed their store and,take good things from their store and,repurpose it for your store but if you,haven't already got a product or you,haven't got good information then i,recommend you use peekster to help you,get that so once you've got your product,in mind you want to head over to the,aliexpress link for your product you can,see this is my product it's got a,thousand orders 4.8 star reviews you,only want to be going with a product,that has got good reviews and has got,good photography because if you scroll,down you can see this is the photography,that's going to come with my product,because this is the imagery that i'm,going to be using on my website so if,it's not good photography or if it's not,good imagery or they don't have good,videos then it's going to make your,website look bad a great extra bonus is,if your supplier can give you a video of,the products you can see here i've also,got a video of my product and the reason,why is because you're going to be using,this video on your website after you've,edited it to be suitable for your,landing page now once you've done that,you want to download a chrome extension,called ali save and that will give you,the option to actually download all the,images by clicking this little icon once,you've downloaded the chrome extension,and it will also give you the option to,download the video if you've got the pro,version for one dollar and i'm not,sponsored by them at all and for the,images when you scroll down on the,listing you will either have to contact,the supplier and ask them to send you,them or you'll just have to print screen,them because you can't actually right,click these images and save them and,some of the images in the listing below,is actually better than the main images,in the actual product info now once,you've done that step you want to head,over to this link here which is my,exclusive shopify 14 day free trial link,and by using this link you'll get 14,days for free and sometimes you can,actually get even more than 14 days for,free it just depends when you use the,link now once you've set up your shopify,account and you've started your 14 day,free trial your screen should now look,like mine and you want to head over to,the bottom here where it says apps and,you want to click on it and then it,should open up this page now once you've,done that you want to go to where it,says recommended apps and then it should,pop up this page and then you want to go,to at the bottom where it says shopify,app store and you want to click that,link once you're on the shopify app,store search bar you want to search for,these two apps the first one is going to,be called auto ds now what auto ds lets,you do is it lets you import the product,through aliexpress and loads of,different other websites like cj drop,shipping and loads of other ones and it,will also automatikally fulfill every,single order for you once you get orders,on your website now an alternative to,this used to be oberlo that was the,really common one but they shut down now,another alternative to auto ds is,actually ds's now i think auto ds is,better than ds's because it actually,gives you the automatik fulfillment,option and loads more features the only,downside to auto ds is it does have a 30,day free trial and once that's done it,will then be a paid subscription now if,you do not want to do that then you,should use dss because it is free,forever as long as you're on the lowest,tier now once you've downloaded the also,ds up you want to head back over to the,aliexpress link for your product like,here and it should say somewhere around,here import through auto ds mine's not,saying it because i've already done it,but you want to click that grey button,and it will import it into your website,now once you've done that you want to,head into the auto ds app by going back,into shopify clicking apps then auto ds,and you want to go to where it says,drafts and where it says drafts it,should show you the product that you've,just imported and you want you want to,click the import button after a few,minutes it should show the product in,the product section here as a live,product on your website now the best way,to double check that this is actually,worked is by going to where it says,products in the shopify dashboard and,making sure the product shows up under,active now as long as your product shows,up here then it has worked so now we've,got all that out the way we can move on,to the fun part of this video which is,creating the shopify store right now so,you want to head over to the shopify,dashboard go to where it says online,store and then it should take you to a,section that looks like this and it,should have the dawn theme as the,current theme then you want to scroll,down to where it says popular free,themes and you want to go to where it,says the refresh theme this one right,here and you want to click the add,button after a few minutes after you've,done that it should now show it und

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The 10 BEST Shopify Product Page Examples We Could Find [COPY THESE]

hello everyone christian here today we,have a good one we're going to go over,product pages what makes them great and,why do people convert higher with these,let's find out,having great product pages is crucial,for conversion on your website a lot of,people tend to focus heavily on the home,page but the product page is actually,where the customer makes that decision,to purchase there are many different,features that so earners can use when,building these product pages and in this,video i'm going to show you some of the,best product pages that i found that are,actually using shopify and we're going,to tok about what makes them great i'm,going to,try to highlight that one feature per,product page but a lot of these product,pages are actually doing a lot of things,right so i will highlight a couple of,those things as well but i'm going to,try to yeah focus on just that one thing,per product page uh so that you can,probably uh resonate a little bit better,with with your product page and maybe,install a couple apps or something to to,help you convert higher so the first one,we have here is mavi jeans i think,that's how you say it mavi mavi secondly,in puerto rico it's a it's a juice i,believe it's made out of the,sugar cane i believe i think i don't,know uh we used to drink it when we were,little kids anyways so we got mavi uh,they are i believe a jean company for,the most part so they have a lot of,denim products in here um so their,product page beautiful they just,lots of information lots of really good,high quality pictures now the one thing,that caught my eye with this partikular,product page is the way that they're,presenting their information here,it's a little bit different than,uh sure they have the paragraph right,describing the actual product but then,they go a step further into uh their,brand right and they have the stretch,and they have the this nice graphic,which is non-medium or max and then they,have medium weight and then smooth so,these are just sort of descriptions,right of this partikular product but,again instead of just having it in,paragraph form or bullet points that,went the extra step of creating graphics,um to show you how this product you know,fits or feels on your body which is,really really really cool so i think,that's my one thing for from this,product page,which i haven't seen a lot of in even,all these other product pages here,having that that graphic right there,just makes it very very unique to their,store their brand and their experience,a couple other things that they're doing,really well here,the at wish list that's something that,almost everyone should have,and then i really really like the fact,that,the call to action which is going to be,the add to cart button here and the,product page is always going to be the,add to cart,follows you around while you're still,looking at these pictures,very very important and obviously high,quality pictures look at this they have,front side,detail shots,the back of the product more detail,shots,this you need to strive to achieve these,many product pages for all of your,products if you can do that you're going,to be in a great great position,all right let's move on to the next one,number two is t fury,again another shopify,website now with this one uh it's,completely different because they are,more on the actual design,right the design is what they're trying,to sell here,sure they're trying to sell you clothing,and accessories and even masks and,things like that but,at the end of the day they're trying to,sell you this partikular design so,they're going to give you some options,and what i like about this is,the way that they've,customized right their experience within,their product page so if you're here at,the product page and you land on the,shirt um this is a it's called that's,chaos and it's a jurassic park shout out,um if you look at some of the other,pictures you can see the design a little,bit better it has malcolm in there and,the t-rex logo in the background kind of,has like a,where the 90s miami vice kind of neon,style to it but the cool thing about,this product page is that it allows you,to,move over to other products let's say,you really truly like this design but,you actually want it in a sweatshirt you,can actually click that little icon that,has a sweatshirt and it will bring you,to the sweatshirt product within you,know the same design and everything so,that's what i truly like about this and,it really caught my attention because i,haven't seen it done like this even on,some of the bigger,websites that carry some of the some,some idea right where you you're,basically shopping for a design um but,having it this way just makes shopping a,lot easier for the customer and it's,just great that they're doing that,everything else i mean you know you got,your your typical,share buttons and all that kind of stuff,but,that right there it's just really,awesome and the the way the way they,have it laid out too,where you can just,see the icons and,whether you want it for women unisex or,kid's size again just really really well,done,hey we have a lot in store for you but,before we move on i want to say,bienvenidos my name is christian pinan,one of the co-founders here at bear,branding we're an e-commerce growth,agency that specializes in helping,clothing stores grow and scale,profitably online we drop new videos,every week so make sure that you hit,that subscribe button turn on,notifications so you don't miss out,alright so next up we have united by,blue now this company caught my,attention because of their,their cause right they they're,sustained they're trying to be more,sustainable with all the products that,they they sell on the website so right,off the gate you see a lot of different,messages right um even right here on the,top right you have four million pounds,of trash removed um i believe it's from,the oceans if i'm not mistaken,yeah oceans and waterways which is just,amazing so um so yeah kudos to united by,blue and then all their products they,also um obviously they have this section,and this is what,again this is the one thing from this,partikular product page is,toking a little bit more in depth about,what makes this product great or what,makes this product sustainable right and,that's what they're doing here so they,have you know you have your general uh,you're not generic but you know kind of,yeah they're hitting all the check boxes,when it comes to their product page but,if you scroll down a little bit then you,see they're toking more about their,organic cotton and what makes them great,and the impact on our planet and even,learn more to go away from the product,page so they care more about you,learning about their sustainability,about their practikes about the product,the materials they use than actually,purchasing this partikular product so,kudos to them and something that,if your company or some of the products,that you offer,you stand behind something then the,product page is a great way to tok a,little bit more about those things right,again you think about the the product,page is where that customer makes a,decision so if your customers care about,these things then you need to highlight,them and highlight them big on the,product page,next up we have black taylor now here we,have some cargo,pants no cargo joggers um now and this,one what really caught my attention is,the video within the pictures so if you,see i'm scrolling i see a couple of,pictures but then you actually get to,see a video on how,the joggers actually move with you um we,have the the model there just doing,different poses opening up the pockets,uh closing them putting his hand inside,to show you how big they are um,again i think having video within the,product page is absolutely huge and,something that now in 2022,i hope to see majority of you adding,video to your product pages i haven't,really toked about videos but i think,mavi the very first one that we toked,about had videos and maybe orga

16 Product Page Examples And Why They Work (Online Store Design Tips)

i say this often and because it's true,out of every step of your customer's,transactional journey your product page,is arguably the most important for your,online store,in this video we're going to break down,16 of the most impactful product pages,and explain why they work so well so you,can take these learnings and apply them,to your online store,[Music],hi my name is stefan and for the last,seven plus years i've been designing,ecommerce experiences on shopify,working with industry-leading brands,such as nestle canada and unilever,global as well as local small businesses,making a huge impact a product page is,where your customers learn everything,they need to know about your product,this is the closest your customers will,ever get to actually interacting with,your product before they click add to,cart or buy now before we get into some,really cool product page examples let's,go over some fundamental items that,every product page should have to give,you the best chance of optimizing your,sales,our first fundamental point is being,above the fold now for those who aren't,too familiar with this term it means,displaying the most important elements,on your web page before a user has to,scroll and let's start off with our,first example,old pal provisions,besides the simplicity of their product,page which i'm a big fan of i like how,they focus on making sure that their,imagery content and most importantly,their add to cart call to action is,accessible without having to scroll on,desktop or mobile at the end of the day,we only have so much time to entike our,customers so making sure that we can,display crucial information without them,having to interact too much will help,improve overall the experience and most,likely make them convert better,our second fundamental item is product,description,a strong product description ensures you,share the benefits of your product or,service and why it's worth purchasing,the best product descriptions addresses,the target audience directly you answer,questions as if you were having a,conversation with them,you'll want to use words that your ideal,buyer would use as well,now let's use dude wipes their simple,yet effective copy is quirky and,explains their unique selling,proposition of their product while,keeping their customers engaged with,almost like a comedic tone of voice,send toilet paper back to the stone age,with dude wipes now that's really catchy,and really grabs your attention,now another thing i really like about,their product description is that they,communicate the most important,information above the fold and below,they explain the reasons why their brand,and innovation exists,it's great to communicate your most,important information as we just toked,about and then afterwards take your,customers on a journey and explain why,your business exists and the positive,impact your product or service is having,on users,our third fundamental item is strong,product photography,along with a great product description,the easiest way to communicate the value,of your product or service is with just,really good product photography product,photos are a key part of a consumer's,decision making process,these photos provide the first,impression creating a tipping point as,to whether your user will continue,browsing and eventually make a purchase,of that product or service,now it's important to remember that the,online shoppers don't have the luxury or,the same experience of shopping in,stores,customers can't touch or try the,products that you're trying to sell,let's use the example of paloma wools,product photography here we can see,they're selling a custom leather bag and,what i really like about these photos is,that they first start off with a product,on a solid background and then they add,in an image of a model afterwards,now i like this because they're setting,up your images to provide personable and,relatable experience and on top of that,these photos alone answer a few,questions like how big is the product,how will the product look on me or what,does the product even look like on the,inside,also i really like the horizontal scroll,which is a really unique experience and,it provides a really cool way of,offering solid real estate to emphasize,your product photos now if you're new to,product photography and want a,cost-effective way of taking photos,yourselves i've linked an artikle below,on how to take high quality product,photos with your smartphone,our fourth fundamental item is page,speed,there's a good chance you've heard this,already the time it takes to load your,product page is the difference between,making a sale and losing a customer your,product page needs to be quick and,responsive and pages that just take over,three seconds to load,will,kill your customers confidence at the,end of the day and just make them,impatient and will most likely attribute,to a low conversion rate,now with the example of bh photo video,and audio they have an extremely quick,loading speed and they clock in at about,1.7 seconds to load their page,now this example might not be the,prettiest but their success comes from,their industry-leading page speed,for bh they had a specialization team,provide an in-depth performance revamp,but if you're looking to improve your,page speed check out this really cool,shopify plus artikle,improve your ecommerce site's,performance and speed to two times your,conversions,fundamental item number five,building trust now this fundamental,aspect for your product page might seem,a little vague stefan i've already built,trust by adding effective copy and,taking really solid product photos and,while those comments are true in,building trust there are still reasons,customers hesitate when making a,purchase typically i found customer,hesitation comes from a lack of,transparency around returns and shipping,policies,now let's take frank and oak's product,page to see how they combat these,hesitations,as we can see by exploring their product,page below the add to cart button they,display three trust badges free shipping,free returns and eco packaging these,three simple yet effective badges,already give customers immediate,confidence since it tackles a return and,shipping questions that causes,hesitation,also the eco packaging is a really nice,trust badge since single-use plastiks,are a growing concern for more and more,people every day and showing that,daycare makes their customers feel good,about their purchasing decisions,let's look at other tactiks that,merchants are using to efficiently,convert visitors into customers along,with examples one,video over photos,now if i were to ask you would you,prefer to flip through a catalog of,photos or view a video instead,there's a good chance the video would,win our customers attention span is,slowly decreasing and that's why,leveraging video is a great way to grab,customers attention quickly and,effectively,now if we reference lisa sega we can see,that when we start scrolling through the,product photos we can see they,incorporate video what makes this,powerful is instead of adding multiple,photos to show off different angles of,their product the video easily provides,the information a customer needs to make,a confident purchase,our second point is augmented reality,now we spoke about how video can be a,more effective approach as an,alternative to product photos,but what if there was an even better,alternative to video,that's where augmented reality or ar,comes in for those who aren't too,familiar with ar or augmented reality,it's a way of displaying a 3d render of,your product and displaying that product,anywhere your camera can see,now according to shopify data the,conversion rate of a product that,leverages ar or augmented reality is 94,higher than a product that isn't,leveraging augmented reality,let's take leons.ca's product for an,example,although they have a really cool product,page which is kind of elegant and fun,all of the real fun is done when you,click the geometri

9 Tips To Optimize Your Product Pages For More Sales (eCommerce Optimization)

your product page may be the difference,between a customer adding to,cart or leaving your store follow along,with me in this video,i'm gonna give you nine tips to make,product pages,that actually convert,hello everybody welcome back and if,you're new,welcome to learn with shopify my name is,michelle bally,i'm gonna be your host for today's video,now if you've stumbled upon this video,you are probably either an entrepreneur,or you're thinking about starting your,own business,if so then you've definitely come to the,right corner of the internet here at,learn with shopify,we release videos every week that are,going to give you the knowledge you need,to start and grow your online business,so make sure that you are subscribed to,this channel if you want to see more,content,like this that being said let's hop,right into it today,so what makes a great product page in,theory product pages are simple you want,to give your customer,the right amount of information to help,them buy the product they want,and give them the confidence that buying,your product is the right choice,so how are you supposed to start i'm,going to show you how to make some,killer product pages that sell,there are four main pillars of a great,product page,your product your brand your copywriting,your page's design and its overall user,experience,your product is obviously center stage,but what exactly you're selling is going,to inform,how you decide to present it the way you,present the product,should be answering any questions your,customers are having before they commit,to buying from you,your branding is especially important on,your product pages,with the way that products are,discovered these days someone might,actually,never see your homepage before buying,from you so branding on your product,pages,does matter your copywriting is,important because it should be combining,the information,that your customers need along with your,brand's unique tone,of voice your page design and your user,experience,is going to involve nuances like how,things are arranged on the page,as well as your load times and all of,these things,can have a big impact on your,conversions so with all of that in mind,here are some specific tips our team of,shopify experts,recommend for you to level up your,product page,do you have a clear call to action,you've got,one goal on a product page and that is,to get your customer to hit,buy that's why maria bonello recommends,that you start,there if you're troubleshooting your,product page or if you're building from,scratch,so she says let's start with the basics,the add to cart button is the most,important component on the page,and should stand out from the,surrounding content here's an example,that she designed for ristology,this works because the cta button takes,center stage position,when you're on desktop and then when,you're on mobile,it sits above the fold this means that,it is,immediately visible when you land on the,page and you don't have to scroll down,to see that button,when deciding on what the actual words,should say,there's no need to be clever here,something like add to cart,and buy are great options there will be,plenty of opportunities to add,fun copywriting but for your ctas you,want to make sure that you're not,confusing someone,who just wants to buy something from you,do you have great product photography,there are so many perks to ecommerce you,can sell all over the world,and you don't have retail space overhead,but ecommerce,does come with its own set of challenges,and one of those big,challenges is that your customers can't,see touch,taste or try your products out before,buying and that is why product,photography plays such,a major role when it comes to your,product pages and why almost,every expert that we spoke to brought it,up as a key factor,in building a great product page mark,preni says,my experience as a web designer has,taught me that when it comes to,e-commerce,people do judge a book by its cover so,invest in solid product photography,and the impact of great product photos,goes beyond just your product pages,these are the images that are going to,show up on google and you can use these,for social as well,so product photography would not be the,place to skimp out on,there are a lot of ways that you can,create great product photos and some,clear guidelines that are going to apply,to everyone,so here are four tips for you make sure,that you're showing multiple angles,here joe mommy jewelry shows her rings,close up,far away on a model and also at,different angles,allow users to zoom into the photos,themselves like this,this is especially important if your,customers would benefit from seeing,texture like clothing jewelry or art,call out unique features with your,photos so revive does an amazing job of,showing,all their unique ingredients in their,smoothies with creative product photos,if you're doing this yourself just use,bright natural light or you can use,studio light if you have that as well,but if you're feeling stuck on this we,actually have a video called how to take,product photography at home,with just your smartphone so i'll make,sure to link that for you guys right,here if you want to check that out,do you link your images to your variants,naming your product variants can be a,really nice way to add some personality,to your products,but if you take it too far your,customers might not know what,we see food and eat it actually looks,like is it pink,is it red magenta who knows and that is,why,linking your images to your product,variants is so,important and it can help increase your,conversions,not linking images to your variants is,one of the most,common mistakes i see people making says,alan shafer,personality is great just as long as it,comes with some sort of clarity as well,so if you do have fun marketing names,just add the actual descriptive name in,brackets,just like this so super quick break here,guys if you are looking to get started,building an online business but you're,not sure what to sell,and maybe you need help finding a,product make sure that you're checking,out our free,40-minute webinar it's going to help you,find winning product ideas,teach you how to validate them and how,to get started so,make sure that you're clicking the link,in the description box i'll leave that,there for you,so that you can get started with this,free training now do you have the right,amount of detail for your product,and price alan says if you have a simple,product,with a high price point you need to make,sure that your copy,will help you back up that price make,sure you describe the materials,the origins and the passion behind the,product you should do,all you can to communicate the quality,and value behind your product,don't assume that your customer already,gets your product or why you're doing,what you're doing,so looking at girlfriend collective here,they have full metrics on how this,partikular sweater is sustainable,they have information about the product,details like pockets and warmth level,and they've included a sizing guide they,also have their shipping and returns,conveniently on the product page which,will help increase conversions,even if you're not a premium brand and,maybe you never want to be,it is still worth evaluating if you do,have enough,information on your product pages to,answer all your consumers,questions however it does become,critikal when you're aiming for a,premium price to have,more information on your product pages,rosaria joseph from venture web says,some of your users will be experts in,the type of products you sell,others will be coming with less,background knowledge make sure that the,information you share is useful,and understandable for as many people as,possible without patronizing or toking,down to your users,so with that in mind let's say you own a,bike company and you want to strike a,balance between,tik geek specs like stats and materials,and content for a general consumer if,you do have a lot of info,wel