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Product-Ready Dropshipping Website Themes

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

How to Create a Branded One Product Shopify Store in 2022 and 2023

Are you looking to create a one product Shopify store that looks professional and converts well? Look no further! In this tutorial, we will guide you step-by-step through the process, using a product example and our proven formula.

Step 1: Choose a Product with Good Photography and Information

To begin, you need to have a product in mind with good photography and information. Use websites like Pexels or Peekster to find products and their relevant information.

Step 2: Sign up for Shopify and Install Necessary Apps

Next, sign up for Shopify using our exclusive 14-day free trial link. Then, install the necessary apps, such as Auto DS, to import products and automatically fulfill orders.

Step 3: Customize Your Store's Design

Using the Shopify dashboard, customize your store's design by removing unnecessary sections, choosing a color scheme, and editing the announcement bar and slideshow.

Step 4: Add Product Information and Imagery

Import your chosen product into your Shopify store, add product information, and upload good quality imagery, including a video of the product in action.

Step 5: Add Copy and Paste Templates for Legal Pages

To ensure your store is legally compliant, use copy and paste templates for pages like privacy policy, terms and conditions, and shipping and delivery.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can create a branded one product Shopify store that looks professional and converts well in 2022 and 2023. Remember to choose a product with good photography and information, install necessary apps, customize your store's design, add product information and imagery, and use legal templates for pages. Happy selling!

I turned a FREE Shopify Theme into a One Product Store for Dropshippers!

In today's video, we will be showing you how to set up a simple one product dropship store using Shopify's newest free theme, Refresh. We'll guide you through step-by-step and provide tips on adjusting colors, sections, and more. If you're interested in winning products, dropshipping, Shopify themes, apps, and tutorials, hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications.

Setting up the Theme:

- Install Refresh by going to Online Store > Themes > Explore Free Themes > Select Refresh > Add to Theme Library

- Customize the colors by going to Theme Settings > Colors and choosing a gradient that matches your product

- Adjust checkout colors by going to Checkout in the dropdown and selecting your logo, changing background, form fields, accent, and button colors

- Set up the homepage sections starting with the announcement bar, header, slideshow, featured product, review testimonial, image with text, multi-column (for features), email sign up, and footer


- Keep sections simple and straightforward to avoid overwhelming customers

- Choose colors and images that match your product for a cohesive look

- Use video and images to showcase your product and features

- Delete unnecessary sections to streamline your store

By following these steps, you can create a simple and easy-to-use dropship store using Shopify's free theme, Refresh. Remember to keep things simple and straightforward to provide a positive user experience for your customers. If you have any questions or requests for future themes, leave a comment below. Don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications for more content like this.

How To Design A Shopify Store In 10 Minutes (Step-By-Step)

Having a bad website can ruin your chances of success on Shopify, even if you have great products and ads. Building a high-quality store is essential for seeing results. In this article, I will be sharing the exact store template that I'm using to generate over a hundred thousand dollars a month, and I will be showing you step-by-step how to build one for yourself.

Creating a Clean and Branded Website:

- Come up with a clean name and logo using tools like Lean Domain Search and Canva.

- Build a nice home page using a theme like Impulse or Debutify.

- Include a creative header, display your best-selling collections, and show a mission statement.

- Showcase high-quality images, and make it easy for customers to browse and shop.

Creating a High-Converting Product Page:

- Write a short, punchy headline that sells the product.

- Use gifs or images to make the page look cleaner.

- Write a brief explanation of the product.

- List the benefits of the product, not just the features.

- Include reviews, discounts, and upsells to increase conversions.

Building a high-quality store on Shopify is essential for success. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a clean and branded website and a high-converting product page that will help you increase sales and grow your business.

The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

In today's video, the speaker discusses the new Shopify themes that are designed to be fast and high-converting. Shopify has released five new free themes and 65 updated paid themes that work with online store 2.0 features. The speaker previews some of the themes and provides details on each one, including their industry-leading performance and deep customization options.

Themes are like the skeleton of an online store, defining what the store will look like and its functionality. Shopify offers free and premium themes, and they are great for those who are not tech-savvy and want to save money. Shopify themes come with features built-in, and one can edit their store without touching any code.

Shopify themes are amazing and highly accessible by design, which is great for people with different abilities. The new online store 2.0 themes have excellent speed and performance, making them ideal for mobile and desktop users. Shopify requires theme store partners to ensure that users can navigate through an entire theme with only a keyboard and a screen reader, making them highly inclusive.

The speaker recommends choosing the right Shopify theme based on the type of business, and different themes are better suited for different types of businesses. For instance, apparel businesses can choose from free themes like Dawn or paid themes like Symmetry. Food and beverage businesses can choose from themes like Crave, Fresh, Foodie, or Taste. Health and beauty businesses can choose from themes like Sense, Venue, or Blockshop.

In conclusion, choosing the right Shopify theme is essential, and different themes offer

Turning Shopify Sense Theme into a One Product Theme for Dropshippers

In this video, the creator demonstrates how to turn Shopify's newest free theme, Sense, into a dark one-product themed design inspired by a popular dropshipping product. The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions and visual aids to make the process easy to follow.

The video aims to help Shopify store owners create a sleek and effective one-product page design using the Sense theme.


1. Install Sense: From the Shopify dashboard, select Online Store and then Free Themes to explore and install Sense.

2. Customize colors: Navigate to Theme Settings and then Colors to select and customize the color scheme.

3. Checkout customization: Adjust the checkout settings, including the button color and form fields.

4. Typography: Choose the font and style for the text on the page.

5. Homepage sections: Edit the sections on the homepage, including adding an image of the product and featuring customer reviews.

6. Collapsible content: Add frequently asked questions or other important information in a collapsible content section.

7. Contact form: Add a contact form to allow customers to ask questions or provide feedback.

8. Footer: Include social media icons and adjust the logo to complete the design.

By following the tutorial, Shopify store owners can create a professional and effective one-product page design using the Sense theme.

The Perfect Shopify Dropshipping Website (Copy This Store)

In this article, we will be summarizing various topics and phrases in English, covering a wide range of subjects. We will be using contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms to make the article more engaging and interesting.

Topics covered in this article:

- Em h t m y qua en (installation process)

- Dt completethe task with xin ba unnie (task completion)

- Zombie day (Halloween preparations)

- Mitsumi mini show (entertainment)

- Fast five (movies)

- Grasping to any Fantasy uvc (daydreaming)

- Weather forecast (global weather)

- Be A Princess (self-confidence)

- National once entered (national pride)

- The one thing you hate about the one person (pet peeves)

- Beautiful (appreciation of beauty)

- Screen print (technology)

- My soul (self-reflection)

- Girls in all its business (girl power)

- Whitening Pearl Milk (beauty products)

- Arsenal About You (sports)

- All Kate spade (fashion)

- Fast as I meet some flash content (technology)

- Zyno work with the potential (career growth)

- Advanced (progress)

- Most schools often called (education)

- Have Heart (empathy)

- My heart is in a meeting (work)

- She tells You (communication)

- G Dragon somuch (music)

- The requested resource (internet)

- Vina xin c u b o (language learning)

- Messi (sports)

- Tinh d ch s c (health)

- Weekly (routine)

- Queens new year (holidays)

- The Blue lagoon torrent (nature)

- Ukashotel (travel)

- Three levels (education)

- Sword of premium ulysses (literature)

- Ph tr n tivi music (entertainment)

- Nit file permission (technology)

- Single Bride (weddings)

- Combining the one to validate (validation)

- Newcastle (travel)

- Nagatsus whitsundays (travel)

- Sweet Nothing In (music)

- Super weather and live show (entertainment)

- Ng c fortified (health)

- Ishimaru (technology)

- The Last Minute (time management)

- Golden Palace (travel)

- Suleiman (history)

- Anhxin l i hay b tr i (personal growth)

- Four unique images (art)

- Ok Christmas (holidays)

- American Dream (goals)

- Akum wa (language learning)

- Infinity Switch (technology)

- The Forest and Death Shooter (games)

- Zhou s store (shopping)

- Learner s Write (education)

- Free shipping (shopping)

- Very Smart Touch (technology)

- Mentor of practice (career growth)

- L nh (language)

- Anh xu ng zin (personal growth)

- M mu n (color)

- Ferricyanid (chemistry)

- Golden West Life (insurance)

- Converse Made In (fashion)

- Chance (opportunity)

- Micro Star Wars (technology)

- Internet video (entertainment)

This article covered a diverse range of topics, from technology to entertainment, sports to fashion, and more. By using colloquial language and engaging writing styles, we hope to have made the article more interesting and enjoyable to read.

How To Build A FREE BRANDED One Product Dropshipping Store with Shopify 2021

Hey guys, welcome to my YouTube channel! My name is Camille Steiner, also known as The Econ King, and in today's video, I'm going to be showing you step by step how we create and design our Shopify stores for our six-figure and seven-figure brands. This video is completely free, and I'll be giving you the theme upload for the product page and the home page. We use an app called Page Fly, where you upload these templates, and you can start editing them right away. I'll be showing you for around 30 minutes to an hour exactly how we edit these things to make them look so good and so professional.

This article will outline the exact strategy that we use to create and design our Shopify stores. Our six-figure and seven-figure stores have the exact theme as the one I'm showing you right now. We'll be using Page Fly to edit these templates, and I'll be showing you how to do it step by step.


1. Create a Shopify account using my link, The Econ King, to get exclusive benefits and deals.

2. Download the Page Fly app from the Shopify app store. It's completely free.

3. Find a product to sell and import it into your Shopify store.

4. Upload the theme template for the home page and product page from the download link provided.

5. Edit the home page by uploading an image of your product and adding a catchy product name.

6. Change the color scheme of your website using three colors: white, black, and a third color for your logo.

7. Create bullet points to showcase the key points of your product and bold the important details.

8. Edit the font size and style to make it stand out and easy to scan.

9. Change the color of the font to match your website's color scheme.

10. Preview your website and make any necessary changes.

Creating and designing a Shopify store can seem overwhelming, but using Page Fly and following these steps will make the process a lot easier. Remember to choose a product that you're passionate about, and use these tips to make it stand out on your website. Good luck with your Shopify journey!

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