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progressive ads cast

Published on: January 18 2023 by pipiads

Here's What You Don't Know About Flo From Progressive

Over the past decade, Flo from Progressive has become a television mainstay, but chances are you've never even heard of the woman who plays the character. Let's change that with a look at some things you didn't know about the woman behind Flo.

1. Mommy dearest:

- Stephanie Courtney landed the role of Flo with the help of her mother.

- Her mom Jane Courtney was the inspiration behind Flo's friendly neighborhood waitress personality.

2. Improv:

- As a member of the famous Groundlings improv comedy group, Courtney had no trouble ad-libbing her way into the role of Flo.

- Courtney's ad-libbed line wow, I say it louder during her audition gave the character of Flo a whole new dimension.

3. She helps write the commercials:

- Courtney worked with the writers to shape the arc of her character, adding layers to Flo's personality.

- Over the years, the writers have been open to Courtney's suggestions, encouraging improvisation to help bring the character to life.

4. She seems nice:

- Despite her perky personality on screen, Courtney is actually pretty nice in real life.

- She lived in France as a child and even spent a semester abroad with a host family in Avignon during her college years.

5. She's a playwright:

- Before landing the role of Flo, Courtney penned a play called Those Courtney Girls.

- The play ran at the 2000 Aspen Comedy Festival and helped her make more contacts in the comedy business.

Stephanie Courtney may not be a household name, but as the woman behind Flo from Progressive, she has left an indelible mark on television commercials. From her improv skills to her collaboration with the writers, Courtney has helped shape the character of Flo into the iconic figure she is today.

Actor Bill Glass on Becoming Progressive Insurance's 'Parenta-Life Coach Dr. Rick'

Insurance Commercials and the Rise of Dr. Rick: An Interview with Bill Glass

- Insurance commercials have become their own genre of TV comedy.

- Progressive's Dr. Rick is a standout character in this field.

- Bill Glass, the actor who brings Dr. Rick to life, joins us for an interview.

Parental Life Coach Dr. Rick:

- Dr. Rick is a world-renowned parental life coach, adventurer, and athlete.

- He brings a certain athleticism to the parentamorphosis field.

- Glass embodies the character of Dr. Rick through improv and collaboration with the ad agency.

Becoming Our Parents:

- Glass admits to catching himself turning off light switches like his father.

- Erica, a co-host, shares a similar experience with her own father.

- Glass suggests putting the phone to the ear in public and having you conversations instead of we conversations.

The Success of Dr. Rick:

- Glass is amazed by the success of the campaign, with 10 million views on YouTube.

- Celebrities like Leslie Jones and Eric Stonestreet have tweeted about it.

- Glass is available for a potential Dr. Rick movie.

- Dr. Rick has become a cultural phenomenon, tapping into the universal experience of becoming our parents.

- Glass's embodiment of the character through improv and collaboration has made him a standout in the insurance commercial genre.

Modern Educayshun

In this article, we will be discussing a variety of topics, including numerical patterns, the career of Andrew Tate, and the mysterious identity of Abdulrahman Haddad.

Numerical Patterns:

- The first few numbers in the sequence are 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 6, 10.

- This sequence follows the pattern of adding the two previous numbers to get the next number.

- The sequence continues with 6, 10, 15, 15, 25, 40, 65, 105, and so on.

Andrew Tate's Career:

- Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing champion turned millionaire entrepreneur.

- He has faced controversy for his views on women and his involvement in the adult entertainment industry.

- Despite this, he has managed to build a successful career through various ventures such as real estate and cryptocurrency.

Abdulrahman Haddad:

- Abdulrahman Haddad is a mysterious figure who has been linked to various scandals and controversies.

- Some speculate that he may be a pseudonym used by someone else, while others believe he is a real person.

- There is limited information available on Haddad, adding to the intrigue surrounding his identity.

In conclusion, we have covered a range of topics in this article, from numerical patterns to the careers of Andrew Tate and Abdulrahman Haddad. While some may find these topics unrelated, they all serve to highlight the diverse and complex nature of the world we live in.

Why Lily From AT&T Won't Show Her Body In Commercials Anymore

Melana Vine Troop, known for her role as Lily in AT&T commercials, has recently revealed a change in her appearance during commercials. Instead of showing her whole body, her body is now hidden behind a counter. This change has sparked curiosity among viewers, who are wondering why this change was made. Vine Troop took to Twitter to explain the reason behind the change, citing the thousands of unwelcome comments she has received about her body.


- Vine Troop has been playing the role of Lily since 2013, and has become a familiar face for millions of families across the United States and the globe.

- However, her fame has come at a hefty emotional price. Vine Troop has faced a barrage of harassment and sexist commentary about her body.

- In 2020, Vine Troop took to Instagram to live stream about her experiences, sharing that the comments she endures make her feel as if she's being sexually assaulted.

- On March 20th, 2021, Vine Troop took to Twitter to address the questions about her changed appearance during commercials. She explained that the change was due to the thousands of unwelcome comments she has received about her body, and that viewers have lost the privilege of looking at it until she feels safe again.

- Unfortunately, her explanation only spurred more harassment, with other people on Twitter commenting on her body.

- AT&T has demonstrated their dedication to keeping Vine Troop's experience as free from harassment as possible, even going so far as to delete hurtful and damaging comments from her videos. The company also issued their own statement in Vine Troop's defense.

- Other entertainers and celebrities have come out in support of Vine Troop, including director Paul Feig.

The harassment and sexist commentary that Vine Troop has faced is a disturbing reminder of the dangers of being a woman on the internet. It is important for companies to take a stand against harassment and for individuals to speak out against it. Hopefully, Vine Troop's decision to stay seated behind a desk during commercials will help protect her from further harassment and inspire change in the way women are treated online.

Marvel Superheroes TV Commercials

The article discusses various topics ranging from music to food, technology, and cars. It showcases different idioms, transitional phrases, and colloquialisms to keep the readers engaged.


- Spider Mitchell is looking for a scary mascot to represent their fan base.

- Black Widow had it all figured out in the big city with her great friends and fashion internship.

- David Beckham's voice is compared to mouth-sex with helium cans.


- The article briefly summarizes the Avengers' storyline, including Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America.

- The battle against gluten and the need to share pictures of food with friends is discussed.

- The article talks about the changes in cell phones and cars, including the E-tron fleet vehicles.

The article ends with the slogan of the new Hyundai Tucson and a reminder to question everything. It shows how diverse topics can be covered using idioms, transitional phrases, and colloquialisms.

Why The AT&T Commercial Girl Is Hiding Her Body In the Latest NCAA Ad

AT&T's beloved commercial character, Lily Adams, played by actress Milana Vayntrub, recently made a comeback in a March Madness-themed commercial. The ad showcases Lily hyping up AT&T's 5G network to a fan while showcasing her quirky personality and quick wit. However, fans noticed that Lily was stationed behind a desk with her body mostly concealed, prompting Vayntrub to address the intentional choice on Twitter. She explained that she receives numerous unwelcome comments about her body, and until she feels safe again, viewers have lost the privilege of looking at it. This is not the first time Vayntrub has spoken out about the sexual harassment she receives online. AT&T has expressed their support for the actress and has disabled or deleted inappropriate comments on their social sites. The company continues to fight to support Vayntrub and their values, which appreciate and respect all women.

Jordan Peterson Destroys Woke Professor's Theory of Existence

As incoming freshman at prestigious universities, such as the University of Toronto or Stanford University, it is important to have a positive and optimistic outlook on your academic journey. However, with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing concerns about the environment, it is easy to become demoralized and lose hope. It is important to not let these challenges hinder your ambition and ethical values.

What to say to incoming freshmen:

- Don't let the challenges of the past few years define your university experience

- Embrace your ambition and don't let anyone discourage you from pursuing your goals

- Don't be afraid to make a positive impact on the environment, but don't let it consume you

- Have children if you want to, don't let others shame you for it

- It's okay to have wealth, but don't flaunt it as a moral virtue

- Don't let anyone tell you that the human enterprise is corrupt and hopeless

- Stay optimistic and keep a positive outlook on your future

It is important to remember that although there are challenges and concerns in the world today, it is possible to stay positive and ambitious. As incoming freshmen, it is important to not let anyone discourage you from pursuing your goals and values. Stay true to yourself and don't let others define your journey.

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