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promote youtube video google ads

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

How to Promote YouTube Videos in Google Ads and Boost Channel Growth

- If you have no subscribers and no views on your channel, the best way to get some organic traffic is through Google ads.

- In this article, we will discuss how to promote your YouTube videos in Google ads and boost your channel growth on a budget.

Setting up the Advertisement Campaign:

- Click on the big plus and create a new campaign.

- Choose a campaign without ghost guidance and select video as the content type.

- Select custom and continue.

- Choose the video you want to promote and select the type of ad campaign.

- In-stream ads require payment only for viewers who watch more than 30 seconds and are the most affordable option for new YouTubers.

- In-feed campaigns are not a good investment since they provide a lower viewer to subscriber conversion rate and are costly.

- Select end-stream to increase watch time, boost video search rankings, and save money by paying only for relevant traffic.

- Paste the link to the video you're promoting and add a call to action, such as Watch Now.

- Put a link to your channel in the final URL box and add sub_confirmation=1 to the end of your channel URL to prompt viewers to subscribe.

- Make the advertised video a trailer video of your channel to instantly start watching your video and get the subscription pop-up.

Using Video Suite to Create Creative and Relevant Videos:

- Video Suite is an affordable and intuitive software platform that combines video editing, screen recording, and file conversion tools.

- The latest AI features help you focus on the creation process without wasting your time on adjusting settings manually.

- Use the unlimited access to the effects store to create a cinematik color scheme and unique style for your video.

- Add unique overlay packs to make your own intros, b-rolls, or transitions.

Tweaking the Campaign:

- Set the title for the campaign and select the budget.

- Open networks and turn off video partners on display network.

- Set up the targeted location and language.

- Don't make any changes to content exclusion and go to related videos.

- Add links to videos that will appear next to the ad.

- Set up a separate ad group for audience segments to customize audience segments, keywords, and placements.

- Promoting your YouTube videos in Google ads is a great way to boost your channel growth on a budget.

- Use in-stream ads for new YouTubers and end-stream ads for relevant traffic.

- Use Video Suite to create creative and relevant videos.

- Customize audience segments, keywords, and placements to maximize the output of your ad campaign.

I Spent $2/day on YouTube Ads to Promote My Channel (Google Ads To Promote YouTube Channel 2022)

How to Promote Your YouTube Videos Using Google Ads

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel? Do you want to learn how to promote your organic YouTube videos using ads without spending a lot of money? In this article, we will show you how to promote your YouTube videos using Google Ads with as little as two dollars a day.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Set Up Your YouTube Profile Correctly

- Make sure you have a YouTube banner, profile picture, and at least five videos on your channel.

Step 2: Do Your Research

- Find 10 channels that you want to model and replicate their algorithm.

- Place your video ads on these channels.

Step 3: Upload Your YouTube Video

- Consider re-uploading your video as an unlisted video to avoid killing your organic reach.

- Trim off the last second or the beginning second when re-uploading.

Step 4: Set Up Google Ads Campaign

- Select the video campaign type and choose the placements where you want your ads to show up.

- Select the targeting options such as location, age, and interests of your audience.

- Choose a budget of as little as two dollars a day and set your bid strategy.

Step 5: Monitor and Optimize Your Campaign

- Monitor your campaign performance and adjust your bids or targeting options as needed.

- Test different ad formats and messaging to see what works best for your audience.

Promoting your YouTube videos using Google Ads can be a cost-effective way to grow your channel. By replicating the YouTube algorithm and strategically placing your ads on other channels, you can give your videos a boost and reach a wider audience. Remember to do your research, upload your video correctly, set up your Google Ads campaign, and monitor and optimize your campaign for the best results. Good luck and happy promoting!

I used Google Ads to promote my Youtube channel. Here is what happened!

Promoting YouTube Videos Using Google Ads: My Experience

- Struggle of small YouTubers to get more views and traffic to their videos

- Importance of organic traffic and the idea of paid promotion services

- Decision to use Google Ads for promoting YouTube videos

What I Did:

- Picked an evergreen video that people would be interested in and searching for repeatedly

- Onboarding process for Google Ads was straightforward

- Specified video campaign and goal of getting more views

- Set a daily budget of $3 for the specific video

- Targeted specific audience and locations where I wanted to advertise the video

- Submitted for approval and set it and forget it


- Started with under 300 views on the video

- View count doubled in 24 hours, reached 1000 views on day three, and 12000 views on day four

- Importance of engagement and view duration as key metrics for YouTube algorithm

- Audience retention rate dropped from 54 to 44 on day two, indicating the need for improvement in content quality

- Google Ads can be an effective way to drive traffic to YouTube videos

- However, it is important to focus on improving content quality to retain viewers and gain organic traffic

- Paid promotion services can be a useful tool, but they should not be relied upon solely for success on YouTube.

How to Promote YouTube Videos in Google Ads and Boost Channel Growth - Google Adwords Tutorial 2022

If you're considering promoting your videos on YouTube with ads, you've come to the right place. With the high competition on YouTube, it's challenging to break through and gain views and subscribers. However, with the right approach, you can use YouTube ads to increase your channel's visibility without breaking the bank. Here's what you need to do:

- YouTube ads are a great way to promote your channel

- Breaking through the competition on YouTube can be challenging

- With the right approach, you can gain views and subscribers without spending too much money

Steps to Promoting Your Channel with YouTube Ads:

1. Set up your channel:

- Create a good-looking banner with engaging content and a call to action

- Add a profile picture or logo and upload at least three videos

- Make sure your videos have similar topics, are engaging, and have high-quality thumbnails

- Use keywords in your titles and descriptions to attract the right audience

2. Create a custom video campaign:

- Choose the skippable in-stream ad format

- Set a budget and select all countries and languages

- Paste your video's link and choose the right keywords and topics

3. Monitor and adjust your ad campaign:

- Track your views and audience retention to see what's working

- Adjust your keywords and targeting to improve your ad's performance

- Promoting your channel with YouTube ads can help you gain views and subscribers

- Set up your channel correctly and use the right targeting to make the most of your ad campaign

- Monitor your ad's performance and adjust as needed to achieve your goals.

Promote Your YouTube Videos with Google Ads | Step-by-Step Tutorial To Get Video Views

Are you struggling to get views and grow your YouTube channel? In this article, we'll go through the exact steps you need to take to promote your videos using Google Ads. Let's get started!

First, make sure you have at least three videos uploaded to your channel and create engaging custom thumbnails, titles, and descriptions.

Next, head to Google Ads and select Create a campaign without guidance and then choose Video as the campaign type.

Name your campaign, choose your budget (either Campaign Total or Daily), and select your location targeting. We recommend selecting All Countries and Territories for maximum reach.

Choose your inventory type and select which videos you want to promote as related videos for your campaign. Then, name your ad group and select your bidding strategy.

Choose the video you want to promote and select Video Discovery Ad as the type of ad. Write a headline and two short descriptions, keeping them as close as possible to the title and description of your video.

Name your ad and create your campaign. Fine-tune your targeting if necessary and start promoting your video!

With these steps, you'll be able to promote your YouTube videos and grow your subscribers.

Youtube Promotion with Google Ads in 2022 — THE REAL TRUTH

Is it Possible to Boost Your YouTube Channel with Paid Promotion?

In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of paid promotions, like Google Ads, in boosting your YouTube channel. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these methods and provide real-life examples to help you make an informed decision.

Real-Life Examples:

We started the Auto Winer channel from scratch in March, and we didn't use any paid promotions. Yet, over time, we received recommendations, and our views increased organically.

Similarly, an empty channel that received 50-70 views on average gained 1.5 million views in two months without any ads. These examples prove that channels can grow organically without paid promotions.

However, we have also worked with YouTube channels that wanted to sell products and required an ad campaign. Though we spent a lot of money on these campaigns, the video's organic views did not increase significantly.

Paid Promotion: Pros and Cons


Paid promotion can be effective for those who are selling something and want to make a profit. It can help you reach potential customers and increase your revenue.


Paid promotion may not be effective for those who want to increase their organic views. It may not lead to long-term success and may not help your video reach the top of the organic algorithms.

Moreover, YouTube is designed to please its viewers, and paid promotions may not be in their best interest. YouTube shows ads on videos that people watch for a long time, and paid promotions may not lead to that.

In conclusion, paid promotion may not be the best way to boost your YouTube channel's organic views. Instead, focus on making high-quality videos with attractive thumbnails and worked-out scripts. Use tools like Mobile Unlimited to make your videos stand out and get noticed by the organic algorithms.

Don't fall for scams and quick money-making schemes. Invest your time and resources in creating engaging and click-worthy content, and success will follow.

How To Promote YouTube Videos With Google Adword Campaign | ₹20 में 1000 Views कैसे ?

How to Promote Your YouTube Video through Google AdWords

In this video, the speaker shares how to promote YouTube videos through Google AdWords, and get maximum views at a minimum cost.

Two Ways to Promote:

• Click on the Promote button: not recommended because Google manages it and you pay more but get fewer views.

• Use adsgoogle.com: everything remains in your control, and you can manually set everything according to you.

Steps to Promote:

1. Sign up on adsgoogle.com

2. Get a cashback of Rs 2000 by spending Rs 2000 on AdWords to promote your video.

3. Click on New campaign, select Custom video campaign and click Continue.

4. Set a campaign name, bidding strategy, and campaign budget.

5. Select Networks, language, location, inventory type, and additional settings.

6. Create an Ad group, select the audience based on demographics and interests, and set the bidding.

7. Choose the video to promote and select the video discovery ad format.

8. Set the headline, description, and create the campaign.

By following these steps, you can promote your YouTube video through Google AdWords and get maximum views at a minimum cost.

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