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publix ads grocery

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Sunday opening Publix Supermarkets Mr. George Jenkins 1983 Vintage

good morning all afternoon. as the case may be, I wish it were possible for me to visit with each of you about the subject I'm going to tok on, but since that's part impossible, I will have to give it to you on video. I'm sure you have all heard a lot of conversation and rumors about publics opening on Sunday. we decided to open the 21 food worlds on Sunday as a trial basis and we have done so much business and the time we've been open on Sunday that we find that it's impossible for us to keep public stores closed on Sunday. we have known for several years at the time would come, with all of our competition being open, that we would have to also be open on Sunday. the good thing about this is you will not be required to work if you don't want to, because we have more people that would want to wake than necessary or that we will need. so those of you that want to go to church every Sunday will still have that privilege. now we had some letters from people expressing that disappointment in our having to stay open on Sunday. we hope that the people that in favor of us being closed will appreciate the fact that we held out as long as we possibly could. the fact is there are many people that prefer to shop on Sunday for various reasons. we have also found that immediately have to chase let's out. a lot of people come into the food world on Sunday after having been to church, so this really doesn't interfere with people that wish to attend church on Sunday. so we hope they appreciate the fact. we the last company in the country that has been staying closed on Sunday. I don't like to be open on Sundays, but we have no choice. we're competing with seven of America's largest food chains in Florida. they all open on Sunday. one or two of the stores are no of. Sunday is their best day and it's a second best day for many of our major competitors. so the volume generated from the food was indicates that we would be smart to open the public stores on Sunday. the hours would be from 9:00 in the morning till 7:00 in the evening. we have lost shelf market recently and this way we'll be able to get it back. we are sure that your bonuses and the overall operation of the company will be much better off. we actually don't believe that there's any supermarket in the United States that could continue to remain closed on Sunday, when they have seven major competitors that are open. so we hope you'll be able to explain to your friends and to our customers why we came to this conclusion. thank you.

Quick Publix Ad Preview 2/19 to 2/25

hello everyone. welcome to my channel. I am cherie Catrice. today we have a Publix ad preview that starts on February 19- 2020, and I am pretty excited about this ad. I think there are a few things that have some great coupons that can attach to them, so let's jump right into it. Sargento has. Sargento is on sale and it looks like it has some coupons that are available. it has some coupons as well as some smart source coupons. guerrilla pasta: I think there's a RetailMeNot coupon for that and also possibly a public scoop on. let's see. ragu did have a printable coupon. they might still have that available. [Music]: have some deals on some more, on some more meat: chicken sausage, lunch meats, boneless pork loins. [Music] you [Music]. [Music]. there is an additional ad for the taste of Italy. this kind of shows are more detailed. a lot of the Italian foods that are buy-one-get-one are on sale. [Music]. okay, on this one. we have Ocean Spray juice- buy one, get one- and Capri Suns are three, four, seven times barbecue and yellow mustard. or buy one, get one. Kellogg's is buy one, get one. I think there are still coupons for that available that have not expired- and body armor 2 for 11. I think there are printable coupons for that as well. the Campbells: well, yes, soup. there was a coupon for that on the greens extra savings booklet but that booklet has expired so we'll have to see what's in the new booklet. Pepperidge Farm: goldfish snacks are a 5 for 10 ruffles. potato chips are: buy one, get one. [Music] all right. the blue wilderness: I know we had coupons for that before, but I'm pretty sure they expired. Lysol and Scrubbing Bubbles: there are dollar printable coupons, I believe for both of those. sparkle paper towels has a coupon, another printable: I believe Armand Hammer had printable coupons at coupons calm. they were a dollar each. I think. the Huggies deal looks to be back by to get five and I and the coupons and the mom saver are still available. I don't think they expire until the 22nd or 23rd Febreze, I believe will have coupons in the upcoming Procter & Gamble insert from the newspaper. they're usually Bible and get one. Keibler's, buy one, get one. home. l premium chicken breast is: buy one, get one, all right. so that looks at me the end of the ad. it looks like we are in line for some really good savings coming up this week at Publix. everyone, have a great day. tok to you later. bye.

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Publix Couponing This Week 💚💚💚| Publix BOGOs for This Week | Grocery Deals | Grocery Shopping Vlog

hey guys, it's sharva and welcome to my channel, the evolution of sharva and on. today we're continuing our series called publix bogos. this week, and it's exactly what it sounds like. so go ahead and give this video a like, comment, publix down below and subscribe to my channel. and, as an added bonus, when you watch this short video all the way to the end, i put the previous week's publix videos at the end of it. so, you guys, watch this video and comment down below of this video or my other video. let me know which style you prefer, because today i did things a little different, but i want to hear from you, you guys, watch this video and let me know what your thoughts. so, guys, i'm just going to be your guide. i'm walking through the store and i'm highlighting the bogos, i'm recording them and showing them to you guys, and you are going to be able to watch this video with just background music, and i want you guys to comment and let me know if you prefer this or if you prefer me toking or explaining anything to you. so watch this video and let me know what you think. [Music] so, [Music] bye. [Music] so. [Music] so, [Music] so, [Music] do. [Music] foreign. [Music] foreign [Music] so [Music]. do [Music] so [Music]. do [Music] so [Music] so [Music]. thank you so much for watching till the end of this video. now i want you guys to watch the publix video that i have here. so click here and go back and watch the other videos. thank y'all so much. don't forget, hit that subscribe button, give this video a like and comment, publix down below and i'll see y'all next time.

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Publix Couponing 8/18-8/24 | Best BOGO and Weekly Ad deals |$1.40 per item | Google Doc

good morning guys. welcome back to my channel. thrifty mommy, happy friday. so we are here at publix early in the morning to do our shopping haul for this week. my weekly ad runs from august the 18th through the 24th other areas: it did start on august the 17th and will end on the 23rd. there's not a ton of deals out in store this week, but i am gonna be on the lookout for some good bogo offers. i do have a couple of good couponing deals and some good. i bought a rebates um. i got five for 15 on my um weekend warrior bonus, so i'm gonna try to do some here and then complete the rest over at walmart. but other than that, i think we're gonna have a pretty decent shopping haul for today. it's not gonna be free, but i am gonna pick up some good groceries for the week. if you are new to the channel, welcome. thank you so much for stopping by, and if you are new and you like the contents of the channel, please consider subscribing and hitting that notification bell so you don't miss another one of my videos. i'm hanging out with my daughter, juliana, today. she's hanging out in the back with me, so we're gonna go ahead and do some shopping. then i'll be back home. i'll give you guys a screenshot of everything i picked up and our final numbers for our shopping trip. so let's head into publix and see what amazing deals we can find this week. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] [Applause]. first deal i wanted to pick up today was on the galbani fresh mozzarella balls, but they don't currently have them at my store. i'm still going to give you guys the deal, so they are boggled this week at 5: 29. you're gonna pick up two and you're gonna use two of these a dollar off of one coupons. i printed these off of the product website. that'll leave you to pay 329 for both, or about a dollar 65 each, and this is a great deal, especially for fresh mozzarella. so if you have them in your store, definitely pick them up. next thing i'm going to be picking up- i don't have any coupons or rebates for, but it's on the fresh express salads. they are bogo this week between 449 and 4.99. so i'm gonna pick up the baby spinach- it is 449 regular price- and i'm going to pick up another one at 4: 49. i'll get it on bogo at 225 e. next thing i'm gonna be picking up is a great bogo deal on the quaker instant oatmeal. so they are bogo between 479 and 639, depending on the flavor that you pick up. i'm gonna pick up the ones that are 4.79. so i'm gonna pick up two boxes at 479 or i'll pay about 240 each. not a bad deal given we don't have any coupons or rebates, but if this is a kitchen staple at your home, definitely a great week to pick them up. another great bogo offered this week is on the old el paso dinner kits. they are bogo this week between 392 and 529. i'm gonna go ahead and pick up this nacho cheese bowl kit. this is our favorite at home. it is bogo at 5, 29.. so i'm gonna pick up two of those. i'll pay about 265 each. a great little freebie over on. i bought it is on these tasty bite kits. these are over by the international food section. make sure you're scanning them on the ibotta app to see which one does qualify for the freebie offer. i did scan this one that was on clearance for 1.69. it most likely will be a donation item because we don't eat these at home, but i got it for a dollar 69. i'm going to submit to i bought it for 324 back. that'll make my final cost: free: any dollar 55 money maker. there are a couple of pasta sauce deals i want to go ahead and mention to you guys this week. the first one is on the bottikelli premium pasta sauce. these are bogo at 749.. check your publix app. we do have a dollar off of one digital coupon that does attach to this item, leaving you to pay 649 for both, or about 325 each. you can also check the bulleted chili website. sign up for their emails. i'll link it down below in the google doc. when you sign up for the emails within two weeks you will start getting some coupons. then on your next shopping trip you can possibly save a little bit more on this pasta sauce. the next option is on the masetta tomato sauce. these are on sale this week on the extra savings flyer for 2.99. you're saving about two dollars, so i imagine that the regular price is about 4.99. so if you can find these at your store. i was wanted to pick up the marinara. they don't have it at my store so i might have to go to a different store, but if you can find these for 2.99, it is not a bad deal. pasta sauce is pretty expensive unless you get it on a bogo or on a sale like this one is. next thing i might be picking up is on the springer mountain chicken, and anytime i can coupon meat i am all for it. so the chicken thighs are on sale 349 a pound and the chicken breast is 3.99 a pound. i'm gonna go for the chicken breast. you're saving about three dollars a pound. i have this dollar fifty off of one coupon that i printed off of the springer mountain website. i'm gonna pick up this pack right here, which is priced at 551. with a dollar fifty coupon, it will leave me to pay about four dollars and one cent for this pack, but i continued to look through all the packs and i did find a pack that was a little bit cheaper, at four dollars and 83 cents. with the dollar fifty coupon, i'll wind up paying out of pocket just three dollars and thirty three cents for a pack of chicken breasts. the carbona products are buy one, get one free this week. there's a couple of scenarios i want to go ahead and do because we do have. i bought a rebate and i want to knock out a couple of them. so the first one i'm going to be doing is picking up this carbona washi machine cleaner. it is bogo at 329.. it is not tagged but it is on bogo for 329. and then i'm gonna pick up this laundry stain scrubber. it is also bogo at 329.. i'm going to be using two of these. a dollar off of one hang tags. i found these where the carpet cleaners are. here's one that is hanging right on the product, so you're gonna use two of those. that'll leave you to pay a dollar 29 for both. but then you're going to go ahead and submit over to ibotta for 75 cents back on the scrubber and 50 cents back on the washing machine cleaner. that'll make your final cost for both of these just four cents. another option for the carbona deal is to pick up the carbona color grabbers. they are bogo this week at 4: 39 so you can pick up two of those. use two of the dollar off of one hang tag coupons. or you can use the dollar off of one coupons on the boxes if you have previously purchased this product. that'll leave you to pay 239 in store and then you're gonna submit to ibotta for 75 cents back on one. it is a limit of one and that'll make your final cost for two of these just a dollar sixty four. i think the other deal is a little bit better, but if this is an item that you guys go ahead and use, you can definitely pick up this item and knock out another eye bottle rebate. next thing i'm going to be picking up is on the smith field bacon. so this week they are two for ten or five dollars each. you're saving about 788 for two. i'm gonna pick up a pack. make sure it is 12 ounces in order to use the digital coupon. but over on the publix app we do have a dollar off of one digital coupon. it does attach only to the 12 ounces. so picking up this pack at five dollars and using that dollar digital, your final cost for one of these packs will be just four dollars. next thing i'm going to be picking up is on these salons hot dogs. so these are bogle this week at 5.99. comment below: if you had tried these before. i have never tried them before, but since we have coupons for them and they're on sale, i'm gonna go ahead and pick them up. so i'm gonna pick up two packs. i'm gonna be using two of these two off of one coupons courtesy of my publix coupon buddy. so thank you for the coupon. i will also link it down below in the google docs so you guys can go ahead and print off the coupon. so using two of those coupons that'll leave me to pay for two of these packs- just a dollar ninety-nine or a dollar a piece. one deal i forgot to film in store were on the ballpark buns this week. they are: buy one, get one free yo.

KAY'S RECENT SHOPPING AT PUBLIX: new ads & weekly deals!

good morning everyone and welcome back to my channel. if you're new here, go ahead and hit that like button and also subscribe and turn on your post notifications, woo H. and if you're returning, thank you for rocking with me. so, guys, y'all know meal prep Sunday is tomorrow and I did not do the shopping. so, guess what? I'm running to Publix. I got the babies with me, one and two- and we're going to Chuck E cheese later. so I'll get back on as soon as I get to Publix. all right, Charles, so we're here. so I actually need some cheese because I'm making the kids a little pasta today for dinner. what am I making again? where's the ones in the little thingamajiggers? oh, yeah, right here. so this is a shredded. yes, Carter. Carter asked me again and we're not going to Chuck E cheese. how about that chill? all right, y'all. so I'm actually gonna get two of these. [Music]: um, we actually need some butter and this is Bogo crunchy crock, if you know. you know, so we're gonna get this foreign. [Music] in this aisle, we need a little thing of milk. where's their yogurt? [Music]: um, I used to like these because the fruit is at the bottom. sure, yeah, the key lime was always good, they're 10 for 10.. the yellow plates are 10 for nine. they're bigger, but they don't really have the flavors I like, only shopping banana, whereas the Publix brand they have a lot of different things right around the bottom. Bella, can you stop y'all? my kids are all right. come out the way again. my kids are on a roll, so let's get ten. of course we'll do three strawberries, Mama, come put this down. [Music]. um, we'll do three vanillas here, Carter. um the cherries. yeah, two of these, Bella, here, and then let's get to the peach at the bottom. I'll try to incorporate them into the meal, so y'all. so I'm grabbing stuff like our regular weekly shopping that I'm also here to grab. excuse me, guys, grab some stuff for the meal prep. where's the heavy whipping cream? I don't want to pass it. [Music]. um, listen, this is the best eggnog brand. um, if you guys know another brand whose eggnog is bombcom- keyword bombcom- let me know. I don't know. I just don't like the presentation of this one, so I never get it. I got this one, um, I don't even see a price for it. but guess what? we're getting it? [Music]. kids need [Music] and I need the heaviest whipping cream. stay right here with Mommy's bag. stay right here. this is in balloon, so I'm gonna squeeze behind. no, because we only have the pepperoni pizza. I'm not doing pizza today. the heavy whipping cream is 329. I don't know like things have just been getting so expensive, but guess what, we need it. that's the world we are in currently. all right, come on my kids like these. they're two for five, but I'm only gonna get one. we don't really drink juice. ever since we've been on this whole new lifestyle cereal, I wanted to get the um, tiny Bunches of Oats for myself. I really don't drink Dairy a lot, but I've been feeling for it, so I've been feeling for it, so I want to. um, I actually get it y'all. I have a whole list. I'm working by promise. this is going to be like a fast grocery trip: the honey roast that I really don't like, the strawberries or any of the extra mixture, so I'ma just get to their BOGO as well. come on, take on my grocery list. this is, um, this is the planner I actually found from Walmart, like last night, for a dollar fifty. it's a weekly meal plan, a market list and a note section all on it, guys. yeah, I don't know what's wrong with the babies today, but they're on a different y'all, okay, yeah, what's up? okay, Bella, okay, so the muellers are four for five, and then also Publix brand is also a dollar 25, so it doesn't really matter. want to say like I need one. is that enough for me and Bella? oh so, guys, I've got to tell y'all, but this week my daughter is joining me on the meal prep, so if y'all see me picking up a little bit extra, that's why- sorry, Mama, that's actually why- because Little Miss is joining me on this journey- I need one little can of the tomato sauce, guys, come here. Carter and Bella, come here. give me two of these. oh oh No, Just get the one next to it, the one, no, the one in the back, right there. yes, just one, give me. that's what I found. some. you only want to do the challenges that you like. daddy, you say you want to do a Halloween challenge, sorry. [Music] got it okay, so I actually need some turkey. ground turkey is what you call it, right? yeah, um, it's part of the meal prep. yes, I'll think about it, because y'all probably not even going to use it. this is ground turkey breast. that's ground turkey. [Music] darning, one or two, it's just for me and Bella, but it's, we're gonna need 12 servings: six for me for dinner, six for her. okay, I'm gonna just get two on the safe side. hey, if I don't use it, I don't use it, but I do need it. I'm out in the seafood section. y'all, we're getting some shrimp. we need actually a good amount. oh, awesome, I actually need one of the imitation cap. Hi, how are you? hold on, all right, guys. so this is what we have so far. I got some fruits in a cup with the syrup- stop. I got the avocado sprayed, some packages of shrimp, the ground beef, the crab meat, so I got the potatoes over here. I got four bags of spinach, um, some yogurts, the butter, the cheese, the milk, juice, eggnog, the pasta. I got the bananas and some chopped onions. right now, all we have left to do is just get the pineapples for our smoothies and that is it. we are done, guys. this was a very easy shopping because I had- um, oh, here I go to April. oh, they don't have a big fruit section. um, it was a bit easy because I had wrote down everything. [Music]. so I'm breezing through everything and I know this Publix. oh, here it goes that I need. so the last last week I used three packs of the pineapples, but it was just me. now that Kimbella is joining, I'm gonna. no, I use two packs, so I'm gonna get three this time. [Music]. sorry boy. so I got the three. now we're heading out. I literally have everything. come on, guys. you got mommy's list. yeah, all right. [Music]. oh, let me tell y'all about these real quick. so last week I bought my kids these. the purple was discussed and I even tried it. all of us was like: oh no, absolutely not the green ones made it, but everything else, these purples are not. it? Publix really have to do better with their dark flavored icing. I don't know what it tastes like, yeah, but it got the purple icing on it too. so, no, what about this? I just never came over here. y'all can. now the kids want one, okay. okay, let's get this one. we got a purple. wasn't good at all, right. so now we're gonna go head to the register and check out. all right. so we're now at the register. so far, we're at 87. let me put my old number thing. [Music]. find everything you needed today. yes, yes, Carter, start looking in the back for the car keys. I feel like we're going to be around like 150.. I got my bag off the floor, King, thank you. all right, we're probably gonna pass 150.. yep, their sweets is what's bringing it past. yup, 155, 52, okay. [Music]. all right, guys. so 152 and some change. that's actually good, because there's really no junk food in here. look here, it would have been less. oh wait, it was 155 and changed, but I had a three dollar cash back. but overall it would have been way less because it was supposed to be 151. but then my kids, with their cupcakes today, candy brought it to 155, but nonetheless I still saved- came out to 152 and I, as I was walking out- I'm not sure if y'all know, but Publix has five dollars Sushi Wednesdays. so if you're someone that's interested in sushi, come check Publix out if you're in the area. so, guys, that's it for this video. y'all, I'm so stuffy. that's it for this video. please go ahead and like, comment and subscribe, and until next time.

Publix Grocery Deals no coupons needed

[Applause]. [Music]. what's the OCC gang? I'm at Publix this morning not to do any heavy duty shopping, just to give you guys a look at what sales are poppin right now with this week's ahead. so I'm going to go ahead and grab the ad. if you're not used to shopping at Publix, first thing you always want to do is come grab an ad. that's what I'm going to do. then you want to get these coupon books because they're full of free coupon offers that you can get these books for free. you don't have to get them out of a newspaper, you don't have to pay for them. these coupons are free. tons of deals in here. if you shop at Publix anyway and you're not really big on using coupons, there's no reason you shouldn't be taking the advantage of getting these free coupon books. they're right in the front of the store and if you don't seem in the front of the store, just check them out at customer service. but what I'm gonna do right now is I'm not really going to get into coupons, just gonna go aisle by aisle and show you guys some of the most popping sales this week. so let's get started. Kellogg's: buy one, get one free, nice, and of course there's gonna be a good variety of those available. check this out: Kellogg's Froot Loops with marshmallows also included. buy one, get one free. looking good, okay, and check this out. coupons available in the store for you to just take, and they're also in this book. when there's a Publix coupon, it has an L? U number. you don't need to get a stack of these coupons. they can use it more than once for you. okay, lots of coupons just on the stuff in the store. Publix coupons. okay, and it's telling you right here on this one coupon is in flyer or racket, store entrance or at customer service and that's this right here. what I got that coupon is in there. check this out. buy one, get one free on Kellogg's Special K cornflakes. so just a lot of Kellogg's products are buy one, get one free. that's really the sale. so even if you're not using coupons, there's absolutely no reason that you shouldn't be taking advantage of some of these buy one, get one free sales. let's keep looking around for more deals for all of my organic people. Cascadian farms has a great sale on cereal. buy one, get one free, okay. so if you were going to shop anywhere else and you have Publix, it might be worth stopping in here for that cereal, which is usually very expensive. okay, so we're going to look right over here. Publix bran bars: two for $4, and they have lots of varieties that you can choose from. Annie's chewy granola bars: buy one, get one free. so that's a good deal. okay, let's look around for a few more things. let's see what else is on sale today. Oh, quicker, buy one, get one free on oatmeal. start writing down what you're gonna come in and get and if you are gonna use coupons and go ahead and do some matchups and see what deals you can get with your coupons. but I notiked that a lot of you don't use coupons. sometimes you just like watching deals and it just occurred to me: why not show you what's on sale? so, whether or not you're using your coupons, you can at least be proactive about going to the store that has the best deals. okay, three, four, five on pop-tarts: not bad at all. let's keep looking. Welch's fruit snacks: buy one, get one free at 279. that's a decent price. Mott applesauce: buy one, get one free. this looks like a great stok up week for lunch snacks. 5 for 10 on these bad boys: great deal. let's keep looking, check this out. buy three, get three free on the Oscar Meyer Lunchables nice. and if you like to take these kind of snacks to work, two for six. that's a pretty decent deal. this stuff can get pretty expensive. a few more deals on meats, things like that. Jimmy D for breakfast- anything that make life a little bit easier in the mornings is always welcomed. some pretty good deals here. I want to keep looking. I'm just now notiking that the applesauce is also included in the buy one, get one free, and it's a little cheaper too. Mott's apple juice is also included in the buy one, get one free. that's gonna be a great price, even with our coupons. and check this out. if you're looking for something more organic, honest kids, buy one, get one free. and this is for the little juice boxes. since we're toking about Jews, we're looking at two for four dollars on the Welch's. that's a pretty decent price. if you're more of an orange juice person, you're gonna be looking at about two, four, six on Florida's natural. oh, and you guys know I'm a sucker for the kombucha. I haven't tried this one yet, but two for five seems like a decent price. that will make them two fifty each, and check this out. you can get a whole 4-pack for $6.99. that might be a deal worth doing if you need the minis to take the work. they're 10 for 10. I've not tried this yet. I don't even know what it is. I'm gonna have to look into that. anytime I see a health drink- look, buy one, get one free- my day has been made, and they have all of my favorite varieties. this is the one thing I think I'm gonna pick up while I'm in here. I was just coming to kind of check out the sales. oh, this is good, but now I've seen a buy one, get one free, so I'm like on something I actually drink. oh, my goodness, I used to drink these all the time. the Sam Bazar, they're so good. buy one, get one free. here. there's a lot of buy-one-get-one-free on these strings- awesome. hey, if you're southern and in subpoenas, I don't know northerners might be into them too. I don't want to sound like I'm catering to one region, but if you're into boiled peanuts or peanuts, ten for ten seems like a pretty decent price. I don't know about you guys, but I grew up eating boiled peanuts. it is like one of my favorite treats. check it out. aloe juice: four for five. okay, I tried to pass this area cuz it smells like a dream- if you guys can only smell the bakery right now. but I did want to let you know that the chocolate chip cookies are: buy one, get one free at $4.99. hey, Tiffany's here, you want a puppy. this is not a Pomeranian. what in the world that was so random guys? I have no clue what she's toking about. she says she wants a puppy. I don't know how a stuffed in llama, my first Easter bear frog, something is going to be the puppy that she wants. I'm so lost right now, whoa. so here's a quick look, and I love how my store always has it set up like this. you can kind of just look all the way down and they have the bins right here in the front and you can kind of get a great look at all of the sales. so let's look at the buy one, get one free on little ants crackers. simple enough: buy one, get one free at 319. then we're moving on to the Keebler fudge stripes. buy one, get one free at 369. and remember, at Publix stores prices may vary by like a few cents. so in your store it might be cheaper like buy one, get one free for 329. it just depends on your region. okay, some other deals here. check this out. Crisco pure vegetable oil: buy one, get one free at $1.99. guys, this is like an amazing deal. $1.99, buy one, get one free. awesome on vegetable oil. that's usually pretty expensive if you need pasta or noodles. four, four, four. nice deal on these. Publix pasta bran is pretty good, is very good. I actually have used it myself in the past when I couldn't find a good sale on other pasta. so I do recommend it. it doesn't stik and it's not, you know, chewy and it doesn't take a long time to boil. it is comparable to other brands. check this out. classic. so pasta sauce buy-one-get-one-free. there's your meal right there. you got your sauce buy-one-get-one-free and you've got your, your four boxes there and get a couple sauces and call it a day. add some meat if you want to, or some tofu or whatever you're eating. nice, that's a meal right there. you got your vegetable oil down there. you've got snacks. maybe you might want to go with tacos. buy one, get one free. on the old El Paso dinner kit. so it's an entire kit for 3:29. you get two for 329. great deal there. check this out. buy one, get one free on Green Giant vegetables. now this is a deal I would definitely do. I really like green giant vegetables as opposed to Libby's. it's just a personal.