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publix grocery ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Publix Weekly Ad August 3-9: The Best Deals Around

Hey guys, it's Ashley the Sweet Southern Saver, and I'm here to bring you all the best deals around. Today we are looking at the Publix weekly ad for the week of August 3rd through August 9th.


- Steak for $5.99 a pound

- Fresh attitude salads 3 for $10

- Publix bread mozzarella cheese sticks 2 for $12

- General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and Tricks buy one get one free

- Lean ground beef for $4.99 a pound

- Rainbow carrot chips 2 for $5

- Jalapeno popper dip for $5.29

- GreenWise organic salads 2 for $7

- Publix Bakery small apple pie for $3.29

- Broccoli for $2.99

- Kombucha 2 for $5

- Portobello mushrooms for $3.49

- GreenWise chicken drumsticks $3.39 a pound

- Annie's bunny fruit snacks buy one get one free

- Salmon fillets for $11.99

- Florida pink shrimp for $16.99

- Rockfish fillets

- Chicken breasts nuggets buy one get one free

- Spare chicken breast fillets 2 for $10

- Top round London broil $5.49 a pound

- All beef Frankfurter for $3.69

- Scallops for $9.99

- Springer Mountain Farms chicken strips buy one get one free

- Oscar Meyer bacon buy one get one free

- Cracker Barrel cheese slices 2 for $6

- Beyond Meat Burgers $4.99

- Lamb chops $8.99

- Whole beef tenderloin $16.99

- Kevin's side dishes 2 for $10

- Sweet cherries $3.99

- Red or white seedless grapes $2.49

- Organic strawberries and blueberries buy one get one free

- Honeycrisp apples

- Dragon fruit 2 for $4

- Roses buy one get one free

- Peaches or nectarines $2.49

- Red or black plums $1.99

- White mushrooms 2 for $5

- Publix deli chicken tender meal for $4 right for $20

- Publix Deli Caesar pasta salad for $5.29 a pound

- Cannolis for $2.99

- Subs a whole sub is going to be $6.99

- BOGO carb wise wraps

- Panera Bread soup BOGO

- Stacy's Pita Chips BOGO

- Oven roasted chicken $6.89

- Mozzarella cheese $5.99

- Croissants 2 for $4

- GreenWise cranberry orange oatmeal cookies $3.99

These are just a few of the amazing deals you can find at Publix this week. From fresh produce to delicious meats, there's something for everyone. Don't miss out on these great savings!

Publix Green Flyer 8-3 to 8-16

Hi, this is I Am Coupons and we're a little late going over the Green Fire for Publix starting August 3rd going through August 16th. Let's get into it!


- $1.50 off any 1 Lakewood Pure Fruit Juice

- $2 off 2 Pedialyte items

- $3 off any 2 PediaSure Shakes

- $2 off any Tyson Fully Cooked Nuggets, Tenders or Patties

- $1 off any Sabra Singles Hummus or Guacamole

- Buy 1 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing or Blasted Dipping Sauce or Thick and Creamy Dip and get 1 free

- $2 off any 1 Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks or Fillets

- Buy any 1 Hunt's Best Ever Ketchup and get a Golden Mustard free

- $1 off any Birds Eye Veggie Made Tots or Fries or Veggie Made Mac and Cheese

- Buy any 5 Chobani Gimmies Crunch and get 1 Gimmies Shake Free

- $2 off 2 Cheese's Club or Keebler (Family Size)

- Cheez-Its are buy one get one free

- $3 off 3 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Rice Krispies or Honey Smacks

- $2 off any 2 Kellogg's Special K Cereal

- Fun Free MorningStar Farms Chick Patty or Chicken Nuggets when you buy 1 MorningStar Farms Turkey Product

- $1 off any Eggo Waffles 24 Pack

- Buy 1 Kellogg Sandwich Cracker and get 1 free

- $1 off any 2 Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats and free A&W Root Beer when you buy any 2 Publix Premium Ice Cream Half Pint

- Buy any 2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter 28 oz and get 1 free

- $1 off any 4 Chef Boyardee

- $1 off any Alkaline 88 Gallon

- Buy any 2 Jack Link's Jerky and get 1 free

- $2 off 1 Zephyrhills or Deer Park Brand Natural Spring Water

- $2 off any Aleve Product 20 Count or Larger

- $1 off any Gerber Cereal 8 oz

- $2 off 2 Gerber Toddlers for Crawler Items

- $2 off any 1 Energizer Max AA or AAA or C or D or 9 Volt 2 Pack

- $3 off 1 Energizer Max AA or AAA or C or D 3 Pack or Larger

- $3 off any 1 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA or AAA or 9 Volt

- Free Hershey's, Reese's, KitKat, Heath, or Payday King Size when you buy 1

- Cut Products are 10 for 10

- $1 off any Publix Bakery Item

- Buy 1 Ronzoni Homestyle Pasta and get $1 off any Publix Bakery Item

- Buy 1 Vanity Fair Extra Observant Napkins 80 Count and get $1 off any Publix Bakery Item

- Buy any 1 Bertolli Rustic Cut Sauce and get $1 off any Publix Bakery Item

- Buy any 1 Ragu Pizza Sauce 14 oz and get $1 off any Publix Bakery Item

- $2 off any 2 Seagram's Ginger Ale, Schweppes Ginger Ale, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Santa Bark's Root Beer, Minute Maid, Mello Yello, Pibb Xtra, or Fuze Iced Tea

- $2 off any 1 Publix Deli Platter and Coca-Cola Product 2 Liter

- $2 off an 18 Coca-Cola Product 6 Pack

- Buy any 2 Coca-Cola Products 6 Pack or 12 oz bottle and get 1 free

- Buy any 1 Bush's Best Savory Beans and get 1 free

- $2 off any Bertolli Olive Oil or Sauce

- Buy any 4 Sparkling Ice 17 oz and get 1 free

- $2 off any Mama Mary's Pizza Pie Crust or Sauce

- Buy any 2 Gatorade 8 Pack 20 oz and get 1 Propel 6 Pack 500 ml for free

The sales this week are good, lots of nice BOGO stuff for back to school. Look at the sales ad and there's a lot of stuff going on there. Happy couponing!

Publix Green Flyer Deals

In this article, we will be discussing the public screen flyer from June 22nd to July 5th. Although there aren't many good deals, there are a few coupons that may interest you. Let's take a look at them:


- $3 off Tyson dinner kit

- $1 off Publix deli whole sub combo

- $1 off Almond Breeze

- $1 off International Delight creamer

- $1 off Eggos

- $1 off Kellogg's Rice Krispie treats poppers

- Buy one Friendship Dairies cottage cheese, get one free

- Buy two Monsters, get one free

- Buy a Monster and get Hershey's Reese's, KitKat, Almond Joy, or Payday

- Buy any Coca-Cola product and get a Kettle Brand chips free

- Vlasic pickles two for $4 with a store coupon for $1 off any two

- Buy one Land of Frost premium sliced meat, get a Duke's mayonnaise free

- $2 off any Country Crock spread

- Buy one Hunts best ever ketchup, get one free

- $2 off any Tostitos or Lays salsa dips

- Buy one Pepsi Aquafina, Life water, or Bubbly product, get one bag of Frito Lays chips free

- Crafter Barbecue sauce two for $2

- Buy any Hidden Valley dry salad dressing and seasoning mix or dips, get one free

- $2 off Chop House by Holton steak burger

- Buy any Hidden Valley Ranch dressing or blasted dipping sauce or thick and creamy dipping sauce, get one free

- $2 off any one Publix deli platter and a coke product

- $1 off Santa Cruz organics ginger 100 ginger lemon or lime juice

- $2 off any GTS kombucha

- Buy any Neuro beverage, get one free

- Buy any two Snapple, get one free

- Buy any one Kellogg's Frosted mini wheats, raisin bran, or raisin bran crunch, get one free with a printable coupon on Kellogg's Family Rewards

Other Deals:

- Bomb pops for $5

- $1 off anyone Breyers ice cream 48 ounce

- Buy anyone Solero organic fruit bars, get one free

- Buy two Evian natural spring water, get one free

- Mrs. Cullins croutons two for $1.59 with a $1 off two coupon

If you're interested in couponing, make sure to take advantage of these deals. Happy shopping!

Additionally, in this article, we will also be discussing how to contact Instagram influencers in 2019. Stay tuned for more information on this topic.

KAY'S RECENT SHOPPING AT PUBLIX: new ads & weekly deals!

In this video, the speaker takes us on a grocery shopping trip to Publix, where she is preparing for her meal prep Sunday. She has her two kids with her and they also plan to visit Chuck E Cheese later. The video shows her shopping for various food items, including fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat.

Key Points:

- The speaker uses colloquialisms and contractions throughout the video, giving it a casual tone.

- She mentions her weekly meal plan and shopping list, which helps her stay organized and focused.

- The video shows her buying a variety of food items, including fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat.

- She mentions the cost of the items and expresses her frustration with the rising prices of food.

- Her kids are also shown in the video, and they sometimes interrupt her shopping.

- She mentions a $5 sushi deal at Publix on Wednesdays.

- The video ends with the speaker summarizing her purchases and the total cost.

This video provides a glimpse into a typical grocery shopping trip for meal prep. The speaker emphasizes the importance of planning and having a shopping list, and also shows how to navigate a grocery store with children. Despite the challenges, she is able to complete her shopping and stay within her budget.

Tutorial como usar Publix Ads

In this video, we will learn how to use Public Ads to generate income. After registering and activating our account, we can log in to our account and access various features such as account settings, information, and activities. We can also track our visits and clicks from different countries. To start generating income, we need to locate the script button and insert the script into our blog or website. Then, we need to add our link to Public Ads and cut it to ensure visits are counted. We can then promote our link to earn more income.

Steps to use Public Ads:

1. Register and activate our account.

2. Log in to our account and access account settings, information, and activities.

3. Track our visits and clicks from different countries.

4. Locate the script button and insert the script into our blog or website.

5. Add our link to Public Ads and cut it to ensure visits are counted.

6. Promote our link to earn more income.

Additional Information:

- Public Ads offers both free and VIP accounts with various benefits.

- Accounts with high earnings are called ping accounts.

- It is mandatory to register with Public Ads Bank for security reasons.

- We can view our balance, withdrawals, and deposits on our account page.

- We can also enter the username of the person who referred us to the website.

Tons of Deals at Publix - Including 3 Freebies

Hey guys, it's Jenny from Southern Sabres. I just got home from Publix and wanted to share all the deals that we grabbed this week, especially for Lynn who's been asking me to do this for a few weeks. It's been busy and hard to come home and line everything up, so let me get around and just show you everything we grabbed.

Grocery Shopping Before Thanksgiving:

Guys, this is a huge week for groceries. If there's any week that you pull out the coupons and the scissors and you go to it, it should always be the week before Thanksgiving because so many of the things that are on sale like these guys, we don't see all year long. Most of these deals, by the way, before I jump into them, just to emphasize, most of the deals are really running at every major grocery store. Everyone has French's, Vernon Hands, everyone has canned goods, sugar, flour. This is the week to grab it.

Deals at Publix:

While I'm sharing Publix deals with you, the coupons are the same for all the stores and the deals are the same. Like, for example, I did not buy Philadelphia cream cheese because it's not on sale of Publix, but Philadelphia cream cheese is like a dollar at over 10 different stores right now, not Publix, but so many other stores. That's one example. It's not on my table, but one example of what I mean by the deals that we're gonna go through. You really can grab everywhere.

Items to Grab:

Almost everything on the table is a buy one get one deal because that's what we should be shopping. So we're aiming for the items that are 40% off or more before the coupons and then we throw in the coupons. If you're sitting here and you're like, What's that sale? What's they're all buy one get one? That's the best way to look at it. There are a couple of exceptions, but almost every single one of them buy one get one. So let's start with the freebies.


We might as well just right off the bat hit the fun stuff. This guy, Tums, this is the little tiny 36 count of Tums regular price in every Publix is two dollars and nine. Since we have a Publix store coupon for three dollars off of two and we have 75 cent manufacturer's coupons, there's a digital, there's printables, there's inserts, so you've got a lot of choices here. Grab two 75 cent manufacturer coupons, that's a dollar fifty, use the three dollars off two store coupon, total that's four dollars and fifty cents off of two packages. Now, they only cost two dollars and nine cents, so you are coming out ahead on this one. You're gonna make 30 cents to buy Tums. I know it's the little tiny package and if you've got heartburn, this is like, you know, throwing a drop of water on the fire, but is there a moneymaker? So this is the one you want. I also noticed that the printable coupons on those which by the way guys, I have right here so if you're really curious, note that they are actually good on the 28th and your store may actually have these are the mint, but they may actually have fruity ones that are 28 and you can do that. So if you wanted to get the 28, they would be a moneymaker as well.

Halls cough drops are also free this week. We've got one dollar and twenty-five-cent manufacturer's coupons. I'm digging to see what the insert was on those from the 11/3 Smart Source. We've also got a one dollar off to digital. We have a one dollar off to store printable, so this is a new booklet that has come out called the Get Relief flat flyer or booklet, but there's a printable version. So if you go to the database on Southern Savers, or you just go to southern savers com/publix, you'll see the printable. So you're gonna use the manufacturer, you're gonna use the store, and just what the manufacturer in the store, two of them are free. The manufacturer is a dollar off a dollar twenty-five off two, and the store is one dollar off two. So that is basically two dollars and twenty-five cents off of two, and they are buy one get one at $2.19. So you buy two of them for $2.19, you've got two dollars and twenty-five cents off, you are making six cents if you want to look at it that way. It's really paying the tax here, but you're getting two completely free, and you can do that again with another manufacturer and another store. Free Halls all the way around for everyone.

Other Deals:

There are a few things that don't have coupons when you hit the cheese sections of the fancy cheese section. They've got a lot of buy one get one cheese is right now, so just pick whatever you want. If you want fancy cheese is for us, we tend to do make a heavy hors d'oeuvres night the night before holidays so I grab this one, and I'll probably grab some others. I only grabbed one today, but there's a lot of choices on all of the Castello, however we're going to say that brand or buy one get one. No coupons here, just fun fancy cheese is.

Cranberries or buy one get one little tiny fun baby fingerling potatoes or buy one get one this week. No coupons on those guys, but just some things you may need for Thanksgiving. There's actually a lot of good produce deals I did not grab the rest of it. A lot of things I put on my buy list and then I left all my buy coupons at home accidentally. So we just went Publix shopping today.

All Kraft is buy one get one this week, and Taco Bell's included in that. It's actually owned by Kraft, but look into your store because mine had in-store dispensers with dollar off to Taco Bell coupons in them. So this is part of the buy one get one sale, and they're gonna hand you a coupon right there in the store. I got this one particularly so when you're looking at the Taco Bells, some of them are kind of funky flavors and they've added some things. The cheese like ranch and Mexican seasoning, and I can't really use that in lots of recipes, but these in particular do not have any added spices. So if you're hunting, you want to grab them, but you don't really want ranch-flavored cheese, go for that one, and you can use it in anything you wanted. Dollar off to coupon in the store, and they're buy one get one.

Ritz, we don't have any Nabisco coupons, but Ritz are buy one get one. You're gonna need them for some of your casseroles or we do for our casserole next week, so we added two into the mix. This is one product though, if you're doing the Publix stocking spree that it is going to count towards your 10 Publix gift card. So for every 50 that you spend in Kraft Nabisco and PepsiCo products, you get a 10 Publix gift card, and it tracks you over time. So these count into that. You should always submit every receipt to stocking spree no matter what because you're gonna find that there were things in there that you didn't know about.

Starbucks right now, we have a store coupon for Starbucks that's in one of those new printables as well. So you're gonna need to head to Southern Savers, and you'll find that printable link for the store coupon, but we also have a manufacturer's coupon. So you're gonna get 2 off of Starbucks coffee, and it is on sale this week, so it makes this package 4.99 for the 12-ounce bag of Starbucks. We go holding for our we have one of the little grinders that kind of makes it by the cup, but it's not a k cup machine.

McCormick Gourmet, now this is a printable coupon. We've got one dollar and fifty-cent printables here, but it is a regional coupon. So if you click through the link on the Publix list on Southern Savers, and you don't see the coupon, it means that it's not available in your area, but hopefully, you're gonna find it. These are buy one get one this week, so I printed two coupons both of these in my store worth three dollars and 49 cents for a nutmeg and for curry that's before the sale. So at the half price of that is a dollar 74, and I ha.

Overall, this week at Publix is a great time to stock up on groceries before Thanksgiving. Many items are buy one get one, and there are numerous coupons available to make your shopping even more affordable. From Tums to Starbucks coffee, there is something for everyone, and you can even make money on some items. So grab your coupons and head to your local Publix to take advantage of these amazing deals.

Publix purple flyer 8-10 to 8-23

Looking for great deals at Publix? Look no further than the purple flyer for August 10th to August 23rd! Here are some of the best coupons and offers available.


- $3 off L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics

- $2 off any One A Day, Flintstone, or Citracal vitamins

- $4 off Claritin

- $3 off Allegro or Nasacort

- $4 off adult Der Tik or children's Zyrtec or Ron Accord

- $3 off Central Multi Gummies

- $7 off any two Nature's Bounty vitamins or supplements

- $2 off Emergency Energy, Immune, Probiotics, or Protein Fuel

- $5 off any two Sundown Naturals vitamins or supplements

- $2 off one Dr. Scholl's premium insoles, foot care items, Tinactin, or Lotrimin

- $4 off Advil or Advil PM

- $5 off any two Thermacare or cream

- $5 off Preparation H Rapid Relief or Nexium

- $6 off any two Aleve, Aleve PM, Bayer Back and Body, or Extra Strength

- $2 off any Children's or Infants' Advil

- $1 off any two Simply Protein crisps, baked bars, or packs

- $2 off any two Cliff Z Bar six-pack

- $3 off Ensure or Insure

- $3 off any two Lucerna shakes or bars

- $1.50 off any Colgate Max Fresh, Total, or Optik White twin pack

- $2 off any two Irish Spring bars or body wash

- $2 off any two Dove Men+Care or shower foam, shampoo, styling, deodorant, or bar soap

- $1 off any two Secret, Gillette, or Old Spice deodorants

- $1.50 off any YourA facial care product

- Buy one China Glaze nail polish, get one free

- $2.50 off one Maybelline Cosmetics

- $4 off any two Depend underwear, guards for men or boys, pads, or liners

- $1.50 off any one Dove shower foam, body polish, body wash mousse, or bath bombs body wash leaves

- $1 off any two Suave hair care, deodorant, lotion, or body wash

- $1 off any one Axe, Dove Men+Care, or Degree dry spray and freshen

- $3 off any one Simply Sleep, Motrin, Motrin PM, or Bengay

- $2 off any two U by Kotex

Other Offers:

- $10 off a $50 gift card and $50 worth of groceries

- $0.75 off any Blade

- $3 off any one Purex, big bottles

- Buy any one Clorox bleach, get one Clorox disinfecting wipes or Clorox sediba disinfecting wipes free

Although there may not be many great deals in this flyer, there are still some great savings to be had. Be sure to check out Publix's BOGO deals for even more discounts. Happy couponing!

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