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Pub's FB Dropshipping

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

How I Generated 60,000 Euros in 30 Days with Facebook Ads

In this article, we will be discussing how to generate a significant amount of revenue using Facebook Ads. The author of this article has managed to generate 60,000 euros in just 30 days using Facebook Ads for a single online store. The author will be sharing the results of their advertising campaign, along with the elements they implemented to achieve this level of success.

Bullet Points/Numbered List:

- The testing of your ads is crucial, and it accounts for 80% of the work when it comes to

Ma Stratégie Facebook COMPLÈTE Spéciale Testing (Dropshipping ++)

After spending over a week on the new update of the super theme and all its new features, it's time for me to launch my advertisements. Last week, we talked about the new Facebook update and I thought it would be interesting to show you how I build my advertising campaigns using Facebook and how I launch my ads in testing.

Planning and Strategy:

First, let's talk about planning and strategy. Planning is an essential part of any advertising campaign, and I always plan my campaigns thoroughly. I choose Facebook as my primary platform because, in my experience, it is the best way to quickly ensure that an advertising message converts. Additionally, I can target people within a specific age group of 25 and above, which are more likely to be invested in the product or service.

I plan my campaigns around three levels: the campaign, the ad set, and the ad. I create a framework for the campaign, determine the target audience, and create the ads. I always test three messages and multiple audiences to ensure I find the perfect combination that resonates with my target market.


I usually spend between 100 and 250 euros per day on my testing campaigns. However, you can start with as little as 30 to 50 euros per day and still get profitable results. It all depends on your budget and preferences.

Creating the Campaign:

Let's create a campaign together. First, we need to name our campaign, for example, Test Acquisitions. Then, we choose our objective, which is conversion in this case. We can also select whether to use a Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) or not. I prefer to start with a CBO of 100 euros, but you can choose not to use it.

Next, we create the ad set, which includes selecting the target audience and choosing the event we want to optimize for. I always choose the Add to Cart event for e-commerce. Additionally, we can choose to let Facebook automatically place the ads or manually choose the placements.

Finally, we create the ad, where we can test different messages, images, and videos to see what resonates best with our target audience.

In conclusion, planning and strategy are crucial for a successful advertising campaign. Facebook is an excellent platform to test and optimize your messages, targeting, and ads. Remember to test multiple messages, audiences, and placements to find the perfect combination that resonates with your target market.

FORMATION FACEBOOK : Comment lancer des publicités de A à Z - TUTO

Launching Your First Facebook Ads Campaign for E-commerce or Dropshipping

Hey, I hope you're doing well. In today's video, we'll be discussing how you can launch your first Facebook Ads campaigns for your e-commerce or dropshipping business. We'll be using the Business Manager software to create and manage our campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram.

Creating a Campaign

When you first log into the Business Manager software, you won't have any campaigns or ads set up. Click on the Create button on the top left corner to get started. We'll be creating a manual campaign with the Purchase objective.

Creating an Ad Set

Once the campaign is created, we'll move on to creating an ad set. We recommend creating five to ten ad sets, with a budget of 10 euros each. This will allow Facebook to spend some budget on each ad set and help you identify which ones are performing well and which ones need to be improved.

Setting the Budget

When setting the budget for your ad set, we recommend setting it for the next day at midnight. This allows Facebook to have a full day to spend the budget and optimize the ads.


If you have a variety of creatives available, we recommend leaving the targeting to Facebook and not setting any interest-based targeting. However, if you have limited creatives available, we recommend targeting based on interests to increase the chances of conversion.

Launching your first Facebook Ads campaign can be overwhelming, but by following these steps, you'll be on your way to a successful campaign. Remember to test different ad sets and creatives to find the ones that work best for your business. Good luck!

Quel BUDGET pour votre PUB FACEBOOK en Dropshipping ? | Saad Ben

In this article, we will discuss why the famous 5 euros per day strategy for Facebook Ads is a terrible strategy for dropshipping businesses and why using it can lead to failure. We will also provide an alternative testing method that has been proven to be effective.

Reasons why the 5 euros per day strategy is not effective:

1. Facebook gives priority to bigger budgets, making it difficult for smaller budgets to compete.

2. Results can be inconsistent and unpredictable with a smaller budget.

3. The strategy is slow and can hinder scaling and quick decision-making.

4. Scaling with a small budget can be challenging, and there is a high risk of running into problems with the Facebook algorithm and ad account.

Alternative testing method:

1. Create a campaign with a specific product name and choose the purchase objective.

2. Set a daily budget based on the product's profit margin.

3. Target people living in the desired location and choose broad age and gender ranges.

4. Choose one interest with at least one million people and uncheck the expand interests option.

5. Use at least three creatives per ad set, including videos and images, to maximize Facebook's inventory and reduce costs.

6. Duplicate the ad set with different interests and repeat the process.

The 5 euros per day strategy is not effective for dropshipping businesses due to Facebook's preference for bigger budgets and the unpredictability of results. Using an alternative testing method with specific product campaigns, optimized budgets, and multiple creatives can yield better results and more efficient scaling.

Créer sa première campagne de publicité Facebook - ECOM & DROPSHIPPING [ Facebook Ads 2022 ]

- In this video, Juliette Chanut, an entrepreneur and Facebook advertising expert, shares tips on how to create a successful Facebook ad campaign for dropshipping businesses.

- She emphasizes the importance of testing and dynamic creative to understand and target your audience effectively.

Creating a Campaign:

- Choose the Conversion objective for the campaign and name it something memorable and relevant.

- Use the Budget Optimization feature for larger budgets and Ad Set Budgets for smaller budgets.

- Use Dynamic Creative to test different visuals, text, and headlines to find what resonates with your audience.

- Choose a specific date and time to launch the campaign for optimal results.

Targeting Your Audience:

- Choose the appropriate language, location, and interests for your audience.

- Use a single interest per ad set to track which interest is generating the most sales.

- Choose Automatic Placements for ease or manually select where you want your ad to appear.

Creating Your Ad:

- Use high-quality images to capture your audience's attention.

- Use emojis in your text to add color and visual appeal.

- Use clear and concise language to communicate the value of your product.

- Make sure your call-to-action button leads directly to the product page.

- Testing and dynamic creative are essential for successful Facebook ad campaigns.

- Choose specific targeting options and use a single interest per ad set to track results.

- Use high-quality visuals and concise language to communicate the value of your product and direct customers to your product page.


In this article, we will be analyzing successful ads that have been selected using a top tool. We will focus on the structure, content, and effectiveness of the ads. It is important to take notes and pay close attention to the details shared in order to gain value from the information.

Analysis of Ad #1:

The first ad we will analyze is a product for cleaning pools. The ad starts with an attention-grabbing hook, Aspirer toutes les saletés de votre piscine sans fond which translates to Suck up all the dirt from your bottomless pool. This immediately addresses a common problem pool owners face. The ad then goes on to explain how the product works and why it is better than using a traditional pump. The ad uses statements and verification to show the effectiveness of the product. It also highlights the ease of use and the benefits of having a clean and healthy pool. The ad is structured in increments of three seconds with a problem, solution, and verification of the solution. The text above the ad is short, simple, and to the point, emphasizing the benefits of the product and offering a free trial.

Analysis of Ad #2:

The second ad we will analyze is a product for weight loss. The ad starts with a visual hook of a person sweating and then goes on to highlight the ineffectiveness of common weight loss tricks found online. The ad then offers a solution to the problem with their product and goes on to explain how it works. The ad uses a contrast technique to show the benefits of their product versus what is currently available on the market. The ad then shows the product in action and explains how it helps with weight loss by increasing body temperature and sweating. The structure of the ad is simple, with an attention-grabbing hook, problem and solution, and verification of the solution. The text above the ad is short and simple, emphasizing the effectiveness of the product and offering a discount.

Both ads use effective techniques to grab attention, address common problems, offer solutions, and show the benefits of their products. The structure of the ads is simple and easy to follow, with a clear message that is easy to understand. The text above the ads is short and to the point, emphasizing the benefits of the products and offering free trials or discounts. By analyzing these successful ads, we can learn valuable lessons on how to structure and create effective ads that will resonate with our target audience.

DROPSHIPPING : Cette Nouvelle Stratégie Instagram CARTONNE (Pas Saturée)

Today, I am sharing a new Instagram strategy that has been a huge success. We have tested it for various products and it works wonders. The costs are low, and very few people are using it, so it's a jackpot opportunity if you master it.

- Instagram strategy that is successful and tested for different products


1. Discovery:

- Goal: to be seen by as many people as possible

- Objective: to get shares

- Use Facebook's interaction objectives to find people who are likely to comment, share and like your post

- Advantages: low cost, reach more people

2. Retargeting:

- Goal: to heat up the audience and lead them to buy

- Objective: to create a funnel

- Show the product and its benefits

- Use audience personalization on Facebook to target people who have watched 75% or more of your video

- Advantages: low cost, target people who are already interested in your product

3. Conversion:

- Goal: to sell

- Objective: to use a strong sales message with customer testimonials

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