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push ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

1 Easiest Way to Profit from Push Ads

Are you an affiliate who wants to make a lot of money online without spending too much on clicks? In this tutorial, I will show you one of my most successful push ads campaigns. I will demonstrate how to find the best landing pages, ads, payouts, and types of offers to make a lot of money. I will also show you that this method is still working today in multiple countries.

What are push ads?

Push ads are a type of pop-up notification that appears on people's mobile devices or computers. They are bought from push ad networks like Propeller Ads, Rich Ads, Zero Park, and Rev Content. Traffic is cheap, and there is no shortage of it, with billions of people online every day.


The best part about this method is that it does not require a sophisticated landing page. It is easy to set up, optimize, and make money. To get started, sign up for a CPA affiliate network like Max Bounty. Search for an offer that appears to come from the user's device, like security software, and target countries like Australia, Spain, or France.

Use a tool like AdPlexity to find the best ads and landing pages in your targeted country. Filter by ad category and days running to find ads related to the offer you are promoting. AdPlexity is the best spy tool for push ads and native ads.

Push ads are a profitable way to make money online, especially as a CPA affiliate. They are easy to set up, optimize, and make money with. Use a push ad network like Propeller Ads and a spy tool like AdPlexity to find the best ads and landing pages. Target countries that others are not targeting to make the most money.

Fastest Way To Make Money On Push Ads As A Newbie [Complete Tutorial]

In this video tutorial, we learn how to make money online with push ads. We will cover everything from selecting an offer to setting up the campaign and optimizing for success. Let's get started!

First, we want to select an offer with a high payout to get into profit quickly. We choose an offer that pays $2.40 per conversion for a single opt-in. We copy the offer link and our click ID token to a notepad document for safekeeping.

Next, we look at the landing page of the offer through a VPN since we are outside the US. We decide to create a landing page with a similar angle and copy for maximum conversions.

We set up our landing page in our tracker and make sure to include our click ID token in the URL and button for tracking purposes. We also include a hyperlink to the next page for extra clickability.

Finally, we verify our landing page and save our job. We are now ready to turn on our traffic and optimize for success in part two of the tutorial.

Key takeaways:

- Choose offers with high payouts for faster profits

- Create landing pages with similar angles and copy to the offer page for maximum conversions

- Include click ID tokens in URLs and buttons for tracking purposes

- Hyperlink to the next page for extra clickability

How to advertise Antiviruses via push ads in CPA marketing

Today's focus is on the antivirus vertical, which is a stable niche that is always in demand. With remote work becoming more prevalent, protecting devices from cyber threats has become a must. The pandemic has increased the risk of cybersecurity, making antivirus software essential. This article will provide insights and tips on promoting antivirus software.


- Push ads are the most efficient channel for promoting antivirus software.

- Choose premium sources that show high conversion rates and have high-quality traffic.

- Stick to desktops as they usually convert better, but mobile devices can work for smartphone offers.

- Use Edge and Chrome as browsers, and test both depending on the geo.

- New subscriber bases work well for the antivirus niche, and ask your manager to set the hours of subscription to get the freshest audience possible.

- Set up two campaigns simultaneously for usual and new bases to cover two user bases at once.

- Use Target CPA algorithm for automatic optimization and adjust to your desired cost per action.

- Test at least the price of 10 conversions for a minimum test.

- Use the new feature Performance Mode for the most converting and suitable traffic for your campaign settings.


- Find the best ad network with the best traffic sources for AV offers and create a whitelist or blacklist to exclude sources that don't work well.

- Communicate with account managers to find sources that work with AV offers and have volumes with attractive geo.

- Create campaigns with specific targeting for certain geo, operating system, and browsers.

- Use more than one dimension when optimizing campaigns for scalability and densities.

- Use a tracker for automatic adjustment to your desired cost per action.

- Increase the CPA limit to $50 for larger budgets and impressive payouts for antivirus offers.

The antivirus vertical is a niche that will always be in demand. Promoting antivirus software through push ads is efficient, but finding the right network and traffic sources is critical. Specific targeting and optimization are key to scalability and densities, and testing is necessary for minimum requirements. Use the new feature Performance Mode for the most converting and suitable traffic for your campaign settings.

CPA Marketing & Propeller Ads - Create Your First Profitable Campaign (CPA Marketing For Beginners)

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel on YouTube! Today, I'm going to show you how to create a Propeller Ads campaign and make money as fast as possible using CPA marketing offers. Now, I've made a video tutorial on CPA marketing and paid traffic in the past, but I want to make a separate video on how to actually create the campaign and pick the offer. So, guys, this video is for you if you want to get into paid traffic with CPA marketing.

Before we get started, make sure to smash that like button below in appreciation and also subscribe if you're new. This keeps me super motivated to create awesome content just like this for you. As you can see, guys, this is my Propeller Ads statistics back office, and this is just to show you that I do use Propeller Ads. I have more than 1 million and 650,000 impressions on these three campaigns that I ran in the past. And this is my Zedo account. As you can see, I do actually use these methods and make money with Propeller Ads and CPA marketing. So, guys, you want to stick with me for this video and don't skip forward because this video is very, very important if you want to get into paid traffic with CPA marketing.


1. Create a free Propeller Ads account.

2. Register for a free account on Zaydu, which is a CPA marketing network.

3. Connect your Propeller Ads account with your CPA network by copying the S2S postback URL from tracking in Propeller Ads and pasting it in the relevant field in your tracker or CPA network.

4. Pick an offer from Zaydu and copy the link provided in the offer description.

5. Head back to Propeller Ads and click on create campaign.

6. Edit the campaign name, select push notifications, and leave the pricing model to CPA goal.

7. Switch off the options under targeting options.

8. Paste the affiliate link in the target URL field.

9. Edit the target URL by adding two tracking macros, id= and var=, to track conversions and optimize the campaign later on.

10. Select the target country and set the CPA goal to 80% of the offer payout.

11. Save and launch the campaign.

So, guys, these are the steps to create a Propeller Ads campaign and make money with CPA marketing offers. Remember to optimize your campaign regularly and test different offers and targeting options. With patience and persistence, you can make a good income with CPA marketing and paid traffic.

Push Ads Tutorial - How to Easily Make Money With Push Ads

In this article, I will be discussing push ads and push notifications. I will provide a push ads tutorial, explaining how they work, and how affiliate marketers and media buyers can utilize them to enhance their campaigns and achieve better conversions. I will be using Propeller Media or Propeller Ads as an example to show you the workings behind the scenes and provide some examples.

Push Ads and Push Notifications:

- Push notifications are notifications that you receive on your phone after visiting a website where you have agreed to receive notifications.

- Website owners are building themselves a push notification list using tools like app.onesignal.com, a WordPress plugin that allows website owners to collect push subscribers.

- Some website owners want to monetize their push list and become a publisher on an ad network like Propeller Ads. Propeller Ads monetizes their push subscribers by giving them a cut of what comes in from media buyers and affiliates who are buying ads from Propeller.

- Push ads are actual advertisements that appear as little pop-ups on mobile phones or desktops after subscribing to push notifications.

- Push ads are cheaper than native ads, but their quality and targeting options are not as good.

- Push ads are harder for bots and fraud traffic to manipulate than native ads, making them effective for media buyers and affiliates.

How Push Ads Work:

- Media buyers and affiliates come to Propeller Ads to buy ads.

- Propeller Ads pays website owners who have built push lists to monetize their push subscribers.

- Push ads are shown to push subscribers as little pop-ups.

- Push ads are cheap, with a cost-per-click that is super cheap.

- Push ads are effective and convert well, but the quality and targeting options are not as good as native ads.

Example of Push Ads:

- Powerhouse Affiliate is a training platform that has a private member's area where they do live case studies all the time.

- The recent case study that they started was the Propeller Ads case study.

- The campaign started seven days ago in Germany, and the cost-per-click was super cheap.

- The details of the ads and landing pages can be found in the Powerhouse Affiliate case study.

Push ads and push notifications are effective and cheap traffic sources for media buyers and affiliates. Propeller Ads is a popular ad network that monetizes push subscribers for website owners, providing a cut of what comes in from media buyers and affiliates who buy ads from Propeller. Push ads are cheaper than native ads, but their quality and targeting options are not as good. However, they are harder for bots and fraud traffic to manipulate, making them effective for media buyers and affiliates.

Video 1: First In-Page Push campaign basics: What is it? Difference from classic push

Welcome to Propeller Ads! In this video, we will discuss the In-Page Push campaign launch. We will cover the following topics:

- What is In-Page Push?

- How is it different from Classic Push?

- How to set up your campaign, including pricing model, budget, targeting, scheduling, creatives, and other parameters.

- How to make your campaign more profitable.

What is In-Page Push?

In-Page Push is a traffic type within your push campaign. It works perfectly for iOS and macOS, which means that there are no platform restrictions. The main difference between In-Page Push and Classic Push notifications is that the former allows you to target more users, including those with MacBooks and iPhones. In-Page Push notifications are displayed on the publisher's website as banners. Users can either close it or press more to check what you have to offer. The CTR of In-Page Push notifications is even higher than Classic Push.

How to set up your campaign?

Here are some tips for setting up your In-Page Push campaign:

- Choose In-Page Push in the traffic types section of your Propeller Ads account.

- Pick Push notifications as the advertising format.

- Launch two parallel campaigns for Push and In-Page Push to get maximal profit.

- Separate these formats without mixing them in one campaign.

- Divide In-Page Push and Classic Push because they perform differently, and users' reactions vary regarding the format.

How to make your campaign more profitable?

To make your In-Page Push campaign more profitable, you can:

- Set a target URL and a pricing model.

- Choose a high Tik CPA goal.

- Keep track of your statistics, including CTR, CPA, user activity, and other variables.

In-Page Push is a great way to target more users, including those with MacBooks and iPhones. It has a higher CTR than Classic Push notifications, and it is displayed on the publisher's website as banners. To set up your campaign, choose In-Page Push in the traffic types section of your Propeller Ads account, and launch two parallel campaigns for Push and In-Page Push. To make your campaign more profitable, set a target URL and a pricing model, and keep track of your statistics. Thank you for watching, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for more videos!

EARN $102 PER DAY With Push Ads | How To Promote Affiliate Products With Propeller Ads

Hey guys, today I want to show you how you can make money promoting affiliate offers with push notifications. These push notifications are sent to people's phones, so you can use this strategy to target your audience through their phone using a simple push traffic notification. The reason why you want to use this strategy is that most people are on their phones, and most traffic comes from people using their phones. In this article, we will go through the step-by-step process of how to earn up to $102 per day with this strategy.

- Explanation of push notifications

- Importance of targeting mobile traffic

- Earning potential of up to $102 per day

Step 1: Find a product to promote

- Use any affiliate network such as Clickbank, Digisaw 24, Warrior Plus, Max Bounty, or JVZoo

- Look for high-ticket products with recurring commissions

- Example product: Get Paid Online to Do Simple Writing Jobs paying $102

Step 2: Check for an affiliate page

- Look for tools such as email swipes, image banners, and ad swipes

- Example affiliate page: Clickbank's Get Paid to Write Online page

Step 3: Create a campaign on PropellerAds

- Sign up as an advertiser

- Add funds ($5-$10) for paid traffic

- Choose Push Notifications as the advertising format

- Select Classic Push as the push notification type

- Use the In Push Page for all platforms

- Set pricing model to CPC

- Paste affiliate link into the campaign

- This strategy is an easy way to target mobile traffic and earn up to $102 per day

- Use high-ticket products with recurring commissions for the best results

- Check for an affiliate page with useful tools before promoting a product

- PropellerAds is a great platform for creating push notification campaigns

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