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Putting Backgrounds In Yur Videos Tutorial

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Putting Backgrounds In Yur Videos Tutorial

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Putting Backgrounds In Yur Videos Tutorial

youtubers king human here and I'm doing
a special video because i got a request
from some of my viewers to tell them how
i do this background thing that's going
on here and believe me it's not
complicated i mean if i can do it i'm an
idiot you know if I can do it you can do
it you're gonna need a few things though
you're going to need a green piece of
material to put behind you it's called a
green screen actually the whole process
is called chroma key and it's what the
weather guys use all that crap anyway
you're gonna need a piece of green
material and you're going to need some
lights to evenly like that green
material let me turn off the background
so you can see what's doing behind me
here okay now you can see there's a
piece of green material back there and
you know it should be evenly lit I can
see in my monitor that it's not it's got
some deep coloration right over my head
here it's brighter over here and over
here try and light it as evenly as you
can and that's going to help you out and
what you want to do is go to fabric
store or someplace and just get some
green fabric very cheap you know if you
go to a Photoshop or or a video store
it's going to be real expensive for
green screen material you can also find
this stuff cheap on ebay then just hang
it up behind you and try not to get so
close to the material that you cast a
shadow on it see I'm sitting pretty far
back if I get close to it see you'll see
that that cast a shadow that's what you
want to avoid you don't want to have a
shadow on your green screen you just
want to have a green color and later on
what you're going to do in your software
is you're going to take out all that
green color and tell your software
everywhere that
there's green put this image or this
picture and it's real simple to do like
I say so that's basically and I'm not
going to get into heavy details about it
just going to show you the down and
dirty on it so that you can do it okay
you can drop all kinds of backgrounds in
on this green screen you can have a
motion background you can have still
picture background and you know it's
pretty cool it's pretty cool and I'll
get into the different kinds of
backgrounds you can drop in there when
we get into the editing part but anyway
just wanted to show you a couple of the
different you know effects you can do
with this and now I'll go on in to the
editing mode and show you exactly how to
do it okay guys I've opened up my sony
vegas as you can see and this is the
project this is in fact the exact
project you just watched and if i scroll
down here you'll you'll recognize some
of this stuff you'll see these are some
of the motion backgrounds i dropped in
that you saw just a moment ago so anyway
here's what's going on um I I dropped in
this video I made of myself sitting in
front of a green screen and what I did
was I dropped it into the video overlay
track and you know you can put it in
whatever track you want but for chroma
keying we want to put it in a video
overlay track and then in the video
track that's where we want to drop our
background media whether it be a still
picture or a animated picture so go into
your Explorer and you know your software
may be a little different than the Vegas
but they're all basically the same and
find the JPEG image if you want to use a
still image and just kind of drag and
drop it in there and line up the edge
right here with the edge of your video
and you can make this as long
short as you need it to be but if you
look in our preview area we've dropped
it in but we still only see green screen
that's because we haven't activated the
chroma key so go over here into video
effects and what we're going to look for
is the chromic here and go over here to
green screen click on that and just drag
and drop it onto there and you can see
whoops you can see it's already trying
to do the job of removing that green
background and the JPEG picture is
starting to show through so what we need
to do is tell it to get the right color
green in there and you know key out all
of this this green get the exact shade
so click on your eyedropper tool and try
and find a good representational spot
and just click on that and then you've
got these sliders for fine-tuning and
what you want to do is you just want to
goof around with these two sliders okay
I this isn't working so my color is way
off and you may have to take a couple of
tries at getting the right color keyed
in and then I'll slide this until I get
solid and then I'll slide this until the
all the artifacts in the background
leave and you can see how it works just
goof with this these adjustments until
you get them right and this little blur
on the edges just kind of feathers it
out and you know we're just toking
about good enough for you to kind of
stuff so that's all there is to it and
you know over here like I say you can
use these motion backgrounds and they're
pretty cool and you can find these
motion backgrounds you can find them on
internet or on ebay a company that sells
them is called their the actual name of
these things are juice backs and I
forget the name of the company but you
can also do this you can also just go
out oops let me take that away because
that was a demonstration that I actually
wanted to show you earlier you can go
out and shoot your own backgrounds just
take your camera go somewhere scenic and
shoot these backgrounds like this one I
did of these girls playing volleyball on
the beach now one one thing you may want
to do is if you've got a lot of busy
stuff going on like this and all this
stuff but you still want a motion
element one of the things you can do is
go in here and find the Gaussian blur
and just give it a light blurring effect
and that will kind of give you a little
depth of field and kind of separate you
from the background it's kind of a neat
little trick watch I'll play it for you
and you can see you still get the idea
that there's something going on in the
background and it's still cool but you
kind of get separated out and that's
just one tiknique anyway that gives you
the idea of what's going on if you have
any questions give me a an email drop me
a line i'll try and help you as much as
i can and if you liked this tutorial
maybe i'll make another one on
transitions and special effects all
right good luck i want to see some
results from you people cheers

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