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q4 dropshipping

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads


what's going on, guys? welcome to a new video. so in this one, I'm going to show you five of the biggest products to Dropship in Q4. these are all hand-picked by myself and data backed, so these aren't just random products that I've plucked out of thin air for the sake of doing a YouTube video. these are all products that are backed by data and I'm going to be taking you through that and showing you that in the video. so if you're watching this video, looking for a product to invest yourself in and commit to and take advantage of this great time of year, of the most profitable time of year for any e-commerce business, then I highly recommend giving one of these products a go. and so, with that being said, thanks for tuning in. let's jump straight into product number one. so product number one is this flame effect diffuser. let's take a look at the products on AliExpress just so you can see how cool this product is and the effects that it creates. in my opinion, it's guaranteed to get attention on Facebook. diffusers, over the last sort of five or six years, have really increased in demand and more and more people are buying them. however, as we come into Q4, that demand increases dramatikally, and I can prove this to you by showing you the Google Trends information. so if we have a look at this graph from Google Trends- so this is for the search term of diffuser in the UK since 2004- we can see since kind of like since 2013, 2014, really- the demand for them has been pretty non-existent, but there's been a slow and gradual increase. so we can see that demand, year on year since 2015, has increased and always exceeded the previous year. so if history is anything to go on, the demand for this product will be an all-time high come December time this year, which in turn, makes it a great option to capitalize on Q4. we can see from this supplier here we can buy this product for 13 pounds and five pence, and this also comes with guaranteed 15-day shipping. my advice would be to sell this product to 39.99 to about 40 pounds, leaving a profit margin- a healthy profit margin- of 26 pounds and 94 Pence per sale. by the way, I forgot to mention you want a copy of this presentation with all of the products and all of the links to AliExpress, Google Trends, recommended prices, everything. if we can get this video to say, let's do 60 likes, then I'll put a free link for everybody to get instant access to it. in the pinned comment down below, my recommended interests on Facebook for this product would be: LED lamp, home Decor products, interior design and lighting designer. this is going to Target people who take pride in what the interior of their homes looks like. they also have a passion for lighting Products, so we combine both of these interests together with the audience that we target. product number two is a completely different audience, but again it's in one of the niches- probably the biggest niche of Q4, which is, of course, toys. the reason I like this product so much is because it solves the biggest pain point with these types of products. so when it comes to any remote control, whether it's a car or plane- or I featured a dinosaur in my video last week- the biggest issue is always them breaking, because they're usually quite fragile because they're traveling at high speeds and planes can obviously fall from the sky. the reason I like this product so much is because it's pretty much indestructible. if we take a look at this video from this partikular supplier- I'll try and turn this down a little bit so it's not too loud. if I'm correct, this is the video where they show the plane being ran over and still working. I think they show somebody stamping on it at some point as well. so, like I said earlier, it fixes that pain Point. people don't have to worry about this being broken the first time they use it. they're going to get many uses out of it. if we take a look at the search term for remote control toy in the UK since 2004, we can see that it's pretty much at a breakout point. so in these last couple of weeks there's been a massive surge, a massive spike in popularity and trend for these partikular toys, which again makes it a great option for a product so you can start Drop Shipping right away. it's readily available to capitalize on Q4. so we've just seen we can buy this product for 16 pounds and four Pence, which is really cheap in my opinion. I'd recommend selling these products for about 50 pounds. you could probably sell it for a little bit more, but start with 50 pounds and see how things go, because even still at this price it leaves a really healthy profit margin of 33 pounds and 95 Pence. my recommended targets and interests would definitely be to start with parents with pre-teens, so anybody over the age of sort of eight plus. I would definitely tie Target. there's lots of different age ranges that you can Target, so you could split these up, ad set by ad set, see which one is working best and then double down on the most profitable ranges. I'd also include interests like hot toys, so these are going to be the really popular toys people are looking for. for Q4, Toys R Us is still an interest you can Target even though they've gone out of business. that way, you're going to make sure that you're targeting parents who used to shop there or have an interest in toys and therefore have children, and I would also recommend targeting to Smith's Superstore, which is probably the biggest toy store here in the UK right now. product number three is this pressure point release for the neck. products like this always do really well on social media, on platforms like Facebook, when advertising, and it's because they have a real kind of a tension grabbing or wow factor in the videos. so you may have seen that back cracker or back relief or pain relief product. it's basically like a curved shape plastik thing with prods in, basically like this is for your neck but it's for your back, and there's a viral video that went round on pretty much every platform and it starts by somebody lying on it and then there's an artificial sound of somebody's back cracking, but it has such a kind of impact on somebody. it's the sort of noise that makes you shiver when you hear it. so I definitely think of products like this could do the same thing with the same style of video: ad creative. another reason why I really like this product is because it's super cheap, making it a super easy one to get started in. the cheaper products are always going to be easier to sell, because it's obviously a lot easier to convince somebody to convert on 25 pounds than it is, say, 50 pounds or 75 pounds. so, from this partikular supplier, I recommend everybody do your due diligence when it comes to research on suppliers to make sure you have the right one for you. this is obviously going to depend on what country you're Drop Shipping to. for this partikular supplier, I found they have again guaranteed 15 day delivery. I've mentioned it in past previous videos, so I'll only touch on it now, but my advice would be to all always try and Source your products off of AliExpress, because you tend to find better suppliers or better agents away from this platform. AliExpress is great for product research and it's great for showing you the actual product so you can see all the information, prices, that sort of thing. but any good drop shipper will know that you'll be better off going to somebody like CJ Drop Shipping or an agent to Source your products from, because they're typically higher quality and you get better treatment as well. if we look at the Google Trends information for neck massager, this one actually quite surprised me and there's not really been much demand at all since 2015. but what we can see is there's been an increase in demand year on year since 2015 and it always peaks in popularity in December. now 2020 was the highest. but if we kind of ignore that- because that was covered years probably when most people, or more people, were working from home or working from desks, that sort of thing, that's probably why that's so high. but

Dropshipping : Réussir son Q4 2022 (ma stratégie secrète révélée)

salut à toi et bienvenue dans cette nouvelle vidéo dans laquelle on va voir comment réussir son Q4. dans cette vidéo, j'ai notamment te révéler une stratégie qui est vraiment très, très puissante. je t'assure que si tu la mets en place et que tu respectes bien les étapes que je vais te donner, tu auras du résultat. donc, écoute bien la vidéo jusqu'à la fin, c'est très important. avant de commencer cette vidéo, je m'adresse à toutes les personnes qui débutent ou qui veulent se lancer en e-commerce ou qui n'ont pas encore franchi le pas. je t'ai fait une formation 100% gratuite. tu trouveras le lien en description pour créer ta boutique Shopify en moins d'une heure. en moins d'une heure, je te montre toutes les étapes pour que tu puisses créer ta boutique et avoir une boutique qui soit prête à accueillir tes premiers clients. donc, tu as le lien en description. c'est entièrement gratuit, donc profites-en. donc, comme d'habitude, je t'invite à bombarder la barre de like et n'hésite pas à me dire dans les commentaires si tu veux des vidéos sur le cul fort, par exemple sur la recherche produit. si tu veux que je te montre des produits à fort potentiel pour cette fin d'année, n'hésite pas à me dire un petit peu ce que tu veux voir comme prochaines vidéos. et enfin, si tu n'es pas encore abonné, je t'invite tout de suite à le faire pour ne pas manquer les prochaines vidéos. on commence tout de suite et j'ai déjà répondu à une première question. c'est quoi déjà le plus fort? donc, le plus fort, en fait, c'est le quatrième trimestre de l'année, donc en fait, ce sont les trois derniers mois de l'année, en l'occurrence octobre, novembre, décembre. pourquoi on parle toujours de cette période là en e-commerce? tout simplement parce que c'est la période la plus prolifique. c'est la période où vous ferez le plus de ventes, parce que les gens sont beaucoup plus enclins à acheter, notamment avec le Black Friday et également les fêtes de fin d'année. donc, c'est une période super importante parce que c'est dans cette période que tu vas maximiser tes résultats. vu que les gens sont dans une dynamique d'achat, ça sera beaucoup plus facile de les convaincre d'acheter tes produits, vu que ils attendent que ça. donc, là, on est fin septembre, c'est dès maintenant qu'il faut le préparer. ça se prépare pas deux semaines avant le Black Friday ou deux semaines avant Noël, c'est dès maintenant. tu dois avoir ta stratégie en tête, savoir exactement ce que tu vas faire pour pouvoir être prêt et encaisser un max de résultats pendant cette période, donc pendant le confort, il y a trois dates clés. la première, ça va être le Black Friday, donc cette année, ça va tomber le 25 novembre 2022. ensuite, c'est suivi, donc le même week-end, par le Cyber Monday, donc ça sera le 28 novembre. au final, pendant cette période, on va faire des grosses réductions qui vont s'étaler pendant une semaine, voire même jusqu'à deux semaines. on peut prolonger, en fait, ou même faire des préventes ou des préréductions avant le vendredi. ça se fait de plus en plus. donc, on va compter à peu près une à deux semaines, ou vraiment, on va pouvoir envoyer en terme de marketing et faire des grosses réductions. donc maintenant, je vais t'expliquer ma stratégie. ce qui est important, c'est que tu puisses arriver dans cette période avec déjà une boutique qui soit prête et un produit que tu vends déjà. tu vas pas faire ton testing pendant cette période là, parce que c'est pas comme ça que tu vas maximiser de tes résultats, pour que, quand tu vas arriver au mois de novembre, tu es déjà un produit ou plusieurs produits qui se vendent déjà bien et là, tu pourras vraiment maximiser tes résultats. quoi vendre comme type de produit? alors, en cette période de fin d'année, tu peux vendre vraiment tout type de produits, les produits qui vont le mieux fonctionner. ça va être des produits à offrir, donc typiquement des cadeaux. tu as vraiment un large panel possible. ça peut être des produits de décoration, ça peut être des produits spécial Noël, ça peut être des produits de cuisine, des produits de bricolage de voiture, des jouets pour les enfants, tout ce qui est bijoux, accessoires, mode. ça marche aussi très, très bien au final. vraiment, tous les produits que tu peux offrir, ça va être des produits intéressants. en général, durant cette période, les gens achètent un petit peu de tout. si tu veux une vidéo plus en détail sur les produits, n'hésite pas à me dire en commentaire. maintenant, on va parler du marketing et des offres. c'est certainement l'élément le plus important qui va te permettre de te différencier clairement durant cette période. tu peux y aller en termes de réduction. tu peux faire vraiment des offres très agressives. tu peux faire un marketing agressif, donc, en utilisant les mots réduction of limité, stok limité, offre réservé au 100 premiers clients, etc. ça, tu vas pouvoir le faire parce que, effectivement, c'est sur une période limitée et les gens sont habitués à ça durant cette période. donc, ça posera aucun souci. tu peux y aller à fond, que ça soit sur ton site ou dans tes publicités, je t'invite à essayer de faire vraiment des offres différentes de ce que vont faire les concurrents, étant donné que tout le monde va faire des offres de réduction. essaye d'être un peu créatif par rapport à ça. par exemple, en faisant des bundle, donc tu regroupes plusieurs produits, ou faire des offres du style: un produit acheté, le deuxième à moins 50%, ou si tu achètes deux produits, tu as le troisième offert, etc. etc. des offres, au final, qui sont classiques, que vous connaissez peut-être déjà, mais qui sont très, très performantes, et encore plus pendant cette période. ensuite, au niveau du tra, comment gérer le trafic? donc, on va faire principalement de la publicité. évidemment, si vous avez déjà une boutique avec une audience, une communauté des emails ou une communauté sur les réseaux sociaux, vous allez bombarder évidemment en contenu pour faire venir les gens et pour promouvoir vos offres. si c'est pas le cas, vous allez évidemment faire de la publicité. donc, là, utiliser les canaux qui sont adaptés à votre produit, que ce soit sur facebook, TikTok, Google, etc. et en termes de publicité, vous pouvez vraiment, encore une fois, faire des publicités: accès vraiment sur le prix, sur les offres limitées du moment, sur des grosses séductions, sur l'urgence que l'offre est limitée jusqu'à ce soir, par exemple ce genre de choses. ça, vous pouvez y aller. il y aura pas de souci maintenant. au niveau de la publicité, on va pas se mentir: durant cette période, il y a beaucoup plus de concurrence et, en général, les coûts publicitaires augmentent, ce qui fait qu'au final, quand vous débutez, quand vous venez de lancer une nouvelle boutique, à ce moment là, ça peut être un petit peu compliqué parce que vous êtes en concurrence avec tout le monde qui ont des offres plus alléchantes, qui ont des comptes Facebook ou des pixels beaucoup plus développés. donc, ça peut être compliqué de se lancer durant cette période, parce que même les coûts publicitaires vont augmenter. je vous encourage quand même à faire des pubs, au moins tester. en général, les taux de conversion durant cette période augmente. donc, même si le coût de la publicité augmente, au final, vous ferez plus de ventes derrière. donc, il y a moyen quand même d'être rentable et une autre alternative possible à ça. ça fait deux ans déjà que je mets en place cette stratégie. je vous l'expliquer maintenant. c'est une manière un petit peu différente, mais ça va vous permettre de maximiser vos résultats et pas que donc, l'objectif premier, ça va être de vendre et l'objectif second, ça va être également de construire une communauté ou une audience autour de votre boutique. aujourd'hui, si tu vas avoir des résultats sur la durée, être stable et pour avoir une rentrée d'argent chaque mois, tu dois viser le long terme. c'est pour ça que moi, par exemple, cette année, je vais pas faire de boutique spéciale pour Halloween, parce qu'en général, tu vas faire une boutique, tu vas vendre ton produit, puis une fois qu'Halloween est passé, c'est terminé. donc, je t'encourage à avoir la même vision.


10+ Shopify Dropshipping Products To Sell For Q4

one of my good friends recently asked me if i knew any products that he could start a drop shipping business around. he's starting an ecom store and he wants to start it out with drop shipping, so in today's video, i'm going to be speed running some tiktok live product research here with the tool that i love to use called minia. i think this is one of the best ways to find trending products out there that you could start selling as well, and it's also great education, because then you can see what kind of tiktoks are actually popping off. so let's get right into it. the first one we're gonna watch is this one right here: thanks to plug, i was able to get this new iphone for less than full price. there are always tons of certified, pre-owned devices thanks to plug, quality checked and packaged by their in-house team, so i know i'm getting a top-of-the-line phone for the absolute best. okay. so this is not really a normal store. this is a shopify store, though, but it's more of a tik reselling store. interesting, i've never seen something like this. wait, that this is really interesting. i've never seen something like this and it's popping off. i'll probably review this closely in a different video, but this is a really good ad. do you see what they're doing here? they're toking about the benefits. they're toking about some of the features of their service. but let's proceed here. innovative earplugs for swimmers- very, very quick ad. okay, so this is a very interesting product. it's just a product that allows you to swim without getting your ears plugged. that's actually pretty smart, especially for people that are avid swimmers. this ad right here is so simple, right, but it has almost a million views. pretty awesome. we decided not to partner with apple, even though it would be an incredible experience. they would make our product too expensive for everyone. whoa, that's such a good ad, oh my god. so this is actually a solid product. i've seen this before. this is a popular drop shipping product and this brand obviously just took it to the next level. you can see, but really, what's genius about this is the marketing. so somebody asked them a question about how they should partner with apple. maybe it was a random comment, maybe it was manufactured to look like it was a random comment, and then they made a tiktok about it. very smart, really good stuff right here. this has four million views. okay, so i actually have to get rid of the music here, but, as you see, this is just a fairy choker, very interesting product. clearly it's getting a ton of demand, oh my gosh. so look at these prices. that's insane. and these are sold. so this isn't quite, you know, a drop shipping store, but it's still very interesting. she's selling these handmade bags. that's incredible. these designs are so cool. so very original designs, very cool stuff. that's the thing, guys. sometimes you don't really need to sell the most innovative product in the world. you just have to show people something new that they haven't really seen before. it could be a variation of a product, like a handbag- damn, we actually saw this one last time and now it has 6 million views. this is a pretty good product. right here, it's just like a eyebrow trimming kit, kind of like a grooming kit. [Music] just thins them out, etc. so this is still a great product and, as you can see, it's basically just a beauty store. they're using the sun's theme on shopify, which is a great shopify theme. you guys should definitely try it out. it's free, which is pretty crazy. do you want? [Music]? i one. i don't really know what it does, but this has a million views. not really sure what that does, but apparently this is just a general story, wow, okay. so, as you can see, this person is just mass testing products on just a general store, which is not a bad idea, honestly, if you just want to keep things lean. i'm not really sure what this product does, but clearly it's popping off. wow, this has 30 million views. let's see, ouch, okay. yeah, well, it's just a little gun, so i guess just a simple piercing gun can blow up on tiktok. so, yeah, i mean, i would have never known that, but they're selling them for very cheap. a lot of these products are super affordable and that's probably how they're making it work on tiktok. now, of course, there's probably going to be some shipping costs, but very interesting stuff. a lot of general stores on tiktok nowadays, you can tell a lot of people are starting to spam test products for q4. so a fast fashion pad versus the pad that they're selling. so this is for women and their menstrual cycles and i guess it's supposed to absorb 20 tampons worth of blood. that's a lot. let's see what the product is. so nyxcom- i've never seen this before. whoa, so really interesting brand. this isn't drop shipping, but there's still a lot of inspiration that you could get from something like this. wow, they're driving a lot of traffic, okay, so we'll keep that one in the notes for a future video. how to wash your hands with the peach pig jelly soaps. i started making jelly soaps for kids and then i found that adults are the ones buying it for themselves. and hey, i'm here for it. wait, that's pretty cool. pick a pet, give your pig a name- my toddler named him george- spank his butt, do whatever you got to do, rinse them off and then just wash your hands. this is a good idea for kids, especially after you know the pandemic. people are very much interested in washing their hands. this makes it fun, as you can see here again. this is the sense theme on shopify- a free theme, by the way, the logo is really bad. this store could definitely use some help. but wow, there's the jelly soap. so this is all like handmade stuff, i guess, and this lady is probably doing really, really well. this has four million views, whoa, so it's just a sponge man. sometimes some of the most boring products just pop off. i'm not really sure why, but these magic sponges, i guess, are getting a lot of hype on tiktok. this is a pretty clean landing page, extremely simple, as you see, it looks like another general store. they don't really give you any options here to do anything else, so you can clearly see that the most important thing is the marketing. give me a new strata pen. click, because my teacher stole mine. we're giving everyone a free strata pin if their comment has zero likes in 30 minutes, but they must like, share and follow. that was a pretty good ad: 5 million views for this stratopen. so it's just a pen. it's nothing too crazy here, but it's just a lot of fun for people. it's like a good fidget toy. this is perfect for tik tok. it's popping off. people are really loving this. whoa, this is a very quick ad, but it has 4 million views. it just has a scary, spooky music that i can't really share. but very interesting product. i mean, i've never seen this before, but this store is selling it again. this is the sense theme on shopify, a free theme. it's crazy how many tiktok stores are using this theme. this seems to be another general store guys. so, wow, this is a common trend. okay, so this has almost a million views and it's just this pen that you can also turn into one of those geometric shape thingies- i forgot what they're called. oh, and it also has a ruler. okay, so it's just like a multi-purpose pen and it's going off. another general store. guys, this is so crazy. people are testing so many products right now. this is it right here- looks pretty good. well, there you have it, guys. i guess the moral of this story is: start testing projects on tik tac, because a lot of people are doing it and a lot of people are finding a lot of success right now, which means people are buying this stuff. so just get started. remember, don't overthink too much and just take action. and once you legitimize your brand and up to where you're doing- 30, 40, 50k a month- you can hit your boy up at a cami and we'll help you scale it further. but that's about it. see you guys, in the next video. peace.

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My Dropshipping Niches That Will Make You $100K+ [2022 Q4] 📈

Q4, otherwise known as the Ecom Super Bowl [Music], with it already be in September, it's quickly approaching us and you need to get ready, but the exciting thing about the Ecom Super Bowl versus the regular Super Bowl is that, instead of lasting only four hours, it actually goes on for three whole months. three months of consumers absolutely losing their minds, waiting in long lines overnight and thinking that they got the best deal in the world on Black Friday. so why is Q4 the Ecom Super Bowl of the world? well, it's because we have Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and probably some other holidays I forgot to mention. in just the fourth quarter alone in 2021, consumer spending reached over 13.8 trillion dollars and in the same quarter of 2020, it reached 12.93, which means year over year, people continue to spend more and more over the fourth quarter. so obviously the spending is there and all that we need to do is take a little piece of that spending energy in the US to start seeing some serious profits and to get you guys all jazzed up, one of my Brand's last Q4 did just over 243 thousand dollars, with higher profit margins because I was focusing heavily on email marketing. but before we get into the meat of the video. let's do the giveaway as always. so the giveaway for this video is a custom built Shopify website made by me personally and my team at Ecom, remastered, and not only are we building a custom website for you, but we're adding 10 winning products already onto the store this time around, maybe leave a comment- that's a takeaway from this video that really helped you out the most- and also make sure that you're watching this video all the way through, because I'm announcing the winner of last videos giveaway somewhere in this video, so make sure you're paying attention. now, with all that being said, in this video, I'm going to be sharing my top unsaturated niches to sell this Q4 of 2022.. there's some really great ones in here with some great marketing angles, so make sure that you're taking some of these ideas and really putting them to life this Q4 so that way, you can cut off a sweet piece of that Ecom Q4 Pi. let's get right into the video, alright, so let's get right into it. the very first Niche that's unsaturated: the cell in Q4 is stoking stuffers, so everyone's toking about selling certain products for the holiday season that are over saturated and sold year over year, but no one's focusing on the small section of the large Market overall. so most families in the United States that celebrate Christmas do stoking stuffers and they fill them with little gifts and little Trinkets and things like like that, and every single person seems to be having a hard time finding exactly what to put in their relative stokings. this is where this Niche comes in handy and this is where you come in. my idea is putting together a store that has customizable and pre-packaged options for stokings, so it's going to make this entire process of stoking so much easier, while still having some personalization to it, because you can pick out certain things. for example, on your website, you could have the ability to put customizable gifts together in packages. an example would be: if someone really likes golf or someone is into skin care or beauty, you can customize those packages that have certain Beauty things or certain golf things in them, and then you just order it to your house and it's all bundled up really nicely and then they drop it right in their stoking and you're good to go. you could even take it as far as doing some like laser etching or personalized items that you could throw in there. that would really give it a nice touch now check this out. so if you go on Google search Trends and you type in stoking stuffer, look at this every single year, right, it goes all the way up to 100 in December 12th through the 18th. so this gives you a little bit of time to prep. so if you can put together this website between, like, September, October, maybe November at the latest, and start advertising this, you're going to make a really quick buck and a lot of people are going to purchase from you, because I can't really find anything like this online, right. so, like, I've been looking and the only thing that I came up with was on Etsy, right? so well, not all this stuff is stoking stuffer, but, um, there's actually some weird stuff on here, but there was like no customizable websites that they could put pre-packaged things together and order the stokings that are customizable, like I was saying. so if you go to Etsy, I mean, it's really all just like a bunch of random weird stuff that people, I guess, think as like stoking stuffers, but there's not really good built out website for this, and I think there's so much opportunity here with these pre-packaged custom things that really no one's taken advantage of and no one's really toking about stoking stuffers. everyone's telling you online and YouTube what gimmicky product that you have to sell this holiday season. guess what, what? what? those are all going to be saturated. you're gonna have so much competition. you have to start thinking outside the box and this is a great idea that's going to help you get there and really the logistiks of this is not that hard as it seems right. so on your website you could have a bunch of different bundle offers and things that pop up that say like: add this together, add this together, add this together. these all match, like you see on Amazon right where it says frequently bought together and they're like little packages. so you'd Focus heavily on that. and then you make sure to communicate with your supplier that they can Source all of these products so they come in one package. you're going to increase your average order value. you're going to save on shipping. you're gonna have really good margins. in. the first marketing angle for your ad creative that comes to my mind is: the holidays are always extremely busy. no one really has any extra free time. people are juggling the holidays, with kids having time off from school and people still having to go to work. so a marketing angle and an ad creative could be a ugc style content add on, like tiktok or Facebook, showing how easy it is to order from your website to get these pre-packaged gifts and stoking stuffers. so it gives them back all their free time to enjoy with friends and family. all right, everyone struggles finding the perfect gift for their family member, right? specifically, parents like. who knows what their parents want for Christmas? I mean pretty much no one. right during this holiday season, people want to be shown ads that are the perfect gift for their parents, and this is the perfect time to use that marketing angle heavily. so this brings me to my next Niche. that's unsaturated, and I think it's Dad gifts for mom gifts. again, going back to Google search Trends, if you're typing dad gifts specifically, it bounces every single year around the Christmas time frame and then I'm assuming, yeah, June over here is Father's Day, right? so there's two really seasonal points for dad gifts and the same with mothers, right, because there's Mother's Day and then also Christmas time, where no one knows what to get gifts for either of those holidays, and this is where you provide the solution for them. and I pulled up an example website of a great dad gift, right? so this website is Ridge wallets. I've probably toked about it before on my channel. I really like the way they do their advertising. I'm expecting to see some perfect dad gifts for Father's Day and Christmas and things like that, right- some ads coming from this company. this is a great example of a dad product, right- a really cool Sleek wallet. and what I would do if I was on the marketing team for Ridge is I would put together an ad that is basically be shaming your dad's old wallet, right. so I'll tell you, does your dad have like this old clunky wallet from like 1970s? get him this up-to-date Sleek wallet like he's gonna love it. it organizes all of his ca.

BOOST Your Q4 Dropshipping Sales | The Ultimate Secret

Q4, what a wonderful phrase. It means the last three months of the year, a long list of big events and booming sales for a dropshipping business. Shopping sprees come with events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. So Q4 is the biggest chance for dropshippers to make a big profit in the year. But big chances come with big challenges. What you will face would be like fickle inventory, increasing ads fees, expensive shipping, as well as bad delivery, delays and the like. because you got much more orders, so do others. this adds incredible pressure to the producing, processing and delivery lines. If you are not fully prepared for all of these challenges beforehand, you are about to lose your customers, their orders and perhaps 80% of the annual revenue. Pre-stok, and especially pre-stok in a local warehouse in your target market, could be a great solution to avoid uncertain inventory, bad delivery time and unhappy customers. So in this video I will explain why pre-stok for the Q4 is necessary and how to pre-stok to CJ overseas warehouses which charge no storage fees. First let’s go over what you can do better if you pre-stok for Q4. 1.You don’t need to worry about the inventory. Winning products sell much more faster than you can imagine- and there is not. you get the supply from the supplier. if you don’t pre-stok for your winning products, there is a chance that you got orders but the products are out of supply. 2.The processing time will be much shorter. When you pre-stok in CJ warehouses, the processing time would be in 24 hours, Compares with 2-5 days processing time without a stok in the CJ warehouse. 3.The delivery time is in 3-7 days, which is very competitive during the high season. 4.You will win your customers’ trust and satisfaction because it will show "send out from the domestik warehouse". Next, let’s see how many warehouses CJ has over the world and where’s the location. Until now, CJ has been working on expanding the warehouses both in China and overseas to help dropshippers stok and fulfill the orders, Including two US warehouses, one Germany warehouse and three warehouses in China. All of these warehouses can be used by dropshippers to stok inventory with no storage cost and fulfill orders with fast local shipping. As the US and EU markets are the main markets for dropshipping, so the US warehouses and Germany warehouse could be the top choices for you. CJ has two warehouses relatively in the east and west of the US. One is in New Jersey and the other is in Chino, If you choose the US warehouse to ship your products. we usually allocate the closest one for you according to the order destination, so that your customers can receive the packages as soon as possible. You only need to check out for the product costs. CJ will take care of the shipping to the warehouse and the storage. Our Germany warehouse is located in Frankfurt, but it can ship to other countries in Europe. If your customers are mainly from Europe, the warehouse will be a good choice to ship products from. If you sell in Europe, you can prepare your private inventory and choose to stok in our Germany warehouse. In this part, I will show you how to buy the pre-stok inventory to CJ warehouses. You only need a few clicks to get your inventory ready on CJ. Check this flowchart. Step 1. Find your product on the CJ marketplace. You can search for the product directly on CJ or post a free sourcing request to let CJ find the supplier for you. For whom might first hear about “sourcing”, which is also the main function to help dropshippers to find the supplier for their winning product according to the product URL they provide. When the sourcing is finished, you will have the priority to make this product only visible to you. Every user can enjoy the service for sourcing 5 items free every day. Sourcing service can bring you more opportunities to develop your own winning products from other competitors. Step 2. Add the items to your purchase list and click Preorder Inventory. After you target the product, you can go to the product page and click “Bulk Purchase”. You will see the items you chose are on your purchase list. Now click the “Preorder Inventory” button to check out. Step 3. Choose the overseas warehouse to stok them. Now you only need to select the warehouse you are going to pre-stok in and submit your request. Please note that the MOQ for stoking in the US warehouses should be no less than 10pcs for one variant and no less than 100pcs for the total, And for the Germany warehouse, the product quantity for one SKU is no less than 100pcs. Step 4. Deduct the inventory directly for your orders. Now you have already finished the preparation for private inventory. CJ will help you to purchase, ship and stok your products in the warehouse. The next time when you have new orders in, you can deduct the item from your inventory on CJ directly And the parcel can be delivered to your customer by fast local shipping. If you feel a bit lost, please remember that you can ask the agent for help anytime. Go to the chatroom and tok to the 24 hours online agent directly. they will help you with your problem and provide advice for your orders. So much for the procedure to prepare your own inventory using CJ’s overseas warehouse. In this way, the turn-over time of your orders will be shortened greatly. This is so important to improve the shopping experience of your customers when they are ordering in your online store. At the end of the video, don’t forget to subscribe to us and leave your questions below. If you have any problems with your inventory, orders or dropshipping, just contact us and get real-time support on the CJ app. If you don’t have a CJ account yet, just log in from the link in the description. there are no membership fees to use CJ. we are ready to help you anytime. Thanks so much for watching. I’m demi from CJdropshipping. see you in our next video. bye.

Les Meilleurs Produits Gagnants pour le Q4 2022 en Dropshipping

je vais te PARTAGER les meilleurs produits à vendre pendant le confort en dropshipping. [Musique]. salut à toi et bienvenue dans cette nouvelle vidéo. dans cette vidéo, je vais te PARTAGER les meilleurs produits avant pour le plus fort en dropshipping. mais je vais faire différemment. d'habitude, je passe seulement te donner des produits, comme ça. mais on va aller plus en profondeur. je vais faire des recherches moi-même directement sur Aliexpress. je vais te montrer en fait tout simplement plutôt des niches, des catégories de produits que tu vas pouvoir vendre, et après, ça sera à toi de faire tes recherches, de prendre parmi les différents produits, les différentes idées que je vais te proposer, sera beaucoup plus pertinent ce que je vais plutôt apprendre à pêcher plutôt que de te donner directement du poisson. là, l'idée, c'est plutôt de vous apprendre à faire vos propres recherches. mais vous inquiétez pas, je vais quand même vous donner des idées de produits, des idées niches, etc. dans cette vidéo. à m'en aller plus loin, si tu souhaites créer ta boutique Shopify en moins d'une heure, oui, c'est possible. tu as une formation 100% gratuite dans la description, c'est le premier lien. c'est gratuit. donc, inscris-toi, regarde la formation, applique la formation et tu auras ta boutique Shopify qui sera prête pour accueillir tes premiers clients en moins d'une heure, alors ça prendra peut-être un peu plus de temps pour toi. c'est juste que la vidéo fait moins d'une heure, parce que moi, je le fais en moins d'une heure, comme d'habitude. je t'invite à liker la vidéo et pour être dès maintenant- dès maintenant, parce que je sais que tu vas l'apprécier, comme d'habitude. si tu me connais, tu sais que tu vas aimer la vidéo et tu peux également t'abonner, si c'est pas encore fait, pour ne pas manquer les prochaines vidéos. alors, quoi vendre comme produit? quels sont les meilleurs produits pour cette fin d'année 2022? pour le plus fort, d'un point de vue général, les produits qui vont le mieux fonctionner. c'est toujours pareil chaque année. ça marche très, très bien. ça va être de se focaliser sur des produits qui sont potentiellement des produits à offrir en cadeau. pas forcément des jouets, tout de suite. on pense cadeau, on pense jouer pour les enfants, ça peut être un type de produit très intéressant, mais il y a toutes sortes de produits qui peuvent être offerts: des produits originaux pour les hommes, pour les femmes, pour les grands-parents, pour les enfants, pour les bébés, pour les animaux, parce qu'il y en a des offres, des produits à Noël pour leurs animaux aussi. ça peut se faire. donc, il y a plein de potentiels produits possibles et également des produits qui sont liés aussi à la période, je pense à la période hivernale, tout ce qui est confort, cosy, etc. on va regarder ça ensemble. donc, on va se rendre directement sur Aliexpress et je vais taper en fait des idées de recherche de produits pour vous montrer un peu ce sur quoi vous pourriez tomber en faisant vos recherches, et des idées de peuvent être très intéressantes. tout bêtement, on peut taper une première recharge de produits qui serait, par exemple, cadeau, noël ou juste cadeau. voilà, on peut taper cadeau et on va voir des idées de projets. on va voir un peu ce qui, ce qui tombe. moi, ce que j'aime bien faire quand je fais des recherches produits, c'est taper comme ça des mots clés, fait un peu de recherche et après, me laisser aller. en fait, le fait de voir des produits, de me balader un peu, soit différencier, va me permettre après d'avoir des nouvelles idées qui vont venir. puis après, avec les nouvelles idées, je retape d'autres mots clés, etc. etc. jusqu'à arriver à trouver des idées de produits intéressantes. donc, je pars un peu comme ça, en freestyle, et après, en fait, je fais à l'opportunité, en fonction des produits que je trouve. donc, là, j'ai tapé cadeau et on a ce premier produit là, qui m'interpelle d'ailleurs. on va cliquer dessus tout de suite, on va aller voir ce que c'est, parce que ça, par exemple, ça c'est très intéressant. on est sur un produit, une sorte de plexiglass ici, sur laquelle on peut écrire- je vais regarder la vidéo, ah oui, bah, j'ai déjà vu ce produit là et on peut le personnaliser. ça, c'est intéressant, parce qu'il y a en fait des produits glaces comme ça. il y en a beaucoup, des produits assez décoratifs, que vous connaissez très certainement, qui marche super bien d'ailleurs. c'est une très bonne idée de produit à vendre, avec différents design. voilà, par exemple, ces produits là, vous voyez les produits qui a ici des néons comme ça, des lampes néons, ça pareil, c'est encore une très bonne idée de produit. donc, déjà là, j'ai juste tapé cadeau- j'ai déjà plusieurs produits qui peuvent être très, très intéressants à vendre. pareil, tout ce qui est du coup, tout ce qui est décoration, éclairage intérieur pour offrir, c'est parfaits, parce qu'en général, vous avez plein de produits différents avec des formes différentes. donc, il y a des cadeaux qui sont originaux à offrir. c'est des produits sur lesquels vous pouvez faire des belles marges. en moyenne, on est sur des projets entre 10, 15 euros, c'est des produits présentent facilement entre 30, 40, voire même 50 euros. donc, ça fait une belle marge et typiquement, en fait, c'est un très bon produit vu qu'on peut le personnaliser, on peut écrire des mots, voilà comme I Love You, assez basé sur les sentiments, sur l'émotion, donc, en général, ça parle. c'est plutôt très intéressant. on peut imaginer toutes sortes de contenu. je suis déjà en train de réfléchir par rapport à tiktok, parce que, genre tiktok, en fait, on peut faire vraiment des vidéos très intéressantes avec ce produit. toi, j'imagine un truc, c'est l'idée qui me vient là tout de suite, je vous la partage parce que ça me vient tout prévu. imaginez une personne qui- je sais pas un homme qui veut, ou une femme qui veut, annoncer à son homme ou à sa famille que aller enceinte. elle peut très bien acheter ce produit là et l'écrire sur le produit avec un mot, et puis faire découvrir, quand la personne rentre dans la maison, ce produit, etc. je sais pas pourquoi j'ai eu cette idée là, je sais pas, c'est ça m'est venu. mais en fait, on peut tourner ce produit là, en fait, et tourner des contenus vraiment très intéressant, mettre en situation en fait des moments de relations, en fait, des moments où on va faire vivre de l'émotion et en faisant ça, je pense que en publicité ou même sur le site, ça peut très bien vendre. on est sur un produit qui coûte seulement 5 euros pour le moment, facilement, ouais, 30 €, je pense, un 29 €, je pense, ça passerait largement. donc, ça, c'est déjà. on est sur un très, très bon produit. je vais revenir ici, on va regarder un petit peu. mais du coup, ça me fait penser aussi, comme ces: personnalisable, vu qu'on peut écrire tout ce qui est produit personnalisé, donc notamment les bijoux, bijou personnalisé, c'est parfait en cadeau, à offrir, c'est génial. c'est des produits que vous pouvez très bien vendre ici. vous avez des bagues avec le prénom personnalisé, vous avez des colliers aussi des bracelets, il y a toutes sortes de produits comme ça. ça, c'est des produits qui marchent bien. donc, encore une fois, très bonne idée de projet à vendre. il y a toutes sortes de bijoux. il faut se baser vraiment sur le bijoux lui-même et de trouver quelque chose d'original, ça peut être intéressant. et si on a des boîtes en plus avec le projet que le prénom, ça, ça augmente la valeur perçue, ça, c'est parfait. donc, juste en faisant deux clics, j'ai déjà plein d'idées de produits ici. tout ça, ça, typiquement, ça peut être très, très bons produits et c'est sûr qu'il y a des gens qui achètent ce genre de produit. si on reste dans les produits personnalisés, on a aussi tout ce qui est tableau personnalisé ou les cadres personnalisés où on peut mettre sa photo, par exemple. ça, c'est des produits, encore une fois, qui marchent super bien. voilà ce genre de produit ici. j'en ai déjà parlé dans une vidéo. il y a, je pense qu'il y a plus d'un an, sur Youtube, un business où vous pouviez toujours partager ici du coup, commander un design en fait sur 5 euroscom ou vous envoyer en fait une p.