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Q&A | Optimizing your eBay Titles for Maximum Drop Shipping Sales in 2017

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Q&A | Optimizing your eBay Titles for Maximum Drop Shipping Sales in 2017

Q&A | Optimizing your eBay Titles for Maximum Drop Shipping Sales in 2017

what's up guys it's mark from PSU Andrew
I got an email from Ken and I went up
course in the description but I get a
lot of people as Ken this is not enough
also an actress in this video I'm not
kissing you but that's just me right so
can mark as washing up your videos and
you mentioned that optimizing your
evenness is no longer works because of
the competition
I'd like you to expand on this thought
if not optimizing your titles what are
you doing just guessing if they don't
sell for lambda okay so first of all can
so the process of finding items to sell
is fine items already sell successfully
regularly list the same item
with the same title lower the price you
may be images because not to one the two
things that you can do to make a little
better lower the price and add images
and list it right and so it's neither
myself care it's actually the opposite
of guessing right what I find
interesting is when you optimize the
title you are suggesting what what
word guesstimate well you tok
about at some other time but so the and
first of all if you have respect you
know what to do one hour training but
and why does it take some time I'm sure
you guys I think people say I just
toked to tok and see if I got a lot
not to do right so I want to
show you guys why title makes no sense
so right now let me reopen and I want
the typical type of build up over an
hour put the link in description for you
going to use it but I'll
show you why I think so Parkinson's so
let's say we want to sell something
right remember one test up etcetera
really because we know that it's a clear
is something that hasn't slope
they don't know if it's for yourself so
if we go to ebay let's not mean detector
men's much of my left
um nothing tell me something that you
can buy a mini anything anything
tell me something Flynn it okay now sir
look at me like okay there's a cop there
queenside so when we just creep
queen-size bed as dropshippers okay I
don't know I've never seen this before
well but dropshippers right we want to
sell things that sell we also want to
sell things that would show up I'll
message or enable assist queen-size bed
so I open the first two items I hope the
third one okay so I open the first three
all I did was sit queen-size so I only
first three this item only sold once so
me personally I wouldn't even listen
factor right because it's a good silent
irregular but it showed up in the arm
and the search is the N three views an
hour so let me first through the
dropship button this rough someone like
that a message
some uneasiness shouldn't even let me
sit for one images let me see waiting
ships to let me search for the image you
might have added that let them once you
like every wrong
something on Pinterest so No so all I'm
trying to do is pie item to sell
regularly initially has an assault rifle
music that I would listen as either so
I'm trying to find items up sword
regularly because recently I don't want
to sell items so regularly and then when
you who better fiction part entitled I
want to show you guys to the items
you are not dropship type just shipped
items and they are already very cheap or
so so 24 times so itself inside ok so
see so look at it title hi it's all 164
times $129 I had lost TV Stan unit blah
blah blah so let me first
regardless you know it's all a ton of
time let me first they are it is a drop
ship title Isis I suspected not and
sweater salad with the sellers 33,000
as a search any person may believe is
real made it's not I can also search by
image but all I'm trying to prove to you
guys is when you find this may not be a
a drop ships I've done
yeah City if you see all I got was email
some pinches some eBay's China suppliers
okay so let's skip that one so that was
the dropship item readily it is a drop
shipping gets up a reach small Michael
so I know he's a drop shipper weekly
because I followed him a million times
and you could see he doesn't let you
copy is his Eisen
but what I want to prove to you guys is
that why tighter is it ELISA time so
after we went in this to find the
item right okay I think we might
have found it on Amazon
it was definitely far enough so we
finally I don't miss being sold on
Amazon for $30 not 71 cents and he is
rarely sunlit for reporting websites so
Italy is that actually our initial magic
I just know I don't have to own I don't
have to check it I am just used on the
prices and stuff so I don't remember to
check it really but I'm gonna check it
on the video but I'm doing all of this
to show you guys that you don't want to
waste your time trying to title right so
look so first of all I have got to spear
the button for any one cent he's selling
it for I wish him well for this river
he sounds up 39:23
is raises margins he follows my father
before and actually stop T gonna ship
this magical oh oh she's making three
bucks at fifty five cents right he's
making yeah yes so some more right so
look at it Titan let's go to this title
so this is a stutter
black used on media entertainment center
he has all the different size inches
flat screen right so generally speaking
what is for in guru tell you there's a
fine stuff that sell and you want to be
you wanna like
dropship also and fix this type if you
run to the title right this is try to
the other side
and what I tell you to describe the item
two to four keywords so let's say Black
team is that because it's a
so searching and what type of the does
it gives you okay we don't have a
solution proceed unless until you son
right so the most popular ones obviously
TV stand and then they give you like the
most searched items Media Console center
entertainment black furniture right now
I did not do this before this is life so
let's go check this title
it has media it has does it have
concerts it does not have control it has
sent love you not black the left when
you hear it does not have furniture
spread has a media center entertainment
black or in the title array so
and I think these are pretty good pretty
first there's flat screen television
laughing sides so anyone didn't fix this
title you would have to keep
some of these words out of the title and
it please done with some of these right
as you can see the item is selling
really well already it has images is
price research like so I thought people
know how you wanna fix is title you want
and resizing it okay so all these words
are very important the ones that don't
show up here the only one are the forty
to fifty six th we can take that out and
add a keyword from here but we don't
know there's no data whatsoever
indicating that and in one of those
better than these 42:56 th all we know
is that this sellin this
type this item for a certain price and
we can read the price line activity
centered aligns filming a couple buttons
right you sort of 448 of these
so when you guys when you have all these
generally speaking if you want to sell
back in again three four years ago the
titles might win this room and we had
like space for three or four more words
so we get and so it I'm traffic but if
you spend time like I have any Lee
researching all these items and try to
list top seven items you will quickly
realize that they're just not
possible with time I would take few the
final items that still has space for
upgrading the title is just going to
take you forever so I just want actually
go through the process
it's a PG 11 minute and I still
have listed anything yes I haven't
toked in a mask but it just doesn't
make any sense so I just want to go
through a process explain how let's just
touch on what the title is and all that
stuff I'm sure you guys it doesn't make
any sense if I were to listen
psych them what I you let them not be
sin TSU me I will just come back in here
click sell now and so this see my from
the same silent with price I was
gonna sell anyway love again shall we
will hopefully always helpful to you
guys so plus up further we can and again
thank you the question buddy do the one
Archie not send your link and the link
in description have a good one guys late
as to things subscribe to the
Channel china patterns travels I've in
the description there is free ship free
much my group regional our dominance

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