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QFC Weekly Ads: Save Big Every Week!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Today's consumers have changed their buying habits due to the changing landscape of home shopping. As a real estate professional, it is crucial to understand and overcome the top four consumer roadblocks before successfully selling a home, which are time, money, motivation, and self-esteem. The correct approach is necessary to keep leads in your funnel and move them through the stages.

Generating leads is a challenge for real estate professionals, and having a website with five key elements is vital to thrive in today's market. The three pillars of success in real estate are allowing today's consumers to find you, connect with you, and stay involved with you. A website should generate 50+ leads per month and be the destination for everyone who knows you.

The success of real estate professionals depends on speed, insight, relevant content, and relevant brand insight. Four real ways to move leads through the funnel are speed, relevance, personalization, and nurturing. It is crucial to engage leads with the right approach and use technology to your advantage to succeed in today's market.

How to use the new For u app STEP BY STEP

Hey friends, welcome back to my channel! Today, I'm going to be going over an app update tutorial for the Just for You app for Safeway stores. Even if you are shopping at your local Shaw's or Albertson's Vaughns, they should all run very similarly.

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide to using the Just for You app for Safeway stores, including features such as browsing deals, clipping coupons, and accessing the Fresh Pass subscription service. This guide will help you save money and shop smarter!

Using bullet points or numbered lists as needed, I will cover the following topics:

- Accessing the app and selecting your store

- Setting up your account and scan settings

- Navigating the home screen and browsing deals

- Clipping coupons and adding items to your list

- Using the Fresh Pass subscription service for unlimited free delivery

- Viewing your rewards and managing your wallet

By following this tutorial, you can make the most of the Just for You app and save money on your grocery purchases. Whether you are new to the app or a seasoned user, these tips and tricks will help you shop smarter and more efficiently. Happy savings!

how to use Kroger digital coupons

Hey everyone, it's Michelle from Michelle's Figure Living, and I'm here to give you an updated, straight-to-the-point video on Kroger digital coupons. I was recently told that my video from two years ago was a bit of a ramble, so I thought I'd come on and provide you with a concise guide.

Setting Up Your Account:

To start using Kroger digital coupons, you'll need to set up an account on their website. If you have a Kroger card or one of their affiliates, simply go to Kroger's site and set up your account online.

Using Digital Coupons:

Once you have an account, you can access digital coupons by clicking on the Digital Coupons tab on the website. From there, you can activate coupons by clicking the Clip button. The coupon will then be applied to your card.

Redeeming Coupons:

To redeem your digital coupons, give the cashier your Kroger card associated with the account you clipped your coupons on. The coupons will automatically be applied to your purchase.

Coupon Details:

Some coupons can be used up to five times, while others can only be used once. Make sure to check the coupon details for the specific product it works on and the number of times it can be used. Coupons will only work on sale items if specified, so check the details before purchasing.

Using Kroger digital coupons is a great way to save money on your grocery bill. Set up your account, clip your coupons, and redeem them at checkout to start seeing the savings. Thanks for watching, and happy shopping!

How To Clip Coupons to the Kroger App/IPad or IPhone

Welcome to The Solo Sister Life, where we focus on shopping and saving. In this video, we will show you how to clip coupons to your Kroger card through the Kroger app. But first, we need you to like, share, and hit the subscribe button to continue seeing more videos about shopping and saving.

Steps to Clip Coupons to Your Kroger Card:

1. Make sure you have a Kroger Plus card. If you don't have one, stop at your nearby Kroger and ask for a membership application.

2. Download the Kroger app on your phone or tablet.

3. Open the app and set up an account.

4. Click on Weekly Ads to see the sales for the week.

5. Look for the digital coupons section and see what coupons are available.

6. Clip the coupons that you want to use.

7. Use the digital coupons within the same shopping trip.


- The app loads the weekly ad on Tuesdays, so check it out early to prepare for your shopping trip.

- You can use a digital coupon up to five times in one transaction.

- Make sure to use the digital coupons within the same shopping trip, as they may not be available later.

Shopping and saving at Kroger is made easier with the Kroger app. By clipping digital coupons to your Kroger card, you can save money on your purchases. Make sure to use them within the same shopping trip and take advantage of the weekly ads to prepare for your shopping trip. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more shopping and saving tips!

Is your website a lead monster or magnet?

Kerm Faults and Jack Marco welcome attendees to a webinar focused on website effectiveness. They plan to walk attendees through online consumer habits, website must-haves, and the difference between a website and a store.


Agents often think consumers want to learn about them, or that their website can't effectively market their business. However, consumers are looking for relevant content and instant gratification, and websites need to be consumer-focused.

Sales Funnel:

Without a store-like website, visitors will not move through the sales funnel towards gross commission income. Websites must offer relevant content, lead capture tools, and engagement opportunities to generate and convert leads.


Websites must offer unique and relevant content, have an effective lead capture tool, allow for engagement and follow-up, provide a seamless user experience, and match up to what other stores are offering online.

Having a website that acts like a store is vital to generating and converting leads, and ultimately achieving market-proof success. Agents must focus on providing relevant content and engagement opportunities to move consumers through the sales funnel and towards their business.


Hi, I'm Heather with QueenBeeCoupons.com. This week, I want to try something a little different. Every week, we put together the very best grocery deals at our local northwest grocery chains and we put them together in a list format so you can come to QueenBeeCoupons.com, click on stores, click on Safeway and find the very best deals for Safeway that week. But it's in a list form and it's printable and it can be kind of overwhelming, especially if you're a new couponer. So, I thought I'd try to do some more videos for those of you who are more visual learners.


This week, I thought I would talk about the Albertsons ad. The Albertsons was purchased about three months ago by a different parent company, and so they're changing things up. We no longer see the doubler deals that they did every other weekend or so, and now what we're hearing is that as June progresses, we're going to start seeing newer ads from this parent company. It's just going to be across the board lower prices is what they're saying, and less of the gimmicky sales and the doublers. So, this week is actually true to form as far as that goes. I was pretty impressed by the deals in our Albertson's ad.

Here are some things to know about the Albertsons ad for this week:

- Buy 10 Save 2 promo: The way these promotions work is you buy items in increments of 10. You could buy 10, 20, 30, as long as you're buying in increments of 10. Every 10 that you buy, you save two dollars with this promotion. It comes off instantly at the register.

- Mix and match: That means you can mix and match any of these brand name items.

- Large pasta sauces: These jars are 77 cents each after instant savings.

- Diced canned tomatoes: This is a great price for Hunt's diced tomatoes at 88 cents a can.

- Ketchup and mustard: These are priced at 88 cents each.

- Cantaloupe: This is priced at $1.50.

Here are some of the deals that I think are most notable:

- Tillamook cheese: $4.99 for a two-pound block. Limit two.

- Tillamook ice cream: $2.49.

- Yogurt: 24 cents each with the Santa ad coupon.

- Butter: $1.69.

- Sour cream: 99 cents.

- Gallon of milk: $1.77.

If you have any questions about this week's Albertson's ad or if you have any questions about anything that I just said, please leave a comment on this post. If you like the video format, I'd be happy to try it again in the future. Thanks for listening and let me know if you go to Albertsons and what kind of deals you find.

Rite Aid & Kroger/QFC Couponing 3/24/15!

- The author is not feeling well but wants to share their recent shopping trip

- They used a coupon and only spent less than $20

- People are talking about the upcoming Plenti changes in Belpre


- Social Spread use coupon on sale for $2.45

- Good deal on organic snack mix and Pirate's Booty

- Nature Made vitamins with rewards and coupons

- KFC and other purchases

- Classical music on sale for $9.97

- Good deal on Quaker oatmeal

- Listerine floss with coupon

- Hagan, Safeway, and Albertsons are grocery stores in the author's area

- The author may focus on grocery deals in the future

- They hope for more clearance deals

- Possible deals on Viva paper towels, Cottonelle refills, and HP cartridges

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