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QR Codes Boost Ads

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we will be discussing everything you need to know about QR code marketing. We will cover what QR codes are, why they are important to your business, and most importantly, how you can use them to grow your business, no matter what type of business you have.

- QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in countries around the world, including North America.

What is a QR code?

- A QR code is a type of barcode with a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item it's placed on.

Dynamic vs. Static QR codes:

- Static QR codes embed permanent information, while dynamic QR codes allow for real-time data tracking and the ability to update the content embedded on them.

How to create a QR code:

- Creating a QR code is simple and can be done in just a few clicks using services like QR Tiger.

Using QR codes in packaging:

- Adding a QR code to product packaging can provide more information and drive sales.

Using QR codes in retail stores:

- QR codes can be strategically placed throughout a retail store to provide marketing, promotions, and information on products and services.

Using QR codes in e-commerce:

- QR codes can be added to product packaging and linked to additional information or services.

Using QR codes in advertising:

- Adding QR codes to print advertisements can provide a digital and interactive aspect to the ad.

Three-step QR code marketing campaign strategy:

- Identify the best placement for the QR code, determine the functionality that suits it best, and add a call to action to spark interest and get someone to take action.

Common QR code marketing mistakes to avoid:

- Sending people to non-mobile friendly destinations, having long and confusing calls to action, being boring, and using low-contrast patterns on a white background.

- QR code marketing is a valuable tool that can help grow your business in a helpful, non-intrusive way. Be strategic in your placement, determine the functionality that suits it best, and add a clear call to action. Check out QR Tiger for easy QR code creation and tracking.

6 Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing Campaigns

QR codes are an innovative and effective way to promote interaction and engagement in marketing campaigns. They go hand in hand with mobile technology and can be used for a variety of purposes, from directing users to specific landing pages to incentivizing customers with instant coupons and freebies.

Using QR Codes for Marketing:

1. Drive Data Collection from an Online Form:

- Use online forms to collect information from customers.

- JotForm has share options in its form builder that allow you to download your unique code.

2. Direct Customers to a Website or Landing Page:

- Ensure your QR code directs users to your campaign's landing page.

- Make sure your website is mobile-friendly as many users will be scanning on the go.

3. Offer Instant Coupons, Freebies, and Offers:

- Create QR codes that save the offer directly to the user's mobile wallet.

- Direct QR scanners to an online store with the discount already applied at checkout.

4. Conduct Scavenger Hunts:

- Pair outdoor spaces with QR codes to enable innovative marketing ideas to flourish.

- Consumers love scavenger hunts, and QR codes can make them even more engaging.

5. Incentivize Customers to Download and Use Your Branded Apps:

- Direct users to apps that complement the ad or printed material where the code appears.

- Use QR codes to send customers to personalized playlists on Spotify or other platforms.

QR codes are a versatile and powerful addition to every marketer's toolkit. They offer convenience, engagement, and efficient tracking and reporting. By using QR codes for marketing, you can create unique experiences for your customers and promote your brand in innovative ways.

7 most futuristic QR code marketing ideas | innovative QR code use cases

In this video, we explore the most futuristic ideas where QR codes are being used worldwide. These codes have brought offline engagements into online conversions, giving a digital dimension to products and services. Here are some of the most amazing uses of QR codes:

1. The latest drone show in Shanghai, where drones formed a huge QR code to celebrate the anniversary of a game called Princess Connect Redive by Psy Games. After scanning the QR code, it will redirect you to the H5 page of the game.

2. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where they added a QR code on the screen that people can scan and will be redirected to Fashion TV, where they can find all the details of the show.

3. The Burger King commercial where people need to catch the QR code to get a free Whopper and the MTV VMAs, where they featured Lil Yachty with a QR code on the back of his jacket. Scan the QR code using your mobile device to get a free Whopper with delivery on the BK app.

4. In a Sephora store, shop assistants wear a QR code on their badges that redirects scanners to Sephora's Beauty Pass program, where people can sign up for their loyalty program.

5. Tesco Home Plus created a virtual store in a subway station in South Korea where people can scan the QR code, and the product automatically lands on their online cart. Once the order is done, it will be delivered directly to their home.

6. In a museum called Russian Pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennial, you can find one specific room full of QR codes. In each QR code, you scan, it redirects you to a different presentation or a story behind it.

7. An MMORPG computer game called Hitman 3, where the main character named Agent 47 has been tasked to find and scan all seven QR codes to see the details and to complete his mission.

These are just a few examples of how innovative marketers are using QR codes to give a digital dimension to their products and services. To learn more about how to create and use QR codes successfully, subscribe to the QR Tiger channel. Have you seen any other awesome ideas? Put a comment with the link!

6 BEST marketing strategies using QR codes that drive TRAFFIC in 2022

QR Codes: The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Are you struggling to find new and innovative ways to market your brand or business? Look no further than QR codes! In this article, we will explore the best marketing strategies you can use with dynamic QR codes to increase traffic, brand awareness, and engagement.

Tip #1: Use a Video Landing Page

Creating great content is good, but great content in the form of short videos is king. Adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversion by as much as 80%. Create a QR code and add it to your product labels and marketing materials to increase traffic and brand awareness.

Tip #2: Strategic QR Code Placement

Place your QR codes in a location that can be easily seen by your customers, such as on bottle caps, beer bottle necks, top product packaging, and even store windows. Don't forget to include a call to action in your design to urge customers to scan immediately.

Tip #3: Track Data with Dynamic QR Code Usage

Tracking and analyzing the data of your QR codes is important. With dynamic QR codes, you have access to valuable information such as the number of scans, time, and location of scans. Use this data to tailor your marketing to the right customer and person.

Tip #4: Upselling and Cross Selling

Having QR codes right on your product enables you to upsell and cross sell. Educate your customers about other products that they will likely buy when they purchase a specific product.

Tip #5: Offer Promos and Discounts

Offering promotions and discounts is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Have window shoppers scan your QR code to receive a promo code, or reward existing customers with discounts for future purchases to encourage them to revisit and purchase more.

Tip #6: Create a Social Media QR Code

Have your customers follow you on your social media channels by asking them to scan your social media QR code. Reward them with a discount or promo if they scan the code and follow your channels.

QR codes are an essential tool for every brand, as they give a digital dimension to your products and services. By following these tips, you can successfully apply QR codes to your marketing strategy and generate sales, drive traffic, and increase engagement. So what are you waiting for? Start using QR codes today!

KeyShot 10 Quick Tip - How to Deliver AR with QR Codes

Welcome to Another Keyshot Quick Tip

In this video, we will explore creating QR codes for your AR exports. Whether it's for internal distribution, consumer marketing, or communicating with development partners, using a QR code can simplify the process.

How to Create a Usable QR Code

1. Host your file or files on your own website or through a third-party web hosting site.

2. Open your preferred QR code generator and input the URL.

3. Generate your new QR code for distribution.

Creating a QR Code for AR Exports

When exporting AR files from Keyshot, you will want to export two separate files: USDZ files for iOS devices and GLB/GLTF files for Android devices. However, determining which file goes where can be cumbersome. The solution is to create a basic script embedded in an HTML file that will automatically determine the platform your viewer is using and redirect them accordingly.

Using the Script

1. Replace the URLs listed under the if and else if commands with URLs of your choice.

2. Save the HTML file and upload it to your web server.

3. Use the link to the HTML file as the URL for your QR code and generate a QR code as illustrated earlier in the tutorial.

Using QR codes for AR exports can simplify the distribution process. By creating a basic script embedded in an HTML file, a single QR code can function for both Android and iOS platform devices. Hopefully, this quick tip has helped you better understand how to distribute your Keyshot exports using QR codes. If you're interested in more useful Keyshot content, hit that subscribe button and get notified as soon as new videos hit the channel. Don't forget to let us know your thoughts on this tutorial in the comment section below, and if you found this video useful, give it a like and share it with your friends.

GOOD Examples Of QR Code Use. myVirtualStore.xyz

QR codes have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to connect with customers and extend brand messaging. This article will explore several examples of how QR codes have been used in creative and effective ways.


1. Tesco: In order to increase their market share without increasing the number of stores, Tesco created virtual grocery stores in subway stations. Customers could scan products using QR codes and have their groceries delivered to their homes.

2. Famous Dave's: By including a QR code on a flyer included in takeout meals, Famous Dave's encouraged customers to enter a sweepstakes for a vacation in Hawaii.

3. First Bank: By placing QR codes on poster boards in the Denver International Airport, First Bank allowed customers to download free ebooks while they waited for their flights.

4. American Burger Restaurant: By placing QR codes on a sign outside the restaurant, American Burger Restaurant was able to capture foot traffic and offer discounts and promotions to potential customers.

5. Glamour Magazine: In their September 2011 issue, Glamour Magazine used proprietary snap tags to allow readers to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Best Buy: By including QR codes on product displays in stores, Best Buy was able to provide customers with more information about products and make sales associates more productive.

7. Best Buy: In their employee lunchroom, Best Buy used QR codes to conduct employee satisfaction surveys.

8. Home Depot and Lowe's: By including QR codes on plants, Home Depot and Lowe's provided customers with helpful information on how to care for them.

9. Starbucks: By encouraging customers to download their mobile payment app using a QR code, Starbucks was able to make their loyal customers even more loyal.

10. Breaking Bad Poster: By including a QR code on a fan-designed poster, the graphic designer was able to direct potential clients to his blog and contact information.

11. Chino Latinos: By including a QR code on a billboard across the street from the restaurant, Chino Latinos was able to drive foot traffic to their establishment.

12. Girl Scouts of Minnesota: By including QR codes on trading cards, the Girl Scouts were able to reconnect with alumni and provide them with a link to a special alumni page.

13. National Museum of Scotland: By labeling exhibit items with QR codes, the National Museum of Scotland was able to provide customers with audio tours and encourage them to comment and interact with social media.

QR codes can be a highly effective tool for connecting with customers and extending brand messaging. By using QR codes in creative and thoughtful ways, businesses can increase their market share, provide helpful information to customers, and drive foot traffic to their establishments.

6 ways to Use QR Codes in Real Estate Marketing

QR Codes: The Innovative Solution for Real Estate Marketing

QR codes have become an essential tool for every brand, providing a digital dimension to products and services. In this article, we will explore six innovative ways to use QR codes in real estate marketing to get more clients.

1. Use a Dynamic QR Code to Save Time and Money

Dynamic QR codes allow you to change your QR code information even though it has been printed or distributed. This not only saves time and money but allows you to create smarter and cost-efficient campaigns.

2. Upgrade Posters and Billboards with Easy Access to Your Online Listings

Using video marketing, you maximize the chances of getting your properties sold. By adding a video QR code, you can engage potential clients more and stand out from your competition.

3. Get the Most Out of Your Ad Space

QR codes can share a lot of information with just a small space. Whether it's a blog, newspaper, or magazine section, make sure to include a QR code in your marketing materials to attract more clients.

4. Easily Contact with a VCard QR Code

Make it easy for potential clients to contact you. Using a VCard QR code, prospects can see all of your contact details and directly save them on their phones with just a scan of the QR code.

5. Include Your VCard QR Code on Online and Offline Marketing Materials

Make sure to include your QR code on key marketing materials, whether online or offline. QR codes make it easy for your prospects to save your contact information and reach out to you.

6. Create a Handy PDF QR Code for Your Brochures and Catalog

With a PDF QR code saved on your phone or printed on your wallet, prospects can scan your QR code and bring home a copy of your brochure. This makes it easy for them to contact you when they are ready to buy.

By using QR codes, real estate agents, realtors, or brokerages can innovate their marketing strategies and stand out from their competition. Remember to use dynamic QR codes to save time and money, and don't forget to track the data behind your QR codes for better insights. Get started today and create your own QR code with QR Tiger!

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