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qr codes shopify

Published on: January 10 2023 by pipiads

How to Create QR Codes for Shopify (April 2022)

in this video we're going to show you the best way to use qr codes with your shopify store. so to get started, we're going to go into our shopify admin, go over to apps, hit customize store right here up on the top. that'll take us into the shopify app store and we're going to search for qr code generator hub. now, qr code generate a hub, as you'll see, is the top rank qr code app for shopify. it's got 63 five-star reviews- all five stars. we're going to hit add app and that's going to take us right into the qr code jaidar app. now let's take a look at what's going on in this app. on the left side, we've got our create new qr code button, as well as some helper navigations, so we've got an ability to bulk create qr codes, which we'll tok about in a second. we can view qr codes we've created by date or by number of scans. this is helpful if we've got different qr codes and, for example, we want to know which ones aren't getting scans just yet. but let's get started by creating a new qr code. so we're gonna hit create new qr code here. we're gonna call this uh video demo and we can then choose the destination. where does our qr code point to. so this is where having an app that integrates with shopify becomes really helpful, because you can see, here we can choose different parts of our shopify store so we can have it go to any shopify page. we can have a go to a collection, we're going to go to a specific product page, we're going to go to a checkout page- so this is super useful- as well as an add to cart page. these are both super useful if you want to have, for example, a sign at a, at a trade store or maybe in a store where you've got the product on that sign and you want to give people a really easy way to check out online. they just scan that qr code and then go right to the checkout page. or maybe you want to let them add a few different cards so they can, they can scan that side and it'll just keep adding the different products to the part. so it's all really nice, integrated and super fast and easy for your customers to use. we can also put any old custom qr or url rather to go to the qr code and uh, we can make other qr codes. we can make a vcard qr code if we want to have it on our business card, or if we want to have a pdf that gets loaded when someone scans the qr code. for example, say, we have a product manual that we want to put with our product when it ships out. we can have a qr code that just loads up a pdf. but the most common is is to go to a product page. so we're going to show that so product page and then we'll we'll search for our products. we can just uh, choose in our product from our store here and uh, we can then- uh, excuse me, we can then optionally add a discount code. so again, let's imagine that scenario where we put in a brochure into something we we ship out and we want to make it so that when our customers get our package they open up, we try to upsell them to other products or to buy this product again and we want to give them a discount. we can create a qr code that goes right to the product page or right to the checkout page with that discount already applied. so we just type in here the name of the discount that we created in our shopify store and if you haven't created one before, you can just click right here and it'll take you to create a discount. so a lot of different options for how we create the perfect qr code that goes to where we want in our shopify store and does what we want it to do. but what about the look of the qr code? well, this is where qr code generator hub really shines. there's all kinds of abilities to make a beautiful qr code that really fits your shop and your style. so we go down here and we've got some popular designs we can choose from. we can go with this all blue design, for example- little nice things- but what you really want to do is customize it right so we can go in here and go to logo. we can upload our own logo. we can choose some existing logos. let's put a shopify logo right in the middle. there we can choose how that logo is displayed. is it, is it in a square, is it um? is it in a circle? is it? is it large? is it, is it small? does it have a shadow? all kinds of ways to really make this uh fit our brand. we can add text on on either side of this qr code, or up or down, um, scan me, and that that'll uh cause that text to appear and we can change the size and the color. we can go crazy with the color of the qr code. so, um, we can make it just be a pure color, a solid color. we can choose a gradient, different kinds of gradients, a radial gradient, a horizontal gradient. we can change the colors of that gradient. have it, you know, really go again, make this fit your brand, your style. we can. we can use an image as a background. um, we can choose different background colors. we can choose the colors of the eye, for example, so we want those to be different colors. so, again, you can really have fun and make this fit into wherever this qr code is going to live. it's gonna live on a poster with your styles and your colors. make it fit in. we've got some other options here. um, this is a lot of fun. you can change the shape of the dots in the qr codes. you have more, you know, uh, square dots, softer dots, more these kind of star dots, um, all kinds of options. the eyes, the, the shape of the eyes- if you sell apparel, those eyes can be, can be, uh, little shirts, and then, and we can put in a frame. right, we can, we can frame it up. now we can change the color of the shape, frame, um, and again, just really making it look great, uh. so we have a qr code that goes to where we want it to go, uh, in our shop, does what we want to the shop, fits our brand. and then the last steps, of course, to download it and put it wherever you're going to put it. is it going to go on that brochure? is going to go on your packaging? is going to go on that insert? uh, and so there's all kinds of options depending on what kind of graphics software you use. you can download it for print or web, large or small. we've got png, jpeg or svg. these are all very common options and you can just hit download right there to get it. so that's how you create a qr code with this fantastik app, qr code generator hub for shopify. but there's a lot more you can do, so let's go into some of the more advanced features. another key and unique feature of qr code generator hub is that the qr codes are dynamic. what this means is that you can change what the qr code does even after it's been printed. this is super helpful, because once you print a qr code, you don't need to worry about it. if you, if you change the url, if you want to change the discount, if you want to change the product, if you want to change anything about what that qr code does, everything you print it is still valid. all you have to do is just go back into the qr code and just change any of the attributes, change the discount code, change the product, change what it does, and then, as soon as the next time it is scanned, those changes will be reflected in what the qr code does. we toked about bulk creation. so say, you have a bunch of different products and you want to create qr codes for all of them, with a different style but different qr codes. it's pretty tedious to go in and create a qr code for each and every one of them. well, you can do that automatikally so you can search by product, product type, tags and basically search and create a list of as many products as you want that meets that search criteria. you can choose what you want to happen. again, when, when that qr code is scanned, just go to the product page, to checkout page. is it add card as a discount ad? you can customize the, the design, just like, just like we did before, and, and then you can generate those, down those qr codes, and it will download all those qr codes at once. so again you've got a bunch of products. it's really simple to make a bunch of qr codes all at once with the bulk create and the bulk download function. now let's tok about data. right, because you put this into a marketing campaign. you want to see how it performs, so you can go in and you can see the scans of you.

Shopify QR Code Marketing 2022 [Shopcode Explained]

what's going on everyone? it's jamie here from shopify masterclass, and today we'll be taking a look at shopify qr code marketing overall. it's really easy to set up here and you can link your products directly from a qr code to the product page or you can link the customer directly to the checkout process. overall, shopify has made it really easy to do so with your own shop code app that's completely free. so we're going to go over how you can set this up today. we'll go step by step here so you can follow it along and get it easily set up for your shopify store. so you can set up qr code marketing. if you're not sure what a qr code is, it's essentially a little image that you can scan with your smartphone, your camera app, and it's going to create a link here and you can click on that link and it's going to take you directly to that website page. these have become extremely popular because of cobin, with things such as restaurants will have their menus on a qr code, making it really easy for the customer to access rather than having them type out any link. so it's going to save the customer time and make the process much smoother. what shopify did is they created an app called shop code, which makes it really easy to create these so you can print them out, put them on your physical products or hand them out to customers or use it through marketing campaigns so a customer can simply scan that link and then head to your website really easily here. before i dive into it, i just want to thank our sponsor, profit calc, the one click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store. it comes with a 15 day free trial and there's a link in the description below and allow you to skip those spreadsheets and get back to growing your business. now i'm going to show a quick video detailing their full feature set. are you a shopify business owner who spends hours doing your accounting? have messy spreadsheets kept you from growing your business? discover profitcalc, the affordable and easy to set up shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click. it automatikally syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard so you understand your business in real time. start for free on the shopify app store today. so let's dive into the shop codes app here. it's gonna let you generate qr codes for your store that act like a physical buy button. you can also use them to direct online customers to a product or checkout page. the qr codes you generate with shop codes app doesn't change anything in your online store, affect your customers or change your orders. so you can use them give customers more information about your product. you can place qr codes around your physical retail store so customers can get more details on the product online. you can add them to your display window to make products more viable. you can add them to your product packaging so customers can reorder it by scanning the code. you can also add discounts to qr codes to incentivize purchases. then you can install those qr codes that you create in a png or an svg file. so png files are recommended for sharing online and sfvg files are best for sharing in print. that's just going to be no loss in the quality of the qr code, even if you expand it by increasing its size. so if you want to get access to the shop codes app, it's going to be available on the shopify app store. you simply have to search for shop codes, then hit that install button. it's going to bring you to the install screen and you can install. it's completely free for your store. once you have it, it's going to show up in the top left of the app section here. so this is from the home page of our testing shopify store. so you simply want to open it on the left here by searching for shop codes at the top, and once you're there you're going to be prompted with a screen to say create shop code. once you hit that, it's going to show you which product. so there's four testing products here. i'm simply going to select the black shorts- one, as you can do one at a time- then hit that add button. once you hit the add button, it's going to load the settings for this new qr code. you have a title and you can leave it as black shorts. it's gonna show you the product here just to confirm it. you're also gonna get two destinations for this scan destination. so it's gonna be when the customer scans that qr code, you can link it to the product page or you can link it to the checkout page with a product in cart. now i have a discount code set up for these black shorts here and if you want to apply it, you can simply click apply a discount code. so when a customer is checking out, that discount code is going to be automatikally applied, which is really nice. there it's going to open up directly with that link. the last part is going to be help text, so you can include help text in the shop code and just say: scan to shop and it's going to appear above the actual qr code on your printout. now, on the right hand side, you want to select png for web use or svg here, but first you want to hit create shop code in the bottom right. once that's done, this png for web use and svg will load here with the finished qr code. now i'm just gonna download the png just so we can see what it looks like, and so once you download that, it's gonna show up. i'm gonna drag this over here and that is the qr code. so this can be the png version and once you scan this qr code at the bottom within the tag, it's going to bring you directly to the product link overall, making that process super easy. so, overall, this concludes the video on qr code marketing using the shop codes app from shopify itself. i hope you enjoyed the video. if you did, i would love it so much if you hit that like and subscribe button below if you have any questions about anything at all, just leave a comment. and i want to mention our sponsor, profit calc, again, the one click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store. there's gonna be a link in the description below to check out the app listing as well to get access to that free trial. so this concludes the video. thank you for watching and i'll see you in our next one.

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Get more sales out of your online store with a Shopify social media QR code | Shopify Marketing

qr codes give a digital dimension to your products and services, as they bring offline engagements into online conversions. not having a carcade is a big loss of opportunity for innovative marketers. how to grow your ecommerce business and get more sales, increasing traffic to your online store, social media and expand your customer base fast. first, open your browser and open the shopify home page. then log in to your account. then simply copy the url: [Music]. now head over to your favorite qr code generator and get started. go to qr tiger's website, click the social media icon, upload your logo, select your background colors. you can select single color color gradient and you can even upload your own background image. then put some header text and description text. for more details, scroll down, choose and select the shopify icon. then move the shopify platform at the top by clicking this up arrows: [Music]. fill in your shopify url and don't forget your other social media accounts. [Music]. generate and customize your qr code. choose pattern. [Music]. choose eyes, add a logo, set colors. [Music]. add your frame. [Music]. test your generated qr code: [Music]. once done, download your qr codes. be smarter on your marketing by adding a social media qr code on your packaging, products and offline channels. grow your followers and get more orders with a shopify social media qr code today. [Music]. thank you very much for watching this video. i hope you learned a lot. don't forget to subscribe and see you next time to learn more how to apply qr codes successfully. [Music].

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How to Create QR Codes For your Product in Shopify Store

hello everyone, welcome to educate ecommerce. in today's video i will show you how to create qr code in your shopify store. so to do that, first you have to sign into your shopify store and then click on apps and click on view more apps in this collection. it will redirect you to the shopify app store. in there, click on search and search for show codes. click search and there you can find shop quotes by shopify. click in there and click on add app. then it will redirect you to the install app page. so click on install. after installing, the create shop code page will pop up in here. click on create shop code and select your product. i will go with this ranger boot. click on add so in here you can see my title, the red wing iron ranger boot. below that you can see my product. in here you can change your frame here also, and below that you can see the scan. destination means you can either click to link to product page or you can click on the link to checkout page with product in the cart. this will be faster. it will directly redirect your page to the checkout with the product in it, or you can just click on to the product page. it will redirect you to the project product page. also there you can add your discount in here and help to text. you can take this and in shop code, the right hand side, you can see a preview of shopko. uh, shop code will show here after you finish creating so you can get the png or svg format to download the barcode. so before that, you have to click on create shop shop code from here, or you can click on here to create shop code. so click on create shop code and now you can see our barcode in here. qr code in here. below that, you can now see the. you can select any of this and you can download it from here. so it's very simple and you can do it with any product. so, yeah, that's it, guys. if you have any question or any topic you want to discuss or know, you can just write it down in the comment section. uh, we can review or we can discuss about that topic in the later videos. so, guys, yeah, i hope you like the video. please subscribe, share and like our videos. so, yeah, that's it for today, guys. i will see you guys in the next video. bye.

Batch Create QR Codes for Shopify - Tutorial

in this video I'm going to show you how to create hundreds or even thousands of QR codes in just a couple of minutes. the first step, if you haven't already, is to install QR code generator hub for Shopify. a link is in the description below. it's the number one QR code app in the Shopify App Store. okay, we're in the app and let's batch create QR codes. so we go up to the top navigation here and click on batch and then click create, batch create and were presented with the screen to batch create QR codes. so here's how it works. you're first going to select the products that you want to batch create QR codes for, and by default you can select all products, but you can also use Shopify filters to just select a subset of your products, and this is super powerful. so if you're not familiar with this already, Shopify has a filtering system and we can click right here to create a filter in the Shopify filtering system. we'll do that in a new tab here. so here's the Shopify filtering system. it's in the product section of the Shopify admin and we can go ahead and use all kinds of different parameters, vendor tagged with. you can click on more filters and get all kinds of different ways to filter this with: to to create filters, right. so let's create a filter around availability available on online store, for example. I can press done, okay, it's now. it's now showing the products that match that filter. then what we want to do is we want to click save filter so this saves the filter for us to be able to reuse or to use it in an app like QR code generator Hub. so we'll call this available in online, let's say, filters. so now we've saved this filter that we created, all right, we can now go back to our create QR code generator Hub app and we need to hit reload because we've created a new filter. so we'll go ahead and reload the app and once we reload, we go back to batch. we hit create new. we're gonna now actually create the QR codes, all right, and you can see here that available online. the filter we created is now something we can choose here. so again, you can just choose- you know- all products to select value products. or you can create uh filters using shopify's powerful built-in product filtering system and then use those filters in this app. so that's how we select the products we're going to create QR codes for. then we can go down and choose the settings. this is what's going to happen when the QR code is scanned. so your options are to send whoever scans the QR code to the product page for that product that the QR code is linked to. or you can send them to the checkout page of your store with that product ready to be checked out, or you can send them to your store with the product added to cart, but allow them to go ahead and add other products to the card as well. you can also automatikally apply a discount code when scan. choose from the discount codes that you have in your store already defined. so let's give some examples of how you might use this. a very common use case that many, many shop uses for is they want to have a QR code on their product that says: hey, scan this QR code to buy the product again and we'll give you a 15 discount. and if you have a lot of products, that's a pain to make each of those QR codes individually. so you use the batch create functionality here to create QR codes for each of your products that automatikally adds those products to the cart and sends the person who scans it to the checkout so they can buy that product again and automatikally apply that discount code. finally, you can choose, of course, the style of the QR code, or I should say QR codes, because we're going to batch create a bunch of QR codes with the different style and card. here to a video we made that goes in depth on how to customize the styles of QR codes, but it's fairly intuitive to go through here and you can choose all different kinds of colors, shapes, text, Etc. however, one unique thing about customizing the design in batch create is in the text panel. so in the text panel you can use these placeholders that will automatikally replace the text for each QR code. so, for example, say we want to create text that says: you know, scan this to reorder and we want to put the name of the product. so we'll go ahead and do this: double brackets name. and now, as you can see on the side, here is a scan this reader and double bracket names. but when we actually generate the QR codes, name here is going to be replaced with the name of each of the products that that QR code goes to. so this is a really easy way to bulk create a bunch of QR codes and have the text of those QR codes match the product that they go with. so it's a very powerful feature that you can use a lot of different ways. once you've designed the QR code the way that you want and have defined which products up here you want to do, you want the queue create QR codes for, and you've defined here what you want that QR code to do, then you just hit generate QR codes, says yes, now this can take a little bit of time and boom generation complete. we can see the list of QR codes that were generated for these three products and then we can go ahead and click download up will pop a dialog box asking you to import questions one: what kind of format do you want to download the QR codes in? so you can choose, just like everywhere else in this app: PNG, jpeg or SVG. you can choose the size- whether it's going to be for print or for web, and then, importantly, you can choose the name of each QR code. so what this is going to do is it's going to download a zip file with all the QR codes of these products. here, in our case, it's only three in this example, but you'll probably do this with hundreds or thousands- and you can then decide in that zip file: do you want each QR code to be named after the product, which is, you know, a human readable name, or do you want it after the SKU number? of course, this just depends on you know how do you, how do you do your labels or wherever this is going to go. whatever is going to be easiest for you choose that and then you press download QR codes and it will take a second and it will download for you a zip file with those QR codes in it. so you just need to wait a minute for it to generate and then you can go ahead and download the zip file. so that is how you can batch, create, in just one or two minutes, QR codes with QR code generator Hub. it's super useful, it's super powerful. hundreds, if not thousands, of merchants are using this feature today and and really making it super easy to add product specific QR codes to your store.

Design Stunning QR Codes for Shopify - Tutorial

QR codes don't need to be black and white. in fact, well-designed QR codes not only look good, but also increase conversions. in this video, I'm going to show you how to design stunning QR codes for Shopify. the first step, if you haven't already, is to install QR code generator hub for Shopify. a link is in the description below. it's the number one QR code app in the Shopify App Store. okay, we're in the app. we're going to go to create new and then, for this demonstration, we use a product page QR code. you can check out some of our other videos for more information on how to create different kinds of QR codes, but in this video we're going to focus on designing the QR code. so once you enter the information, you can scroll down and there is this box: customize your design, and there are a number of different options that we'll go through. as we change these options, you're going to see the QR code on the right change to reflect our design choices. so first of all, we have this popular tab here and it's got some examples of different QR code designs that you can use as a starting point. for example, I can press on this kind of funky red fall themed one. it comes up and it sets everything here. similarly, there's also this my tab, which will show designs that you've previously used. so, if you want to reuse designs on multiple QR codes, you create the design once on your first QR code and then it'll show up here. so, on future QR codes, you don't need to go through and recreate the design. you can just choose it from the my tab. okay, but how do you actually create a design? well, let's go through the different options. we'll start with the logo. so this is probably the most popular thing to do, certainly something you want to do, which is to add your logo in the center of the QR code, or to add a logo that's indicative of what this QR code does. for example, we have some default logos here, and if you're creating a link- that's to your, to your Instagram, you might want to put the Instagram logo right in the center there. you can also, of course, choose upload here and upload your own logo. now, once you choose a logo, there's a number of ways that you can customize how it appears in the QR code, so you can have it be in a square or a circle, you can have it have a shadow or no Shadow, if you want to go something more flat looking and you can change the size right, so you can have it more dominant, perhaps if it's your logo, or perhaps if it's not your logo, like an Instagram thing. you just want to hint that it's Instagram, so you want to make a little bit smaller, just have it there, but not have it be quite so prevalent. so that is how you upload a logo. now let's tok about text. so text allows you to embed text on the top, the header, the footer, the bottom, the left or right of the QR code. we usually recommend, if you're going to embed this QR code into some larger graphic design- for example on your label where you're doing a bunch of other Graphics- just download the QR code and then do the text in your graphic design program. however, there's many situations where you're just trying to print out this QR Code by itself, perhaps on a label, perhaps on some stikers. we're adding the text in the app. here is very, very useful. so, for example, we can add some texture that says: you know, scan this QR code to get a discount on our products, okay, and so it resizes. here the text is a bit long, but we can go and make the text a bit smaller so it's more in line with the size. we can change the color, so on and so forth. um, and I'm going to go ahead and get rid of, uh, that logo. we're just gonna use a default little like logo here. so that's text. the next thing you want to think about is color. of course, color is one of the primary ways you can connect this QR code to your brand, to your brand colors, and we have lots of different coloring options. uh, we'll start with the foreground color, the color of the dots of the actual QR code. there's recommended colors here. you can also use the Color Picker and choose any color you want. you can also choose the little picker here and then bring your logo up on screen and bring this over your logo and choose the color in your logo. now we don't have a logo up on screen, but we can go up here to the Shopify logo and pull off the Shopify green here and boom, our QR code updates to that Shopify color from the logo. you can also change the background. now, we recommend being careful about the background. it's important there's enough contrast between the foreground color of your QR code and the background color. what you don't want to do is have, for example, a light green background and let's say this is an even lighter green, this color where the contrast between the two starts becoming kind of difficult for a camera or even for the eye to pick up. as a general rule of thumb, when you're thinking about colors or even the size of your QR code, if you can see it clearly by eye without much difficulty, the QR code will function. if it's hard to see by eye, it's going to be hard for the camera to pick up that QR code when you go to scan it. go back to white background here. now, Beyond solid colors, you can also do gradients. so here's a nice gradient. that's kind of a circular gradient. you can choose the type of gradient: radial, vertikal. so this is going top to bottom or bottom to top, and you can choose the two colors that are being used here. we have some examples here. we've got horizontal, diagonal. there's lots of ways just to add subtle, nice effects to make your QR codes feel good to fit into wherever this QR code is going to live once you print it out or use it, however you're going to use it. finally, there is images, and so we have some template images here. if you want to add a little funkiness, a little bit of excitement to your QR code, you can choose some of these different patterns we have that you can use to overlay on the QR code. so that's colors. now let's tok about shapes. shapes are another great way to make this QR code fit into wherever it's going to live. you're all familiar with the kind of square- standard Square QR code- but they don't need to be that way- and a QR code generator Hub. there are tons of other style options and you can go and play around with them. so here's one that's a little bit softer. it's kind of got this dot dash pattern to it, if that kind of fits your brand. here's one that's these little stars. it's a much lighter kind of look. Also may or may not fit your brand, but you can play around with these different block types of blocks for your QR code. now I just chose this star, this kind of light Little Star pattern, and you'll notike that the eyes, these three eyes here, really don't fit that pattern. well, the good news is we can update those as well, so we can go and choose different kinds of eye shapes and internal shapes as well. so that's the outer shape. we can choose some internal shapes here, whatever fits, again, our brand, our style, where this QR code is going to live. you've got, for example, the slightly more dense kind of pattern. um, and a lot of fun you can have just playing around with these different combinations. finally is the frame of the QR code, so we can add different frames around that QR code to again make it easier to fit into. wherever this QR code is going to live we can check out. here's a very basic frame around it. you've got this more kind of stylized frame. if you want to make it on a tiket, or you want to make it a, a, a stamp, whatever you want to do, there's lots of different options here. you can also not just change the frame, but you can also change, for example, the color of the frame. so you can pull a color from the QR code or we can choose a custom color, uh, for this Frame and uh, make really whatever we want and whatever we need to fit into it. so there's lots and lots of options. you can create thousands, if not millions, of different combinations of QR code designs. we see Shopify Merchants around the world using this to create QR codes that pop, that stand out to their audience and also that fit into their brand and