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Quad City Times Classifieds: Find Your Next Deal!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss how to drive traffic to your website for free by using classified ad websites. We have narrowed down the top 200 sites to the top 20, all of which are worth using. By submitting free ads to these sites, you can get more exposure and visitors for your website.

Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Website:

1. Download and open the classified ads list file and open a blank notepad or WordPad.

2. Have your email open to confirm registration from free classified ad sites.

3. Get your links ready, including the affiliate link to ensure you get sales credit.

4. Pick a city and state and create a header for your ad.

5. Use the description from your product page and paste it into the ad.

6. Upload an image or grab it from the product page.

7. Add the URL link to your website or product page.

8. Post the ad and confirm your email if necessary.

9. Repeat these steps on other free classified ad sites to get more exposure.

Benefits of Using Classified Ad Websites:

- Free way to drive traffic to your website

- More exposure and visitors for your website

- Ads are indexed by search engines, leading to higher search engine rankings

- Ability to target specific products for better results

- Can lead to increased sales and revenue

By using classified ad websites, you can drive traffic to your website for free and get more exposure for your products. Follow the steps outlined in this article to post your ads and start seeing results. With a little effort and persistence, you can grow your business and increase your sales and revenue.

How To Submit FREE Classified Ads (Part 2) Links

How to Properly Get an Affiliate Link

In this video, the speaker teaches how to properly get an affiliate link to make sure that credit is received when a sale is made. The process is simple and can be used to post the link on various websites.


1. Find a product to market and advertise.

2. Click on the title description of the product.

3. Highlight the long code at the top of the browser by clicking anywhere on it.

4. Right-click and copy the code.

5. Paste the code into a text document.

6. Open a new window or tab.

7. Right-click and paste the code into the address bar.

8. Hit the enter key to ensure that the link goes where it is supposed to go.

9. If using an Amazon store, click on the title description, right-click and copy shortcut, paste into a text document, and ensure that the link includes the affiliate ID.

10. Use tinyurl.com to shorten the link for use in advertisements or on forums.

Getting an affiliate link is a simple process that involves finding a product, copying the code, and pasting it into a text document. Shortening the link using tinyurl.com makes it easier to use in advertisements or on forums.

Webinar: Get more from your online classifieds!

Good morning everyone and welcome to our November 2016 customer webinar! Today, Phil Proctor, product manager for a business directory and classified offerings, will show you what's new and blocks a towel and blocks classifieds, and demonstrate some easy ways to drive more traffic to your classifieds. In the room, we also have Charissa Nelson, our director of business development, and Cherry Wolf, marketing specialist here at townnews. I'm Erin Gillette, marketing director. The presentation will take about 30 minutes, and the Q&A will follow.

At any point during the presentation, you can type a question into the chat box, but we'll hold off on answering them until the end of the show. Take it away though, Phil!

Thank you, Erin, and thank you everyone for joining us this month. So to kind of quickly get you started, what we're gonna be talking about today is obviously getting more from your classifieds. On the agenda, all things ads, so we're gonna be talking about a few features that cross the span between classifieds and a dowel. We'll be talking about creating and editing orders with the new add a little order entry wizard. We'll also be talking about this print to web revenue opportunity that we have as a new program that we're introducing and want to let everyone know about. Then, we'll be talking about a premium model with this new print upsell from a dowel, as well as some additional tips and tricks to help you improve display promotion of your classifieds and what more you can do.

The first thing we'll discuss is the ad a little order entry wizard, which we

Lead Generation Software

Welcome to the world of lead generation! In this article, we will discuss how you can start generating leads for any business opportunity or small business with just a push of a button. No more expensive leads or running out of people to talk to for your business. We will explore an exclusive club with 5 neat programs to help you generate leads effortlessly.

Tools for Lead Generation:

1. Ghost Scraper: This tool allows you to pull MLM home-based business leads from different categories, such as real estate, by selecting search engines like YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AltaVista.

2. Net Extractor: This tool pulls leads from classified sites like Craigslist, Backpage, and Adland Pro, allowing you to narrow your search down with custom keywords.

3. AP Scraper: This tool pulls leads from all pages on the internet, enabling you to narrow your search down for a particular niche, such as real estate.

4. Bench Scraper: This tool pulls phone numbers for all businesses in specific locations.

Lead Generation Results:

By using these tools, you can generate leads for your business within minutes. For instance, in just 5-10 minutes, the big scraper pulled 4200 and counting telephone numbers, the AP scraper put 3300 numbers, the net extractor produced 1200 numbers, and the go scraper pulled 800 numbers.

Generating leads for your business has never been easier. With just a push of a button, you can get access to powerful lead generation tools that can help you get 80 800 prospects in just 10 minutes. Once you generate leads, we have a process and system in place to help you convert them into customers through email, phone, or text messaging. So, don't wait any longer, click on the link below this video and start generating leads for your business today!

Message from Anonymous to Occupy Quad Cities

The Occupy Quad Cities movement has seen several actions in protest against the global corporate government alliance. The movement is not about handouts, but rather a fight for economic and social justice. The movement wants to end corporate personhood and keep corporations out of politics.

Actions Taken:

- Protest at the Rock Island County Courthouse in Illinois

- March across the centennial bridge to LeClair park in Davenport Iowa

- Protest at Wells Fargo Bank

Importance of Community Credit Unions:

People all across America have been taking their money out of global banking cartels and putting it into community credit unions that care about the people in the community that they serve.

Support for Fellow Occupier:

The Quad City Occupied is having a benefit for fellow occupier and veteran Scott Olson who was taken down by a police projectile while demonstrating for the Oakland California occupation. It is important to support those who lay their lives on the line for the cause.

Clarification of Position:

The movement is not an attempt to end corporations, but rather to end corporate personhood and limit their financial contributions to politics. The movement is not anti-American, but rather a fight to restore the nation. The movement is party-less, leaderless, decentralized, peaceful, nonviolent, and a civil resistance movement.

Global Revolution:

The Occupy protests have spread to 951 cities and 82 countries around the world. It is time for the Quad City Occupied to make contact with their brothers and sisters in other regions to gain support for the cause.

Power Struggle:

The power struggle that we are facing this time in the world is last in every one of the 99 percent. The global elite only care about money and power and they don't care about the people. Our revolution is sweeping the world and change will happen.

The Occupy Quad Cities movement is a fight for economic and social justice. It is not about handouts, but rather a fight to end corporate personhood and keep corporations out of politics. The movement is party-less, leaderless, decentralized, peaceful, nonviolent, and a civil resistance movement. The global revolution is sweeping the world and change will happen.

Part 2-All Mexico Classifieds

Are you looking to sell a property in Mexico? MySpaceClassifieds is here to help you out! In this article, we will be focusing on how to post a listing on MySpaceClassifieds.

Posting a Listing:

1. Click on Place an Ad in the administrative navigation.

2. Select the category where you want your ad to appear.

3. Fill in the required details such as title, price, description, city, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and contact information.

4. If you have a YouTube video, you can embed the code in the listing.

5. Add up to five photos for a better display.

6. Edit the listing later if needed.

Branded Page:

MySpaceClassifieds also offers a branded page for a cost of $25 per month. If you're interested in a branded page, contact them through their website.

Posting a listing on MySpaceClassifieds is easy and straightforward. By following these simple steps, you can easily sell your property in Mexico. Don't forget to check out their branded page option for better visibility. Thank you for choosing MySpaceClassifieds!


The internet is full of interesting and unbelievable videos that capture moments we wouldn't believe if they weren't filmed. Here are 20 such moments that have been captured on camera, from incredible performances to hilarious mishaps and even hyper-realistic robotic dolphins.

1. Sophie Dossie's Contortionist Performance:

World-famous contortionist Sophie Dossie presented an unbelievable skill in her performance at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

2. Irish Weather Woman Singing:

An Irish weather woman was reporting about a dramatic storm warning, but the wind was so strong that it almost sounded like she was singing.

3. Alpine Ibex Scaling a Wall:

Never underestimate a goat! Check out these alpine ibex scaling an almost vertical wall of an Italian dam and making it look like child's play.

4. Mesmerizing View of Fighter Jet Landing:

Check out this mesmerizing point of view of a skilled pilot landing an F-18 fighter jet on an aircraft carrier.

5. Shohei Ohtani's Perfect Hit:

Japanese baseball player Shohei Ohtani hit the ball so perfectly that it resulted in a home run.

6. Cleaner's Fright of His Life:

In a college basketball game, a cleaner was given the fright of his life when the ball possession changed in an instant, and he hilariously tried to escape the team's attack.

7. Hilarious CCTV Footage:

Check out this hilarious CCTV footage of a girl trying to walk on an icy sidewalk.

8. Dog Pretending to Have a Limp:

Everybody loves attention, even dogs! Check out this dog pretending to have a limp, and when a man came over to help, the dog got busted.

9. Incredible Natural Instrument in Japan:

A few years ago, a Japanese company built an incredible natural instrument in the middle of a lush forest in Japan. Their creation featured hundreds of different sized pieces of wood, each sounding an individual note when struck. A wooden ball then rolls down the structure hitting every note of a Bach masterpiece.

10. Backyard Pool Becomes a Tsunami:

When a 7.1 scale earthquake struck this couple's backyard pool, it became a tsunami. The woman's priority was solely to save her phone.

11. Mind-Boggling Pool Trick Shots:

Florian Kohler, also known as Venom Trickshots, showcases his mind-boggling pool trick shots.

12. Unlucky Rest:

When this guy tried to rest up against the fence, he got pretty unlucky.

13. Caught in the Act:

Unfortunately for her, a woman in the Ellen audience is caught in the act of taking multiple items from the free merchandise table. Shortly after, the woman is ridiculed by Ellen in front of the whole world.

14. Pitch Invaded by Three Dogs:

In a rare football moment, the pitch was invaded by three dogs. The ball boys tried to chase and catch the dogs, but one of the players seems to pick a fight with a dog.

15. Unique Limbo World Record:

While limbo dancers pass under a very low bar and attempt not to dislodge it, Shamika Charles decided to set a new unique limbo world record when she successfully limboed under a car.

16. Seoul Olympic Park Light Show:

Over 300 drones flew over the Seoul Olympic Park, lighting up the night sky forming colorful pictograms and messages of hope. Organized by the South Korean government, it was made in hopes of encouraging the public to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic.

17. Celebrating Ball Boy:

After they scored a goal, this ball boy ran straight to the celebrating team and got picked up by the striker. What's the craziest thing you've done when celebrating?

18. Embarrassed Ball Boy's Revenge:

When a ball boy was embarrassed after slipping while trying to return the ball, he decided to compensate and nutmeg the goalkeeper.

19. Fighter Dropping Opponent in the Corner:

This fighter picked his opponent up and appeared to drop him off in the corner. This actually counts as a clinch and was not penalized as a foul.

20. Hyper-Realistic Robotic Dolphins:

Marine theme parks are often criticized for holding dolphins captive in small tanks which could not be good for them. Well, this company that makes Hollywood props decided to build hyper-realistic robotic dolphins that could replace captive animals at marine parks. The downside, however, is that just one of these robotic dolphins sells for up to five million dollars.

These 20 moments captured on camera are just a glimpse of the incredible and unbelievable things that happen in our world. They remind us that there's always something to discover and appreciate, and that we should never underestimate the power of the unexpected.

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