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queen's blade ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Reviewing that 𝕤𝕦𝕤𝕤𝕪 game that keeps popping up on your ads (Queens blade)

we all know that the years of childhood are important to manga offers many people who make creative works. years in high school, college and university are some of the most eventful periods of a person's life. but those are teenage years, not childhood, and what i remember from my teenage years is horny. our review should start with a quick sentence described in the game: but this is an idol, catchy game. describing this would be like me saying that grass is green and then this game is worth your time. reviews are just bundles of opinions anyway, and my opinion of this game is bad. it's just watching reviews can make you confirm your doubts about the game, making you not even try it, even if you would have enjoyed it. i'll start with something a little different: bias. you see, i'm quite a follower of the queen's blade franchise, mostly because, surprisingly, i was 14 and at that time i was a fan of the source material, not the anime, not the novels and not the other games. the visual combat books releases 2005.. you can even find them now somewhere. every adaptation or related form of media just went downhill from there and there's only one more part of the series i enjoy, but that will come later. the contents of the good games will have to wait. queen's unlimited blood works limit. breakdancing is a game published by g123, a game portal site that has not published a good game period. it is managed in japan. how does a company like this, in a country that makes some of the best video games ever, stay afloat? you play the game by? uh, i thought really. okay, i figured that you pressed this button. did you press the battle button? then you pick out a team using complex mechanics, rolls, the weapon triangle plus 2 [ __ ] and skills that make a deep team building experience. except, i didn't care to look into it even a bit, and i know neither will you. you're just here to pay the existing stacks and look at pretty five-star women upgrading their powers by using the existence tax returns and winning stages. that way, instead of strategy, who needs gameplay? i have a girl who grinds her cross enemies to death. upgrading your character, you may run into a wall of some strange material every 10 levels. okay, so you go to the tab right. where is it? oh, as you notiked, the ui for this game is a little uh, not good. the tower is where you get these gems. just clarity when you're stuck, since if you beat three levels in a row, it skips all the floors till you can beat them. here is the event screen. the game has free veil bait events at the same time. if that doesn't tell you something, i don't know what will. it also has events completely unrelated to gameplay. reminds me of something, but i can't put my hand on one. look, if i name everything, we'd be here all day. so weapons arena, arena that doesn't work. exploration, very throw dice and get rewards that i couldn't bother completing ever. the shitty, limited daily map exploration- that literally makes me quit. other gacha games: startuping characters using characters, characters of different elements, with almost no changes. girl who rides her across the attack bathhouse- i wonder what this does. oh, you paid gems that i didn't know i had and didn't don't know how to get to up stats. it's obvious that this game didn't even capture me enough to make a good review. i recorded this review without a script before, and i can tell you this video is not better of having one. this is a time where i no longer have a clue. how can you [ __ ] up copying a genre of game that the hardly has an established audience, that moves from one same game to another like these games exist and they're okay enough to have actual communities in them. the closest to community you'll get here is two people toking 10 hours apart because they are not gay. i am [ __ ] losing it. hey, we says, don, here, how do you reveal an idol game with very surface level mechanics that work towards the same goal and are not entertaining to explain or play? the answer is: you don't. they literally could have translated white triangle. the other queens played gacha, game. that already exists. look, if you like these character designs and wanna scratch the saucy itch, just find the battle books or, better yet, grab a psb at the emulator and become nihongo jose, because we are going back to a better time. queensgate is an arcade game pulling the spirit of the queen's blade series strongly. it also has a ton of collab characters. it's turned by strategy rpg. at this time you may be wondering, don, what is the spirit of the queen's blade franchise? and it's simple, my friend: girls battling each other and ripping each other's clothes off. that was the main appeal of the battle books too, and in my around six hours of playing the hellish browser monstrosity, i haven't seen a single image like this. this series was all about makifying girls and then dumping your comedy around them as you left cutely in sexual assault. now it has been reduced to a spicy tap which i didn't even have the energy to unlock. it's not bad that you stepped away from sexual assault, but it's still a step back. the hook on this game is bad. tries to give you as many roles as possible and as many things to do as possible at the start should just unappealing. even if your game is a simple money grab, the rule is: don't overload the user. also, place your buttons in places that don't pace down the game to a halt. was this really so hard? do i gotta make another long-winded project, a whole game, to prove a point that these games could be better? unfortunately [ __ ] you i don't, because this old, discontinued, amazing idol game did it for me. villain rush is an idol game with gotcha elements. you pull for area specific characters that fight idly in their areas as slowly the areas and the character roster expands. you earn gold to summon or buy all characters. small stat upgrades dupes level up characters and you can rebirth, keeping goldball characters at level 1 and all previously unlocked areas already unlocked. you can use the rebirth currency to rank up character rarity stat bonuses and awaken them to get more upgrades and new art. there are gems that you slowly collect throughout the game for permanent upgrade. you can team build, parade battles and an adventure mechanic. it's genuinely a game i come back to every few months and i have the urge to complete it, whatever that may mean. all i can say is: hey, when a game with an inconsistent art style and possibly stolen art is better, you should probably give up. this game is a shining beacon in hope in this space that someday maybe some developer will actually take their time and take the good qualities from gacha and incremental games to make something actually interesting from it. maybe a game with more than one main quest to put multiple teams in. maybe characters have non-combat stats that can be used in unlockable incremental minigames, since the personalized, ramshackle experience of making a team is what makes gacha games good. or even a rebirth mechanic that places you in a randomly generated area with different paths, enemies and minigames each time. it would even allow the game to have more than one character ascension material, which sounds 10 times better already. just no single main quest in rebirth. the lovely abyss game made me want to blow my head out, for now, all we have is this game, and it will remain a [ __ ] stain on my ceiling of memories next to the rest of the queen's blade franchise, which should already be finished, dead and out of my sight. [Music] you.

The DISGUSTING State of Mobile Game Ads (and why YouTube LOVES IT)

this video is brought to you by warby parker. see how easy that is: just a logo and a quick shout out. that's it. i don't have to clickbait you all with fake promises and bosoms and stolen assets. i don't have the sink that low youtube does. i'm sick of it. [Music]. mobile game ads are a plague upon the internet and with every passing day it gets worse. it gets so much worse. they're everywhere: youtube, facebook, google, twitter, in your videos, in your news feed, on the sidebars of every website you visit. they're misleading, deceptive, pandering. you can't trust any of them. what you think might be a cool game with hot girls and fun gameplay is, oh god, no, another candy crush clone. where are the hot girls? you promised me hot girls. this isn't an fps at all. oh, can i solve this puzzle? sure, let me try. oh, um, this game is nothing like the advertisement. i've been bamboozled again. the majority of these mobile game ads rely on fraudulent claims that depend more on shocking and slimy promises than actual quality when it comes to their product. they don't care if most people turn the game off after trying their free to play game, as long as these mobile games can get their hooks into a handful of targeted users and squeeze them with microtransactions, they'll get their money's worth, and then some like to a mind-blowing degree. the mobile game industry practikally dwarfs every other facet of the gaming industry when it comes to revenue. consoles, they wish. pc gaming, oh, not even close. allow me to put it into perspective for you. in-game, one of the highest grossing films of all time made around 2.7 billion dollars worldwide. when it comes to box office revenue, monster strike, a mobile game, has grossed nearly 8.7 billion dollars worldwide. that is three times the amount of end game. that is insane. so now we're stuck in a very precarious situation: low quality mobile games that cost virtually nothing to make, that utilize predatory tactiks in order to track down consumers with addiction problems and then get them hooked on microtransactions by promoting deceptive and manipulative advertisements with false promises. so that's the situation: awful games that cost a fraction of what console or pc games require, while instead funneling money towards marketing in a very misleading manner. the entire system is corrupt and so many websites are complicit in the process, especially youtube. the audacity of youtube to police the videos of content creators and fire off punishments blindly, while claiming that actual human beings have reviewed said content. oh, yeah, yeah, sure they have. look at this one. oh, this thumbnail of your samba spock. it's too raunchy. it violates our community guidelines. shame on you. now you're not gonna get paid now, excuse us- while we take money from a company that is breaking the exact same rules, while also using stolen art of an underage character while advertising towards children. i'm going crazy, i'm losing my mind. how is this so brazenly allowed? i even had my own thumbnail format, stolen by a company and then promoted all my videos. so, yes, i have a problem with mobile game ads, mobile games themselves and the websites that allow these crimes against humanity to flourish. so why don't you all join me as we take a deep dive into the corrupt and disgusting world of mobile game ads? oh, don't worry, youtube, i won't show anything in my video that you haven't already promoted on your own website. so we cool. and if my video does get age restricted or possibly unlisted, then i don't know what i'm going to do. the irony might make me explode [Applause]. so what are the origins of mobile game ads? when did they start? what were they first initially like and when did they descend into the state of madness that we suffer today? for the record, a big part of the story is unsurprisingly related to the history of mobile games as an industry and its meteoric rise in popularity. now that is a topic that can be its own video. which, ta-da, there it is. i recently launched a new channel with my friend where we tok about video game stuff, so go check out what's ruining mobile games right over there. link is in the description: saber spark 64- like like the old mario game- god, i'm old. now for this video. i'll bring up some of the main points from that video in order to better explain the state of mobile game ads, since the two topics are interconnected and have one without the other, unfortunately, so long ago, like i'm toking, 10 years ago, there used to be a time when mobile games required upfront payments in order to play the game. we saw this in the early 2010s, but then mobile game companies decided to scrap this model of business and instead go for in-game microtransactions. the games are free, but you can spend money in the game in order to buff up your stats and whatnot, whatnots. you don't have to wait five minutes to play the game. you can just spin tokens with actual money and boom, you're back into the fray. thanks bubble witch saga and candy crush. you all ruined everything. this business model would eventually become the main form of generating revenue for the mobile game industry. not only can you sidestep apple or google when it comes to their fees for using their app stores, but these companies now have access to customers who might spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a free-to-play game, instead of paying three dollars for an entrance fee like before king. the company that owns candy crush and bubble witch saw their revenue increase from 62 million dollars in 2011 via facebook to 1.8 billion dollars in 2012 from ads and in-app purchases on mobile. it was abundantly clear now to mobile game companies: there was some big, lucrative money to be made via microtransactions. said money would be used to unleash a tidal wave of advertisements. now, i remember the first wave of mobile game ads back in the early 2010s. there was actual effort at first with stuff like clash of clans- nothing mind-blowing but leagues above the trash we see nowadays. i often wondered when why things started to change with the tone of mobile game ads. we went from somewhat decent commercials to the insanity of mafia city and hyper sexualized ads, for like every other mobile game advertisement out there. why did this happen? well, these mobile game companies are running into the same issue that traditional television ads ran into in the mid-2000s, where people started to become numb to regular ads so they had to start getting increasingly bizarre just to get the attention of people. until, oops, now all the ads are bizarre, which means people are starting to tune them out again due to overexposure. now mobile games face far stiffer competition than traditional tv ad slots. since buying ads on social media is cheaper, more companies can afford to do it, and since mobile games are cheaper to produce, more companies are vying for attention in these slots. mobile game ads only have a few seconds to make an impression on viewers, so they have to go super hard. unlike a tv ad which has like 30 to 60 seconds of air time, mobile game ads only have like five seconds of pre-roll on youtube, or a fraction of a second to grab your attention while you're scrubbing on your twitter newsfeed. so poor animation, outlandish scenarios, imitations of popular properties or blatant sexual imagery are all powerful tools to stop you dead in your tracks and force you to pay attention. another common tactik is to bait the viewers. creativity or intelligence- oh. only three percent of people can solve this or 96 of people will fail. these are common titles to poke at your ego and make you stop and take a look. and the opposite tactik can also be used with false gameplay on display making obvious mistakes. well, guess what? it causes viewers to stop and gawk at the stupidity on display. your brain is just trying to figure out what the hell it's even looking at. but that is enough for the advertiser to make an impression on you. they got their split second. now you're familiar with their brand. some companies don't even bother to take the

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That SPICY GAME from the ADs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

so you guys know what ads i'm toking about, right, you guys saw my thumbnail. you've probably seen this all over facebook, instagram, snapchat, youtube. like these little spicy ads are. like all over the internet, right, right, right. targeted advertising. currently, browsers use your browser history to serve up targeted ads. the browser detects recent searches and serves up ads on websites you visit. this is why you see those ads everywhere. fg you, deegan. well, i'm just going to ignore that because i can't read. so let's go ahead and jump on in into queen's blade: unlimited limit break. unlimited limit break, starting off with the characters that you can collect- and susan, you're gonna have to forgive me, i'm gonna try my best. oh, my god, every single character. this is my favorite, though. yeah, she's like super risque, but her whole premise, the sound princess. you gotta see it yourself. go ahead and play the game. you know you want to um, but here are the characters that you can collect. some of them, yeah, most of them, i mean it's all over the place you guys can see. i'm not even sure how much i can even show here on the youtube, but so far there's nothing like pure h game. there's nothing not safe for work to that level. it's definitely not safe for work, but it's the safer work, not safe for work type of thing. you know what i'm toking about. um, so we'll go through a hyper vibration valkyrie, hyper vibration valkyrie. oh, let me read some of these names: the fang of vengeance- that's fine. the great pirate- okay, some of these names aren't so bad. the wandering sorcerer- even some of the lower rarity characters are actually pretty solid looking like these. this character right here would probably be a high rarity character in another game. so the artwork, the live 2d- not too bad. milk angel- the milk angel. the iron blacksmith- all right, that's nice and wholesome. you'll like that. yamir the good wife, wise mother- let's just get into combat here. so this is gonna be a real traditional, real old school by the numbers: idle game, combat system, autoplay, times three- luckily not locked behind vip, but just set up your team auto. you're never gonna play this game on manual, not a single time. now the game doesn't have any like massive screen filling, ultimates or anything like that, but some of the abilities are okay, like that little little punch thing. it was actually pretty cool- a little sword attack, shock wave. you know, some of the effects are okay, but that's not why you're playing this game. come on, let's be real, and the game does have a tiny bit of quality of life here. you can hit this idle battle button and the combat will continue going as you click on all these red dots. look at the screen here y'all like: look at the screen. there's so many things the game wants you to look at, like what's going on? what is this? what do you want? when you level up the spring- okay, spring is being leveled up, there you go. the game wanted me to do this. i'm getting a lot of passive stats. dude, my power level's going through the roof. that's not all that. i'm just joking. that's not all. that's going through the roof. i was going to say it but i didn't. but i still kind of did. there are so many like little single free things all over the screen. but don't think it's because they're trying to be nice to you. it's just because they want you to just click all over the place. what else we have here, heart to heart, what's going on here? what's going on here? i like to try, let's start off. oh, it's just like a little memorization game. i'm awful at these. uh, i'm so. oh, not that bad though. oh my god, dude, fg got a pretty good memory. all of a sudden i got it. no, no, susan, i'm out of here. i can't show no more that heart-to-heart nonsense. dude, there's still red dots still trying to get me, so half the game is gonna be trying to get rid of these red dots y'all. so be on the lookout for this. i mean, it's pure gambling as well, of course. it is like not even trying to hide it with the whole roulette wheel. what is it? what are you doing here? why are we flying? why are we flying up here? why is this necessary? i'll take the freebies. i guess there's another red dot for a pack, a pack of what? oh? you want me to use my diamonds? sure, there's a summit in there. there's some wings too, so i guess i could do fly 10 times. [Music]. oh, lots of rewards, all right. well, we'll use that if we get like a brand new character. dude, i tried my best to turn off all these red dots, but it broke me. it broke fg. i can't do it. um, as far as the gameplay modes, you got your, of course, your tried and true endless tower. very straightforward. let's just go in here, rip through it and, dude. i don't even know if they created any additional backgrounds. like so far, every single gameplay mode that i've tackled has had the same exact background in the background, like every single one. like all right now, i'm gonna keep an eye on it. let's take a look at daily trials, shall we? we're gonna go get some coins? same exact background, all right. so let's try arena. there's no way arena has the same background. like no way. wait, is it? do you not even fight? do you not even fight? oh wait, i have skip on. all right, okay, arena does actually have a different background. see, check it out. this game ain't lazy. ooh, skip, skip. functionality outside of vip you love to see. so that was arena. what is stadium? ah, come, oh, crossover pvp, that's what. that is okay. so if you're gonna be playing this game all the way up to level 80, this awaits, all right. then we have explore. susan. please leave me alone. what is this, dude? this is just uh, this is just nonsense. this is just whatever. just roll the dice, get rewards. is there any combat here? i thought for a second this might be some type of like labyrinth or something, but no, it's just uh, roll the dice and just uh, keep rolling, all right, so nothing too special there. so this is called the wilds. i'm not really. am i playing minesweeper? now, like, what is this? can i get that potion? what do these do? all right, i guess i guess i'm playing minesweeper with clouds and then every now and then, ooh, skip functionality. [Music]. okay, i guess the premise is just: uh, get rid of all the clouds. like, dude, this, these games, love these little random minigames for some reason, like i, i'm not even sure what this is supposed to do. uh, but yeah, you got this as well. what is this? deploy at least one beautiful warrior in team two. oh, it's multi-team pve action. i don't have any levels of my other characters. hey, we got a new background. oh, dude, we're gonna get stomped here. yeah, i'm not strong enough for that at all this game. all right, so we looked at home and we'll do some summons in a little bit quest. these are all the different gameplay modes: adventures, the campaign. i'm not going to click on warriors because i don't want to do any more editing. dare i click the shot button? i'm not even sure if i want to see the shopkeeper. oh, i don't want to click that one. let's click this one top up. nah, bruh, you ain't going to get me there, all right. well, it's not that bad, i guess i. why am i scrolling down? you got a gym pass, a battle pass, boost fun, all kinds of boost packs, artifacts, lots of different things to buy. all right, i've had enough, alright? so here we are. we have the normal summons and we have the special summons, and once again, susan's coming for me. man, i tell ya now. i've said this so many different times. every single time i play one of these more looty games, they never really have any special like summon animations, like they just like put all the budget. oh, master of distraction, all right, i gotta look at that. it's like they put the entire budget into the characters. i feel like these looty type games can have like a really cool summon animation, but they never do. they never do. all right, so here's the all right. so here's the new character i just got out of the gotcha. very straightforward when it comes to leveling up here i can press this: give myself five levels at a time, you'll hit these breakthrough levels pretty straightforward. um, if you get level 28, you'll unlock something spicy, so somethin.

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Queens Blade Limit Break - New Game Feature "Cores" Preview

what's going on, guys? Darth back with some more Queens Blade limit break video content. and today is- uh, we're gonna do a quick update. there was a surprise maintenance yesterday. uh, I tried logging into the game late in the evening- I wasn't able to, and I found out that the game was under maintenance. we did find out that they did fix some bugs. they did some maintenance. they fixed some things. uh, they caused an issue as well, but it's a minor issue in that your daily and weight guards are your lifetime tasks- reset somewhat and you can get additional Rewards. so what you're going to want to do is go into your- not that your- tasks under your main and check out what's going on, because a lot of these tasks have reset, giving you some fairly decent rewards. I've already claimed a bunch of them, but buy one, something with a jewel shot, giving you 2K Jewels. that's something to consider. but they also added a new feature to the game, a little surprise feature, which is not uncommon. I hate when they do that. I've mentioned this to them on Twitter as well as in game menu. uh, support that. it would be nice if they gave us an update on things that they were planning to keep people interested in the game. maybe that's just not how the Koreans do thing, our Japanese, whoever makes this, I don't know, but they did add a new feature. I don't have the home screen. I was going to capture a screenshot but I can't get it to pop back up. it's a really cool screenshot with these cores. go and take a look at the notike. a new feature- cores, that's what they're calling it- has been added in today's update. try clicking on your beautiful Warrior, uh Warriors, between the Rune skills. we'll take a look at it here. so if you go into your warriors, you'll notike that on the gear tab that there is a redesigned UI making space here for this little Plus in between, and this is where I believe you're going to be. I mean, obviously you're going to be slotting these cores now. they did explain how to go about obtaining these cores. I shouldn't have gotten another fast. cores can be obtained from Ultimate summons or from purchasing packs. there's no surprise there, guys. to be honest with you, more ways to obtain them will be at in the future. I'm going to be curious to see that, because what this is saying is is this is honestly telling you that it's going to be somewhat of another paywall. the reason I say paywall is is: let's go take a look at it- is the ultimate summons, runs on the timer's counting down, but it's running on a 7- 14 day- I'm sorry- two week time frame before you can even summon these things. that's problem number one. problem number two is that it alternates, uh, between the available Warriors. it's this time it's featuring Ari, but there is another original Warrior. that can be done. now. the way you up, you can you summon in the ultimate summons here is by obtaining these pearls. and the only way to get these pearls is to spend money for every thousand Top-Up points, which is ten dollars, guys, just put that in perspective. it's nine dollars and change, but we're, we're gonna round up, we're gonna keep everything, even for about ten dollars. you get one Pearl and you get 10 points per summon, whatever. so every time you top up ten dollars, you're gonna get a pearl. now I do have some pearls that I've been stacking for a while to use, so first I'm gonna say that those who have them in your inventory I'm. I don't know that I would pull just yet, but this has the potential to be another paywall. it mentioned getting it from the ultimate summons. the only way to get the pearls is by buying them. there are a few other ways. just for full transparency, you can come into the market and get it from the Jewel Shop, but, guys, giving jewels is a pay option is the only way to get jewels is to buy them, at least currently now. that would make this the prop fourth or fifth paywall in the game. if it turns out that they keep this format and they don't add other ways to get this material- and we're going to take a look at the material here in a second uh- this will be another paywall. you know, you got the Revelation stones to go from 11 to 12 star. you've got the Genesis runes to upgrade your runestones. you've got the surf uh certificate certs formation bonuses here that, upon level 30, require premium currency. the only way to get this stuff is to buy them. granted, they have had a high level event recently that gave you access to them, but most players are not going to be able to get them, so this will probably be like the fourth or fifth paywall that I can see here. given the fact that ultimate summons only arrive every 14 days, that's going to be a bit of a problem. so let's go take a look at the, because the game has updated over the course of the morning several times and there's actually more information now. so let's click on this icon: core, not equipped sources, ultimate summons. it tells you where to get it and says: pack. now I'm going to call it right here, guys, I'm going to tell you, I bet that these packs are going to go for at least 109, their standard to pricing point for what they call Premium packs: 195 dollars. now, what you're going to get in that 195 dollars, that's going to be the subject of debate. so we're going to have to find out- I'm guessing, in a few days, since the ultimate summon goes live in 17 hours, IE tomorrow, I have a feeling we're going to see an updated pack, or updated packs previews for people to actually buy it directly says to go to the ultimate summons. here you are. if you don't know where to actually look at it, click on the summon rate and you can actually see these cores. they're going to get a better view here in a second, but you can see. it's been added to the loop pool, but it's. you need 50 to 50 Shores to craft One Core. okay, all right, 0.05 percent, you actually have a better chance of pulling this than you do- the Ultimate Warrior, tiknically- but it looks like a lot of the core components are going to be competing with some of the other shards that you get clicking on the ultimate Essences. so the ultimate Essence is is what you get to convert to either the Ultimate Warrior Shard or their ax gear. I would like to have seen them add these shards here so that it would make it easier to obtain. I'm going to suggest that in a tiket and then you have here attribute core used to level up the attribute core, okay, so this is something you're going to want as well. this is where the premium currency really is going to come in. to be honest with you, and I'll show you why- we're going to actually go in and take a look at the course. they actually added the core index and here they are now. these are fully upgraded cores, guys. all right, so we're going to take a look at each of them real quick as a small preview. yeah, fire looks like whoops: fire, water, wind, lightning, ice, rock and nimbus- that actually. they actually look really cool fire, okay. now, keeping great in mind, this is a fully upgraded skill. so here's the menu: before using the skill: 90 chance to activate, dealing fixed damage of 12 of the user's HP. that is cool. enemy with the lowest hvr ignores defense, cannot create. that's in line with the way that the physical fire attributes work. now, keep in mind this is a level three, so you're gonna have to upgrade it. that's not going to start with a 90 chance. uh, one thing I did notike on the ultimate summons is when you look at the chord and you look at the info, you see how it says it says level three, but here it says before using a skill: 40 chance to activate. I think it goes up as you level them up. I mean that would be a safe assumption. to be honest with you. here you have a 90 chance to activate heals the allies with the lowest HP. um, one thing I do want to point out is that, although these can be very powerful, there is a safeguard. if you want to call it that, regardless of whether this still activates or not, cooldown lasts three turns. so basically, be for you using a skill, it's going to give you a 90 chance to do something. if it doesn't go off, you have to wait three more turns to get a chance. I

I Played Games Nobody Should Play

so the simulator section on steam is a gold mine. what kind of psychopath made teeth brushing simulator and why does it cost a dollar fifty? i have no idea why these games exist. so in today's video, i have downloaded all the funniest simulator games and we're gonna test them out. teeth brushing simulator- i mean, it lives up to the name. i am brushing my teeth. this is so realistik. who sits down and makes this [ __ ]? oh damn, i got the first person view. man, i need to clean my sink. that [ __ ] looks filthy. why do i have a comb? i don't have any hair. [Music]- what the [ __ ]? what, and i am what the [ __ ]? this is not the experience i expected to have. i'm exiting this game and never returning. i am excited to play lawn mowing simulator. i have no idea why you would play this game instead of, i don't know, going out in the real world to cut grass. just mow your own lawn. oh no, oh [ __ ]. sorry, oh no, i'm in your flower beds. this game has a thousand good reviews on steam. that's like a thousand people that definitely have a mental illness. once, when i was a gardener, i had to mow next to a road and a cat got hit by a car and no one ever came to clean up the cat, so i kind of just mowed around it. so the moral of the story is: um, if this game doesn't have dead cats, it's not very realistik. i cannot move on to the next game until i have mowed this entire yard. oh, this actually takes forever. i'm almost done 96. i'm looking for all the scraps of grass i can find. ah, took me 26 minutes to mow this. god damn lord. uh, my review: absolutely zero dead cats. zero out of ten. toilet management simulator. pay ten dollars to clean up simulated turds. i am mopping floors in a virtual toilet. why would i want to simulate this experience? anyone here to take a [ __ ]? oh, is this someone coming to my toilet? no, they're just running by. okay, why am i simulating this experience? i should just go clean my own [ __ ] toilet. hey, lady, you need a [ __ ]. come in my toilet. some guy was saying that to me on the street. i would definitely think he has cameras in the toilet bowl. wants to watch me? poo? yeah, you need the bathroom. come on. in. all right, be calm, it's our first customer, not trying to be weird about it or anything, i'm just watching from the corner. oh, i hope you enjoyed that experience. she just pissed in my toilet without flushing. what is wrong with you? you are very dehydrated. there we go, and she paid me. we're making money. someone has done a big enough turd to fill the entire toilet. i am now having to plunge a toilet. who made this? i am done with this experience. some absolute psychopath has created roomba simulator. we're role-playing as a robot vacuum cleaning up garbage. this cost eight dollars. who made this? if you want to role play being a roomba, get down on all fours and lick your kitchen floor. there's just a bunch of tissues all over the floor. what have you been doing? you've been crying. why is? why am i speaking to myself? why is there a story in this game? bed lying simulator? you're joking. you lay in a bed. i mean, i got what i paid for. i suppose just go lie in your actual bed [ __ ]. you, son of a [ __ ]. i just pissed myself. this is train sim world 2.. it is actually the most expensive simulator. it cost two thousand dollars for all the dlc. i'm gonna buy it. i want all the trains possible. i cannot believe. i just bought that, bro. it's 136 gigabytes of trains, bro. i have every train in the world. i don't even like trains that much. i mean i like thomas the tank engine, i guess. damn, that's a mighty fine train. i spent an hour doing tutorials to learn how to drive this train. i want to see if i can derail a train. i don't even know what i'm carrying. hopefully it's not like infant children or anything. i'm reversing the train straight into the barrier. yeah, tight, anti-climactik. at least a couple people out to die. simp simulator: that's like my everyday life. i mean, i look like i could be a tier three sub to pokeman. for sure this is my waifu. i've gotta run around and collect money. this is a metaphor for all the people working hard normal jobs just to donate on twitch. give me your money, simp. take care, all my hard-earned money. maybe if i donate enough money, she'll date me, become a happy family. apparently. if i donate ten thousand dollars, i get bath water. take all my money. my queen, oh hell, yeah, i've earned her bath water. tasty. i now have all 100 achievements in this game. i am the greatest simp of all time. this game simulates what it's like to be a mother. oh, look at my baby. i think my partner cheated on me because i swear to god, you did not get any dna from me. oh, [ __ ]. i've been going for 20 seconds and i- my baby- absolutely snapped its neck. all right, all right, yeah, you just stay in there, baby. yeah, no, i think the baby's got a stinky diaper. i'm trying to clean him. you can swim, right? [Music]. does that mean the baby's dead? no one, jesus christ, this is the single most insane simulator of the entire video. this game simulates being a passenger on a plane. we have to sit through an actually simulated three-hour flight. can i get, um, a coca-cola? please? pass me a seat belt please. oh, yeah, now, fair enough, i'll put my seat belt on. why would i want to simulate being told off by a flight attendant? this is: yeah. no, i don't even get to fly the plane, i just get to sit on the plane. why we are starting to move? oh, it's the safety demonstration. amazingly, i do not care. i'm going to do exactly what i do on real flights: pull out my phone and not pay attention. if i'm ever in an emergency, i'm screwed. hello, don't mind me, i'm just, i'm just taking photos of you with my phone. i was on a flight and some of this [ __ ]. you know, this is my favorite part of traveling: sitting on the airplane before takeoff. it's, it's. i'm so glad i can simulate this from my home. oh, there we go, we're taking off. oh well, the plane is still in take off, but here i am using the toilet. they said: don't put paper towels in the toilet. can i bring the plane down by clogging the toilet? all right, there's a few in there. now what happens if i flush it? oh, it handled it, no worries. oh, look at us. we are solidly in the air. now, only a few more hours of this. oh, i got a backpack here. what it's? what's in here? [Music]. all right, it's important to write down what's on your mind. guys, it's a bit there's a bit of turbulence going on, but it's important to read sub to laser. do you want me to draw you something? what's your favorite thing in the world? [Music]. the postman of all the things you could have picked? huh, uh, that's what you wanted. i drew the postman. apparently. i'm only 11 of the way through the flight. i'm out of activities. you want to join the mile eye club. i got nothing else to do. no, fair enough. are these sleeping tablets to get through the flight? yoink, you know, one isn't enough. give me a couple more. um, i've had all the tablets. what could go wrong? nick minute, did my sleeping tablets just hit me? am i dead? am i going to be on air crash investigation? oh whoa, oh, i skipped the whole flight. i knew eating all those tablets was a good idea. we survived. oh beautiful, it's a bit shaky. i may have slept through some of the flight, but recording that still took me an hour. this is the credits of the game. after everything i've done today, i really need to go outside and touch grass. luckily for me, for the low price of a dollar fifty, there's go outside simulator. oh, it feels good to finally be outside in my backyard. why just walk outside? i can even practike for the sidemen charity match here. eh, look at that. hold up, i'm growing weed in here. i promise this is not an actual simulation of my real life. i am not growing weed in the real world. okay, let's.

Queens Blade Limit Break - State of the Game (9-1-2022)

hey, guys, it is Darth butt kicker back here with some more Queens Blade limit break content. it's been a while, guys. uh, another long Hiatus for me, uh, due to work and other life things. I want you to know, I have not abandoned the game. I have not abandoned you, the subscriber base, the people who actually still like this game. um, I do like this game and I'm going to continue to support it, uh, in some capacity, either videos- you know my money- until they they at least they- close it down- or they do something uh blatantly. so I figure, what better way to start up the videos again by doing my very first state of the game? okay, it is September 1st, let's do a state of the game. a lot of things have changed, guys. uh, there's been a few additions, there's been some changes that uh people either like or don't like, and we'll go over all of that. so, without further Ado, let's jump right into it, and right away. I got my account up. you'll see one of the changes that was made. you will see, I have one of my beautiful Warriors doing her little dance on my home screen here. that is a change that they recently implemented. it's a customizable screen, if you will. it has a little button here that you can get rid of the the overlay and just watch all the sweet goodness of My Little Swan Princess not really trying to escape her prison cell. she seems to enjoy it quite thoroughly, as do I, for her blue eyes, of course. no, if you want to know how to uh go about customizing it and just click on your little uh tops name screen here and go to your customizable button. you can pretty much select, you know, whatever spicy poses or original skins you have, or you can even do a day and night theme. you can only have one or the other. you only have one active at any given time. it's kind of a cool feature visually. uh, I think it was a good thing to do, although I think that there are other important things to worry about in terms of fixing in the game. but hey, this is a nice little uh change uh going on here. so let's tok about the elephant in the room guys, the the big elephant in the room. I'm toking about the server merger. uh, a few weeks back they did yet another server merger, uh, quite large one actually, this time, and server mergers, from what I understand, are still happening. does that mean that the game is in distress? not that I am currently aware of. it still has a good fan base. so a few weeks ago they did a server merger, which was met with- not surprisingly, but somewhat surprisingly- mostly negative response, at least from the people that I toked to on my guild on my server. um, it was not received very well. let me just start off by telling you, guys, that server mergers are necessary for a lot of games, partikularly a game like this. it has to happen, guys, especially when they started off they had a limited capacity per server. there's only a few people. I think they've expanded. that problem is they've done like three or four mergers, at least for me, in less than four months of the game being happening. now, that's a lot, but this recent server merger really killed a lot of things. um, I lost a lot of- you know friends that are no longer on- that I need to clean out my inventory on because they just quit- and a lot of it had to do with the server merger as opposed to just not really understanding the game or how to play or progress. why? well, the the experience is going to be differently, but from what I experienced, most people are just bitter about the competition, partikularly in PvP and the stadium. they were big dogs, big fishes and their own servers, and they came over here and all of a sudden they are no longer. you know, the big fish in the pond. I'm sorry, but that is how it works, guys. that is how that's how things progress and, let's be honest, okay, A lot of people are- this is my personal opinion. A lot of people are just bitter. they're just mad that they spent money, sometimes to outpace somebody else, and now they merge to a server where somebody else actually spent, outspent them and they just can't compete for number one spot. guys, competing for 50 is no different than competing for number one. it is what it is. I don't like the fact that pay to win games exist. I think it should be based on skill and ability all the way. that's not how the world works and you're gonna have to get over that. these are the sad facts and truths of Life, guys. you can choose to deal with it or not. some people I've had, I know people who have started on one server and left to go to a new server because they learned how the game worked. they wanted to get a leg up on the competition. my personal feelings on it, and I'm not afraid to say I think that that's kind of limp dick and I think that that's a shitty thing to do, starting on a new server just because you learned the game and you want to go over, you want to outspend somebody, you want to outdo somebody, uh, just so that you can be top dog. that doesn't make you top dog. that's just my personal opinion on it, guys. um, even though you can outspend somebody, the biggest issue on our server is that this one partikular person- I don't want to draw too much attention to him because he's one of my guild mates and I like him, um, or her, you know, they outspend you to no end and there is no way that you will be number one. get over it, compete for whatever you can compete with guys. that is the nature of things. until the gaming World changes- and I don't see that changing enough on the server mergers, guys. um, we've toked about the home screen customization adjustments. another change that they had made was the arrival summons guys. they changed the rewards and I'm not partikularly happy about that. um, it used to be that every time you hit a certain Milestone- usually 100- 200- you got an extra copy of the warrior you're summoning. I'm not sure where they got the feedback, but it looks like they are giving various rewards that help you upgrade said Warriors. maybe they received feedback stating: okay, it's good to have extra copies of the Warriors, but if I don't have the upgrade materials, it does mean no good that's. that's a fallacy in the thinking. that is incorrect. I would rather have multiple copies, at least for me, because I have enough Warrior stash that I can upgrade my Warriors almost at will. I mean you got a lot of blue here, but you know what I mean. I got Warriors everywhere that I still need to summon, but the change to the rewards is not actually been received fairly well. I think that it is a good change, although I preferred it the other way. so just know that the arrival summoning has changed. you can no longer get extra copies of the Warrior by summoning a certain amount, but you do get a lot of materials that help you upgrade as you go along. so if you are short on Warriors, I mean this is this is a good change for you. I mean you have good and bad guys, good and bad. they are pushing you to like these packs where you can actually buy. that's the other one where you can actually buy the Warriors outright if you feel like that is necessary. I think 50 is actually a good deal for for what you get here. um, but hey, it is what it is, uh, in terms of, uh, the changes you know you're gonna feel how you feel about it. another change is that they added- they renamed- The Relic to the Vault, and there's a reason for that, but they've added a plethora of EX gear which is specific geared to Warriors that they're introducing. not only does it give you huge power boost at upgrades, but it changes how you're a Warriors perform in battle if you can spend enough money, because this is really no in-game way to get these without buying them, which I think is very sad. that needs to change, guys. that that's something that has got to change. this is a Pay to Win option, but a lot of these abilities- when you go and read some of them, like, uh, the orb here for the mermaid, uh, on under magic, I mean she can inflict sleep and it removes the damage wake, um, I mean it. some of these skills really do alter if you can spend enough money, uh, to get them, but they also increase the power of your warriors collective.