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Quick Chat with a New DsGenie Member about Drop Shipping and Leaving his Job

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Quick Chat with a New DsGenie Member about Drop Shipping and Leaving his Job

Quick Chat with a New DsGenie Member about Drop Shipping and Leaving his Job

all right see what's up so hey guys this
is mark from da Chinni this is Donald
snow so I never spoke to down before
Donnell is India she needs so okay Donna
who are you where you from how long you
meant dropshipping how old are you like
everything okay I am I'm from berminat
Illinois I'm 37 years old about to be 38
I just really started dropshipping I
haven't really gotten to it too long so
isn't like my first time doing it here
okay okay oh and there's a part time do
you have a full time job where you I'm
guessing outer office yes my office no
yeah well actually fit you know that's
the thing man I um I just recently put
my two weeks in I just quit so that
forget it should work it like right now
I gotta get it going now is this my life
so just do it that time you know and
whatever you were to me for like where
you're working now for the next two
weeks I was working I was working in
Corrections man did that 14 years oh wow
14 years man just couldn't do it no more
man yeah that's it that's hard my dad
knows that some like dropship is gonna
be a drug for you like you had like a
really hard job and in the crazy part
you didn't get in band dating like the
work they forced us to work like every
other day oh I was working 16-hour
shifts every other day and I just had a
baby I couldn't do it no more man oh god
okay yeah so basically those you guys
watching this I do these videos with
anyone who wants to ask questions so so
yeah so what's up you have questions
like I mean really a lot a lot of your
videos made a really important man you
know you go to go through everything in
detail so it's really easy to understand
most of so it's just a couple questions
I had concerns with viruses like drop
shipping agreements were like white
Walmart and the Home Depot no type of
place do you have anything like
structured with them or how does that
work so so generally no generally
speaking no now while one has a reseller
account that I recently got
and I only got it because because of
this tax situation right so I used to
charge sales tax even I'm at a problem
until recently and now that we can
choose charge sales tax I don't want to
pay Walmart sales tax on the item so
they have a reseller account that you
can apply for and send paperwork and and
so and not pay any sales tax for all the
states that you are not located in so
that's the only thing with respect to
Home Depot and all those other guys no I
just sell the I when I get the money I
do ship it directly to the customer I
haven't had any problems the only like
if you are in a lot without a reseller
call Walmart sometimes can see orders
and you just have to come back and do it
again Jessica's like high risk Academy
does that sometimes or not a whole lot
Kmart and Sears do that sometimes also
so how long have you been you like Jeff
started know like how long it is oh yeah
Sunday I signed up Sunday so I had a
reading alternative kind of Sunday no I
had already been selling things one eBay
and Amazon hmm it wasn't like I am like
blowing up with it but I figured if I
put more energy to it I will but um I
always been interested in the dropship
model because I just feel like it was
more efficient you know you need more
time and you know I like the word smart
man not hard that's my that's my
thinking okay okay yeah and that's the
thing like especially if you're gonna
have time now like this is not gonna if
you can just do some basic ass [ __ ]
every day like this is and you are you
gonna have the time
are you would have you like left
completely already I'm done so it right
now yeah went back yeah so you have the
time dude and I think it would be
interesting if you could keep a track of
of what your sales are like the first
week the second week and we can do a
call maybe once a week once every two
weeks a subtractive process and if you
have any questions because like a lot of
people who are LDS you
part time which is fine right like all
of our other guys are making 2 3 grand a
month part time and a shelter but put in
the time like if you literally if you
can put in 3 5 3 4 hours is a lot maybe
you can put 3 for today and now you have
the time like work 16 hours a scene out
of the day yeah out of you right now man
this life a debt for me I gotta take him
a baby picking my family take it you
know guys they get great yeah so that
does gonna be easy if you can put in
like not you just started so I if I will
you that I will send you a video to
start with if you didn't look at like
the beginners video for da Cheney and if
you list tonight you have the time so if
you listen minimum of 10 items a day you
will be fine like a lot of people like I
care because a lot of people a lot of
people think it's like it's hard or I'm
some sort of genius or I just have to do
it like when I learn drop shipping I
like I'm sure you have some money to
live on right like I was in a crash I
got some food right I was in a bad
situation like I had gone to Costa Rica
with a lot of money blew all of it I was
down to $200 right like so like it's not
even and I don't have kids so that's why
I could like do that madness but like I
would like broke right so when people
like you have the time like you have no
excuse no like no matter their everyday
no human and I'm excited to see what you
do because someone like it's all
perspective so I have a lot of people
who join the s uni I like complain about
little [ __ ] right I'm just like and then
I have other people join their SHINee
who is dropshipping before without
software like the two dudes who I spoke
to yesterday I posted a video this
morning like they were drop shipping
without any software and they appreciate
it because they know how hard it is
without the software and you are coming
from a you at work a correction like in
a prison like were you and I like I was
I was in jail man I was
I feel like I was locked up so
everything every amen 14 years yeah so
like perspective is it like if you could
sit down at home and make this money and
you appreciate the fact if you're home
and you're not driving to work everyday
like that dude one or I tell the people
Allah so this all the time when I made
three dollars I mean three dollars my
first sale right and I lost my mind
like I'm right you're like when all
these idiots on YouTube asking me to
like see my house and car and what I do
with my money and I'm like I'm just a
cheap ass like I do live like this all
the time right but like that's not the
point like I think people making money
online is not common at all right it's
like not is there not many things you
could do online IME okay yeah the
connection is slow :
okay why is this after I'm gonna I'm
glad to on the video turn the video back
on okay
but yeah the connections getting better
yeah so when are you and me any better
now oh no no no uh this zone I see your
photograph though you back out there now
is it working still a little choppy and
the crazy thing is in the video sound
clearer because it's my mic directly
into the things I'm gonna call you back
yeah you hear me news what's up yeah
this should sucks why is this word yeah
that is that is it that this is I'm
going to take off my video because when
my videos off you should when my videos
off you should be able to hear me better
I eme
I eme better now I'm here now yeah all
right well I'll just leave the video off
right now um yeah so when when what was
I saying yeah when I made $3 like what
we blow on the sentence I had tried
everything on the internet to make money
online like I try to think all the
carbon copy system all these network
marketing all the [ __ ] and then and
then I was making money as a financial
consultant for like five years I made
money I made a lot of money and blew all
of it and then one of my old clients is
like why don't you try drop shipping so
I just have to make $3 and I was like
[ __ ] like this [ __ ] actually works like
someone actually bought something from
me on eBay that I could ship to them
from another store right so I didn't
need like it baffles me personally that
a lot of people online need to see like
a lot of slash and [ __ ] to like like
I post videos every day explaining this
stuff like I'm going through this
training without this thing called EECOM
dudes right it's like 47 dollars a month
trillion and like I'm going through the
beginners only intermediate and I'm
still looking for good information
because there is just fluff right and if
you look at the dudes videos like they
have videos on YouTube with like a BMW
i8 and all this [ __ ] for marketing
purposes which is fine like if that's
how you want to market this [ __ ] fine
but like is the value like what the [ __ ]
I'm trying not to critikal I don't know
if your family's like around but if you
watch my videos that's pretty difficult
everything I've heard already marry a
dude like I just want I like to reach
out what the [ __ ] yeah Jesus Christ can
you hear that in the background I
involving me on here yeah I know they're
they're fumigating I I think the Berlin
next door just my [ __ ] luck like it
what it is man as I like Goldman's like
yeah so so what do you do you have any
specific questions are you worried like
one thing is like deviation in Skype
group is good because like all of those
people are like actually making money
right yeah I thought the Gretchen
Wanderlei yeah yeah it's um you know
story mister she may well thirty
thousand in four months
yeah i Gretchen it's got just crazy good
yeah so just dude like any someone like
you who has the time don't feel if you
have any [ __ ] questions send me a
message I'm on skype and like I would
like to maybe have a quality once a week
once a week would work only because like
now you have time so you're going to put
it a lot more work than the guys are in
part-time right yeah but you should see
dude minimum less 10 items a day and you
should see you should see the sales
coming in after week like it today
excuse the FI Friday you have 50 items
you would see seal like not even like
it's not a question like this is done
deal I'm doing my service list
hello yeah yeah I'm building my sellers
list and I'm doing this type of thing so
I'm actually been just sitting looking
no just finding different dropship
products and on eBay and just building
my list for the software and up and I
start smite and stay with you say about
5 in a day and be botch away or any day
ever you do it if you're not work and do
tell Isaiah 5 is for those [ __ ]
who have nothing else to do who have a
job so I don't want it I want a number
I'm I want to over do it again but I'm
gonna I'm gonna get a good number 20 to
10 to 20 is what I would like so it go
for no less than Kennedy and you should
be fine I like if today's Tuesday so
let's do this right through the
candidate and let's have a call on
Monday so Monday yeah next Monday so
Kennedy from today like even if you not
finish this Elizabeth do channa day from
today and I want you to mess with me
when you get your first sale and then
let's have a call on Monday and see
where you are what happened here nothing
a my mind that don't break I'll be the
father but I got seven years a day ma'am
I had a medical test no I don't tell my
leaders obviously to go spend time with
my wife or myself man I ain't got time
enough no all right yeah just Jesus
Christ oh yeah no I'm here I'm here
they're just congregation [ __ ] but
yeah let me listen so I am personally
challenged in your eyes Kennedy and we
get a call Monday because what would
happen is once you go through the
process of listing and getting those
items up you would have more questions
like right now you I have a ton of
videos once you actually go through it
get items if you have problems finding
profitable items if you have problems
find another job ship with a snipe from
once you go through a week of looking
for those ten items a day we have a call
next week and then you'll have a lot
more questions and then we can just keep
it moving so I'm I am willing if you
will enter to Canada I'm willing to do
one call a week and then so you will
learn through the whole process and then
all the questions you have I want you to
like share how much cells you get in the
questions having so the people on
YouTube will learn and it's interesting
because for two reasons one you never
drop ship before and two you have the
time so we could see the results of work
it up with someone who's pertinently
[ __ ] work and never drop ship before
yes sir
alright so just get it Canada and you
get a call on Monday and Monday because
you take your time you were like no I am
online all day so just message me and
within 30 minutes of your message I'll
just make the time for the call you say
okay just make the time for the call all
okay all right all right sweet thanks
dollar record Monday's but do
if you don't have [ __ ] 70 items out
by Monday like I'm gonna put your ass on
blast so okay so we middle yeah baby
I could I appreciate you taking your
time with you man I really do
no no problem but let's and the reason
why I want to do it every week is so
that people look like okay this dude
because I have too many people think a
hunter or [ __ ] genius or something
and like I like other people in THC not
making money so I don't get it so late
every week every [ __ ] Monday we got a
quote I'm a little do with me all right
cool I am ready i litter army monday
monday i could later all right
ah [ __ ] all you guys watching this video
subscribe Channel gotta fight of
subscribers and hopefully this
[ __ ] list I'm selling items

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