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Racing Granny Contest Winner!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Racing Granny Contest Winner!!!

Racing Granny Contest Winner!!!

people King human and it's time to give
away the race and grannies okay it's
time to give away the race and grannies
we were gonna have the race but I found
something out today that kind of screwed
me up it's impossible to race these
things with one person because you got
to wind it up with one hand and hold it
so it doesn't start moving and that
takes two hands I only got two hands so
to get both of these things set up was
impossible made me mental I tried using
a stik holding both down but you gotta
hold the little winder otherwise it goes
nuts anyway I couldn't do it and there's
nobody else here to help me right now
and I didn't want to delay the contest
any further so I decided to do the
random thing which was flip a coin and
here's what I'll do it heads tails
obviously heads Betty kales Mabel start
from there let's go flip it heads up
Carson show heads came up the Ginza this
is a like a pachinko coin it's got ends
on the head he has some Japanese stuff
on the act anyway it came up Betty so
Betty heads Mabel tail I think that's
what I said it anyway that's what
it doesn't matter i mean it's just
random [ __ ] anyway right so Betty wins
and now I'm going to flip the coin to
see if I scroll cuz im just gonna do
random scroll and stop someone on the
screen and wherever I stopped is gonna
we're gonna find a winner in that little
window so I'm gonna flip it one more
time heads I'll start from the top of
the comics page Hales I'll start from
the bottom and work my way up and let's
go heads again so I'll stop at the top
start at the top of the page scroll down
look for Betty comment and it could be
you so let's go check it out okay people
here we are at the comments page old
ladies race with walkers 90 total
comments and just I'm going to scroll
down here real fast so you can see
there's all of them on there so nobody's
being excluded I got them all on one
page and I'm just gonna do my random
thing where I scroll down and pick
somebody at random so I'm just gonna
scroll down stop at a point and the
first qualifying comment I come to is
gonna win these so it's gonna be totally
random I could stop anywhere could be hi
could be low who knows so I'm just gonna
hit the wheel and we'll see what happens
ready go stop oh it scrolled
automatikally which added some more
random stuff so let's see what we got we
got this one right here Betty there's a
winning comment would have been if you
would have read the rules and made the
comment in the right format which you
didn't remember I said you had to pick a
winner either Betty erm able and you had
to say what you were gonna do good for
an old person so
d you d productions Einstein if you
would have read the freaking rules you
would have won but now I gotta go to
down and find the next qualifier okay
let's see gonna donate a few hours at
local hospice and I'm pulling for granny
Betty hey there's my winner glad to see
you back end up putting running that ok
doc rhythm one you just one good on you
brother you read the rules you did
something you're gonna do something nice
Hospice is great and you pick the winner
Betty so you win congratulations dude
all right PM me your address and I'll
get these sent out to you WikiWiki all
right more contest coming up almost
immediately so subscribe and you'll
maybe win something ok there you have it
we have our winner i'm going to send
this thing out as soon as i get a
shipping address they're going out to
you and new contest coming up I got all
kinds of stuff to give away I got tons
of stuff um and grab it Oh pirate skull
with the blooms in the eyeballs what
else I got around here got a bunch of
King human King human medallions give
out cuz of those what else I just got so
much crap around here to give out I wish
somebody would just show up with a truck
and shovel and just take it off you
can't believe the amount of crap
surround repair
so I really want to start giving tons of
this stuff out so subscribe you got to
subscribe to win and stay tuned that's
it that's all I got all right
congratulations winner new contest in
another day or so as soon as I can get
to it i've been so busy anyway there you
go thanks guys good bye

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