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radio ads script

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

How to write a radio commercial script

[Music],radio you have a huge audience,sitting behind a wheel waiting to hear,from you,so how do you write a radio script even,if you're not going to write a script,yourself it's a good,idea to know what you can do and what,you can't,and the difference between a good script,and a bad one,how long should your commercial be well,what you say is limited by how much time,you have to say it,for people who are not used to writing,to a time length,this takes a bit of getting used to you,can only squeeze so many words into 30,seconds,speak too fast and the words just get,lost so,speak too slow and it sounds a bit dull,so a good pace for 30 seconds is 75 to,85 words,that's about eight sentences you can buy,air time in any length but,a 30 second spot is the default radio,commercial length,very often companies will buy a mixture,of 15s and 30s,to get more bang for their bucks so for,the same money they can have more spots,you then write your 30 second spot and,then cut it down to a 15.,if you get an ad agency or a radio,station to write it for you the process,looks like this first the radio agency,will write a creative brief,this document outlines the goal of the,communication the deadline any,mandatories,that need to be in the script like a,telephone number your opening times or a,website,even and also what the budget is how,much money that the creative process has,got to play with,there's a link in the description if you,want to find out more about,that the creative brief is given to a,creative team,and they write a bunch of scripts the,client is shown,the scripts and then picks one the,agency goes to a production,studio with a sound booth they bring in,professional actors to record the voices,and a sound engineer adds music and,sound effects and does his magic and,mixes,everything together then they send a,file to the radio station,so how do you fill those eight sentences,it doesn't sound like much time does it,a simple structure for a 30-second,commercial,to go something like this one you,present a problem that your listener is,having,you then offer a solution to that,problem from your brand or company,follow that up with some proof points to,make the solution believable,then finish with a call to action,directing the listener to where,they can find out that solution phone,number website,address etc you have to remember that,phone number or web address,looks very short when it's written down,but takes a long time to say,each number is a word now that's a,simple structure for a script,if you want to make the commercial stand,out and let's face it if your commercial,runs,in a commercial break there is a lot of,competition and you want it to stand out,getting on air is one thing but getting,people to actually hear what you have to,say,is an entirely different thing you have,to make it,worth listening to you don't want people,to,switch off while waiting for the next,song or even worse switch stations,that's when you use sound to conjure,images in your listener's mind,you write with your ears your script is,based on the sound you hear,you can use sound effects and music as,punctuation marks,or to add emphasis like champagne cork,signifies a celebration,if you then use a professional voice,they can speed up or slow down their,voice by fractions of a second,they can make sure your scripts fits,perfectly,they can add excitement and emphasis,where you need it,you can then take it even further and,use actors who can play roles in your,script,sergeant major a farmer even an elvis,impersonator whatever you need,anyone with a distinctive voice that,will help you make your marketing goal,in a creative way that gets notiked,start with an idea,how can you get your point across then,work out your structure,your intro your offer and then your call,to action,write the ending first with all your,mandatories,time that and then see how much time is,left to deliver your message then write,with the sounds in your head,imagine what the listener will hear if,you have any questions,drop them in the comments below thanks,for watching


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gimana,Dapat mening sabihin mo Sooyoung praktis,ginagawa in Celebes nang bus sudah peta,subyek adlips on koopa Kyle skripsi On,The Spot di studio suite a,hasilnya basnang bus parapet pasok,menembus babyliss ytfr baho para senyum,Lahat Yeon Thank you dadah bye top Iwan,sehingga sorry sorry for me is a bit 1,the torah baramega Hai aku orang Boys,Over Flowers oneto bareng-bareng the,natural gurun Paran Gadung Ken atraksi,gurun uh OTG magrib pressure bareng the,natural cigorondong segi mereka inaho,kena engkau parenggan ke natural Segoro,no segi merekrut,Hai ayat suruh tidur bentar Trenggalek,damen 11na Kondang Bu prospek yang baik,ave-ave yang mereka pada yang dingin,memilih Paulus alnico yang mereka tips,Benito apapun menembus dapat mereka,Young Lex Naomi aneh klik setek Kyle,You're sober by puyeng banget itu hilang,ule.iso Paddle Pop plybak langka memang,ini mengisi sankei deferens lepas-lepas,safety section status symbols menurutnya,data Indosat halo hai hai,MPASI goreng padang Kopiko ada mau,bangun Kopiko baiknya Vivan Watson,coffemix sama-sama sudah Syaikh,Zainuddin Nahdlatul w,kita tidak justru sensitif market Yo,Hello make Hai aku beli sepeda kembali,Asy goreng perangkap Eko helm bahwa Vivo,March 15 Juli requirements Which now,from natural tumuju n e,Hai pusing ulah setting medis Aya itu,yang menang edit Hai guys Iya namjoon,Friday March for watching sama,pentingnya dengan sub Sorry coding,season mobil Islam Telaga lalu tersenyum,script Natsu mahabbati bareng so much so,Kelangan itaitley para and,editing penting published Vera Semua,cesspool Sibolga sik Mas Oke kita gabung,yang natural absis langsung dipindah,Bila tiba yang posisi melangkah gayung,roh kami bang bersanding Aku Gina wanna,know wedding nagih Noah YKS Soimah YKS,road show di namanya proses coba,dihilangkan asal Indonesia editing,capabilities and Sound bengkel mobil,Grand Max Lite ver road using time clear,yang paksa bingung power Bridge dan,subscribe yah thank you for watching,Thank you for making Boys Over Flowers,out a,The Message me Instagram Rini,misjudgement edufin adalah Syaikh Fuad,Hei Om iwit your voice over by DJ Fredy,hitipeuw lo ndx fire yuk om om Trisno,[Musik],mechs Line ilymh message from Scribd,facial those blocknote yang telah guys,out bitch sentinelese penemuan putri,Jasmine Thompson twins one Boys Over,Flowers Syaikh me or email me thank you,for watching Boys Over Flowers OST

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Five 30 Second Commercial Scripts

[Music],hey guys,monitor your rescript all and I am so,excited to show you our newest script it,is d5 thirty second commercial script,and you guys this script is awesome I'm,going to generate it real fast and I'm,going to use our puppy training profile,that we have set up for you you guys,this script generates five different,commercials that you can use anywhere,radio television YouTube Facebook you,can turn them into videos you can just,do audio they're really great so here it,is,commercials one two three four five they,look short but they are packed full of,goodness you guys,they've got call-to-action and scarcity,all your fun things that you put into,your profile you can always edit them,right here in line so let's just read,this first one to make sure it makes,sense sometimes you got to fix those,verbs in the tenses so I'm tired of,replacing all your things you can,introduce using it you can trust my,daughters and say your dog to not tear,apart your home even when you look,unattended and invest in high quality,furniture without worrying that it will,be torn apart make a change for the,better,download now don't wait we will only be,selling 10 copies so you don't want to,go through and do all of that and then,test it real fast to make sure you're in,the 30 seconds just hit the stopwatch on,your phone and read it out loud,kind of like this in my last review list,I'm going to give these commercial,another one all right are you ready and,tired of fixing and replacing all the to,furniture in your home would you like a,to train a rambunctious six-month-old,puppy effortlessly you can introducing,the puppy training guide the potty,training guide is a book that will help,you stop a puppy from chewing everything,in sight using it you can trust your dog,not to tear apart your home even when,he's left unattended and you can invest,in high quality furniture without,worrying that it will be torn apart make,a change for the better,download the book now don't wait because,we will only be selling 10 copies as you,guys get that as I read it I change this,up just a little bit more because it,wasn't making sense,word for word on the page so I want to,read that loud and make sure that it,flows and you were,Gorge yourself doing that they need to,make the tweaks if you're going to give,it to somebody else,to record it a little history you guys,Mary not know this but I actually used,to work for radio this meet in st. Louis,and part of what I did there was,repurchase so I'd have a little training,in this where you got my little,entertaining voice but it's been a long,time so that is that and I suppose let,you guys know why I built the script and,it was because you guys have been asking,for ads and ways to drive traffic we're,really trying to give that to you,because we do listen here at script also,if you've got an ad that you want to see,a set of ads or if you've got any other,script type that you want it's up here,so you can find this commercial script,in the ad section and go ahead and,download it use it in do all five of,them do split testing you know if you're,doing this on something that's just,audio that's super easy even video you,guys can get this script turned into a,great little video and test to see what,ads really nailed it for your audience,so videos where it's at and that's,becoming more and more impaired --nt,we've got actually writing cue from the,blog on friday how well the video sales,letters work incredibly well so use,these videos and get going with all,these great commercials that we have for,you guys this month thanks for being a,script user if you don't have stripped,off you can get it for a dollar trial,just push the link below and you'll be,good to go

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hey what up guys my name is rj and,welcome to my youtube channel in today's,video,radio commercial let's hit the intro,[Music],[Music],so,it says actually it's a 30 second radio,30 seconder radio commercial,so uh my inaudible it's a piece,first things first i before kagakawa,nang,uh it's a radio commercial walk script,so it's a piece of paper,so yeah home sweetie home,pre-christmas sale 20 off on all,selected items,with freebies it's my challenge,challenges as a radio commercial it's a,30-second,radio commercial nah,gagawinito so i,before,christmas is just around the corner that,means uh,homes really home is up with their,pre-christmas sale yes you heard it,right,and so and so forth,the way ang ginagami kupung uh,microphone is um electronic voice it's e,v,r e r e 27,so uh,radio stations and the broadcast for,high quality,audio so uh uh,let's start paramount started,in open dyna application,um,but i will stay for the lower version,and i've been uh using audacity for how,many,years,adobe edition 1.5 so,without further ado let's do the,recording first,voicing voiceover,i think radio commercial it's,uh from home sweetie homie,store appliances no more furniture,so we are very very glad,and happy now,so let's start the record board,importantly,record button yo why,one two three mic check one two three so,again at the microphone so here's my,script,okay ready go ho ho,it's bermuds christmas is just around,the corner,that means home sweetie home is up with,their pre-christmas sale,yes you heard it right pre-christmas,sale,get 20 off on all selected items,free with freebies just for you,home sweetie home is now available for,installment and online,payments through bdo and metroback with,zero percent interest,up to six months home sweetie home,pre-christmas sale,visit now home sweetie home at magakua,street cotabado city season's greetings,to one and all,from home sweetie home all right cat too,let's do the cat too,ho ho ho it's bermuds,christmas is just around the corner that,means,home sweetie home is up with their,pre-christmas sale,yes you heard it right pre-christmas,sale,get up to or get 20. all right,get 20 off on selected items,with freebies just for you home sweetie,home is now available for installment,and online and online payments through,bdo,and metro bank with zero percent,interest up to six months,home sweetie home pre-christmas sale,visit now at home sweetie home makahua,street cotabato city,season's greetings to one and all from,home sweetie home,all right that's it that's it that's it,recording okay so,um since,nothing,[Music],nothing too nice then capture noise okay,control a and then you press f3 it's a,keyboard,ion,[Music],amplitude dynamic processing and then,classic soft knee kanina company and,classic soft knee,and the next number fx nanometal go to,filters and then parametric equalizer,and then r and b group that's it and,then okay,ah is the filters fft filter,and then mastering,heavy,[Music],you know,[Music],is up with their pre-christmas sale so,yeah so since,it's christmas christmas,background nah copyright free,yoon copyright free so free download and,then no copyright,issues so haha,foreign,view around the corner,you background music so,be sure to,okay so here we go,anytime,[Music],it's burma christmas is just around the,corner,[Music],okay,[Music],facing,[Music],[Music],christmas is just around the corner,so many more spaces in between,the corner that means home city hope is,up with their pre-christmas sale,sale yes you heard it right,pre-christmas sale get 20,nails get 20 off on selected items,with freebies just for you home sweetie,home is now available for installment,and online payments,through bdo and metro bank with zero,percent interest up to six months,home sweetie home home sweetie home free,christmas sale,visit now at home sweetie home makakua,street cotabato city season's greetings,to one and all from home sweetie home,starting commercial home city home,background,music,ending,[Music],m,[Music],okay,[Music],sweet,and then right click mix down to,as you can see for c4 and then,go to multi-electro mastering okay,and then fxnoman directx push multitaser,l2,hot and crunchy young hot and crunchy,and then,boom all right so,this is our finished product,so i think radio commercial,[Music],christmas is just around the corner that,means,home sweetie home is up with their,pre-christmas sale,yes you heard it right pre-christmas,sale,get 20 off on selected items with,freebies,just for you home sweetie home is now,available for,installment and online payments through,bdo and metro bank,with zero percent interest up to six,months home sweetie home free christmas,sale,visit now at home sweetie home makahua,street cottage,season's greetings to one and all from,home sweetie hall,yo,[Music],[Music],and then you,electro magnetik achaka young i think,hot and crunchy online payments,through bdo and metro bank,[Music],it's vermont's christmas is just around,the corner that means,home sweetie home is up with their,pre-christmas sale,yes you heard it right pre-christmas,sale,get 20 off on selected items with,freebies just for you,home sweetie home is now available for,installment and online payments,through bdo and metro bank with zero,percent,interest up to six months home sweetie,home free christmas sale,visit now at home sweetie home makakua,street cotabato city season's greetings,to one and all from home sweetie home,all right that's it final,nah address final,final napoleon final output nathan and,radio commercial and home studio home,once again thank you very much home,sweetie home,for uh giving us this one,tahiti,get a piece of paper nagoya in a 30,second during a,radio commercial,so thank you thank you very much uh,please,radio commercial so again if you like,this video,don't forget to subscribe this video and,like us on facebook ah dxo happy fm,search la posta facebook unhappy,will happy fm thank you guys for,watching,at champagne see you in the next one god,bless you all and take care,[Music],you

How to Write a 30 Second Commercial Video Script

- Eight tips on how to write,a 30 second video script, coming up.,(gentle upbeat music),So in my last video,I toked about the power of digital TV advertising,and how that can really propel your brand,and grow your business.,Well in this video,,I'm gonna tok about how to write the perfect script,for your 30 second digital TV commercial,,let's jump in.,Tip number one is to keep your script under 500 characters.,That's about 80 words on average.,You don't wanna exceed 500 characters,or the script is going to push beyond 30 seconds long.,So stay below 500 characters,,if you can be below 400 characters, that's even better.,If you're not sure how to count your characters.,If you're writing your document in Google Docs,,go to tools and then word count,,and you can see your character count there.,You can also Google search character counter,and there's a number of free tools,that you can paste your script into,,and it'll tell you how many characters your script is.,Tip number two is 500 characters is very short.,So keep your script short and sweet,,trim out all of the fat.,Make sure it's super meaty and punchy,so that you can get your message across,without any fluff inside of 30 seconds.,Tip number three is to tell your story.,People love stories.,We've been enjoying stories,since back when we were cavemen,sitting around the fire at night.,We just love a good story.,So tell your story with your 30 second script.,Write a beautiful story inside 30 seconds,,make it engaging, maybe it's funny.,Maybe it's entertaining.,Maybe it's inspiring.,Maybe it's educating.,Tell your story in terms of who you are,,why you do what you do,,how you benefit the world,,how you make the world a better place,,and really maybe your history.,Just make it an interesting story,inside 30 seconds, that's the key.,Tip number four hinges off of tip number three,,but it's to put yourself in the mindset,of you're not writing a 30 second script,you're writing a 30 second story.,And so therefore come up with your starting line.,That opening line is so powerful.,Let's take a look at a couple of examples.,What if you started your script,with the opening line such as,,"When my dad founded our company in 1976...",Or how about, "Against all odds,,"two hard working entrepreneurs...",Do you see how both of those opening lines,really lead into a story and it's interesting?,Much better than starting with something like,,"ABC plumbing is Denver's leading plumbing,contractor with...",That's just boring.,It's so overdone.,It's not an interesting story.,So really nail down your starting line.,Tip number five is after you've written your script,read it and time it, use the timer on your phone,,read it at a reasonable pace,and see if it's actually completed inside of 30 seconds.,If it's not, then trim it up further,make sure that it's done inside of 30 seconds,,this is really important.,Also, make sure that there's enough time at the end,to show your logo long enough to be remembered.,You don't want your script to run,right to the end of 30 seconds,and then not have enough time to show,your final call to action,,or message or logo,,so leave some time for that.,Tip number six after you've read your script,,you make sure that it's inside of 30 seconds,and it's ready to go, submit it to get,voice over talents to read it,so you can see the types of talents you can choose from,and really find that perfect voice for your commercial.,One place I use a lot is Voice123.,So check out Voice123.com.,You can submit your script,and your notes about the type of read,you want it to be, the type of enthusiasm,,authentikity, whatever you're looking for there,,you can pick male, female, young, old,,you can do all that stuff when you submit it.,And then what's gonna happen is you're gonna get,like 10 to 20, or 30 auditions back,,and you can listen to them all,,and then you only pay for the one that you like.,So that's really valuable.,Also, if you're using Marketing 360,we have voiceover talent as well,,so ask us about it.,We can manage that process for you.,We can even write the script if you need it,,and get the voiceover talent and create the video.,Everything that you need.,Tip number seven, once the voiceover is done,is to pick your music.,You want a good, solid background track of music,that supports the message and the style,,and the theme that you're going for there.,So couple of places that I like to use is artlist.io.,There's lots of great music options there.,I also like premiumbeat.com,,there's lots of options there also.,The nice thing about PremiumBeat,is you can even filter your song by 30 seconds increments.,And power tip on this topic,,is to listen to your voiceover,as you listen to the music options.,What you're gonna find is sometimes,the music option sounds really good,,but then when you listen to it with the voiceover,it kind of doesn't work.,So, listen to the voiceover while playing the music options,so you can hear them mixed together,as you're through those options,,and you'll identify the one,that you really like in the process,,and then just buy that one.,Also tip on this, one you've bought it,and you actually mix the tracks together,,make sure that the music is not too overbearing.,The important thing is the story and the message.,So make sure the music doesn't overtake that.,I usually recommend between five and 10% volume level,compared to the audio of the voice,which is gonna be at 100%.,And tip eight, last tip.,Once you've written your script,,you have the voice over and you have the music,,it's time to create your video.,We'll save those tips for another day,,but if you need help throughout this entire process,from script writing to voiceover,,to music selection, to video creation,,Marketing 360 does all of that,and we can do it all for you.,So definitely reach out if you're looking for help,,if not, go out there, use these tips to crush it,,and hopefully your 30 second commercial makes a difference.,Have a great day.,Happy marketing.,And we appreciate you watching the video.,Subscribe for more content like this down the road.,We'll see you.,(gentle music)

radio ads + Commercials + Production + Scripts ONLY $99

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