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rainforest plots marketplace ads

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Sections of Brazil's Amazon rainforest are being illegally sold on Facebook Marketplace. Ads for chunks of rainforest, as large as a thousand football pitches, are being advertised on Facebook as perfect for timber harvesting and cattle farming.


- Started by typing in keywords like 'forest' on Facebook and finding hundreds of ads

- Found that many ads were coming from the state of Rondonia, known as the wild west of Brazil

- Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is at a ten-year high in Rondonia

- Went to Rondonia to find the person behind one of the Facebook ads selling a plot of rainforest inside a protected indigenous territory, the Urdue Reserve

- The seller doesn't own the land and is part of a culture of impunity that exists all over the Brazilian Amazon

- Invaders like the seller have started lobbying pro-agriculture politicians to grant them the stolen lands

- Illegal logging and mining groups have been given unprecedented access to government officials under Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro

- Met up with three other Facebook sellers during the investigation

- Brazil's illegal land market is thriving and Facebook is allowing land invaders to reach millions of buyers around the world

Undercover operation:

- Sent an operative to pose as a lawyer representing wealthy investors from Sao Paulo

- The seller agreed to meet at a small cafe four hours away from the state capital

- The seller's name is Auvin Alvis and he doesn't own the land he's selling

- Sellers and buyers rely on the authorities doing nothing and the culture of impunity that exists all over the Brazilian Amazon

Facebook's policies:

- Facebook says their policies require buyers and sellers to comply with laws and regulations

- They stand ready to work with local authorities on the issues raised in the investigation

- Contacted the seller Auvin for a response but he declined to comment

- The destruction of the Amazon rainforest isn't slowing down, it's speeding up

- Brazil's land invaders are using Facebook to reach millions of buyers around the world

- Facebook needs to do more to prevent the illegal sale of chunks of the Amazon rainforest

- The culture of impunity and access to government officials under Bolsonaro's government is contributing to the thriving illegal land market in Brazil.

Lula Versus Land Grabs

- Welcome to the event on Lula Versus Land Grabs and Harvard's role in the financialization of land and the future of climate in Brazil.

- The event aims to inform everyone about Harvard and other foreign corporations' involvement in the land grabbing issue and what frontline communities in Brazil are asking of us today.

- Three amazing panelists will be joining us today to share their insights on the issue.


- Maria Luisa Mendonca: holds a PhD in human geography from University of Sao Paulo and is a research scholar at the Center for Place Culture and Politiks at the CUNY Graduate Center. Co-Director of the Network for Social Justike and Human Rights in Brazil and the author of Politikal Economy of Agribusiness.

- Jeff Conant: directs Friends of the Earth's International Forest program, which protects forests and the rights of forest-dependent peoples by addressing the economic drivers of forest destruction. Author of A Poetiks of Resistance and the co-author and coordinator of A Community Guide to Environmental Health.

- Sydney Chalhoub: a Professor of History and African and African American Studies at Harvard University. Faculty affiliate of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. His research and writing focused mainly on the social history of Brazil in the 19th and early 20th centuries with emphasis on the history of slavery, race, and public health.

Stop Harvard Land Grabs:

- Stop Harvard Land Grabs is a coalition of Harvard students and alumni organizing in solidarity with frontline communities to end Harvard's destructive farmland investments all around the world and demand reparations.

- A petition will be shared for everyone to sign and share with others interested in the issue.

Maria Luisa's Talk:

- Financial speculation with farmland in Brazil started after the global economic crisis of 2008 and the collapse of the housing market in the US.

- Agribusiness corporations partnered with oil and financial corporations to expand the system of monocropping plantations.

- Harvard University and TIAA were key players in financing the expansion of agribusiness in Brazil, putting communities at risk of displacement and causing environmental destruction.

- Large plantations cannot be sustainable, and they demand large amounts of water and chemical inputs that destroy the soil and food production by local communities.

- Rural communities in Brazil have been organizing and advocating against land grabbing, and international solidarity is important for their protection.

- With the change in government and Lula winning the elections, it's an amazing moment to keep organizing and pressuring Harvard and other agribusiness corporations in the US.

Jeff Conant's Talk:

- The land grabbing issue is a symptom of a larger problem of the financialization of nature.

- Financial institutions are buying up land and commodifying nature, leading to land grabs and environmental destruction.

- We need to move towards a regenerative economy that values nature and recognizes the rights of nature and communities.

Sydney Chalhoub's Talk:

- The land grabbing issue is deeply connected to the history of slavery and colonialism in Brazil.

- The Bolsonaro administration's rhetoric of empty land is a continuation of the colonial discourse that justifies the displacement of indigenous peoples and the destruction of the environment.

- We need to recognize the historical roots of the land grabbing issue and work towards a just transition that values communities and nature.

- The land grabbing issue in Brazil is a complex problem that requires international solidarity and a systemic change towards a regenerative economy that values nature and communities.

- We can all take action by supporting frontline communities, signing the petition, and advocating for a just transition.

Making the Consumer + Sustainability Connection

- The webinar is about making the consumer plus sustainability connection.

- The speakers are Tatsiana Gormley and Wilson Griffin.

- The conference is being recorded.

Why sustainability:

- Sustainability is a critical initiative for many companies.

- It impacts multiple facets of business.

- It's about the future, not just for the company but for future generations.

- Consumers are more likely to buy products from companies that share similar values.

Rainforest Alliance:

- Rainforest Alliance is a global sustainability nonprofit.

- They work with producers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

- They focus on agriculture, forestry, tourism, and climate change.

- They certify farms and forestry operations that meet their sustainable practices.

- Their certification allows products to be marketed and sold as Rainforest Alliance certified.


- The video shows the impact of Rainforest Alliance certification on individual farmers and their communities.

- It emphasizes the connection between the consumer and the farmer.

- It encourages consumers to make small changes by choosing Rainforest Alliance certified products.

- Sustainability is important for the future of business and the planet.

- Consumers are more likely to buy products from companies that share similar values.

- Rainforest Alliance certification is a way to ensure sustainable practices and make a positive impact on individual farmers and their communities.

JamCOVID website to be moved - CGN News & Sports Ep 490

Caricom leaders call on Haitian President to hold elections soon

- Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley urges President Moyes to comply with the constitution

- Caricom receives report from President Moyes and will proceed with own report on situation in Haiti

- Opposition claims President Moyes is remaining in office beyond his five-year mandate

Security flaw discovered in Jamcovid application

- Third security flaw associated with the application reported

- More than 500,000 quarantine orders for travelers to Jamaica exposed

- Office of the Prime Minister to move the Jamcovid 19 database

Multinational research team claims major breakthrough in stopping the spread of coronavirus

- Menthol crystals found to block the virus that causes Covid-19

- Self-assembled device comprising a face shield attached to eyeglasses with a slot for a menthol pack developed by UE Mona student Daniel Ogon Salut

United States launches airstrikes on Syria

- Targets facilities near the Iraqi border used by Iranian-backed militia groups

- Retaliation for rocket attack in Iraq earlier this month

Protected areas of Brazil's Amazon rainforest being illegally sold on Facebook

- Includes national forests and land reserved for indigenous peoples

- Plots listed via Facebook's classified ad service as large as 1,000 football pitches

Controversial Equity Act passed by House of Representatives

- Enshrines LGBTQ protection in nation's labor and civil rights laws

- Nearly all House Republicans vote against the bill, arguing it infringes on their religious freedom and would give transgender athletes an unfair advantage

Former US Olympics gymnastics coach kills himself hours after being charged with sexual assault and human trafficking

- John Geddert was head of the women's gymnastics team in 2012 and worked closely with team doctor Larry Nassar

Israeli Prime Minister's plan to ship surplus coronavirus vaccines to allied nations frozen

- Legal challenge to the deal raises questions about Netanyahu's decision-making authority

- Move to help Africa and Latin America criticized as Palestinian territories struggle to secure their own vaccine supplies

Mr. Potato Head brand to drop mister from name, but Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head characters will still live on

- Hasbro clarifies confusion after announcing name change to be more inclusive

- Mr. and Mrs. names to still be sold in stores and remain the same

Amazon Marketplace SP API Walkthrough 2022 - Orders, Sales and Products requests examples

Why Custom Software: Delta Logic builds custom software tailored to the needs of bigger sellers who sell on different marketplaces and channels. They also integrate with existing software like Jungle Scout to help with the pipeline. Delta Logic also does integrations, web apps, automations, and data mining. They can gather millions of data from different websites, including Amazon.

Amazon SP API: The Amazon SP API website is where you can access the API to build private applications and products. Private apps are custom integrations that you won't share with the outside world. If you decide to build a product and publish it on a marketplace, it needs to go through Amazon's review process. The Amazon Central Partner Network shows different applications available, and you can search for different categories like automated pricing and shipping solutions.

API Documentation: The Amazon SP API has multiple APIs, and today's focus is on the Orders and Sales APIs. The reference is a short overview of what you can retrieve from the API. From the Orders API, you can gather orders and filter by different parameters.

7 Wealth Secrets of the Rainforest

In 2005, the author was led by God to go to Panama, where he discovered the secrets of business success hidden in the rainforest. These secrets are shared in a seven-hour teaching series, which includes insights on vision, productivity, and the power of ideas.

Bullet Points:

- The rainforest is a thousand times more productive and diverse than the second most flourishing ecosystem on the planet.

- Despite having poor quality soil, the rainforest produces abundance through scarcity.

- The seven wealth secrets of the rainforest are modeled after natural strategies observed in the rainforest.

- The first secret is vision, which requires asking seven questions when formulating a working vision.

- The second secret is productivity, achieved by setting up a no pest zone and protecting what we produce from pathogens.

- The third secret is the photosynthesis of ideas, where ideas are cultivated and grown like trees with the right combination of light, water, and air.

By studying the hidden things of God revealed in the rainforest, we can learn valuable insights into successful business practices. With the right combination of vision, productivity, and idea cultivation, businesses can thrive even in the midst of scarcity and competition.

The Future of Carbon Offsets in the Wake of COP26

The Role of Offsets in Reaching Net Zero Emissions

- Music hi both, thanks so much for joining us. This is Miles Allen from Oxford University and Mark Kember. We're going to be talking about the role of offsets in reaching net zero emissions.

Role of Offsets in Reaching Net Zero Emissions:

- Is there a role for offsets in reaching net zero emissions and 1.5?

- Net zero means compensating for remaining uses of fossil fuels with something that looks like an offset.

- Offset transactions today look nothing like that, but we need to discuss which ones are helping us get to net zero and which may be slowing things down.

- Offsets can be good if they are rooted in science and driven by local communities, but there have been concerns regarding the rights of indigenous people and local communities in the past.

- The role of offsets needs to change between now and net zero, and the transitional role is something that needs to be recognized.

Artikle Six:

- The clause in the current draft of Artikle Six says that companies have to correspondingly adjust as well as countries if they trade under Artikle Six.

- This is a recognition that if a company pays for a forest restoration project or something in Brazil for its carbon, and then Brazil counts that carbon towards its NDC, it's double counting.

- Complicated headaches with Artikle Six will disappear as we approach net zero.

- Well-designed offset markets today can serve a purpose if they're subject to the necessary safeguards.

- Companies need to recognize where we're going, and options for net zero-aligned offsetting should be emphasized.

- The role of offsets needs to change between now and net zero, and the transitional role is something that needs to be recognized.

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