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ranboo merch shopify

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

Unboxing ranboo merch!

[Music]: hey, bubbly tees. today we are going to be unboxing my merch. that was from laundry's merch shop. so it actually just came in today and i was like i'm just so excited to open it. like it's been like months since i've been waiting for this to come into my mailbox, so we're going to be opening it today. um, yeah, let's just get started. i'm also going to be reading it and giving you guys my thoughts on the merch. so i'm just gonna try and open this with one hand and a pair of scissors. so let's just go ahead and cut through it. um, be careful, and i'll be careful and try not to [Applause]. um, [Music]. okay, i slipped it right out and this is what it looks like. boom, there's the zumba. let's go, let's go. it says rambu ronbo or something. yeah, whatever how you pronounce it. um, my beloved. okay, so now we're gonna have to open this. um, yeah, since i took so long opening that package, i'm just gonna go ahead and open it and just lay it out. oh wait, never mind, i can actually open it like that. i'm also probably gonna like: wear it, but just make some. i make just like: uh, do some pictures of me wearing it and probably just mirror selfies without my face. whoa, why does it feel so heavy? okay, okay, okay, let's just wrap it, okay. yo, look at this shirt. it just came in, let's go. it looks like that. oh my gosh, this actually feels like this. actually, it feels quite soft. it actually feels like so soft. i i can't wait to put this on. so one second or one minute or whatever moment, i'm just gonna play this on and i'll see how it looks like or how it feels. [Music]. so that's what the merch looks like. i really love it. it's very soft, very comfortable, totally recommend. um, i'm gonna start reading the shirt because, uh, yeah, i tried it on and i unboxed it, so i'd rate it in terms of shipment and the cost. i'd probably rate it a 9 out of 10 because, uh, it was supposed to ship on november 25th and it actually came here. i don't know when this video is going to be uploaded, but, um, i got it just on december 15th, so it actually took like 10 days late, i'd say, since the original time it was supposed to be shipped was november 25th. the cost: the cost was like 30 dollars and the shipping cost costed, uh, 10 and then it became forty dollars. so, um, it's pretty much a little bit pricey, um, for the condition and, like the quality, i'm actually going to rate it a 10 out of 10 because this is not rhonda's fall fault for, um, sending in the merch like 10 days late and making the price a little bit pricey. so i completely understand and the merch is actually really good. so i kind of get it that it might be a little bit expensive and it just got pre-ordered because a lot of people really wanted to buy his merch and it's definitely worth it. so, yeah, um, 10 out of 10 for the condition and quality and 9 out of 10 for the shipment and the cost. so, yeah, that's what i think about ron bus merch. uh, i didn't get the christmas merch, but if you did get it, hopefully the merch will come soon. so, yeah, that's it for today's video. good day bully tease. [Music].

CG5 - Lonely King [Dream SMP original song]

what? [Music]. no matter the lives of the people before me, all that i seek is the path to glory. glory chips in my pocket and blood stains on my hands. i'm building my watch it go legs in flames. yeah, maybe the path is gory. whatever it takes to get my glory. glory. i was told i had to walk away, leave my enemies. [Music]. i am so much. [Music] don't you overthink it. just do what i say. lay the politiks out before me. whatever it takes to get my glory. [Music], something better than what you could ever dream of. [Music], hmm, [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. no matter the lives of the people before me, all that i seek is the path to [Music], my legacy. you.

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Looking at Crumb Cuptoast's Merch Store

what are you doing? stop. thank you so much. thank you so much, guys. okay, so we just put the two. here is so cool. i'm literally we might just pull out a look at this real blush. oh, i have one. i have one. the real blush that i like to use it's the dandelion. the dandelion blush. i love the like dandelion stuff from benefit. this is my favorite highlighter of all time. it's not really like a highlighter, it's more like an eliminator. this is a dandelion twinkle. it's not super intense, so you can put this on your nose, bridge and stuff and you won't go outside and people like, be like, why are there sparkles on your face? right, this? it's very, very subtle and it gives you like a shine instead of a like sparkly, glittery. you know, which is what i like more. so we're gonna take this blush and we're basically going to contour and contour nose with this blush terribly. thank you so much for the 20 month prime, thank you. so we do the button the sides on the top. difference between an illuminator and a highlighter? i don't know, i just call things illuminate. it's tiknically not an illuminator, it's just a twin. all right, blush all the way here, all the way around here. so much blush, so much blush. okay, because when you powder your face at the end of your makeup routine, that will make the blush more subtle. so you can kind of go a little bit crazy and it'll be more subtle at the end. so, again, blush all over the nose, all around here, and, like, try to like contour it. so this: i used the lolly tint and then the dandelion blush and now we're gonna pull out the highlighter. this is like the most important part. this is the dandelion twinkle. i think it's tiknically a highlighter, but it's not too sparkly. i'll show you, it's very chill, like compared to um, oh, my gosh, this is the cookie. i was muted. i killed chrome, one of the most popular letters from benefit. i killed the crumb and now it's like i'm just trying to kill these crumbs. now i want to see what happens and we're going to take it with our finger and put it in the middle of our nose. does this crumb never die? die chrome, die this. nobody take that out of context just because it happened to the, the old crumb. and then, if you can, take it and put it in the inner corner, but try not to mess up your eyeliner, right, you like doing this: put it under your brow, your brow bone, and since it's not too sparkly, it'll like just bring things up a little bit. this is my favorite one. did you hear the cameo? a dandelion twinkle like this is my favorite like highlighter thing i've ever used, because every single one i've ever found was a little bit too sparkly, a little bit too ghee. all right, here we go. cool, so we're almost done. so sometimes some people will need a pack, even though this chrome kitty colored block. sometimes i won't use a powder. if i use like a powder, it's so cool i don't. [Music]. i'm really sad my favorite convert is not here. she, she had some like shirts. right now we're going to use this. um, she was like two shirts and like a sweat. a sweatshirt like that was not a hoodie. i don't even know if i'll be able to buy this show on the outer corner. either get these socks or these. i don't know if that made sense, but that's what i do, so we're gonna put on the bottom. why can't these crumbs just die? [Music]. one day i want to. this is like crumbs. merch shop is is very inspiring like. look at her animation. it's just so cool. i wonder how she did it. also, i do my makeup in a way. my eyelash is it actually fell. it fell badly, it is. i don't think it is. yes, fall badly, die, die, specifically, i don't think, and we're gonna do the same. yeah, messed up a little bit. is that? is this from the website? is the website going oof? i think it is going oof. i lost my train of thought. but i do my makeup in a way where it looks good on my stream, but i also looks good in real life, but i kind of make it so it mostly just looks good on my stream. does that make sense? because, sadly, i stream more than i go outside. so, yes, while it does look pretty good in real life, it it's mostly catered towards the stream. so i will make more intense blush, i will make more intense eyeliner, like more intense everything a little bit, just because i have really intense lights. that kind of washes me out, as you guys can see from the beginning. so if you're gonna do this in real life, maybe take it down a notch, tiny, maybe a little tiny notch, um so, and then i'll wait for it to half dry and then i'll do another coat, usually on the bottom. wow, thank you, uh, jim, the snack for the follow. welcome, that's just me doing the time. i'm just playing on crumbs. uh, mascara, merch garden website. it's pretty cool. [Music]. you should buy crumbs merch. look, look at it. it's really cute and nice and cool. look how nice it is. he's so, oh, my god, thank you so much for the raid. thank you by crumbs, merch is really cool. look how cool it is. i want to buy this shirt. this shirt looks really nice. let's view the products. yeah, let's all of you let's view crumbs merch together. sorry, i was just just observing. thank you so much for the raid. welcome, it looks really nice. i know, i know, get ready with me if i ever make a merch like, if i ever have a website. this is what i wanted to look like, even if it's not a work merch website. it's just a website for i don't even know. i guess it would be a actually, but can't get it. no, that's fun, that's fine. i probably won't be able to get it either, honestly, but it it's really cool. ah, the shipping. shipping can be a pain in the butt, that is very true. so, something that's really on trend right now: what makeup are you? are you? oh, you live in germany. cosmetiks right now? yeah, definitely, because i i'm not sure if this, where this is shipped from, but i'm guessing america, a merch garden seems like an american company: lipstik. i usually don't do lipstik, as you can see, i'm not doing this pocket, but it's like in a little cute floral packaging. [Music]. i like how the beanie is like, like it's not white, the color is like beige, i i don't know. i just really like that detail and how the details are, like the little face. and then you is is knitted. there's a crust, custom crumb label sewed inside. oh, actually, that's so cute, it's so cool. exactly what it's called, because it's not on the packaging, but i'm finding exactly what it is. that's really cool. i want to see people with this merch, even though, like, i probably won't be able to get it like, i want to see people wear it because i bet it would look really great. that is the california kissing color balm, moisturizing lip balm in berry. yeah, berry shades are really in right now. do socks? you want to go in different shades shades? these socks look adorable. i wonder what they like. like on your feet, do the paws go on like your toes? yeah, that's sweet, or did they go on your heels? wait, am i dumb? is that the end of the makeup tutorial? wait, no, they would go on your toes. the paws would go on your toes, i think i look so much. and then you take down your front pieces. oh, dude, when you take down the front pieces, like you feel like a new person. also, if you guys are a lot of you guys, it's fuzzy and velvet. oh my gosh, velvet sauce, what the heck. and then [Music], it goes from short down. uh, shipping would cost as much as the hoodie and that's it. you guys know how that's pretty insane: fifty dollars for shipping. oh, this is why i i buy things locally. you know what i'm saying. framing pieces online, buying online: sometimes this is such a hassle, but it sucks when, like, there's really cool things online that you can only find online and you can't find marketing in your local schools. um, my sis, this is my favorite shirt of all time. oh, this comes in different sizes. let's see all the sizes it goes it. it goes from small to extra whole time. so whenever he leaves and she takes, do they have a sizing chart? i lose it. now she's back and i've stole it again. well, they do have a sizing strap. we had to get the pink. all right, let's read the sizing chart together. we're gonna play something, i don't know. i made 100 out of cotton. that means we'll be warm, right? thank you so much. i don't reall.


Bedwars But If I die, I Have To Lower My FOV...

all right. so today we will be playing bed wars, but if i die i have to lower my fov. but uh, let's just say it didn't go too well, no, so, yeah, make sure, if you haven't yet to check if you are subscribed. it supports me a lot. but uh, yeah, this is how the challenge went. boom, boom, all right. how, what fov do we start? i've i did zero planning. i reckon we, every time we lose, every time we die, we decrease it by five. i reckon that's it. yeah. so every time i die the fob, i think we're gonna decrease it by five, because i don't know how much i'm gonna die. but yeah, it should be good. it should be a good fun stream. i know it, i'm so cool, i'm always cool. you already know. watch, i'm gonna kill this person. first game, first dub: it's fine, it's fine, it's fine, it's fine, it's fine, it's fine. i've got this in the bag. i've got this. don't l don't, el. we've got this in the bag. i don't even try, don't even try to, don't even try to save your stuff, mate, why are you saying l chat? we've got the bag, dude, we don't need a bird bed. slow us down, doesn't happen. that was, that was just. that was just a warm-up. that was a warm-up. it was a warm-up game. it was also. this was streamed over on my twitch, so make sure to check it out, please, please, it'd be really cool. just like, consider it like i'm trying to like. just please, not be about it too. um, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, right? no, all of you are alex. i see this is an absolute win cat. we've got it in the bag, don't worry. otherwise, what are you? cog, it's fine. karg, it's fine. it will be a super cool youtube video. i don't think you realize how good of the craft i am, because we're never gonna die and we just the game. the goal is just to win a game. that's, that's the goal. and i'm sure we'll be able to do that because we already, we already win games and it will be sad. no, it'll be so happy because then he doesn't have to work. i'm paying him two super dupers a year. that's not. i think that's good pay. i'm so good. where's the hell is the bed? here we go, here we go. dude, what are you gonna do? you're gonna, you're gonna, you're gonna. yeah, imagine dying. that's an absolute l, literally the worst player i've ever seen. i'm going straight for red. i'm so good, watch this 360.. nice, we put it up. we brought it off. okay, i just realized i don't have a bed either. epic, nice one. i know, that was such a good clutch, so you should follow fern. something unusual, he's just being epic. i know, i'm so cool, we're winning. we're winning this game. we haven't died once. that was a warm-up. i've just seen that holy we could be. we could actually win this game. we really. there's only one bed. let's win the first game. let's actually win the first game, the best video, if we just win straight away. where these were these? but these people are red red's pushing white dude. let's just go in and like: let's just go and save the day. you know what we'll do is: yeah, drop down, drop down. i never die. i swear to go. if that person goes from me. they're the dumbest player ever. no, this game sucks. it actually sucks. did this person really think they can push us, even when i'm not even here? you're not ready. i'm so good, we never lose. yeah, brethren just disconnected. he wasn't having a bar of it. they weren't ready. they saw thumbtack was in the lobby and they just got straight up scared. have a look at this. i'm so good at this game, bro, sign me up to faze face tack, literally, literally, literally. though i'm the best they should like to, they should do some sort of uh like nerf to like nerf me down, or something. have a look at this pace of the speed bridge over here. oh there, you weren't even looking, you weren't even looking at me. oh my, this is dumb. this storm, this is dumb, game dumb. they were hitting me. go back in the freedom editor. go back, don't replay it. look at, look, they can't hit me. they were backwards. they weren't even facing hacks. hacks sent them to jail. look, even with the small fov, i'm so good at the cave. this is gonna be a w. i'm telling you. i'm so cracked. our bet is the last bet alive. dude, we've won. it's gg. it's gg. we've just beat the challenge in like 20 minutes and half the time i was turning off the heater, i'm telling you literally: sign me up to any bed wars team chat. we're so good, that will be fun. i know we're so good. stop laughing. it was. it was tactikal. i wanted a tactikal void, but like the texture pack was it's? it's matt fob. we're up to normal. i hate being normal. i'm. i'm not like the other girls. oh, they're there. oh, they're not ready for the thumbs up. goodbye, you don't need australia's best network until you do. i'm just going to collect dams. no watch, we. we still speed bridge and we still nail everything, even when our bed's gone, because we're just so. we're just so just, we're just so good. we're so good at the game. maybe i see you. i see you, but you didn't see the fireball. you're kidding. this game is bad. all right, we'll go two in a row. we need two games in a row. we're so good burner. i will keep the same fov. i still. i hate this fov. i hate it. i hate it. it's the dumbest thing. dude sam's gonna love editing that with just me just doing a trumpet. oh my god, the fov sucks. oh, oh, this is so gross. i hate this also. shout, i thought something funny happened today. i thought i'd just say it now. uh, but today in my- because i had- we had parent teacher interviews where the teachers get to meet up with the kid, that's, the students, to see if they can learn. you just get good, i'm story time now, but like my, my math teacher, because he's like. he's like a gamer. he got a discord notification in the middle of the meeting while he was toking about how good i am at maths, because i'm like acing that subject, because i'm so good, i hate this game. i need water. i'm already gonna pass out. i have to like remember. oh, it's like i'm permanently zooming. even i still continue the spring bridge. you already know i'm gonna commit so many far. god, i am going to. i'm gonna rob a bank. that was a joke. i'm just. i'm just. i'm just. i'm just an absolute shad. i'm so good- they're stupid- with this. oh, these eyes are sweaty. he knows, he knows thumbtack's gonna get the bed. oh no, i'm not counting that. actually, i probably should have some. i think we should maybe do it per game. like i go back to 90 fpv. okay, hang on, we'll do that, we'll do that. but every time i die, i change it by 10.. i hope you don't cheat. what if this person is cheating? i thought that was 69. i got really excited. i'm so good this game, i've got it. i've got it in the, the absolute bag. i've got it. i've got in the bag. i've got it in the bag. i knew you're gonna do that. i'm so much smarter than you. i'm so much smarter than you. i'm so much and yeah, thank you both of the followers. i appreciate it, but obama, obama, i need advice for this challenge. can you tell me how to win? yes, i do. that's not answering my question. obama, please, i know you're a busy man, but thumbtack is also very big, strong and very busy as well. 100 of the time, i'm so good. obsidian- oh, this person has an obsidian skin. they're committed. they're committed to uh, uh, i have, i have full health. no way, i thought i just died full damage and i was gonna straight up cry your kitty, i was throwing it off. obama, please, i need to know how do i win bed wars? hypixel, all right, i'll take it. got rid of them. i'm the best. bye, bye. it's intense chat. shut up, okay, we'll get rid of right now. we'll get really great. look, okay, don't, don't shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up. i know, i know, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, thank you. bad boy, bad wolf, baby, play, block off, block off, break, break, bed. this drop. i'm the best balls. oh, just stay. i'm telling you we're gonna beat the challenge. we're gonna beat the challenge. all right, we've got a whole stream. it's fine. you know, hang on, hang on. [Laughter]. i'm so funny, i'm so, i'm such a comedian. oh, balls, i just walked off. i didn't, never mind, i spot very wrong, but they go. oh, there, they went. that's kind of bad. all right, which we'll bait? we'll think, well, we've only got a stone sword, only a stone sword. we have an iron watch. this is why you, this is why you should, i got all ei.

Making Memes in New York

hi, my name's Tim Simon and I'm about to erect my way to the top of this tower. look at the size of that boy, raw right, we're going up to the top at One World Trade. it's pretty amazing. we're going to be very high. wow, I'm finally in the metaphors. finally, I can go back to my pixel Brothers. it's hard to touch this because the dream isn't it to be one with my pixel brother. and back when Elon Musk coated me- I don't know if you know this- we're all actually coded. I'm not going insane, I'm not going into. all those giants represent a feeling: anguish, arousal. those are the only feelings. and listen to the clinky, plonky tunes. this screen, this bit, is giving me an intense and sudden headache. I could feel a migraine coming on now, Jesus Christ, and I don't know what it is. I don't know what it is, baby, but I, you know I can feel my eyes getting more bloodshot. but let's go up the welcome to the top of the world. I've always already on the top of the world. as soon as I, as soon as you hit the Subscribe button- wow, did you feel like I'm an Iron Man? mirrors, one of my favorite reflective substances. wow. someone already needs to organize these screens better, like Statue of Liberty is terrible. it's wait. did I go there? I can't remember that day. wow, rocks. you know the Bedrock foundations where you actually can't mine bedrock, nice try, though wall. yeah, this is, uh, pretty amazing, I know I. I coded it myself, Elon. actually, let me right in this area of the simulation. here we go. this is like that scene in Captain America where it beats up everyone in there, shouldn't it? very clearly, my ears are popular. we're rising up. we're rising up the lift. we're getting very high right now, aren't we very, very high? welcome to One World Observatory. [Music]. oh, okay, see forever theater. wow, really wouldn't hit as hard if you're blind, would it? this one I'm ready to see forever. I can't believe it. finally gonna hit Max around the distance. here we go now. this is what New York is all about. it's time to open our eyes and see: hi, oh, yeah, oh, so sorry. oh, you can get royalty, yeah, no, of course you can. I have royalties on my wife as well. that, really, that will be sexist. oh, my goodness, thank you, it's time. no, Jesus, do you want to step to right here on the railing face? all right, all right, excellent wallet. I can't believe me. very, very exciting, is it very exciting? warm, I'm feeling very chirpy. I don't have a severe headache from that weird wall. earlier was it with this building and just giving me strange War. laugh, okay, my flash. I guess my [ __ ] will stay in my pants then experience the infinite facets of the city beneath us all. right, you prepare to see forever. you can see my hats down there, my leaning and say hello. very inappropriate, isn't it Murray? oh, the wall is the wall is opening. oh, what the [ __ ]. very, very high. I'm gonna have an intense headache from all the stimuli the cities shoved up my ass. I feel sort of quite sick, but that's not, and not in the poggers way. right, everyone got my- uh, New York iPads. we're gonna go to New York Bay B. wow, I don't want to look out here. I can use my iPad now. this is the live. tell me about Coney Island. that's why we met Lucas. what do you have to say about that, please? and I, what the [ __ ]? so, instead of getting a photo with the real National cat photo with this, it's a family trapped in the wall. I think we're ready. thank you too. excuse me. could we view our photo here? [Music]. enough to get that one. thank you very much. have a good one. I'll do my bloody best to have a good one there. she, oh, no, getting flashed. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, don't go back there now. look at the iPad. oh, look, that's Dark Tower. there's a big Colgate clock. very, very exciting. video is actually sponsored by Colgate. they recently started playing poison in there too. [Music]. can you give me my phone reviewers? oh, I bloody well will. two stars didn't look after my dog very well at all- not the Vets, they said they were you know. the bit is that I've got it wrong what? no, the joke is that I'm misinterlined. five stars, really nice. Tower gave great head. yeah, you're welcome. I'm glad I could help. all right, come on then. let's pick somewhere. Brooklyn's children museum- right, let's review that. this is my future. now you need to become a local. five stars, really nice kids, really friendly staff. superb kids. want one of my own someday. add photos. when did I visit public holiday? I waited an hour for the children. I'm becoming a Google reviewer. all right, let's find somewhere else to review. I'm gonna do the next review all in Japanese for my bilingual viewers or for my um, what's the opposite of homosexual? again, I had to wrote: yeah, all my hetero lingual viewers out there right now. how did that little fella get there, excuse me, how did he even fly this High? we're literally the on the tallest building in the entire world. they're just a little [ __ ]. can I review him? where are we looking? oh [ __ ]. my iPad's having a panic attack. all right, one second. I need to leave a review on the United Nations. look at this video. this is the United Nations. if anyone speaks this language, please tell me what it says. in the comments below there's Obama, Obama's. here. I'm back now. that was definitely mid. would you be able to like my Google review please? Nations, don't look so United to me. monster needs more democracy, or just one leader brackets me right post. I just got more points. I'm a novice reviewer. now I worry we're not entirely. uh, optimizing being at the top of the One World Observatory might be some nice shirts. this looks like dog show. oh, six dollar water, that seems. oh, yeah, I'll get this as well. wait. oh, here we go, baby, I've got a lot to say about this place. what should we call you big reviews, call me big reviews. where do you live in Vegas? take photo- this is going to be me looking unimpressed with an excellent view. to show how critikal I am, use the name far away. I don't quite like that. actually had a website, tik tokcom. write some details about yourself, right? yeah, you want a Trip Advisor of you. you're gonna get one. you brought this upon yourself one world. how would you rate your experience? terrible. this was a couple's visit. the water was thirteen dollars for two bottles Madness. the world has gone toking and saying: and this is the start of it in all my life- and, oh boy, I've lived a life. I'm past the minimum in all my life. no title: this review: massive River. share some photos of your visit. let me take a new one. yeah, what's? where's the profanity? you're the [ __ ]. yeah, no, I see that you're very welcome. another job done for big reviews. if you're a business, especially in the local New York area, stay on your [ __ ] toes. oh, am I trapped? what? oh, wait, I'll come back. wait, no way, Ash might. I'd like to see this meme. that wasn't worth it. I've got this big iPad weighing down my neck and thickening it up. I need to get out of here. it's driving me insane. excuse me, I'd very much like to exit. they completely ripped us a new one with your nation: 13 for two waters. that drives me mad. the graphics, but a red tint on my day. let's get out of here. I'm having this iPad. it's mine now. was I meant to give this bag at some point? they really want people to review them so desperately. they're so goddamn desperate. when are they gonna take the iPad off me? I can't just steal this Japanese iPad. what are they going to ask her back? I'm at the very exit. I don't want this item in moment inventory. well, if the shoe fits no very tight in here, I guess I'm going to be learning Japanese. I suppose I shall go hand it in because my reviews are of the law. I'm not a stealer and I'm certainly not a beggar. there was no attention. there was no order in there. it was a complete wild goose chase. all in all, I'd review the tallest building in the world. it's quite average. I suppose I've discovered my voice in a sense. so now we're here on Wall Street. this is famous for sort of businessmen that are sad. let's have a little walk down it. I don't know why it's called Wall Street. it's a completely ordinary amount of walls. I'd say Wall Street doesn't pass the v.

Make Money Selling Tiktok Merch on Amazon | How the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder Feature Works

what's going on? everybody, this is coach chris beck, the wise guy right here on youtube, excited to bring you a new video to help you guys sell more products and help you guys win in the game of selling on amazon. in this video, i'm going to show you a tool inside of jungle scout that will do nothing but help you guys find creative ways, new ways to find amazing products to sell on amazon. it's a relatively new tool- to be honest, i don't even know how long it's been around, but personally i've only been playing with it for about the last three to six months and only have played with it a hand full of times. but every time i play with it, it opens up a ton of new categories for me to explore and get into. uh, and ultimately, my master list of product has grown exponentially because of this tool. make sure, before we get into this video, that you smash that like button right now. it does nothing but help my analytiks of my channel and help my channel grow, and for that i appreciate you guys doing it. and if you're new to this video, subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you see when my videos go live, because my videos are here to help you guys make money, especially if you're in canada. but whether you're in the us, it doesn't matter if you're in the uk, in mexico, wherever you're from. these videos are universal, fundamental videos to help you sell on amazon. so let's get right into this video. this video is about the tool on jungle scout, known as the opportunity finder, and it's self-explanatory. what does that tool do? it helps you find opportunities on amazon that will be low competition, niches, keywords that are trending uh and hitting hard on on jungle scout. so so, excuse me, on google. so jungle scout are using more metrics than ever to bring you products, uh that people are buying right now and to bring you more trending products that people are buying right now and they're using the google platform, uh in the google search uh tool to help cross over with what they know their sellers on their database are selling and what other sellers on the google platform are searching for, to bring you another uh search experience and, ultimately, another way to find quality products that you can sell. really easy to use: um, similar to the niche hunter before, but i find it's actually less complicated. i i know a lot of people don't really never really gravitated towards the niche hunter. they found it to be somewhat complicated or just not specific enough. uh. so the opportunity finder: when you go to product research, you go down to the opportunity finder. click that it brings you to the opportunity finder page. now i'm going to show you a way that i use the tool in canada. it might not be as effective in the us because of the 10x size of of the product uh options that you have in the us compared to canada, but this is the best way that i have um found this tool to be the most useful for me. uh. so i'll show you how i set up the parameters and what parameters i put in, what filters i use, and then i'll show you how i go through the products to make it more um effective for me to search and uh really dive into what uh the opportunity finder has. so first thing is first. the first thing i'll do is i will enter in the units that i want to sell per month. okay, similar to all their search tool, uh filters, information, uh, the two keywords i use in my course, first being: do you want to sell simpler, easier to source products? uh, i call them base hits- or do you want to hit home runs and find products that that are killing it right now, that are selling a tremendous amount of volume per month. uh, the way i define a home run is anything with at least 300 units uh minimum per month. uh, that would be considered a home run for me, uh and my personal strategies and what i teach, uh base hit. you don't want to ignore those uh, because there's a lot more of these and if you pile these on to your business and into your storefront- any products that sell at least a hundred- 150 just depends relatively- you're gonna get about the same uh feedback on your searches. but a hundred units per month, three a day kind of thing, uh is a base hit and easier to find. a lot of base hits. three or four of those obviously is going to compare to a home run, uh, so for now, what we're gonna do is we're gonna look for home runs and put in 300 units per month minimum. we're not going to put in a maximum. the next filter offers is the average monthly price. i do like to use this. i don't want to sell products that cost less than 25 dollars, so i'll put in 24, just in case the product is priced at 24.99. i don't want to lose that partikular product line. i'd like to see that in my search. so i'm going to put in twenty four dollars here, uh, and i'm not going to put in max, although if you see a lot of products displaying that are, you know, three, four, five hundred, a thousand dollars, then certainly you can max it out like 200 if you want, or or some sort of cap there. but i'll leave that blank for now. monthly search volume: we're going to leave this open and i'm going to explain the search volume once we see what is displayed. 30 days uh search volume trend versus 90 day search volume trend are two ways you can sort. again, i'll leave those blank and i'll show you how uh those display really easy to read niche score: uh, how good is this opportunity? 10 being like, jump on it, because this is a hot opportunity. one being: this is a really cold opportunity. two, competitive two, whatever, uh, stay away. so the closer you are to ten uh, the better. again, let's leave this blank because i'd like to show you more products and actually we'll look at the opportunity as well. now we go down to competition and i like these swing bars. uh, allows you just to move the bar. we're going to always put it at very low competition to medium competition. obviously we don't want high competition. and then seasonality: do we want it to be really seasonable product? no, like like valentine's day or halloween or easter? no, but we want to see products that have kind of a medium seasonality or to a very low seasonality. uh, including keywords. if you want to search for a specific uh product line, you can do that. uh, you know. if you want to look for a specific um trend that is is hot right now, maybe you've been on twitter. you're looking at what's trending and you're like, oh, that really has been popular for a while. you can search those trends here or you can exclude. i won't play with those right now. excluding the top brands is the last one here that's automatikally checked. it eliminates brands like nike and adidas- things that you're not going to sell against, or you don't care what those uh products are doing. is it gonna eliminate all the top brands? probably not. you're still gonna see some clear-cut brands, but for now, leave that on so you're not seeing uh too many products that you wouldn't want in your search return. so now here's where i get uh a little more specific. i do not like to select all the boxes when i'm doing a opportunity finder. i like to go through each individual, one, one at a time, because it's one, it's quicker, and two, it lets your brain uh process the information a lot better. especially if, uh, you want to sell in specific categories, then, uh, you can obviously search by categories. or if you're just searching the product, for example, automotive, if i do that parameter search that i just set up, with the filters that i just set up, it's only returning me one product that says there's one opportunity in automotive right now that you can jump on. that uh has low seasonality. new score of five. competition is very low, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. uh, trending is down. uh, monthly search is only 33. so, but again, returns one product. really easy to move on to the next product. so then i would uncheck that and move on to the next one. okay, we'll search. baby, how many does baby return? baby returned 18 different uh opportunities. okay, now i'm not going to sell them, baby, i really don't want to sell in the baby category. it's a higher risk category, a lot more re.