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Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads


hi, my name is Bella and I am creating this documentary about cows so you can learn more about this interesting animal and I'll go into depth about the abreen and Angus breed as well. so I'll be discussing the types of cows that are in Australia, how a cow lives, the purpose of the Angus breed, determining if a cow can be dangerous towards humans, if you can have a cow as a pet, the history behind the Angus cow and also the future of the Angus cow. so there are more than 100 different breeds of cows in Australia. the Hereford Angus and Murray gray are among the most popular cows in Australia. cows tend to live in paddocks with fresh grass to eat, or in the summer, when the grass is not so fresh, they enjoy eating hay. they also drink lots of water, especially in the hot weather, and they tend to stand under trees or other shelter when the weather is not so nice. thank you, each braid of cattle has a different purpose in the farming industry. the Angus breed's purpose is beef production and breeding. Angus cows have the ability to tolerate all climates as they are very tough. the Angus breed originated in Scotland where the weather conditions were very harsh and cold. it has been proven that this breed is able to manage any weather condition. because of this, majority of cows are generally relaxed animals. however, in some circumstances, cows can become aggressive towards humans. one of these reasons is because when a cow is approached by a human, when they're a mother, they will try to protect their calf. another reason is a bull is trying to defend their herd or territory, or a female cow that's on heat, so they get aggressive. cows can. when cows are sick, they can become stressed and it may and they may exhibit aggressive behavior similar with female cows who are on heat, so they tend. they're generally not aggressive animals, but sometimes, under certain circumstances, they can be. cows can certainly be domestikated. they're very intelligent animals and can be trained to perform many tasks. they also can definitely be pets and can certainly be a good option as a pet if you have room for them. they ate lots of grass and hay and need access to water and some form of shelter. they are very loving, caring, smart and funny pets and they certainly are entertaining. so here's a quick video of my pet care. Frank, what [Music]? um, about five years old and lovely Corruptions boxing, no questions asked. be very relaxed. you're actually pretty hot, don't you? very friendly when you're sitting down. you can even sit on his back, he wouldn't care. one of the most relaxed cows you'll ever meet. yeah, that's Frank doing, brushing his face underneath foreign. so the Angus breed was originated in Northeast Scotland and it was considered- and the founder was was being considered- as Hugh Watson. the Angus cows were imported into Tasmania in the early 18th century and that's how they became. that's how they started. in Australia, the Angus braid is grown, is a growing breed and is growing quite, and the population is quite growing quite rapidly. in 1990, six percent of the cattle in Australia were Angus, but in 2000 and 2019 it was over 25, so it shows how much it has grown since 1990. in 2016, the list of Angus breeders in Australia has grown to more than 3750 and the demand for cattle, beef, cat for Angus Cattle remain strong and is increasing every year and should continue to do so. this suggests that Angus breed should be stiking around for a long time in the future and thank you for watching and I hope you learned a bit more about cows. thank you.

Make Over $350 Per Day In Affiliate Marketing With Classified Ads | Step by Step Tutorial

okay, guys, in this tutorial, i'm going to show you how you can promote jvzoo products using classified ads, a rarely used method but very effective method that you can use today and start making money online with affiliate marketing. so this will be another amazing step-by-step tutorial. now, if i go to jvzoo and i go to my approved products- so this is approved products- and to access your approved products, you just click on this affiliate and you click on approve products, which will take you to this page. so these are the products that you can start promoting by getting their links and sharing them online. now, surprisingly, many people don't know to select the best products on jvzoo, because when you're selecting a product, you want a product that has a high number that's been sold multiple times out of a high number on this sold section here. okay, so they have the number, the better the chances of it selling or doing well. a conversion rate is also high. it's supposed to be high, usually something between 10- actually 10 and above, but even 9 is okay- or it has at least nine percent conversion rate. okay, you should also look at the apc, but this is not really as important. epc usually means earnings per click, so this is when you're doing ads and then they have the average price here and then they have the refund here. now, a refund is also something that you want to consider, because this shows the product has been accepted and it's not been refunded. so this is the number that you want to try and keep low. okay, you want the lowest 300 as possible, okay. so, uh, from what i'm seeing here, this is the. this is the lowest: 7.8 percent um. epc is 27, conversion rate is 43.41. so this is very good and it has been sold 2500 times. now, as you can see, the number is not so good. it's not really selling and it's an old product. as you can see, this was launched 2020, that's last year, on the 20th of february. so it is a little product and the sales are not really good, but it has a high conversion rate and a low refund rate. so there's some things that you have to consider, because it's kind of like a give and take. you'll have to accept that, uh, the sales are not good, okay. so, because you look for other products which have good numbers, um, let's see, okay, i'm seeing now this side- the price is dropping or the sales is dropping. so two thousand, one thousand, two thousand, um. um, if you look at this one here, this is two thousand. it's sold over 2 000. its conversion rate is 15.. uh, 39 percent with an apc of 10.70. uh, the price is 69, refund rate is five. so this is- i think it's on the uh medium side because the numbers are not so bad. so this is something that i personally can look into promoting. so it's called music man. commercial ai software auto creates original and unique premium music tracks in seconds. so this is a musical software. so if you're into music, the problem with this niche is not really it's not a big niche. you can't really make much from this niche, which is the music, so you might want to look into something else, something like a big a business opportunity niche- make money online niche, health. you know relationships. those are the best performing niches, so you can still look around for a different product, partikularly uh make money online product. so we have here my traffic. jacker pro by jeff joshua zamora sells uh 1000 plus. conversion rate is 5 percent, epc is 1.9. 300 is 13. so this is kind of high. let's look at another one by him. this is also okay. these are products that are launched like two years ago. this is now 2019.. another thing that you want to look out is for a product that's not that's been there for a very long time, because most of the time, you'll find that these products, they don't get a continuous maintenance service, so they eventually become irrelevant or even outdated for the user, which increases its refund rate. okay, so this is another one: vegetation dishonest. this is sendio 2.0. i think we've seen this one. it was launched last year. yeah, this is the same one that we've seen. okay, so if you scroll down, you'll find this are just older products. okay, so we have this one for 2021, and this was launched on february, on the 18th. uh, so far it has a little over 500. our sales conversion rate is 32.9, so this is really good. we have an apc of 29, the price is 89 and the refund rate is 5.64, so it does have actually good numbers, except for the conversion rate. this i was telling you that you'll have to accept a product which will have one partikular area that is not doing well. okay, but then again, the reason why this is low is that it's still a fairly new product. it was just launched a few months ago, so if we give it some time. i'm sure it's going to be at least 2000 or 1000 plus, okay, but i still have not found the product that i wanted on. i'm looking for a make money online product, so i'll just look at this side now and i'll sort. i want to sort this section by date, okay, or rather be launched. so click on this. so now it's going to show me all the latest products, first the newest products to the older products, and you can even further filter by filling these areas. you can select your category here. so if you want business and finance, you'll click on that, and cooking food. if you want education, employment, so let me just click on employment. so employment doesn't have any products. let me go back and click on business and finance, okay, and then i'll click here. they launched, okay. now the problem with this category is that it has very few products. it only has three products, so that sucks. i'm going to go back and check and click on category again. click on software, all right, so i think i found one. so this is the 360 funnels chatter license by doctor oppo um 500 plus. sales conversion rate is 4.23. uh, if you say is three, the price is 82 dollars and the refund rate is 4.96, so this is not so bad. it was launched last year in the september 23rd, so let's just have a look at it and then click on view sales page, because we want to have a look at how the sales page looks, if it's presentable, something that the visitors will find attractive. all right, so it says here: the ultimate drag and drop solution for creating web funnels, videos and graphics for your business. okay, so we know that it's a drag and drop marketing tools creator. okay, so you have the video here, our youtube video, illustrating how you can use it. okay, so it's a well detailed sales page. uh, this is something that someone can easily read through and understand, and it also has a giant call to action button here and this is the image of the product. okay, so this is the page that your visitors will land into. okay, this is the final sales page. so now we want to get our links. okay, want to get our links. we're going to click on get links, all right, so this one gives us the link directly. if there's some that you'll actually have to- actually most of them- you actually need to request for the link- this one here is already having our link ready. so to get our link, we just click on copy. you can also look at the vendor profile, but this is effective if the product is uh. if you don't have the link directly, if you have to request for the link because what happens is uh, these products, there are many affiliates who are actually requesting for the link to to get approved. so most of the time you'll find that they might even miss your request. they might miss your affiliate request. so the best way to reach out to them is direct. it's direct mail, either through their facebook profile, their skype. so to do that, you'll just click on vendor profile. okay, so here you have more details about him. it's the number of sales he has done, um, his average product rating. okay, so this is what i was toking about. you want to contact them? you just click on this, which will take you to their facebook page, or you can contact them directly using skype. okay, you also have bonuses here. now, bonuses are really effective, especially if you're doing these kinds of digital products. you need bonuses to convince uh, or to have an edge against your c.

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Nikola Tesla's TERRIFYING Invention Has Just Been Revealed In Old Documents

nowadays renowned as the father of physics. Nikola Tesla was an unsung hero for most of History. Tesla was a Visionary, a genius and selfless inventor was primarily focused on harnessing electricity in a way that could power the entire world and serve humankind for eternity. he pioneered alternating current, which revolutionized the field of electricity and became the basis of the Modern Electric industry. many groundbreaking inventions are attributed to none other than the brilliant Nikola Tesla. throughout his career he created pumps, turbines, speed indicators and more. even during his declining years, he carried on his scientific research, continued his art of innovating. unfortunately, many of his projects stalled or remained unfinished due to a lack of consistent financial support, propaganda from Rivals, prejudice and some ill-fated life events. today's video we'll discuss some of Nikola Tesla's lost inventions and papers that were never released until now. death ray: one of the most enigmatik, controversial and sought after of his Creations was the death ray. Tesla's creativity never ceased to impress the masses, even when he was growing senile, his father instilled a strong aversion to war in him. he worked tirelessly to find a tiknological solution to put an end to war. he believed War could be reduced to a mere spectacle of machines. at a press conference in 1931, Tesla declared that he was about to discover an entirely new energy source. when asked to describe the nature of the power, he responded: the idea first Came Upon me as a tremendous shock. I can only say at this time that it will come from an entirely new and unsuspected Source. once more, war loomed over Europe. on July 11, 1934. the New York Times front page headline read: Tesla at 78 Bears- new death beam. the report stated that the new tiknology will send concentrated beams of partikles through the free air of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of ten thousand enemy airplanes at a distance of 250 miles. according to Tesla, the death beam would prevent or by providing each Nation with an invisible Chinese War. the concept sparked a great deal of debate and interest. when Tesla realized he needed money to create a prototype with his planned invention, he went to JP Morgan to seek financial aid, but he failed to persuade him. Tesla also made an effort to communicate directly with the British prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, but interest in Tesla's anti-war weapon eventually peted out when Chamberlain resigned after realizing that Hitler had outwitted him a Munich by 1937. it was clear that war would erupt in Europe. frustrated with his efforts to generate interest and funding for his peace beam. he sent a detailed tiknical letter, complete with diagrams, to several Allied Nations, including the United States, Canada, England, France, the Soviet Union, mugoslavia. the paper, titled new art of projecting concentrated non-dispersive energy through natural media, provided the first tiknical description. they charged partikle beam weapon. the unique vacuum chamber with one end open to the atmosphere distinguished Tesla's proposal from the usual run of fantasy death rates. to maintain High vacua, Tesla created a one-of-a-kind vacuum seal by directing a high velocity Airstream. at the tip of his gun, a large Tesla turbine would be used to perform the necessary pumping action. the Soviet Union was the most interested in Tesla's proposal of all the countries that received it. Tesla presented a plan to the amtorg trading Corporation at a rumored Soviet arms front in New York City in 1937. two years later, in 1939, one stage of the plan was tested in the Soviet Union and Tesla received a 25 000 check. Tesla hoped that his creation would be exclusively defensive and serve as an anti-war tool. his system needed power plants along a nation's Coast to scan the skies for enemy aircraft. the beam's effectiveness was limited to about 200 miles- the distance of the Earth's curvature- because it was projected in a straight line. Tesla also considered using his partikle Beam for peaceful purposes, including long distance power transmission without wires. he also Advanced the radical idea of creating artificial Aurora Borealis by heating a portion of the upper atmosphere. where the Tesla's concept was ever seriously considered is still up for debate. most experts today believe his theory to be unsustainable. however, his death beam is eerily similar to the charged partikle beam weapon for the United States and the Soviet Union developed during the Cold War. however, Tesla's hope for a tiknological way to end a war still seems as remote today as it did when he first put forth the idea in the 1930s. wireless energy. by the end of the 1890s, Tesla had concluded that it might be possible to transmit electrical-powered high altitudes without using wires. there, the air was thinner and more conductive as a result. upon learning of Tesla's research, Leonard e Kurt is a friend and patent attorney- offered to locate a site and secure power for the study, and the Colorado Springs based El Paso power company, Colonel John Jacob Esther, was the next Ally to come forward. the inventor immediately made plans to relocate to Colorado and start construction on a new experimental station close to Pike's Peak after receiving thirty thousand dollars from Asda. a number of assistants weren't fully aware of Tesla's plans, joined him. when Tesla arrived in Colorado Springs in May 1899, he went to survey the land. it was in the prairie some miles away. he told the media that he planned to transmit a radio signal from Pike's Peak to Paris, but he gave no further information. Tesla would sit and take measurements amidst Colorado's own spectacular electrical displays. he soon discovered the Earth was literally alive with electrical vibrations. Tesla eventually came to believe that lightning strikes created strong waves that traveled from one side of the planet to the other. Tesla theorized that if the Earth indeed was a good conductor, he could send unrestricted, virtually lossless power to any location on the planet. but to put his theory to the test, he had to become the first man to produce electrical effects on the scale of lightning. the laboratory that protruded from the Prairie floor was wired and weird: a structure with a roof that could roll back to keep it from Catching Fire and an 80-foot Warden Tower. a 142 foot metal Mast holding a gigantik copper ball was positioned above it. tiknicians started putting together a vast Tesla coil specifically made to send strong electrical impulses into the Earth inside the peculiar wooden structure. each piece of apparatus was first thoroughly examined on the evening of the experiment. then Tesla in instructed his mechanic to flip the switch open. for just a split second, an intriguing blue Corona developed in the space around the secondary coil. as it started to Sparkle and crack, Tesla was content with the result, instructed his mechanic to keep the switch closed until told otherwise. big blue electricity arcs zigzagged up and down the central coil. over 100 foot long man-made lightning bolts erupted from the Mast Atop The Station. Tesla's experiment destroyed the El Paso Electric company's Dynamo, knocking out power to the entire city. the power station manager was Furious and insisted the Tesla repair and cover the cost of the damage. Tesla experimented in Colorado Springs for nine months. the outcomes of his experiments are unclear, even though he kept a Daily Journal that was highly detailed. did Tesla actually transmit Wireless power at Pike's Peak? that is one question that has never received a conclusive response. there are some claims that he actually sent a signal several miles away that was strong enough to light up vacuum tubes planted in the ground. however, this can be attributed to Colorado Springs conductive ground characteristiks. Tesla also tried sending extra low frequency signals through the region between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. Tesla estimated that th

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Antarctica's Secret Alien Cover-Up | Ancient Aliens

Antarctika is a land of extremes. nearly 98 of the ground is covered by an ice sheet up to three miles thick. a mountain as towering as Japan's Mount Fuji at 12 400 feet would not even break the surface. temperatures regularly fall below minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with Winds of up to 200 miles an hour during its peak season. it is home to only four thousand scientists and military personnel. Antarctika is the Last Frontier. it holds our imagination. old maps that said: here be Monsters. the last remaining territory on the planet that could have such a designation is Antarctika. although it was discovered nearly 250 years ago, have more questions than answers when it comes to this Frozen continent. due to the sheer depth of the ice covering its land mass, the surface of Antarctika is unable to be seen with the naked eye, and ancient astronaut theorists proposed that it is not just the geology that is hidden from us. they suggest there is far more human and perhaps non-human activity happening in Antarctika than we've been told. something seems to be going on on this mysterious continent at the South Pole, and it has been theorized by a number of people that Antarctika is some kind of alien base. rumors of extraterrestrial activity in Antarctika have circulated for years. these accounts are true and there is, in fact, an extraterrestrial presence in Antarctika today, could it have been there for hundreds or even thousands of years? in July 2018, Linda Moulton Howe interviewed a whistleblower who offered to provide her with classified information regarding Antarctika, on the condition that she not reveal his identity. her Source, a retired Navy SEAL who she identifies as Spartan one, provided her with details of an ancient structure he claims to have visited during his time at the South Pole. at that time, my rank was first lieutenant commander, Naval Special Operations. we were inbound the Southeast coast of Antarctika we were dispatched for, unofficially was a research reconnaissance mission. officially, it was to find a certain individual, obtaining any information and bring it back. what was the date? August 2003.. according to Spartan one, when he and his team reached their destination, they encountered a large octagonal structure protruding from the ice. cautiously, they proceeded to enter it. at the very top of the first structure that we entered, there was almost 18 feet poking from the ice. the rest of it was hidden under the ice. each door was the same, anywhere from 18 feet thick to around 30 feet big, and even though these doors were that thick and that heavy, you could take one finger and push them and they would open. there was no resistance whatsoever. the outside temperature was at least 40 degrees below zero. once you stepped inside these structures, the temperature was the ambient 68 to 72 degrees. what about the ceilings, hallways, floors? it was glided from the inside, but we could not find the source of light. it was a lime green in color. the walls were lined with what I call hieroglyphics, but nothing in hieroglyphics that I've ever seen in my life. could there really be mysterious structures buried at the South Pole, structures built by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization in our remote past? buried underneath the vice in Antarctika could well be Stone Temple constructions. there could be biological material remains of beings that lived there and could still be there. it could be the greatest reveal in all of human history. [Music].

Why Wagyu Beef Is So Expensive | So Expensive

this is Wagyu beef, one of the most expensive meats in the world, produced in Japan and prized for its rich, marbling and buttery taste. high-grade Wagyu can cost up to $200 per pound and the cows themselves can sell for as much as thirty thousand dollars. but what is it that makes the meat so expensive? [Music]. the term Wagyu literally translates to Japanese cows, and it generally refers to four main breeds. these cows were bred for physical endurance, giving them more intramuscular fat cells. the fat is distributed more evenly throughout their muscle, which is why Wagyu beef looks pink and taste so tender, and the Japanese government tightly regulates Wagyu production to protect the value and quality of the meat. Wagyu is graded on two main factors: how much meat can be yielded and the quality of the mottled fat. only a three to a5 Wagyu is certified for sale in Japan, and the higher the grade, the higher the price, where GU beef has gained almost legendary status, and there are many myths about Wagyu farms and the way the animals are treated, from getting daily massages to being fed beer, but these often aren't true. the cows are raised very differently in each region and by different farmers, but they're often raised by a breeder until they're about ten months old and then sold at auction to a fattening father. by the time the calves are sold at auction, they can already fetch 40 times the price of us cattle. the fattening farmer will keep the animals in small pens and feed them a mixture of fiber and high-energy concentrate made from rice, wheat and hay. they're often fed this three times a day for almost two years until the animals are almost 50% fat. only the pregnant cows and breeding cattle are allowed to graze on pasture. the length of the fattening process and the import prices of the huge amount of concentrated feed increases the cost of the beef and over this fattening period each cow Elite 5 tons of feed. if and when a cow goes to auction, it can sell for as much as $30,000. comparatively, Black Angus cattle, which are considered the cream of the crop in countries like the United States and Australia, typically don't sell for more than $3,000 and, depending on the kind, the Wagyu can fetch close to $200 per pound. high marbling is the common goal, but the approach varies by farm and area. while there are more than 300 varieties of Wagyu available, the most notable cuts come from ten regions. one of the most expensive cuts is Matsusaka Wagyu from me, a Prefecture made exclusively convergent female cows and highly prized for its tenderness. in 2002, one Matsusaka cow sold for 50 million yen, or roughly $400,000. however, the best-known cart of Wagyu is Kobe beef, which comes from the city of Kobe in Kyoto prefecture and is made exclusively from steers or castrated bulls. although Kobe is commonly seen on us restaurant menus, customers should be wary of items like Kobe burgers, as authentik Kobe beef is too tended to be formed into a patty. several us restaurants are actually serving hybrid wangus beef from domestikally raised Wagyu and Angus cows. the highest-ranking Wagyu is a five Miyazaki, a two-time winner of the Wagyu Olympics. a 50 M is a key- will cost you $100 or more per pound. at Sakura in New York City is the Wagyu of choice. the restaurant is best known for serving it in an $85 katsu Sando, a popular Japanese style sandwich. on a busy night we probably serve about 25 of them at $85. [Music] because what you soul finds in the us? yes, we do have a number of customers coming to us just to try the Wagyu. sometimes two top will come and just order the sandal by itself. there are a lot of tariffs and quotas on Japanese beef imports and it's actually not allowed to import live cattle, so it is very difficult to source Wagyu. so is it worth it? we decide to have our team give a five Miyazaki Wagyu a try, and there might be something even more sought-after than the a five miyazaki hell does, the rarest steak in the world, Oliver, who comes from cattle raised on pressed dry dalek peels mixed into their feet. it was developed in 2006 by a Japanese cattle farmer named Misaki Ishi. only about 2,200 of these cows were slaughtered in 2018, and they all live on the island of shudder Shima, home to Japan's oldest olive oil plantation. this special Wagyu is said to be extra tender and can cost anywhere from 120 to over $300 for a steak. while waggish popularity grows worldwide, the domestik picture is a little different. wedgies popularity in Japan is actually slumping slightly, and the country imported more US beef than any other country as of 2017. the value of Japanese exports of Wagyu has risen over 200 percent in the past five years and, as Japan's population ages, farmers are struggling to keep up with the increased global demand, raising prices even more. but the high cost hasn't discouraged international sales. in 2013, Japan exported 5 billion yen worth of Wagyu. last year, exports hit twenty four point seven billion yen and many producers are now getting halal certifications for their slaughterhouses so they can export to Muslim countries. however, Japan may eventually have some competition when it comes to producing high-quality Wagyu. countries like the US, Australia and the UK have been working on breeding their own Wagyu, usually relying on crossbreeding. most British, American and Australian Wagyu are only 50% purebred, but that may be changing soon. in the UK, for example, the Wagyu breeders Association now registers DNA verified full-blood Wagyu Bulls and certifies authentik British wagging. new methods and increased regulation may result in a product as good as the original, which means that as soon could be a lot more Wagyu that costs a lot less. [Music].

WOW! RICH STUDENTS VS BROKE STUDENTS HACKS || Awesome School Situations, DIY And Hacks by 123 GO!

The queen is obviously me. Pen, Of course, Ms Bella, As if anyone would go against me, They may as well call it Let’s go. Woah, is the blouse real gold? What I’d make an awesome queen. I‘m writing my name down, C’mon now… Ugh, I know, Mind, if I borrow some of that. ink Works like a charm. Watch out, world, it’s my turn. This better shrink my pores. I get no peace. A party, That means I get to go shopping. Bring on the clothes. Hmm… What about this? Will fur work? GAH, Now, this is perfect, Rawr. Is my outfit up to code, sir? I know it’s pretty fabulous. Thanks, Oh, hey, everyone Like the catsuit? huh, Hi, there, Can’t you read? But I have a bow. Nope, You’re mean. I’m going home. I can’t afford a fancy outfit. That bow was really pretty too. Wait a minute… The solution’s right under my nose. Just gotta make a few adjustments… And poof, Hello, party dress. How’s this outfit for ya? That’s what I like to see. Thanks, security guy. What kind of dress is that? You have to tell us all about it. Looks like a trash bag to me. Actually… This goes with the theme, right? Thanks a bunch. All right, class, today’s laptop day. I know all about those, But I prefer something a little more advanced. Smaller’s always better in tik. Let’s see here… Ooh, I want that. No… Where is it Now? that’s some advanced tik. The best money can buy Money again. I don’t really need all that. My old one serves just fine. Mom always says, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, But I should clean it more… Just a little dust. Can’t forget about the monitor. That’s the ugliest thing I've ever seen And this is the neatest part. Let’s power this sucker up. What, Meh? What is all this stuff? Ah, Please, don’t be broken. Looks like power’s out. folks, Mine’s working. Anyone in the mood for a ghost story? Anyone Wanna catch a movie later? I wanna see something really scary. Oh no, we’re not going anywhere. I got it covered. Can’t ruin the hair, right? What about my hair? Ugh, Being broke sure stinks, But I’m taking things into my own hands. I’m scaring that rain away. HA, Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day, Please. I wanna go out. Okay, just a few more moves, just to be safe. I’m exhausted. Seriously, This is just ridiculous. This is such a bummer. Wait, I got it Still raining. huh, It’s like the sky’s crying with me. There better not be lightning. I guess this color looks okay. Ouch, Sorry, Geez. Um, hi there, I’ll just be waiting over here. Be right with you. So many choices And these prices… Who am I kidding? I can’t afford a manicure here, Anything more in there. What’s she doing? She doesn’t have any money. I don’t belong here. One dollar bills are all I know, Too bad. I can’t pay with these, Or can I? A straight paper clip can turn into just about anything, Even a fancy new nail design. Now just wrap it around here… Don’t these look cool? And it was completely free, And so unique Creativity doesn’t cost a thing. Thanks doll. What are those? I’m not paying for these lousy things. Your nails are now irrelevant. I dunno how to do those. Sometimes, great days can change in an instant. Oh, where’d all this wind come from? Um, my hair, Geez, that’s a little dramatik. FIX IT. I can’t look like this for one more second. This is the worst I’ve seen. The right tools are essential. I got you, girl. Huh. Never seen that before. I finally look like myself. You’re a lifesaver. Bye UGH. Look at this mop. Is this thing even good enough? That would be a no Ugh. What about that thing? I’ll try. anything Like ironing a pair of pants: Easy…easy… Did it work So sleek, No hairstylist needed, Isn’t it fabulous? Phew, I thought the day would never end. Look at Bella. She always looks so glamorous. I wish I had all that stuff. Is that another fancy serum? I bet it costs a fortune. Think aloe would do the same thing. Only one way to find out. And a jade circulation roller. What can I use for that? A roller’s a roller So refreshing And made with real gold. Ah, Magnesium from banana peels is a godsend, Like a day at the spa. And now for the makeup. It’s all about the best shades, But a little snack is a nice addition. Can’t forget about the foundation. Who needs a fancy sponge? It’s all about tiknique anyway, But it gets tricky with brushes. Woohoo, Wow, You look beautiful. See ya next time. I should start my own channel. I’d call it looks for less. Just cause you’re broke doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. Be sure to share this video with your friends to give them some great thrifty ideas. Watch these, yet Subscribe to our channel so you never miss out on all the great tips.