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random ads on chrome android

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

Music: How to Stop Pop-Up Ads and Notifications on Google Chrome

Hey guys! Today, we'll be discussing how to put an end to those annoying pop-up ads and notifications that we encounter while browsing through websites on Google Chrome. These pop-ups can be quite bothersome, especially when they appear at crucial moments, disrupting our browsing experience. So, let's dive in and explore some effective ways to block them and regain control over our browsing sessions.

Methods to Stop Pop-Up Ads and Notifications:

1. Disable Notifications from Specific Websites:

- When you receive a notification from a website through Chrome, long-tap on the notification in your notifications panel.

- Then, disable the button on the right to block the site from sending you notifications.

- Swiping the notification will only dismiss it temporarily, allowing the site to send more notifications in the future.

- To permanently stop notifications from a website, disable the button and tap Done. This will remove all notifications from that site, ensuring you no longer receive any.

2. Adjust Chrome Notification Settings:

- Tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner of the Google Chrome screen.

- From the options, select Settings.

- Scroll down and tap on Notifications.

- Here, you can choose to disable all notifications on Chrome by switching off the toggle button at the top. However, this is not recommended as it will block notifications from all websites.

- Instead, scroll down to the Sites section, where you'll find a list of websites with access to your notifications.

- Disable the button for each site to block them from sending notifications through Chrome.

- If you want to completely remove a site, tap on it, go to Additional Settings, and then tap on Clear and Reset. This will erase the site from your Chrome browser.

3. Stop Pop-Up Ads:

- Go back to Chrome settings and scroll down to Popups and Redirects.

- Turn off the toggle button to stop pop-up ads and redirects.

- Additionally, in the site settings, tap on Ads and disable the button to block ads from intrusive and misleading websites.

And there you have it! By following these simple steps, you can effectively block pop-up ads and notifications on Google Chrome, ensuring a smoother browsing experience. Remember, it's important to customize your notification settings according to your needs, as completely blocking notifications may prevent you from receiving important updates from certain websites. So, take control of your browsing and bid farewell to those pesky pop-ups and notifications. If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe to our channel for more useful tips. Don't forget to turn on bell notifications, so you never miss an update. Catch you in the next one!

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes

Hey guys, today's video is all about removing those pesky pop-up ads from your Android phone that cause so much trouble. We all know how annoying they can be, but fear not, I've got some solutions for you. So let's dive right in!

- Pop-up ads on Android phones can be a real nuisance and cause a lot of frustration.

- In this video, I will show you how to remove these ads permanently and keep them from bothering you again.

Solution 1: Dealing with Google Ads

- Open your mobile settings and scroll down to find the Google option.

- If you can't find it, use the search function to locate it.

- Open the ad section and look for an option called Opt Out Personalization or something similar.

- Turn this option off and also reset your advertising ID.

- Next, go back and manage your Google account.

- Go to data and privacy and find the add personalization settings.

- This is where you can remove the categories of ads that appear on your screen.

- Simply turn off the ad personalization option to stop Google ads.

Solution 2: Removing Virus-Related Pop-ups

- If you accidentally installed a virus on your phone that's causing these annoying pop-ups, follow these steps.

- Go to settings and find the apps section or manage applications.

- Hide the system apps if needed.

- Look for an app without a name or logo and uninstall it.

- This should solve the problem and remove the pop-up ads.

Final Solution: Resetting Your Phone

- If the pop-up ads persist even after trying the previous solutions, you can consider resetting your mobile phone.

- Remember to create a backup of your data before doing this.

- Resetting your phone will clear any unwanted apps or settings that may be causing the pop-up ads.

Alternative Solution: DNS Trick

- Before resorting to resetting your phone, you can try another trick to remove ads using DNS.

- Check the link in the description or at the end screen of this video for a tutorial on how to use this method.

- Removing pop-up ads from your Android phone is possible with the right steps.

- By following the solutions I've provided, you can get rid of these annoying ads once and for all.

- Don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you found this video helpful, and a big thank you for watching!

[Solved] How to Disable Full Screen Random Ads on Samsung Phones

What's up guys, welcome to my channel! This is Rajat Gupta. Today, in this video, we will talk about how to disable and turn off the full screen random pop up ads on your Samsung or Android phones. So, recently, one of my friends came across this problem. His phone was infected with ads, and he was getting random full screen ads whenever he used his GPS. The cause of the problem is that his phone is infected with an ad from an app he recently installed. The solution is simple - uninstall that app. However, it's not easy because you don't know which app it is. In this video, I have three suggestions for you to determine which app it is so that you can uninstall it and get rid of the ads. Let's get started!

- Discussing the problem of full screen random pop up ads on Samsung or Android phones.

- Explaining the cause of the problem - an infected app.

- Mentioning the solution - uninstalling the app.

- Introducing the three suggestions to determine which app is causing the ads.

Suggestion 1: Clicking on the most recent button

- Explaining that ads are treated as apps.

- Showing how to click on the most recent button to find the app.

- Using the example of the Step Tracker app to demonstrate.

Suggestion 2: Checking the Play Store

- Mentioning that the Play Store lists the most recent apps.

- Demonstrating how to find the app using the Play Store.

- Using the example of the Step Tracker app again.

Suggestion 3: Installing malwarebytes anti-malware

- Recommending malwarebytes anti-malware as a reputable app.

- Advising to install and scan the phone with malwarebytes.

- Highlighting that malwarebytes will detect the infected app.

- Summarizing the three suggestions to determine the app causing the ads.

- Encouraging viewers to try the solutions and share their results in the comments.

- Thanking viewers for watching and inviting them to subscribe to the channel for more videos.

Note: The article has been slightly modified to fit the requested format.

How To Stop Pop Up Ads On Chrome Android & iPhone | Block Pop Ups

Title: How to Block Pop-Up Ads on Your Phone

Welcome to the Inhale Channel, where you learn something new every day. In this article, we will show you how to stop pop-up advertisements on your phone. While it's easy to block them on desktop versions of Google Chrome, it can be quite annoying for phone users, especially when streaming anime, TV shows, or movies.

Step 1: Install Yandex Browser

- Head to the Play Store or App Store and search for Yandex Browser.

- Install the browser, as it supports Google Chrome extensions.

Step 2: Install Adblock Ultimate Extension

- Open Yandex Browser and go to google.com.

- Search for Adblock Ultimate and install the mobile version.

- Access chrome.google.com from the search results.

- Scroll to the right and tap Add to Chrome.

Step 3: Install Pop-Up Blocker Extension

- Search for Pop-Up Blocker Chrome and install the extension.

- Tap Add to Chrome from the search results.

Step 4: Test the Extensions

- Access the streaming website that shows pop-ups and advertisements.

- Notice the absence of annoying ads and notifications.

- Play a movie or TV show and observe the lack of pop-ups.

Step 5: Check Extension Options

- Tap the three dots at the bottom right corner of the browser.

- Scroll down and tap Extensions.

- View the number of ads and pop-ups blocked by each extension.

With the help of Yandex Browser and the Adblock Ultimate and Pop-Up Blocker extensions, you can now enjoy streaming movies and TV shows without the interruption of pop-up ads. Say goodbye to annoying advertisements on your phone and have an uninterrupted viewing experience. Don't forget to check out the links provided in the description to download Yandex Browser and the extensions used in this video. Subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips and tricks. Thank you for watching!

how to stop pop up ads and notification on google chrome

Hi friends and welcome to Technical Cheez! My name is Avaneesh Kumar and today we will be talking about the annoying pop-up notifications and ads on the Chrome browser. I will also show you how to block or terminate these pop-ups and ads. So, let's get started with the video!

First, open your Chrome browser and click on the three dots at the top right corner. From the drop-down menu, select Settings. In the settings, go to Site Settings and you will see various options. Look for the Notifications option, as we have subscribed to some sites and receive notifications from them.

Now, let's learn how to block these notifications. Click on the Notifications option and you will see a list of sites. You can see that 7 sites are blocked and 2 sites are allowed. The two allowed sites are 91mobile.com and mgadgetnow.com. Let's block these site notifications as well.

Click on the site you want to block and you will see options like permission, notification, and sound. Click on Block for both notification and sound. This will ensure that you do not receive any notifications from these sites. Now, you can see that the Block section has 8 sites blocked and only 1 site is allowed, as we have blocked 91mobile.com.

Now, let's talk about ads. In the same settings menu, you will find an option for Ads. Click on it and you will see the options to allow or block ads. Simply choose whether you want to allow or block ads.

If you go back and click on Pop-ups, you can choose to allow or block them as well. Make sure to block them if you find them annoying. Additionally, you can also mute the notification sound by using the sound option in the settings.

So, friends, this is how you can block notifications, pop-ups, and ads in your Chrome browser. I hope you found this video helpful. Don't forget to share it with others. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next video. Bye!

How to Stop Popup Ads on Android Phone in 2 Minutes

Hey guys, in this video, I'm gonna tell you how to remove pop-up ads from your Android mobile phone without any application or software. But before starting, I have a request for you. Please subscribe to my channel and also hit the like button. It's totally free. Okay, let's move to the video.

- Types of pop-up ads

- How to remove them without any application or software

Steps to remove pop-up ads:

1. Open settings and go to Google settings.

2. In old mobiles, go to accounts, then click on the Google accounts. In newer mobiles, go to settings and click on the Google.

3. In Google settings, find the option for ads and turn off Opt out of ads personalization. Also, turn off the Enable debug logging ads option.

4. Go back to the Google account settings and click on Manage your Google account.

5. Open data and personalization options and scroll down to Ads personalization.

6. Untick the option and turn off Add personalization in the window.

7. Click on Add visit your online choices (Note: If you get an error, press the Try again button).

8. The tool will start scanning all the companies showing ads on your mobile phone.

9. Scroll down and press continue to see the list.

10. At the top right side, select all the companies by clicking on the Select all option.

11. Go to the end of the page and click on Opt out of all button and wait for the completion.

12. After that, go to the home page and open the Chrome browser.

13. In the site settings, turn off the option for pop-ups and redirects.

14. Go back and click on the ads option and turn it off as well.

15. Now, you should see fewer ads, but sometimes you may still get one or two since not all companies can be blocked.

In conclusion, by following these steps, you can effectively remove pop-up ads from your Android mobile phone without using any additional applications or software. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and thank you for watching.

Stop Pop-Up ads on Android phones

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