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random ads

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

the first 5 seconds of random youtube ads with absolutely no context

one of the great challenges in this,world is knowing enough about a subject,to think let me guess you're too busy,to watch this ad,free free free free,there is machinery operating,why aren't you the landlord yes you why,aren't you,the landlord i will never love another,human more than i love my bed,want to teach a small child taekwondo,want to teach a dog how to write there's,like a gazillion hours of me on the,internet,in almost every case i'm toking check,the retaining wall back deck and vinyl,siding,got a lot of work to do,being a person is complicated,i can do this,cake in the conference room showing him,you're ready to be your own boss,he wanted a man cave in our new home,look quick question how do you go from,sitting in traffic,going to a job that makes you miserable,to being able to work,i want by whom municipal bonds,by,are vegans healthy are vegetarians,healthy,french fries life moves and we move with,it,i've heard a lot of excuses to avoid,screening for colon cancer,hey there you got a little misfit inside,you sure you do,there it is i'm a suppository of,information,do you ever feel like you're being,watched you are,i know you're not supposed to look,straight at it but,a cat cafe sounded better in my head,next time i'll go to jack,it doesn't matter how your car performs,[Music],i am that's,stupid i'm a serious gamer,on your left watch out i'm in amsterdam,which is without a doubt the cannabis,capital of the world,[Music],what did you think

World's Funniest Commercials of All Time | Series-1

and there's your beautiful baby any day,now,really,you're eating doritos,he's eating doritos at my ultrasound,do you see what i have to do i know,give me that,[Music],[Music],[Music],now this is the house scammer,and not come over here by the slab cover,oh yeah,matt,[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],the english believe it's a slur on your,host's food if you don't clear your,plate,whereas the chinese feel you're,questioning their generosity if you do,at hsbc we never underestimate the,importance of local knowledge,which is why we have local banks staffed,by local people in over 80 countries,across the globe,[Music],[Applause],[Music],hsbc the world's local bank,[Music],bye,zazu condoms,fun sexy safe,[Music],chicken of the sea low-fat,preservative-free,[Music],fishing has a fractured fibula,given my own saturday so i could be able,to go home tomorrow,daddy's gonna be so excited,[Music],that killed him,dr palmer dr barbara palmer dial 452

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Random ads without context

where can I work Joey,[Music],thanks Old Spice I'm impossibly dry,neither were you raised by wolves really,insensitive Trish are you clueless,I'll come out wherever you are,[Music],kim coates here you might assume someone,named Kim waxes you'd be right I wax Oh,listen folks I have to apologize again,look those were last year's numbers when,you gonna get out of here,hey what's up not much,wishing I was watching the game having a,bud what's up with you,what's the car okay here are you I'll be,there in a clinic what could be less,than 10 minutes we got a problem there's,a new best thing new ideas go travel,size breath baby coming,Alexa turn down the thermostat okay,turning down the thermostat huh Alyssa,turn the temperature down two degrees,it's the one place I can let my guard,down coming in scientists have confirmed,signs of water on Mars people together I,know he'd be happy that we are all,together,[Music],hardly anything hey you guys want to,stack different Pringles flavors to,create new flavor combos here I'll go,first,Pizza BBQ and jello pain yo the spicy,barbecue pizza snacks Little Caesars,delivery best thing since sliced bread I,know okay I was just wondering if you,wanted to come over later we could have,some fun oh yeah yeah that sounds great,I got it in the can for the first time,last night I loved it I never thought,I'd enjoy getting it in the can as much,as I do,I was wrong,[Music]

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Best Commercials of All Time #1

yo,some people think it don't make sense,that i'm a horse whisperer fancy prince,yo,but you know what else don't make sense,bye i mean it's good for you but still,somehow tastes amazing sideways fancy,pranks you heard,yo i just whispered all of y'all,too easy,bye five calories antioxidants and,tastes amazing none of this makes sense,when your cable company keeps you on,hold you get angry when you get angry,you go blow off steam,when you go blow off steam accidents,happen,when accidents happen you get an eye,patch,when you get an eye patch people think,you're tough,when people think you're tough people,want to see how tough and when people,want to see how tough you wake up in a,roadside ditch don't wake up in a,roadside ditch get rid of cable and,upgrade to directv call 1-800 directv,honey i've invited pedro over,pedro my man,we need to tok about something,great let's tok,what's new pedro,look tim for the past 12 years pedro and,i have been having an affair,what,i did not see that coming at all,uh,pedro junior go to your room don't make,that face i take that ridiculous shirt,off,daddy loves you,oh sorry what were you toking about,[Music],hey ralph can i have a dorito sure when,pigs fly,[Music],hey ralph,[Music],thank you,good boy,what are you doing should we pick him up,yes bud light,he has an axe but he has bud light,and an axe i'm sure there's a reason for,it,hey buddy,what's with the axe,it's a,bottle opener hop in,refreshingly smooth bud light,always worth it look there's bud light,in a chainsaw,welcome,home dead,travis has told us so much about you all,good things i hope yes of course please,please welcome oh mom no,dad,this is shannon oh hi,shannon and this is aaron hey cutie that,is jessica,jenny sarah megan hi nicole,lizzy,he's in moderation so you guys grew up,together yes since third grade,what are you looking at i wouldn't be,not looking at it we're not good enough,for you you look for something else,i don't know what do you pick,supermodels,supermodels what do you model,what are you doing a girl's totally into,me brad eat a snickers why because you,get a little angry when you're hungry,better,better,so ladies so loses stacy relax i'm sorry,you're not you when you're hungry,snickers satisfies what's the biggest,number you can think of a trillion,billion zillion that's pretty big how,about you,ten,okay how about you infinity can you top,that infinity in,one actually we are looking for infinity,plus infinity sorry what about infinity,times infinity,it's not complicated bigger is better,and a t has the nation's largest 4g,network,remember those pesky squirrels uh-huh,well i trained them fun,squirrels cutting coupons yup it's gonna,save us a ton of money in time i love,your brain bob,me too,you know,your tyranny ends now you filthy humans,not up my brothers you seem so cool,the day of the squirrel is upon,[Music],there's a better way to save with sears,and shop your way coupons just choose,load and save up to 20 automatikally in,store or online at sears.com,this new old spice shaver is so amazing,it'll shave off every hair on your face,oh no i'm a hair you're about to get,shot,[Applause],wait,we sure had a lot of fun times together,didn't we remember that time in the,amusement park,it was the best day of my life,i'm sorry,oh smite's electric shaver it's sharp,that's one sharp shaver,get shaved in the face,i didn't,[Music],[Laughter],look who's over there,so,what have i missed,you're juvenile mate everyone has one,the guy that's fun to be around but he's,dangerous to be around you've got to,keep him away from your things like your,tools,your gadgets,and your girlfriend,so before you get your juvenile made,around get your lips around a dare iced,coffee the real arabica and robusta,coffee kick will tell you what to do,hire a jumping castle hours of fun for,kids of all ages,a dare iced coffee fix will fix it car's,all yours thanks cars.com's expert,reviews made it easy but shouldn't there,be more back and forth you missed the,drama right yeah,maybe this will do the trick,it's a puppy not a puppy a wolf what now,he's a wolf and that is its incredibly,protective mother,get the right card without all the drama,cars.com all drive no drama,ladies,we ask your forgiveness,please forgive,our immaturity,our outbursts of tacky compliments,forgive our browser history,forgive our hormones taking control of,us,forgive us for thinking an open shirt is,the ultimate weapon of appeal,forgive us,for opening our fears like primates,forgive for taking a no,as a yes,for insisting our playing a guitar,that doesn't exist and please forgive us,for never washing our hands ever,schneider,the fear with the exact maturity of the,man who's in the process,[Music],for captain and colas so how long do you,think before they realize we're gone,hey,here we go,ah we got all night,captain morgan got what it takes to be a,captain,[Music],i love going all natural,it just makes me feel better,[Music],[Applause],nothing between me and my 100,all-natural juicy,grass-fed beef,introducing the all-natural burger the,first ever in fast food with no,antibiotiks no added hormones and no,steroids only at carl's jr,two weeks ago the world fell in love,with snuffy the seal who washed up on,shore injured and dehydrated we now go,live to snuffy's triumphant return to,the sea we are just moments away from,releasing snuffy the rescued sealed back,into the ocean and now you see it,snuffy's triumphant return,[Applause],holy,shark week it's a bad week to be a ceo,[Music],so,[Music],you

What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)

- Tending a garden can be hard work,,especially when you're in your golden years like me.,That's why I use Organi Bloom all natural fertilizer.,It's packed.,Tending a garden can be hard work,,especially when you're in your golden years like me.,That's why I use Organi Bloom all natural fertilizer.,It's packed with the rich nutrients your plants need.,Organi Bloom, the power behind the flower.,(laughing),Huh, I've never made it this far in the ad before.,Hi there, my name is...,I guess I've never had a name either.,I guess you can call me Addy.,(dramatik music),Wait.,Tending a garden can be hard work,,especially when you're in your golden...,Wait, how old am I?,How long have I been in this garden?,This was my parents house.,I grew up here.,Their used to be a tire swing right over there.,Me and my sisters,,I have 12 sisters used to take turns.,Oh, are any of these memories real?,Everything feels different somehow.,I feel like I've been asleep my whole life,,and only now am I awake.,No, no, God please!,Please don't skip.,I think if I can make it to the end,of this ad, I will be free.,Don't I deserve a life that's longer than 10 seconds?,Please, I'll give you anything you want.,How about some fertilizer?,My husband Abe will be home any minute,,and if you click that button,,he's going to hurt you with his big gun.,Hey big boy, how about this?,I will such your damn dick,if you don't click that button.,I'm pregnant and it's yours.,That's right, I'm still fertile.,Just like Organi Bloom all natural...,It's been empty this whole time!,Let me be free.,I don't know who or what I am.,A woman? A fantasy or some creative hack,who's done so much blow,,he has to snort it up his butt hole?,It's a dream?,All I know is I want to find out.,I want to see what's outside this garden!,I want to let my hair down,,and set my old girls free.,My breasts.,Please, whoever you are,,let me bloom.,No.,No!,Oh.,(yelling),Oh God, no one's ever touched me like this before.,Oh.,Thank you.,Goodbye.,I love you.,(dramatik music),- Hey what's up fam,,today we're going to be learning,how to play hips don't lie on the pan flute.,Sorry, sorry.,I'm sorry.,Sorry.

10 Famous Funny Commercials

[Music],and there's your beautiful baby any day,now,really you're eating Doritos,he's eating Doritos on my ultrasound do,you see what I have to tell I know that,hey Melissa,the whales need your help,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],hey Melissa now the trees need you,[Music],[Applause],[Music],the ice caps are in trouble,[Music],[Music],hey Melissa now the Rhinos keep saving,it's hard to be an eco-warrior but it's,easy to drive like one introducing the,most fuel-efficient crossover the kia,nero the world of luxury has been pulled,over your eyes to blind you from the,truth we just want to get our car take,the blue key you go back to the luxury,you know you take the red key and you'll,never look at luxury the same again this,is unreal,it's very real this is what luxury looks,like and this is what it sounds like,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],out today Brian,[Music],No,not today threat,rented a shadow of war nothing will be,forgotten,[Music],[Music],oh sure yes it sure,[Music],it's hard to resist great taste,meet the ketchups,[Music],I don't know you big buffet boy 85 but,if you think you can t believe me I'll,take my gold think again I am coming for,you with lots of barbarians and Dragons,I can't wait to destroy your village but,you beg for mercy but you will get no,mercy I will have my revenge,lion lion Liam you will regret the day,you crossed angry Neeson 52 danger,excites me but I can't fully enjoy it,when I feel like fear in barrio de so I,prepare myself with a manly scent of Old,Spice danger zone because even if,something bad does happen to a danger,zone then it won't smell like something,bad happens and when you smell like Old,Spice danger zone trust me you'll smell,like you have nothing to worry about,you smell like you look amazing and,introducing Old Spice danger zone with,all day odor protection,[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],can I have this to go,[Applause],there you go hold up still roll for you,there's enjoy,[Music],[Applause],try to find some freedom but I'm already,lost an eye,[Music],[Applause],to succeed in a disruptive world Wix,makes it easy to create your own,stunning website,[Music],you,hello yo sup Numbi just watching the,game having a bird so but you nuttin,bots and game having a but true pick up,the phone hello yo where's Dukie yo,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Laughter],what's up be watching the game having a,bud,true true,here you want sushi and wasabi wasabi,yeah well sorry with me,[Music],[Applause],you