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RANDOM FREAK! + Free Giveaway

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

RANDOM FREAK! + Free Giveaway

RANDOM FREAK! + Free Giveaway

startTime durationTime text
00:00:36 00:00:51 ok people i'm giving them away check it
00:00:42 00:00:56 out k human I got a few of these foam
00:00:51 00:00:58 they're like foam masks left over from
00:00:56 00:01:00 halloween halloween is only two months
00:00:58 00:01:04 away but i'm gonna give these away I've
00:01:00 00:01:07 got the about four of these uh they're
00:01:04 00:01:10 two styles you just take a little spirit
00:01:07 00:01:15 gum and stik it around and goes right
00:01:10 00:01:17 on easy really cool stupid thing use it
00:01:15 00:01:19 in your videos whatever use it for
00:01:17 00:01:22 Halloween anyway I've got four of these
00:01:19 00:01:25 i think i'm going to give them away by
00:01:22 00:01:27 now you people should know the deal okay
00:01:25 00:01:33 here are the rules let me go through the
00:01:27 00:01:36 rules to win this stupid thing first you
00:01:33 00:01:41 got to subscribe to King human price you
00:01:36 00:01:43 got paid second favorite this video even
00:01:41 00:01:46 if you hate it you gotta favorite it so
00:01:43 00:01:50 people will see it and they can get in
00:01:46 00:01:53 on the contest to third you got to make
00:01:50 00:01:55 a comment down here and say that you're
00:01:53 00:01:56 gonna do something decent for Humanity
00:01:55 00:01:59 of environment
00:01:56 00:02:02 and that's the gig I'm going to go
00:01:59 00:02:04 through and look through pick somebody
00:02:02 00:02:07 at random if you made a comment that's
00:02:04 00:02:09 worthy in other words you thought of
00:02:07 00:02:12 something really significant to do for
00:02:09 00:02:14 Humanity the environment i'll sell you
00:02:12 00:02:16 this thing said i'm gonna send out four
00:02:14 00:02:20 of these i think i've got four of them
00:02:16 00:02:21 and everybody that makes a comment or
00:02:20 00:02:23 pledges that they're going to do
00:02:21 00:02:28 something for Humanity the environment
00:02:23 00:02:30 whether you win or not do the dew do
00:02:28 00:02:36 what you said you were gonna do don't
00:02:30 00:02:40 just give lip service you know mine okay
00:02:36 00:02:43 anyway there it is I've got this style
00:02:40 00:02:47 and another style see if I can grab it
00:02:43 00:02:52 really quick I want to edit this so bear
00:02:47 00:02:56 with me here's the other style a creepy
00:02:52 00:03:01 guy who anyway two styles let's see I
00:02:56 00:03:07 got ya I got one two three yeah I got
00:03:01 00:03:10 four of these to give out and they come
00:03:07 00:03:12 in a big box but you know to save on
00:03:10 00:03:15 shipping I'm probably not going to send
00:03:12 00:03:20 you the big box I'm going to stik in a
00:03:15 00:03:23 padded envelope or something and read
00:03:20 00:03:25 the rules I'm tired of toking and the
00:03:23 00:03:29 light shines in my eyes you people ask
00:03:25 00:03:32 me why I wear sunglasses it's a thousand
00:03:29 00:03:34 watt light in my eyes not trying to be
00:03:32 00:03:37 cool even though I am cool all right I'm
00:03:34 00:03:39 sick of myself now all right get out of
00:03:37 00:03:39 here go away

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