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random pop up ads android

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes

hey guys, today's video is about how to remove pop-up ads from your android phone which cause trouble for you. these are the types of ads. you can simply skip them by pressing the cross button at the top of the add bar, but it's really annoying. let's see how we can remove them permanently. okay, there are two sources of these ads, from where they come. the first one is from google, which is the normal ads- you cannot stop these ads completely, but you can lower their number a lot- and the second one is because of some kind of virus which you installed accidentally into your mobile phone. i will provide solutions for both in this video. so like and share the video. also, give me a subscribe and if you want to support me, then give me a separate thanks. let's start the procedure to stop google ads. first, open your mobile setting, scroll down and find the google option. if you are unable to find it, you can also search it. open this ad section. in my case, there is an option missing called opt out personalization, or something like this from this tab. if you see that on your device, simply turn the option off and also reset your advertising id. ok, now go back and press this. manage your google account, go to data and privacy and find add personalization settings. these are all the categories of ads that appear on your screen. you can remove them one by one. there may not shown many categories because we just reset our invertement id, but there are always more out there to be added to this list, so simply turn this ad personalization option off, okay. next, open your chrome browser and go to settings. scroll down and open site settings. [Music]. open cookies. set this option to block third party cookies. then go back, scroll down and open this ad section. turn this option off if it's already on. ok, the problem of google ads is solved now. if you installed a virus into your phone accidentally which cause annoying pop-ups, then follow these steps. go to settings, find apps section or manage applications. hide the system apps. if you have any difficulty, okay, find the app without name and logo from here and simply uninstall it. your problem will be solved. i didn't have any virus on my phone so i can't able to show you how it looks. if there are still ads coming, the final way to remove them is by simply resetting your mobile phone. this can easily solve your problem. make sure to create a backup of your data before resetting your mobile phone. you can try another trick before resetting your phone. the link is available in the description or at the end screen of this video. watch it and remove ads using dns. if you like this video, please subscribe to my channel and if you want to support me, then give me a supper, thanks. thanks for watching.

How to Find out Which App Is Causing Pop-Up Ads on Android

Holloway's welcome back to Detroit tips. in this video we're going to tok about how to stop completely getting ads- I mean pop-up ads- in any Android devices. socially. what happens is you know some things while using any kind of apps. it's really annoying yourself when you're getting any kind of apps, when you're using something, and it's too horrible and it's very hard. so how does completely stop this? because we have many kind of videos and I have done a video in the past who begins in how to stop completely getting push notification apps. I mean pop, uh, perhaps any kind of block base and even the ads in any kind of mi- I mean mi- devices. so this means another part. so in this we are going to teach you how to completely stop getting any kind of ads in any Android device, not in a partikular one, but completely how to stop this. so let's get started. it's the first. in order to do that, what we have to do is we have to use a frequent app which you are kick up, keep on using. for example, in my case, I'm going to do with this one. for example, I'm going to do with whatsapp. so imagine that I'm using what's up and suddenly something comes in between and it's very hard. so what happens is, when you get something in between, what you have to do is you have to press in the home button and you have to get back to the home. and once done that, if any kind of apps are being come in between while using any apps, you just have to press on the home button and you have to wait for a few seconds. and once after that, all you have to do is follow these very simple instructions to completely say goodbye to the ads popping up. so once after that, go to the Play Store and now at the top left you have a hamburger button which you have to press. and once after pressing on the hamburger button, now you have to go for the top one, which is my apps and games. you have to press here right. it's one that done with that, you have to go for install option over here in the parallely and right. so these are the apps. so, as you can see, at the top right, it has been written in the middle mid-range of the right. it has been. it can be slurp on. all the apps are being sorted such a way that it's in alphabetikal right, so I have to select this. now what I have to do is I have to go based upon last you said, right. so what happens is the last you said, as you know, when the starting of the video ever has been using the Watson business. so it comes in between the first. so if in between, while you are using any kind of app- in my case right now, when I am using the word sub, know what's the business, know, add, some ads comes in between. so I wanted to tell you guys, while you are using any kind of, in most of the cases there will be some apps coming up. so if that happens, the partikular apps that's coming up, and from the which app? we don't know from which app it is coming, so it's very hard to find it right. so we kind of feel very difficulty. so in this video, once they're done with us, we're getting this last you set what? once, after the words of business app, the partikular app will be shown here from whom the apps are loading up, I mean from the whom the partikular app they are making money through by showing to us. so you can select the partikular app. over here, right to this, there will be the partikular app. you can select that partikular app. then you can completely install it and say goodbye to the completely for this. so this is how you can do this right. so what happens is this is how you can do, and this is how you can completely say goodbye to any kind of apps coming up in between while using any kind of Android devices in your phone. so that's about how to stop this. so don't forget to subscribe and click on the bell icon for further notification. you can ask any kind of questions in the comment session. we, our team, will try to get back to you. this is Shahen signing off from conservatives.

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Stop Pop-Up ads on Android phones

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How to find out which App is causing pop up ads and stop ads on android

[Applause]. hey guys, in this video, i am gonna teach you how you can find the app which is causing pop-up ads. after watching the video, please like and share the video. also, give me a subscribe. okay, there are two to three reasons of causing pop-ups in android phone, and an application causing pop-ups is one of them. if you cannot able to find the apps which causing pop-ups, it means these pop-ups appear not because of any app, but because of some other reason. in that case, i also create a video to solve this issue. i will put the link in the description. you can check it. if you cannot able to find any app which is causing pop-ups, okay, let's start the procedure now. first, you need to remember the last three apps you used which does not including advertisement, like instagram, facebook, adc- which are not causing pop-ups. open these apps one by one and use them for one minute. if the popups appear during this time, then open your play store [Music]. now click at the profile option from the top. okay, now click my apps and games. from here, go to installed section. these are the apps installed in my mobile phone. you need to change their order alphabetikal to last used, like this: okay, here are the app which i used last: instagram, facebook, youtube studio [Applause]. okay, because i don't have any app in my mobile phone which can cause any pop-ups, so there is not any other app appeared in the top positions. but in your case, if any partikular app which you did not use in this period and that application appear between the top 3 apps in the list, you need to uninstall that app to solve the problem. remember, select that application which appear between the top apps which you recently used, but you did not use that partikular app in that period. that is the app which is causing pop-ups. for example, if you got that app, like i got, share it, click on it and in the third line under the name, there is a word which shows that this application contain ads. this is also approved. to check the app. just uninstall that app and i hope your problem will be solved. if you did not want to uninstall that app, then follow this method: open your mobile settings and find app management [Music]. then find the app. now go to application section and turn off all the notifications. in case you did not find the app which is causing the pop-ups or this method did not work for you means ads appear by some other method, then watch the video. i provide the link in description. your problem will be solved. please like and share the video. also give me a subscribe. thanks for watching.

How to remove Popup ads from Android Mobile | 100% Free | No tools Required

[Music]. hey friends, come on. this is abhishek from tik matters, and in this video i'll be telling you how you can easily remove malware or adware from your android mobile phone. this is very easy. you don't need any kind of software or any kind of antivirus or anti-malware. it can be easily done through settings in your android phone. so before that, let me show you what kind of ads i'm toking about. so these are like pop-up ads. so here you can see that this is one kind of pop up ad and normally you get a cross sign here and every time the ad pops up you need to cross it so that it closes. so it's very irritating at times. like I will show you these kind of ads whenever you're browsing Facebook or you are doing YouTube. so these pop-up ads will come up, and if you see closely here on the top right hand side, that ads by Google. so this means this ad is actually coming from the Google Adsense. so now how you can remove this- and this is very simple. you need to just follow a few steps. so now what you have to do is, like you just have to go to settings and inside settings you will see accounts- an account. you have to go to Google. inside Google you will see multiple options. you have to go into personal info and privacy and once this page loads, you need to go to add settings. when you click on this, this will actually open a browser and inside the browser it will open the add settings for your account and now you can see add personalization. so here, basically, you have to switch it off. when you switch it off, this will give a pop up and you need to click on this turn off. it says: by turning off the personalization you still see a ad, but it will be less useful to it. but trust me, I have turned it off and ads we're not coming to my phone, so I'll just click on darn off. and here it says add personalization is now off. you have to click on visit ad choices. once you click on visit ad choices, this will load another page which will say like what all ad you have enabled on your phone. so basically, you have to uncheck all the ad or all the website from where you get the ads. so now it will first load like what kind of ads you have already enabled. insufficient connection speed, so sometimes this will give error. so you have to try again and if you need to be on good internet connection and here you can see it's getting loaded and, yes, it says connection quality is good and cookies enabled and opt-out settings. so this is the very- this is actually the important settings, what you need to check for. so let it load. it takes a few minutes to load. alright, as soon as that status check is completed, you will get this kind of pop up and it says status of your opting out option. so basically, let me explain you what is opt-out. normally your browser will be enabled for all 128 companies normally which is having tie-up with Google, Adsense and I have already opted out from all the web sites. so it says 128 partikipating companies reported information for existing up opt-out on your browser. that means I have already opted out of 128 partikipating companies. for your phone it will show as 0 partikipating companies opt-out or one partikipating company opt-out, so that that can vary from phone to phone. so you need to opt-out from all the companies. so how do you do that? you have to just click on continue and here you can see company customization ad for your browser: 3 current uploads: 124. now I need to click on make your choices. here I can say: these three companies will give me ad on my phone so I need to remove these companies from my ad sense. so I wanna have to do: choose all companies and say it's requesting opt-outs. this means you have requested these website to not send ads on your phone. now it says opt-out completed successfully. opt-out requests were not completed for two partikipating companies. I'm not sure why they are not allowing you to opt out, so, step you click on continue. now you can see company customizing ads, for your browser is one and your opt out is 127 and total company is 129. so that means like, still one company will send the ads to your phone, but that will be very less compared to 129 companies. so do all these settings and you have to just click on back back, or you can hit the home button and then you need to just restart your phone and your ads will go away. you will not receive that pop-up ads from Google. at last, I would like to thank all my viewers, all my subscribers, to make this channel larger, because we have reached 5000 subscriber and 20 million views on this channel and I would be distributing goodies, gifts, at ten thousand subscription. so please check out my Facebook page for more details, just click the link which is being displayed on the screen now, and don't forget to subscribe, because only subscribers will be getting the gifts at 10,000 subscription. so I hope you liked my video. have a nice day, bye, bye.

How to get rid of annoying pop up ads | These are not virus | EXPLAINED

what is that, my friends? welcome to another episode of Andy rocks, and today, in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can get rid of unwanted pop-up screen ads. what does that mean is, let's say, your device is locked, just like mine, and you just unlock your screen and it brings you, like this, to somewhere else you don't know actually. so, as you can see, you guys, some filthy, nasty ads that you can get, and it's always like: sometimes it shows in my notification panel, sometime it brings me to the Google Chrome browser, or even sometimes it gives me an ad in the middle of a YouTube video or in the middle of an application that I'm using. so how you can get rid of these things? as you can see, guys, it brings me to the Google Chrome browser. so that means there has to be something wrong with the Google Chrome browser. so what you can check is: you can see the three dot off the right top corner. just tap on there, then click on- I mean tap on settings button here, then go to the notifications here. then you can see here is an option called sites. so make sure all the sites which are available here in my Google Chrome browser I have only one, that is Google dot I, but your phone may not have one. your phone can have more than one. so if you have all of those, make sure those are unchecked. so, as you can see, guys, this is unchecked. so whenever I'm checking this on, it's like this. when I'm checking this off, it's like this. so make sure this thing is unchecked. and the next thing, what you can do is just go to site settings. here, you can see, just tap on the site settings, then you can see there is another option called a notification, which is blocked. because I have blocked this. so make sure this is blocked. because if this is not blocked- I mean if this is checked, checked' like this- so that means you can have notifications. so make sure this is unchecked. so that's all about your Google Chrome browser, guys, and what the next thing you can do is just clear. so, as you can see, guys, whenever I went back, it shows and pop-up like allow and block. so always, guys, never, ever, hit the allow button, because whenever you are allowing this, that means you are giving this website permission to send you notifications, and those notifications can be pop-up ads, can be like on your notification panel here, or those notifications can bring you to the website as well. so never, ever hit the allow button, because some websites, if you, if you visit some third-party web site and they can show you this kind of air. so make sure you always hit the block button, as you can see, as it's just reloading and trying to give me the notification, but it's still unable to send me the notification. just make sure you close those things and it can give you. it can try to fool you like this: like virus have been detected on your device or something like that you can like try to fool you. if you don't hit the allow button, your device might be slow. so make sure you hit the load button or something like that. but don't be trapped, guys. those things are trap. so if you hit the allow bottom, that means you are giving those websites to to enter your Google Chrome browser. and is such suspicious guys. it's dangerous because those might be hackers, might be something else. so if you are allowing them to enter, to come into your Google Chrome browser, so that means they can do whatever they want, because I'm saying they can bring me from any application to the Google Chrome browser. so that means they can do whatever you want if you just hit the allow button. so never, ever hit a locker and guys, because they things are fake. these things are freakin fake. so it shows that your phone has infected or you have virus, but it doesn't mean you do, because Android phones are based on Linux and it doesn't contain such kind of virus which can destroy your phone or something like that. so never, ever hit the allow button, guys, because these are all freaking fake. okay, so make sure you do that. and if you buy mystikally, hit the allow button so you can find it here in the side settings, in notifications, as I have shown you earlier. you can find it here. so now the question is: is my device safe now? because I have just turned off those things. so let's see is my device safe or not. so I just locked it. I just want to know. it still brings me to the notification thing. so what's wrong with my Google Chrome browser? because I have uninstalled my Google Chrome browser before before making this video and install it back again, and whenever I signed in, it's still doing the same thing. so let's see if I have installed any suspicious applications by mistake. so where you can find the applications, have a look on the application drawer, as I have tried before. so, but I have checked all the applications but no, all the applications are safe, because I am using the same applications in my another device and it's really safe, all the applications, but I am still getting those ads. so where can I find this? if you just go to your settings, then if you just click on the applications, you will find the all the applications that you have installed on your device. so here you can have a look. if you think there is a application that is suspicious, so you can just install that. so, as you can see, guys, I have one application here you can see. I mean yes, actually, here I mean you can see the utorrent one. under the utorrent there is an application which has no name and which has no icon. that means is tries to fool you, is trying to fool you because it has no name and it has no icons. so that means you're gonna, you're gonna miss this application because you're gonna think that, oh okay, this is not an application or solve something. but it is an application, guys, it's hidden application. it has no icon, it has no name at all. so that means is trying to hide itself. so let me just kick it out of our phone. so, as you can see, guys, it's just shows installed, but it has no name and no icon. it has the notifications allowed, so what it means is it can give you notifications. that means this mod is sending me those freaking nasty ads and this brings me there, so we're gonna just kick it out of our phone. make sure you clear its data. so how you can clear the data, you can see the storage option here. just tap the storage option here and then you can see the clear cache, because it has no data, as we can see here, but it has the cache file. so we we just want to delete the cache file as well and then just freakin uninstall this, deactivate and uninstall. do you want to deactivate? alright? so yes, of course, I do, of course. so, as you can see, guys, it's gone from our application list and now what we are gonna do is we're gonna just delete our Google Chrome data as well and open Google Chrome browser one more time. so here is our Google Chrome browser. so what we gonna do is just go to the storage and then clear cache and then go to manage storage, clear data. that's it, guys, done. make sure you clear, clean it from your recent activity as well. now we're gonna lock it and leave it like that and now open it again. yo, you see, guys, you see. so this is what happens. so make sure, whenever you surfing internet, make sure you never hit the allow button from a third-party website. so let me just show you one more time. so this application has a lot of ads. so let's say: we see, guys, so once you go somewhere else, it always gives you ads like this. so you can see, here another ad is coming up which says allow or no tank. so always say no tanks. so, yeah, be safe, guys, be safe, have a safe browsing and always be aware of fake things and fake websites. and like fake notifications like you have, you can destroy your phone, your phone, have virus or something like that. blah, blah, blah. just stay aware of those ads, because those ads are fake. so never, ever, trust them. and this is how you can stop your pop-up ads from your smartphone. so if this video was helpful for you, guys, just hit the like button and if you are new to my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button as well. and guys, remember, keep rockin. [Music].