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Rangers Helmet Ads: Protect Your Head in Style!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- The New York Rangers have announced a partnership with Papa John's to be the helmet sponsor for the 2021 NHL season.

- This move has caused some controversy and speculation about the future of advertising in the NHL.

My Thoughts:

- The new reverse retro jerseys with Alexi Lafreniere number 13 look great, but the Papa John's sticker on the helmet is questionable.

- It's clear that the NHL is trying to create more revenue with advertisements, but some fans may not be happy with this change.

- While the helmet ads may be a one-year thing, I believe it's just an excuse to eventually get people used to them and implement them on jerseys in the future.

- It's interesting to see which sponsors other NHL teams have chosen for their helmets, such as Prudential for the New Jersey Devils and Bridgestone for the Nashville Predators.

- As a New Yorker, I am disappointed that the Rangers chose Papa John's as their sponsor over a more authentic pizza place.

- The only way it could get worse is if we see more questionable sponsors like condom or fast food chains on helmets.

- Overall, the partnership between the New York Rangers and Papa John's has sparked conversation about the future of advertising in the NHL.

- It remains to be seen if more teams will follow suit and incorporate helmet ads, and how fans will react to this change.

TALKBACK 2: NHL Helmet Ads & Anniversary Logos!

the current color scheme and it lookedterribleit just clashed and it didn t make anysense and so they learned from thatmistake this yearand they made two different patches onefor the retro jerseys and one for thecurrent jerseys and i think they bothlook really goodum and then jumping into arizona umi think it s a really smart move ontheir partto tie it into the kachina and kindof bring back that that old logo andthat old lookum and i think they did a really goodjob with it it s simplebut it gets the point across and it looksgood on the jerseysum so those are my two big takes from theanniversary patchesyeah i agree with that um i also like howarizonaum has sort of gone with a differentcolor palette than what you re used toseeing um especially withtheir most recent outdoor game jerseythey sort of leaned into thatuh desert uh pink sort of color and ithink it s a really smart move on theirpart to sort ofdifferentiate themselves from the other

Gumball | Darwin's Potato Diet | The Potato | Cartoon Network

In this article, we will explore a conversation between two friends about a potato addiction. We will see how one friend tries to cope with his addiction and how his friend tries to help him.


- The conversation begins with one friend, Fluffy, eating a potato in front of his friend Idaho, who seems upset.

- Fluffy realizes that his potato eating is upsetting Idaho and decides to stop eating potatoes altogether.

- However, he soon realizes that many other foods he likes contain potatoes, such as French fries and hash browns.

- Fluffy becomes sensitive to other people's feelings and admits he has a problem with his potato addiction.

- His friend suggests doing something with his hands to take his mind off the cravings.

- Fluffy tries different methods, such as origami and hypnosis, but none seem to work.

- Another friend suggests group therapy, and Fluffy decides to try it out.

This conversation shows the importance of being aware of how our actions can affect others and how seeking help can be crucial in overcoming addiction. It also highlights the importance of having supportive friends who can offer guidance and encouragement.

NHL Helmet Ads, Ice Ads, Arena Ads & Thoughts on Broadcasting!

In this article, we will be discussing the recent addition of ads on NHL helmets and the various opinions surrounding them. We will also touch on other aspects of sports telecasting such as announcers, camera work, and the importance of showing the periphery of the game.

Ads on NHL Helmets:

- Many NHL teams have added corporate logos to their helmets this season.

- Some fans find them tasteful and fitting, while others find them distracting or out of place.

- The placement of the logos depends on the team's corporate partnerships and the colors of their helmets.

Other Aspects of Sports Telecasting:

- Announcers play a crucial role in calling the game accurately and entertainingly.

- Some fans feel that announcers could do a better job of describing what's happening away from the puck or in the periphery of the game.

- Camera work can also affect the viewing experience, as close-ups and replays can sometimes obscure important moments.

- It's important for producers to understand what the crowd is looking at and what the viewers want to see.

While opinions may vary on the addition of ads to NHL helmets, it's clear that sports telecasting plays a significant role in how fans experience the game. Announcers and camera crews should strive to accurately capture the action and provide insight into all aspects of the game, not just the main play. Ultimately, it's up to producers to create a viewing experience that is both informative and entertaining for fans.


- The author is in the mood to rant and express their frustration

- They welcome new subscribers to their channel


- The author is happy and excited for the NHL season starting

- They are frustrated with people complaining about small things like logos on helmets

- They urge people to be thankful for getting an NHL season instead of complaining

- They mention how soccer has logos on jerseys and people still watch it

- The author is tired of seeing complaints and keyboard warriors on Twitter

- They suggest that if people are going to complain, they should just not watch

- The author is excited to stream games and make their channel a priority

- The author encourages others to be excited for hockey and not bring it down

- They thank subscribers and ask for feedback on their videos

Presenting My Red Ranger Helmet

Hey guys, in this article, I wanted to show you my awesome red ranger helmet that I recently got. I'll give you an up-close and personal look at it and talk about its features and details.

Features of the Helmet:

- Bought from a guy named Anna Key on Ranger Board from Indonesia

- Took a couple of months to make due to other orders

- Very detailed with plastic tinted visor, Tyrannosaurus facial details with teeth around the visor, and silver mouth

- Has little latches for opening and closing

- Hood protects ears and holds hair down

- Provides a white collar piece for added padding

Wearing the Helmet:

- It's tight and presses against the face, making it hard to talk clearly

- Chin needs to be pressed out for better talking

- Videos may need to be dubbed over for clearer audio

- Eyes, nose, and chin are in their respective places

Overall, the red ranger helmet is a great addition to any Power Rangers collection. It's highly detailed and functional, with added features like the hood and white collar piece. While it may be hard to wear for extended periods of time, it's definitely worth it for the cool factor.

Police React To TRON Helmet Compilation

- Light mode helmets are helmets with integrated electroluminescent lighting

- They are sold by a company called Light Mode and have been on the market for six years

Features of Light Mode Helmets:

- The lighting is not LED, but rather electroluminescent

- It is not integrated into the helmet, but rather an addition

- The lighting is powered

- They are suitable for helmets used for skiing, snowboarding, and biking

Encounters with Police:

- In most cases, police officers either ignore the helmet or compliment it

- Light mode helmets have been sold for six years, and the company has not received any complaints from customers who have received tickets

- The legality of light mode helmets varies by location, so it is important to check local traffic legislation

- In California, light mode helmets are legal since the traffic code in California only governs the vehicle and not the rider

- Light mode helmets are a unique and stylish addition to any helmet for skiing, snowboarding, or biking

- While the legality of the helmet may vary by location, many police officers either ignore the helmet or compliment it

- It is important to check local traffic legislation to ensure that the helmet is legal in your area.

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