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Raw Art Exhibition... WARNING! Not For The Weak

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Raw Art Exhibition... WARNING! Not For The Weak

Raw Art Exhibition... WARNING! Not For The Weak

king human here king human i'm king
king human here and i got [ __ ] from you
what do i got well jared knight
an artist on youtube
sent me one of his videos toking about
some gallery that's doing some
online exhibition of artists and art and
well maybe you don't know this about me
but i've been a fine artist for years
and uh got me off my ass
so i dug out my camera and i took some
pictures of my crap
and i'm putting it on here and
i know i know my artistik genius is not
going to be appreciated in this
medium because people don't
have the brains to absorb my artistik
genius i'm casting my pearls before
swine here
i know it i know it but i don't care
i'm putting it out there anyway
itchy ear so anyway
here it is get ready for this because it
paintings of uh little nice
bright little flowers and vases or nice
little landscapes or seascapes
god i couldn't paint that [ __ ] again if
i had to
it had killed me to paint that crap i
just ain't that person
anymore i never could be ah
i i just oh i can't even address it i
can't even address that [ __ ] no i'm a
different person
and my art is my way of purging my
poison don't like it too bad
love it or shove it i don't care before
you even look at this [ __ ]
i'm warning you this is some heavy raw
brute [ __ ] don't look at it if you're
upset easily or if you you know
prone to vomiting
before you look over here i've got my
artist statement and it's really
important that you
get that into your head before you even
look at this [ __ ]
so before you even look pause this video
read the artist statement in the
description and then
maybe you'll have a tiny little tool
for which to grasp the importance of my
because right now you're just a dumb
you've got no idea what i'm putting in
front of you you should be
kissing my feet you swine
no no idea you just unsophistikated
and i'm an artistik genius and you got
you make me so i get so pissed off
anyway here comes the [ __ ]
get ready

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