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rc willey ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

RC Willey Grand Opening

thank Elizabeth. senators live with some people who are going to great lengths to win a gift card. hey, Lisa, absolutely. you saw the weather out here today. it's been super ways: rainy, windy. I guess I'll tok about way me. take a look, there's about 200 people here. people have been bundled up out here, but they've been well taken care of and they're all really happy because they're in line for something pretty incredible. so we're toking to Tom over here. you've been in line since 1:00 since Tuesday, Tuesday today's Thursday, been here since Tuesday. they wouldn't let us start a line until last night. you would. you were just Poisson, ready to go since Tuesday, okay, and I heard that you are one of the lucky recipients of something. what is it getting? so he was, he's his number six, so from 1 to 25 he's gonna get a 500 gift, 500, our gift, right? so early bird gets the worm. oh yeah, the $500. oh, my goodness, it's like freebie. you just get to go in there and pick something. yes, I like it. I love it too. alright, great congratulations, that's great. all right, we're gonna go tok to you, mr cook, Dave cook, and tell us what's been the incentive for people to come out here and you still have something up your sleeve. I heard a little musical chairs as an order. we're gonna play a little game here in a few minutes of musical chairs. it's been great. it's been a fun night. we've been so well received in our Rocklin location that we've opened here in this new Delta Shores area. it's it we're dis excited, so we're gonna. we're giving away over 30,000 dollars in just gift cards this morning and along with all the other free furniture and appliance electronics that were given away, so it's a great time to come down and see our new store. are you surprised, though? I mean it, it has been some pretty decent weather, as we say out there. we've got the wind, we've got the brains and the cold. are you surprised that people are out here in all this? well, the people, the people here in California, especially in this area, been so good to us and we're trying to keep everybody dry underneath our awning and tents and things. but yeah, we're a little surprised at this menu turned out on the, this kind of weather that we're having so well. congratulations, you guys. and I'll say that you had so many people come out and I'll say: there's the guy over there with the dog. lots of people out here. I see donuts- they're pretty happy- juice boxes. you guys ready, I'm ready, you ready since 7 o'clock this morning. all right, and you might get one of those bands. you don't know what it would hold. what you got, I got 73, 73. do you know what it's worth? I think $200. oh, please, winning, all right. well, congratulations to you guys. thank you, I wanna go shopping with you, okay, come on. all right, back to you guys. fun, all right, big party going on there. the brand new Arthur Willy there this morning. thanks.

Boise Custom Homes by RC Willey

good afternoon. this is trey, with Bill Donahoe: calm and an effort to bring you the best information about buying and building new homes. today I'm doing my fall collection tour and I've actually caught up with Brody, who works with RC willey, and we're at the AG eric evans home, which is called right on the rim, which is a major custom home, and this home has some of the highest end electronics available to mankind. so I've asked Brody to kind of give me a tour of some of these electronic gadgets. okay, Brody, how many TV screens do we have? well, we have one of the patio to theaters and one in the garage and then one under the cabinet and they're adding a couple more. so right now we have five. we're going to add a seven. how much is this TV behind us? well, this is a sharp LCD, a 46 inch, and it run right around two thousand dollars. nice, yeah, okay, Brody, this is the outdoor kitchen and it's a beautiful kitchen. tell me a little about the kitchen. well, we did a mix here between sub-zero and bosh. we did the cooking products with Wash U of the warming drawer, the rich 30 inch cooktop and the microwave, and then you have the under counter fridge by sub zero and the ice maker, and we have a dishwasher over here by Bosh as well. how much it happen if I want to put this on my patio? how much about this set right here runs us around fifteen thousand dollars for what we're looking and it's well worth it. tell me about this TV. all right, this is 6, 73 inch diamond in specie. projection is a DLP. it runs about three thousand dollars and you the whole surround sound in here, it turns into an amazing theatre experience. you can crank it up and just rock. okay, Brody, this home is wired. it is wires the max. this has 12 zones of 12 different rooms of audio out fire pit. you can be listening to one thing in the master bedroom, master bath and theater rooms of all different and they're all controlled by touch panels where you get a controller, each in a music. it shows the cover art, the artist, and you get to control exactly what's going on at your fingertips, room by room or whole house, or whole house, yeah, zone by zone, so each room can be listening to something different or the same thing. it's up to you. okay, let's, we're the kitchen, and this is the master kitchen. tell us about the kitchen. this is top of the line, about the best you can. can you have an icemaker, a warming or and 48 inch sub zero? how much is that? frigerator works. well, the fridge runs about twelve thousand dollars. retail the warming tour about for ice maker- around five or six. you have a single oven microwave together there around seven or eight. and then you have this baby. this is a 36-inch gas range by wolf runs around eight to ten thousand dollars. okay, Brody, this is the master switch for the game room here. so tell me about all this equipment. well, in here we have just about everything that a homeowner could wallet. you have the Voodoo box on top. what's going to do? it's streaming internet video. so any movie that you want at the click your fingertips. now it's streaming on your TV. ok, you have your blu-ray player, your pioneer elite surround sound here. we have our subwoofers that are built into the walls for the theater room. Wow, DirecTV boxes for the whole house. and then this is the audio equipment for the whole house: audio. okay, Brody, we're upstairs in the game room and this is the TV. so tell us about this TV. alright, this is a toshiba 55 inch lcds- about the top of the line as far as picture quality, those amazing. now, the goal of this room was to get a lot but show a little. so we have in wall speakers, all throughout the moon, animal subwoofers, and when you turn this on it is the best-selling theater that I've been in. and the reason is the way that we installed it, the way that it was put together was done right and spare no expense. so, just just on a custom home, know, the best way to design a theater is early rather than late. absolutely, if you put the wires in there for design exactly what's people you want, back it out right, put the right board in, everything is going to turn out perfect for you. okay, Brody, this is the man's garage. this is actually a hobby room as well. but tell us about this room. all radio frequencies you watch, it went on at the house through this TV with your wireless remote. it also does hold on fire sound speakers, and then we're going to finish this out, turn this into an amazing place to hang out. you homicide. okay, Brody? let's say I'm in the market for a custom home and I want an electronics package. what recommendations do you have? well, flat screen, flattening frats, flat screen. Oh, what we're looking for is to hang everything on the wall, hide all the wires, make everything as custom as possible, and by doing that you have to get in there early. so get with your builder and make sure that we come and run wires and get that all done so that when you're ready to move everything in, it's just an easy hook up, throw it on the wall and you're good to go. and if I want to work with you, let's what. how can i get ahold of you? well, come into RC willey. my name is Brody Dalle stray. you just come on in and ask for Brody and I'll be glad to design a system for you and make it work. perfect. and your cell phone number is 4 407 338.

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RC Willey Furniture STORE Shopping VLOG | ГУЛЯЕМ в Большём Мебельном МАГАЗИНЕ ВЛОГ

this is the store. when you get out of the store it's like this, it's like a hotel. I'm going to parking lot move. she's a malicious, it move. this little cold sea hoping this Wars tbay this way and all the way. damn, you're at the store, the big store. oh goody, move my mother's to put makeup on. do you guys need a safe for this is cool with all these TVs. man, one more mess last year. oh, this is like a tier. gee, this is the same carpet that I like. look, we're going to the game. oh, my gosh, always 100 present on the disin became chairman the organ. what? Peter huh? hey, Anna, you want to be by the bear? what are you doing? I magazine episode with the miscue town. yeah, you can don't do that. 39, we doing the rocks. girl, this is the country or something. people actually buy this stuff, or maybe it's like for the like. what's a call? oh, look at that, the dwarfs. remember we saw the doors like that? yeah, anger slick. seven hundred dollars, oh, eight hundred dollars. did you see how much there? Oh, kareena, alrighty, my carriage. this is like in the loft or something. when you get your own loft, you can. you know that's tough. I'm kind of break. oh, okay, well, another door like that. look, no, cuz this is different kind, that's bigger than its different kind. it's mama at the store getting the massage from the posture. wait, wait, papa, wait, wait for it, wait, work, work, work, hello. you like the massage chair? this store table something in this thing. I am doing this kind of putting hush, so cool. one more massage chair. boy. show you something I like: the SAT. yes, thank you, you would you.

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ClayMagic Productions 1991 Demo Reel

hi, I'm John, I'm Dan- weird John and dad on z93. yeah, this is mr twister with trout tok in the Utah outdoorsman show. my neighbor here in the land of make believe, mr Roberts, has a lot of friends here. the Bible brothers are coming to you like we always do on z93, the only morning show in Utah, but doesn't suck, hey. hey, are you going to our sea lilies for the big president's day sale? you mean but one, they're happy to celebrate our birthday. I'm halfway there already through Monday, save during RC willys giant lazy boy gallery sale prices from 199 and get a marie callender cherry pie free. why don't we ever get invited to these things? RC willys is now open at 23rd Southard west in salt lake. is your luggage a little restless from just sitting around? then pack your bags, because europe awaits you. Murdoch travel has the best deals to Europe. fly to London, the home of Big Ben, Piccadilly Square and Buckingham Palace, from just five hundred fifty nine dollars airfare. so don't keep your luggage waiting. pack your bags. then call Murdoch travel before your bags get ideas of their own Israel luggage a little restless from just sitting around? then pack your bags. Murdoch travel is headed south to beautiful Mexico. don't miss the site. Sun and fun. discover the undiscovered. para de is reflected, a little restless from just sitting around. then pack your bags for an exciting trip to South America. see the sights and wonders. you've always wanted to see the jungles of the Amazon. no coca, get the engine, take a seat. k sop fm104, point 3 plus. best country for waking up in the water, taking along in the car or truck, listening to at the office or on the jump, enjoying overland. then roll on into the evening with 10, 4.3 KS open and enjoy the best country. song after song, all night, anytime, anyplace. k sop, the best country. yellow, gnashed here for a swim. huh, matter of fact, nasty for just about anything here at American stores retirement estates- because you see in American stores, retirement estates a sres, what we call it for short- you can do whatever you like. whenever you lie at asre, the Sun sets in your backyard and rises in your front yard, in every room, in every house. as of you, it's a nice place to be. oh, and all of you can be here someday. most of you are on your way already. the company will make contributions according to your personal deposits. up to six percent of you pay. for 1990 the company match. it was about 41 cents for every dollar. one thing's for sure: when you get here, you're gonna love it. Yeah, right, if I ever get there, is that you feel, yeah, it's me. what's the problem? at the rate things are going on, I'm never gonna get there, at least not in my lifetime. things have really slowed up, or haven't you been reading the paper? yeah, I feel. remember the night we started.

Business history commercials 2

during the Great Depression Smith's Food and Drug became part of the Utah landscape and by the 1950s the store began to expand and acquired other grocers. the first Smith superstore premiered in 1976 after Smith's merged with fred meyer incorporated. in 1998 the Federal Trade Commission approved the merger between Fred Meyer and the kroger company, which became the nation's largest supermarket company. the smiths division alone has 133 stores and over 15,000 employees across the western United States. in 1932 rufus call Willie started selling appliances door-to-door because he ensured his customer satisfaction. his business grew and in 1950 the first RC willey store opened. over time more stores were built along the Wasatch Front and RC willey became the most well-known home furnishings retailer in Utah. still family owned, RC willey operates 13 stores in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and California. the company continues to be known for its variety of products, along with its customer service, product selection in store, credit and exceptional values. one of the largest commercial insurance agencies in the West, the Buckner company, was founded in the middle of the Great Depression by Elmer ray Buckner. the company is still family operated today. the tradition of placing customer service ahead of profits has survived over 60 years and it shows their client retention rate is ninety-five percent and customer service is just one reason why knowledgeable and experienced professionals make up the Buckner company staff, providing the best advice and service available. the intermountain west premiere Orchestra, the utah symphony, joined forces with the utah opera in 2002 after a decades-long tenure as separate companies. both companies have shaped the artistik landscape of utah by presenting artists and performances of exceptional scope and quality. for over 20 years, utah symphony and utah operas Deer Valley Music Festival sets a standard of high quality and musically diverse experiences in casual settings of unparalleled natural beauty. you suo also reaches more students than any other arts organization in the country. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah was established as utah's first health insurance carrier 70 years ago. the blues in Utah experienced immediate success and growth, as you ton's recognize the importance of health insurance. in 1998 Utah's branch merged with the blues companies of Washington, Oregon and Idaho to become regence bluecross blueshield. today the company is still on the cutting edge of designing products and physician hospital partnerships that help control costs for today and tomorrow. a passion sparked in Jack B parson when he helped his dad build roads as a teenager. that passion led him to found Jack B parson companies in 1952. in 2001, Parsons company merged with salt lake based staker paving and construction to become staker parson companies, one of the region's leading suppliers of landscape products and construction services. Staker parson is regularly named one of Utah's fastest growing companies and is an eight-time recipient of Utah's best of state award. founded in 1953 by Maryland Lucille Christopherson, kristofferson business travel has been Utah's business travel leader for more than 50 years. headquartered in Salt Lake City, it is currently ranked as the largest travel agency in Utah. the salt lake chamber named Christopherson as small business of the year in 1996. the company also won the best of state award in 2010 and 11 has been recognized as one of Utah's fastest growing companies and was listed on travel weekly's 2011 Power List. friends foresight was established to preserve the sight of children. by providing free vision screenings, it allows Utah residents to have all the joys and benefits of normal vision while avoiding the pitfalls of poor vision. their main concerns are lazy eye, blindness and children, visual acuity and glaucoma in adults. friends for site has screened over half a million children, that's over a million eyes. free screenings are offered throughout schools, unity health fairs and corporations.

Trip to RC Willey - Review of HDMX Jam Classic Rechargeable Speaker

everyone a with middle agers and we had a gift certificate recently for RC willey. we bought some furniture a while ago and we got a kiss to pick for eighty-seven dollars. so John and I went to RC willey to see what we could buy for eighty-seven dollars. it's a big furniture store so we weren't quite sure what week again, but fortunately they had electronic section. so we ended up getting five different items. first we got one- who stories that's a double, a batteries, three, one, two, three. couldn't find anything that was fifteen dollars. so we're like: well, let's get batteries. and so ended up with with batteries. so you know they were free. so the next thing I got was this cool universal bluetooth dude- twenty-nine, ninety-nine, ninety-nine, ninety-nine. so this is going to be used for my phone, which is right here. I love it fell into the menu: film that for a little while. now I'm loving it. but the best item i got was this little thing. ain't this cute? any idea what it is? I didn't either at the time, but it is a portable little speaker and it's Bluetooth. so it's wireless, a portable or will look a cut over here. I glued will be included. oh who, like a fella. so I'm not gonna die. but basically if I have my phone, I have my phone, so I turn it on and let's say I'm playing us, I music, right, you knew that. but of course on a cell phone it's not very loud. so let's say you're like out at a pool or something like that and the quality of the cell phone is not very good. so if you're outside outdoors or, you know, in the bathroom getting ready or whatever, I can just come over to this little thing, turn it on and it connects. oh here, turning on, okay, right, listen to that. ah yeah, and notike, it turned the phone off. see, there's no sound coming from the phone anymore. smart tiknology- how cool is this? so this was what was this? this was 39: 99, but because we had a certificate, it was for read or write, so anyways. so these are kind of cool. what's the name brand? it's a Bluetooth speaker, blue. I don't have, don't think i have that. fly out of the packaging. I have the packaging. this is a jam Jam YUM hdmxe jam classic little player, bluetooth rechargeable speaker. oh yeah, it's not even batteries. you just plug it in and it recharges, flippin. awesome. look at it, it plays really good sound. you can tell, right, it's got a little base to it too. i can feel the little vibration here, right? I mean, you can't see it or feel it. look, the vibration is that I can feel. it's a little base figure or so. so it's pretty cool. if you're looking for a little portable speaker, I think this is a good choice. I really like the song from the YouTube library. so, anyways, that is it. that is what we bought with our eighty-seven dollars. folks, kids, that's what eighty-seven dollars can get you today. not too much, but I think this was the best thing. I'll see if I use the bluetooth. I probably will never use it, but I'll try and battery. there was any batteries, right, so those are, go into the closet and that's it. so that's a quick little YouTube video on what we spent our gift certificate on. alright, thanks for watching. don't forget: great things await you over the hill, so don't fret. getting older it's not so bad. see you next time. bye.