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RE: Gimmeabreakman ChannelReviews & TheBoringDispatcher

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

RE: Gimmeabreakman ChannelReviews & TheBoringDispatcher

RE: Gimmeabreakman ChannelReviews & TheBoringDispatcher

give me a break man it's king human here
and uh i just watched your video
reply to the channel review guy
about roger and i know you made a
heartfelt video
and um you know i can relate i can
relate because i lost a friend of mine a
youtube friend of mine not long ago
used to be 803. great guy
great guy really nothing but
kindness coming out of that guy
for everybody now
i had my experiences with roger as you
and none of them were positive
so i'm not gonna whitewash the situation
and lie and be a hypocrite about it and
i think
you know all that aside
you know that's that's in the youtube
you know the real world i really didn't
know roger
you know i don't know who did i don't
know who knew him in in real life
so i i can't really speak on that but
i certainly didn't wish the guy did
you know nobody i i think you'd have to
be mental
to confuse reality that way and actually
you know like i say i didn't like the
but i didn't hate him i didn't like the
way he treated me
but i'm not gonna hate the guy i can
hate his behavior
without hating him i guess is what i'm
anyway but it it kind of made me think
your video kind of made me
think and uh i was thinking
well what if the situation were reversed
and you know i kinda i'm kinda asking
you give me a break man
to think about this if the situation
were reversed
and the channel review guy died and
roger was still around
what kind of video do you think roger
would have made
about the channel review guy dying
especially if they weren't getting along
now i don't know that dynamic
i don't know if they were having
problems i don't know what the deal is i
don't follow the drama on youtube
you know i'm only in this because i had
my experiences with roger
and you know it's it's kind of
drawn me in but what kind of video do
you think
roger would have made about the channel
review guy
personally i think roger would have come
out with both barrels blazing
he was an uncensored kind of guy
i mean so how can you really fault
the channel review guy
for the same thing that i think roger
might have done
had the situation been reversed now
maybe i'm wrong i mean you knew roger
a lot better than i did so tell me if
i'm wrong i don't know
but something to think about
and you know i can't fault the
the channel review guy for not being a
i don't know just my take on it
um i think it would have been worse if
you know the guy had come out
if the channel review guy had come out
and made an insincere video
saying how much he liked roger when they
didn't get along
but that's just my take i think honesty
is best in any situation
even a tough situation like this
so having said that um
i offer my sympathies to you because of
your loss
anybody else that um you know really
liked roger
and uh especially rogers family
i don't know them but i'm sure they're
feeling a horrible loss at this point
so anyway sayonara

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