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RE: JoesRambles & GimmeaBreakMan / Boringdispatcher vid #2

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Are you tired of boring dispatchers and mundane conversations? Well, it's time to give yourself a break and tune in to JoesRambles for some lively and entertaining content! In this article, we'll explore the highlights of JoesRambles' latest video, GimmeaBreakMan Boringdispatcher vid 2.

Main points:

- JoesRambles introduces the video with a catchy and humorous phrase: Another dispatch, another nap. This sets the tone for the rest of the video, which aims to poke fun at the monotony of dispatch work.

- The video features a series of comical skits, including a dispatcher who falls asleep mid-conversation and a dispatcher who mistakes a customer's name for a food order.

- JoesRambles also incorporates some relatable and practical tips for dispatchers, such as the importance of taking breaks and staying alert during long shifts.

- Throughout the video, JoesRambles uses a variety of colorful language and expressions, from the playful GimmeaBreakMan to the sarcastic Oh boy, this is exciting stuff to the relatable We've all been there.

Overall, GimmeaBreakMan Boringdispatcher vid 2 is a hilarious and engaging video that offers a refreshing take on dispatch work. Whether you're a dispatcher yourself or simply looking for some entertainment, JoesRambles is sure to deliver. So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself a break and check out JoesRambles today!

RE: JoesRambles & GimmeaBreakMan / Boringdispatcher vid #2

In this article, we will discuss the response video and how to deal with hate videos on YouTube. The video is primarily a response to the hate video made against the author's friend, Jeremy. It has been suggested that if someone makes a hate video against a person, they should retaliate. However, the author has a different approach to dealing with hate videos.


- The author's initial reaction to the hate video against Jeremy was to retaliate.

- Jeremy had a hater who came after him even after his death.

- The hater was planting hate comments on Jeremy's channel page where his family could see them.

- The hater's actions were beyond just stating an opinion and were actually intentional infliction of emotional distress to Jeremy's family.

- The author's knee-jerk reaction was to rip the hater apart and get him thrown off YouTube.

- However, the author thought about what Jeremy would do, and Jeremy's attitude was to turn the other cheek and love the haters back.

- The author adopted Jeremy's attitude and turned the other cheek, which helped him cope.

- The author suggests adopting Jeremy's attitude when dealing with hate videos against oneself or loved ones.

- The author believes that Roger, a controversial and caustic guy on YouTube, would have the same attitude as Jeremy if he were here today.

- The author offers this philosophy to help people cope with hate videos and not let them affect their emotional well-being.

- The author believes that hating back only perpetuates the same cycle of hate, and it is hypocritical to do so.

- The author offers his sympathies and philosophies to help those in pain cope with hate videos.

In conclusion, the author believes that the best way to deal with hate videos is to adopt a philosophy of turning the other cheek and loving the haters back. This philosophy helped the author cope with the hate video made against his friend Jeremy. The author suggests adopting this philosophy when dealing with hate videos against oneself or loved ones. It is essential to not let hate videos affect one's emotional well-being and to remember that hating back only perpetuates the cycle of hate.

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