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Published on: November 30 2022 by Soulja

- SoundCloud rap has become a popular subgenre of hip hop, with many artists using the platform to gain recognition.

- In this article, we will be reacting to SoundCloud rappers and their music in the third installment of our series.

Reacting to SoundCloud Rappers:

- We listened to a variety of artists, including Lil Tecca, Ski Mask the Slump God, and Lil Pump.

- Many of the songs had heavy bass and catchy hooks, but lacked substance in their lyrics.

- Some rappers stood out with unique flows and storytelling, such as Juice WRLD and XXXTentacion.

- Others relied heavily on autotune and mumbled lyrics, making it difficult to understand what they were saying.

- We discussed the impact of SoundCloud on the music industry and how it has given rise to a new wave of artists.

- SoundCloud rap has its own unique style and appeal, but it also has its limitations.

- While some artists are able to showcase their talent and creativity through the platform, others rely too heavily on trends and gimmicks.

- Overall, reacting to SoundCloud rappers allowed us to explore the diversity and complexity of the subgenre.


In this article, we will be discussing a video where a YouTuber reacts to SoundCloud rappers and provides his honest opinion on their music.

Reaction to SoundCloud Rappers:

- The YouTuber starts by introducing himself and expressing his excitement for the upcoming Christmas season.

- He then proceeds to react to various SoundCloud rapper songs that were shared with him by his viewers.

- Throughout the video, he provides his honest opinion on the songs, both good and bad, and offers constructive criticism for improvement.

- He also advises the rappers to work on their flow, unique voice, and message in their music.

- The YouTuber encourages his viewers to keep grinding and working towards their dreams and offers to listen to more of their music in the future.

In conclusion, the YouTuber's reaction to SoundCloud rappers provides an interesting insight into the world of underground music. While some songs were good, others lacked the necessary elements to make them stand out. However, the YouTuber's constructive criticism offers hope for the aspiring rappers to work on their craft and improve their music.

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