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Ready-to-Use Shopify Themes

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In today's video, the speaker introduces five new free themes and 65 updated paid themes by Shopify that work with online store 2.0 features. The themes are designed to be fast and high converting, making them perfect for creating an online store in 2022. The speaker previews some of the amazing themes and explains what a theme is, its importance, and the differences between free and premium themes.

The article includes bullet points and lists for better organization and readability. The speaker uses idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, and colloquialisms to make the content engaging and relatable. The article ends with a summary of the best themes for different types of businesses, including apparel, food and beverage, and health and beauty.

In conclusion, Shopify's new themes offer industry-leading performance, deep customization, and accessibility. The themes are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to create a professional and stunning online store quickly and easily. Whether you choose a free or premium theme, rest assured that your online store will be amazing with Shopify's themes.

Shopify Themes - Free, Paid or Custom? (The Honest Truth)

- Discussing the need for theme development in Shopify

- Introducing the speaker as a Shopify theme developer

Why Start with a Pre-Built Theme:

- New store owners should focus on sales and marketing, not customization

- Custom sites come with a high price tag

- Pre-built themes, free or paid, can do the job for most sellers

- Premium themes starting at $220 USD are a justifiable investment

- Customization options are available in pre-built themes

When to Consider Customization:

- Customization becomes necessary when a store generates over a million dollars in revenue

- Theme development can add extra features and unlimited styling options to the product page

- Enlisting the help of a front-end web developer is necessary for full control

Choosing Between Free and Paid Themes:

- Budget should be the determining factor

- Premium themes have passed a 22 point checklist and are quality enough for Shopify's approval

- Free themes developed by Shopify are sufficient if cost is an issue

Customization Options:

- Explore the options already available in the theme customizer before seeking outside help

- Hire a developer if necessary for any required changes

When to Consider a Custom Site:

- A custom site is only necessary for those with a big budget and established traction

- Refactor the entire website to look exactly how you desire it and add additional features as required

- Use a free theme if money is an issue

- Buy a premium theme for a justifiable investment

- Customization should only be considered when necessary

- A custom site is only necessary for those with a big budget and established traction

Premium Shopify theme Vs Custom Shopify Themes

What are the different types of Shopify themes?

- Shopify offers free themes such as Debut and Brooklyn.

- Shopify also offers premium themes such as Modular, Pacific, and Trademark.

- Premium themes are vetted and approved by Shopify and are available on their marketplace.

- Custom themes are created by private creators and can be either premium or not.

- Custom themes may offer more versatility and features than Shopify-approved themes.

What should you consider when choosing a Shopify theme?

- Consider your specific needs and what features will benefit your store.

- Research different themes and compare their features and prices.

- Understand that Shopify-approved themes do not necessarily guarantee a leg up on the competition or better conversion rates.

Why are custom Shopify themes beneficial?

- Custom themes may offer more versatility and features.

- Custom themes may be more cost-effective in the long term.

- Custom themes can differentiate your store and offer unique features to boost sales and conversion rates.

BEST Free Shopify Themes For 2022 - Shopify Theme Review

In this video, Chris Winter, the friendly entrepreneur, shares some of the best free Shopify themes for 2019. He highlights four themes that work well for different types of businesses, including those with a minimal inventory and those with a larger catalogue.


1. Narrative: This theme works well for businesses with a small inventory. It is great for visual storytelling and incorporates videos and large images. It also has a one-page checkout option.

2. Boundless: This theme is optimized for larger images and works well for businesses in the fashion industry. It has a slideshow feature for the homepage and a zoom-in option for product images.

3. Debut: This theme is simple and works well for businesses just starting out. It has a one-page checkout option and side-by-side images and text for product descriptions.

4. Brooklyn: This is Chris's favorite free theme and works well for businesses with good product images. It has a slideshow header, a lot of options for sections, and a one-page checkout option.

All of these themes are free and can be easily accessed on the Shopify platform. Chris suggests trying them out during the free trial period to see which one works best for your business. He also promises to share more videos on themes, including the best paid themes and those that can help businesses drive more sales.

Customize your Shopify Theme FAST | How to Design Shopify Store 2021

Let's be honest, your store design matters. If you have a really ugly site, people are just going to leave and not purchase from you. In this video, the speaker shows exactly how to customize your Shopify store design. As soon as someone comes to your site, they only have about seven seconds before they decide if they want to look longer or leave. Design matters when it comes to that. You want to make sure that your site is eye-catching and it really speaks to your ideal customer.

To customize your store design, you need to pick out your Shopify theme and make sure that it works based on what kind of imagery you have. If you have a lot of great big images, then pick a theme that's going to highlight those. But if you don't have a lot of great product shots, then pick a theme that's not going to be heavily reliant on that.

Once you've chosen your Shopify theme, it's time to customize it. This is where it's important to create different assets, choose your fonts and colors, to make sure that it's appealing for your ideal customer. You really need to go in and make these changes so that your site looks unique and represents your brand.

To start customizing your theme, go to Online Store and then click on Themes. From there, you can see your live theme and the theme library. You can explore the different theme options available and choose one that works best for you. You can also change the colors and fonts for the site throughout the Theme Settings.

When it comes to the homepage, there are different elements that you can customize such as the slideshow,

Don't Buy A Premium Shopify Theme Until You Hear This!

In this video, Roy from Surf Storm discusses the pros and cons of using a free theme versus a paid theme on your Shopify store. He notes that while paid themes offer more styling options and notable features like related products and custom layouts, they are not a magic button to increase sales and conversion rates. Roy emphasizes that if you are on a budget, you should focus on marketing and getting sales before investing in a paid theme. However, if you have a strong brand and want to improve the user experience on your site, a paid theme may be worth considering. He recommends checking out the Shopify theme store for options and getting help from a Shopify expert to choose and set up a premium theme for your store. Overall, it is important to focus on the needs of your business before investing in a paid theme.

Best Shopify Hair Extension Themes | ThemesRain

Looking for the perfect Shopify theme for your hair extension business? Look no further than these top options:

1. Boom Shopify Theme - With over 3300 downloads, this trusted theme offers easy customization and a focus on conversion.

2. Tris Music - This innovative theme features special effects, including beautiful hover and parallax effects, to create a website that grabs attention at first sight.

3. Mew Hill - Packed with advanced ecommerce features, customizable headers and footers, and pre-defined pages for lookbooks and about us, this modern and innovative theme is perfect for hair care and styling websites.

4. Bow - This cosmetic store theme features soft feminine colors and a powerful search function, making it ideal for showcasing wigs, hair extensions, and other beauty products for women.

5. Donnie Barbershop - With two unique home page styles and simple drag and drop sections, this highly flexible theme is perfect for hair care and styling websites targeting a male audience.

6. Avery - This gorgeous wig and hair extension theme features unique color schemes, stylish appearance, performance optimization, and a range of powerful features.

7. Sapozo - This mobile-first theme features optimal UI/UX design, customizable home pages and product pages, and a range of ecommerce features, including product group items, marketing banners, and customer reviews.

8. Gemma - This multi-purpose theme offers four pre-made homepage styles and a range of ecommerce features, including affiliate marketing and dropshipping readiness.

9. Beautico - Perfect for hair salon websites, hair care products ecommerce stores, and hair stylists and beauty experts, this theme offers five stylish demos and a range of customization options.

10. Beauty Store - With 14 demos and a range of advanced features, this multi-purpose theme can be used for a wide variety of sites, including hair extension Shopify stores.

No matter which theme you choose, these top Shopify options offer the perfect combination of style, customization, and ecommerce features to help your hair extension business succeed.

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