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real estate ads examples

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

Instagram Ads for Real Estate Agents 2022 - LEAD GENERATION [Tutorial]

what's up guys welcome back to my,channel my name is mike shard and today,i'm going to tok to you about how to,run the perfect instagram ad,for real estate agents there's a lot of,realtors that want to run,instagram ads but i see a ton of common,mistakes so what i'm going to do in this,video,is i'm going to take you through step by,step the entire way,start to finish and show you how to,properly run,an instagram ad in 2020 so let's get,straight into it we are,on my facebook page so evidently to,start,with this what you want to do is start,on your facebook page,come up here and go to the top and click,create,now we're going to go to ad so this is,just like a creative way to,basically just start off your ad instead,of having to go to your business manager,this is just a shortcut,to get you straight to there so go ahead,and click add,and now while this is loading out this,is going to take us to our ads,manager so once this loads we're gonna,start going to step by step,every step of the way including the,special ad category because we all know,that that's a whole,different beast to tackle in 2020 now,that they introduced that so,one thing that i do want to say before,we get started into this full,step-by-step tutorials that,this is for instagram ads now if you,want to know all of the different types,of instagram ads,for buyers sellers investors and if you,want to know exactly what you post,in order to build a multiple six figure,per year business,from instagram drop a comment below and,i'll send you my free master class,i personally was ranked top 30 realtor,in the world on social media because of,my instagram,so what i did in this master class is i,packaged everything that i've done,in order to create six figures just from,people dming me on instagram not me,outreaching,but people direct messaging me on,instagram from strategic posts,that are proven to attract clients and,referrals at scale so,if you want to know that information,just comment below send me my free,master class that breaks down the exact,posts you need to make,otherwise let's get straight into it so,if you want to run,a lead generation ad for instagram which,is likely the best way to do it,what we're going to do is we're going to,start with a special ad category,so if you don't know what the special ad,category is it's something that came,into effect,early this year and unfortunately what,it does is it makes it so that,you have to have limited opportunities,for targeting so i'm going to get into,that in a second here,but what you have to do is click housing,because unfortunately over the years,mark zuckerberg has gotten into some,trouble with,facebook and targeting specific people,like you can see here,credit employment housing social issues,elections and politiks,i wish housing wasn't grouped into the,same thing but unfortunately it is so,we have to deal with it unfortunately,but ultimately,if you know how to run instagram ads the,right way which again i'll teach you in,the master class,you don't have to worry about this,because personally i actually,never used the targeting options that,people,raved about and said were the best,things and now that the,special ad categories into effect it's,taken away everything,those who actually know how to market,properly never,use those options in the first place,they use the stuff that i teach in that,master class,because there's better ways to target,people than just niching it down by a,smaller audience so,we're gonna go to housing and then click,lead generation,so we're gonna come down here and we're,going to name it so if you're naming it,lead generation for buyers and then what,i like to do is i like to put the date,so we're going to put you know,july 30th for example just so that you,can track it on,whenever you look at your homepage you,can track and see when you started it,just makes it very easy for tracking,now click continue so obviously you need,to select your facebook page so i've got,mine here mike gerard exp,realty and i have accepted the terms for,lead ads,so the difference with special ad,category now that we're in 2020 is the,fact that,previously you were able to adjust the,age,the gender and those were powerful,because,previously when you could adjust the age,we all know that,18 year olds are usually not buying or,selling properties,and also people over 65,might not be buying either so you could,filter out the people,that might not be looking to buy or sell,now you can't do that but,the crazy thing is is it doesn't really,matter because again i never used to,adjust that,so what you want to do is you want to,come down here and select your market so,what we'll do is we'll just use denver,as an example so we're going to select,denver colorado,and you can see that with the special ad,category you can't go,below 15 miles so the difference between,now and last year,is that you used to be able to go down,to a one mile radius,and you could actually drop a pin and go,down to a very small radius as well,now no matter if you drop a pin select a,city doesn't matter what you do you,cannot go,below a 15 mile radius again that,doesn't make a difference if you know,how to properly run,ads with things like retargeting which i,do explain,in that class so it doesn't matter now,you can't adjust the age,you can adjust the gender now with,detailed targeting,a couple things you can do i like to,split test things so,what i personally like to do is i like,to run one ad,targeting one specific target and one ad,targeting another specific target and,see which one performs the best because,what a lot of agents do is they just,blanket it put all their eggs in one,basket and they could be missing out on,a huge opportunity because you might,think,that targeting zillow is going to give,you the best results but,maybe targeting realtor.com will give,you better results so if you put,all of your eggs in one basket sometimes,that limits your potential,yes it is going to cause you to do one,extra step,in order to target something else but,ultimately that's gonna make sure that,if you're spending your hard earned,money on marketing,that you're actually spending it not,where you assume is gonna give you the,best results,but what is proven based on data to give,you the best results so,what i'll do for the sake of this is,i'll just type in zillow and we'll,target people,who are interested in zillow,so you can see here that in denver,that's about 400 000 people,and ultimately what this does when you,look at the zillow interest is it's,people that have,expressed online behavior that,basically shows that they're interested,in things related to real estate so if,they're browsing zillow if they're,browsing realtor.com,they're browsing trulia redfin whatever,they're looking at,ultimately this is going to signify and,raise a red flag based on facebook's,algorithm,that they're basically interested in,some sort of real estate so for this,buyers that lead for example,that's what we're going to target,now here's one thing that you really,need to be mindful of,is automatik placements now obviously,facebook's saying that this is,recommended,you know use automatik placements to,maximize your budget,and help show your ads to more people um,it's going to allocate it to where it's,best,likely to perform here's the thing is,facebook wants you to win,but they're also in the business of,making money so if they spread your ads,across a ton of different placements,yes you might get some leads but,ultimately,you could get better results if you know,specifically where to target based on,proven data so,because i've built my business on social,media,i know where to target and i think that,i can eliminate,a lot of the ambiguity and get rid of,the places that are proven,not to target by just going to manual,placements and the best thing you can do,is just leave facebook news feed,instagram feed,and marketplace but because we're,targeting instagram ads what we're going,to do here is we're going to

Video Ad Examples - Real Estate

in this video I want to take you through,some current Facebook video ad examples,from poster prop if you're a real estate,agent or loan officer you're going to,get a lot of value out of this first,thing the structure of the videos we,don't use a widescreen video like you,see here it's a square format that looks,better on mobile devices we get better,results from that you definitely want to,use that type of video than to open the,video you want to call out your audience,posed a question and then whatever the,offer is highlight the offer in the,video and then we finish it with age and,branding the agents photo and close it,with a call to action because we want,the video to generate leads this first,example is a custom video campaign we,created for an agent in Idaho we're,targeting buyers outside of the area in,California and entiking them with things,that people in California might be,interested in no traffic great schools,and highly affordable homes so let me,just play this for you and it has music,but I uted the music so again we like to,pose questions and call out the audience,provide highlights of whatever the offer,is and we've sliced up some video,content here and we do this with our pro,plan you can learn more about that at,post a prop this partikular video is,longer than most would like to keep them,around 20 to 25 seconds but we went a,little bit longer on this one so the,video again does a couple things number,one it's going to generate leads we're,gonna drive traffic from the video to,click and capture leads but the video,will also do more because everybody who,watches this video and maybe they're not,ready to click and become a lead but,they watch the video they're dropped in,a custom audience which you can use for,retargeting and I'm going to show you,that in just a moment with this next,video the next video comes from this ad,campaign and this is a screenshot from,March 30th 2020 and here are the last 14,days with there was,of the ad campaign this ad campaign,generated over 200 leads at just 10,bucks a day but the point we want to,make here is the value of the views and,this campaign I'm going to show you the,video in just a second full video views,over 2500 of them for just a hundred and,forty dollars ten bucks a day for two,weeks is the last 14 days cost per video,view only five cents so think about the,benefits here the agent ran this,campaign and only spent a hundred and,forty dollars over the last two weeks,number one they're promoting the,property number two building their brand,in their local market number three,generating leads at a cost-effective,manner,and then finally number four creating a,valuable custom audience of almost,twenty six hundred full video views at,just five cents each now what do you do,with these video views you could set up,and show retargeting ads to them which,is a series of follow up ads that are,really inexpensive to do and get great,results for you below this video we have,this screen shot so you can check this,out but just scroll down and check out,more and we explained the value of,retargeting okay now let me pull up that,video let me click play here and this is,a listing video ad campaign probably,about 20 seconds the video where we,highlight a few points about the,property show some nice photos and if we,have video we use that and then we close,it with the agents branding a quote from,the agent and then a call-to-action to,view the home and we want to use this,video again to drive traffic to click,and capture leads and then also the,video creates a custom audience here's a,campaign for alone,the server's also a real estate agent,for first-time buyers with the agents,branding throughout the video and we,close it the call to action and the,agents branding right there here's a,video ad example for an agent doing new,construction projects by the beach so,let me just play that one for you so we,have a lot of good images here for this,use mostly images and we also dropped in,some video on this and again and they,all have background music up tempo type,music and again generating leads at a,cost effective manner and building the,custom audience where these are highly,targeted people people who watch the,entire video dropped in a custom,audience and then you can use the custom,audience for follow-up retargeting ads,so to learn more about this these are,just a few examples again we do custom,video ad campaigns for real estate,agents and loan officers if you want,help with it we can do it it's,inexpensive and it will work for you,it'll do the three main things that you,want from a Facebook ad campaign instant,lead generation and do it cost,effectively build your brand in your,local market and finally the video will,create the valuable custom audience for,retargeting below this video we have,another example of a specific ad,campaign that we use for an agent custom,type campaign for an agent selling homes,by auction and the point is we do custom,work so whatever your needs are we could,help you if you sign up with the pro,plan we send you a survey we gather some,information from you and we create the,custom campaign for you you don't have,to do anything at all so do this scroll,down check out that video below let me,show you one more thing so right below,this video you'll see this one right,here so check that out show,this campaign and then we tok about the,retargeting from the cut from the video,views with a series of follow up ads,definitely check this out I'll show you,why it's so important to do more than,just a single ad campaign then below,that click this button for instant,access to this report to help you with,Facebook marketing and the benefits of,video kind of outlines what I toked,about today and then we have some,screenshots here first one from a seller,campaign right here just a couple months,ago and look at that video views 7800,local homeowners so it's again it's,generating leads and creating that,valuable custom audience and then below,that we have the results from one of the,videos that I showed you earlier right,here and this is really recent today,actually March 30th 2020 and you could,see full video views 2500 of them only 5,cents apiece so your cost will vary,depending on your location but 5 10 15,cents whatever it is it's going to,create a valuable custom audience that,you could tap into over and over again,which again will build your brand and,the follow up ads really do generate,high quality leads and then if you want,us to create it for you just click this,button right here our pro plan click,that will take you to this page right,here and just scroll down for more video,content and you could order it right,here total cost only $299 set up check,it out the pro plan from post to prop,any questions live chats right here


Best Facebook Ads Setup for Real Estate Agents 2022 (Real Ad Examples)

we got that out of the way let's look at,how facebook ads will drive hyper,focused traffic to your phone,facebook ads to fun,the secret that will shock 99 of real,estate agents,like like it will guaranteed shocking,um,remember no one wants to be sold to all,right but everyone loves to buy this is,true this is the same concept with,service-based businesses like real,estate,um no one wants to be like hey come buy,a house right now hey let's go steal,your house no one wants that if they,didn't make the decision themselves,but if the person feels though they,chose,they chose to go,and buy your buy a house or to sell,their house,and they go with you it's like they,chose to do it,in other words,stop using facebook like a digital,billboard because that's what people do,and you'll see in the next slides,um you have to be native about the ads,you post on facebook your ad should not,look any different than a post on,facebook,like like that tears,this is why i urge you to go to your,facebook and just grow just grow like,consume it the way you normally do,but every time you stop at a picture,or or post i mean look at it,screenshot it if you need to and and,wonder hmm why did i stop here what made,me stop,then go look at ads because of course,there's ads on there so look at the ads,and then just look and then identify the,ones that you just scroll right past,like square by passing like oh go back,down or scroll back down,the reason i scroll past or something,because it looked too edsy right,i'm about to put you guys on some,freaking game i swear oh god so,uh here are the current common examples,that real estate agents do,so these are two mock-ups i just,literally,used a mock-up generator and i put,created these but these are what i,commonly see melissa agents doing,um,the left side is a,direct hey,if you want to stress for your home,buying experience be sure to give me a,call now if you haven't notiked i was a,buyer's agent i like working with buyers,um however,um,i don't know i did work with yeah work,for more buyers and sellers okay,nevermind but i like being a buyer's,agent nonetheless,um but this works for sellers agents too,and i'll try to rework the copy um to,show you,and if you want a stress-free home,buying experience be sure to give me a,call all right pretty pretty,straightforward now this could work,and and,but it can't work for cold traffic it,can't work for cold traffic on facebook,however,this could be a good retargeting ad for,people that's touched me that said like,that touched me,people that touched my brand,i touched my brand,um,a few times,so therefore this could work but,won't work for code traffic which is the,traffic that you're typically going to,get,so then okay let's try to provide value,right so that's where the second one,comes in here on the um on the right,side of the screen learn how to learn,how the home buying process goes in,order to make the process as stressless,for you as possible,home buying process cheat sheet,free access download your cheat sheet,now,cool,might work,it's providing some value it should work,a little bit better for code traffic,than the other than the other one,but,it's still too edsy it's still not going,to convert and um actually so,fun fact actually use this as an ad not,this specific the specific wording but,this was an ad and it actually converted,poorly because of this however i do,split tests which is um pretty much,you're just doing the exact same thing,but you're changing like one,one aspect of it so maybe i for this one,i changed the image and the image was,just actually a picture of me,and that was it and that actually,converted significantly higher and,getting people to download that cheat,sheet,these are the ads you need to be doing,like ah gosh i can't i can't make this,up so the one on the left um with the,breaking news that was an actual ad i,ran,i believe it was in,end of june or beginning of july um,literally the the the serious one the,second one um i just literally copied,and pasted and changed the image just to,show you guys again a mock-up,these are actual stats 237 likes,or reactions 56 comments 78 shares,again for the second one it's i just,literally changed the image so i can,show you guys nonetheless,um,legitimate,the best way to reach people,on facebook through your ads because,like studies have shown,that,news and editorial looking artikles,stop people in their tracks on facebook,there you go that's the gym right there,so how does how does one do that in real,estate,here you go,if you look at the caption sorry let's,look at the image first so look at the,one on the left breaking news home sales,dip 4 in june,what that means for buyers,and then right out of that you can't,read it but pretty much it says expert,says,um the housing market is,cooling down a little,pretty pretty much it just says this,repeats what it says at the south home,sales dip four percent in june what that,means for home buyers,um then if you look at the uh copy under,it pretty much it says how to buy your,home for less than asking and come out,on top now this actually linked to a,blog post um a membership blog post on,my website,where i ended up,using that to get bring in leads,um,and and then turn them into members of,my site which they quote but they were,members of my site and then i actually,used that to send them marketing update,emails and um,yeah it worked it worked amazingly um,but attention,and then at the actual copy of the post,attention all aspiring home buyers now,remember the post would not actually be,this long when they're scrolling um,until they hit the see more right so the,first i think let's see uh where it,where the second pair or the second yeah,second paragraph ends that's pretty much,where we're so after where it says last,two years that's where you're gonna see,that see more right so the first two,i guess paragraphs of the first few,lines have to be entiking enough to get,them to click to see more right,so attention all aspiring home buyers,they've shown that a massive decline in,home sales across the air uh across the,area so now i i specified,even though this is already this ad is,already going out to people in the area,i want to show them like look this is,about you so,let's say the area was on,phoenix arizona sorry phoenix uh atlanta,el paso decatur huntsville wherever,that's what you will put there of course,my area was huntsville,however now is the time for buyers to,buy uh to be able to apply pressure on,these sellers and get some great deals,and even with higher interest rates,buyers could still get into home,ownership and simply refinance their,refinance when weights,when rates get lower,you can't do that really so what i ended,up doing,is i'm pretty much,in this post letting them know like like,like giving them gems i'm giving them,nothing but pure value here i'm not,telling them to buy for me i'm just,going to sell with me honestly i don't,do anything with me i am just literally,giving them nothing but pure value and,giving them a um,the ways in which this can benefit them,to learn more about what is fueling this,decline in home sales and what has um,sellers shaking in fear head to the link,below and they'll get a link to this ad,to where the slabs learn more going to,go now let me go back and go back,if you see the button that says contact,us,those suck they do not work what do not,work well do not convert well on,facebook for code traffic,learn more,converts,significantly more and if you can use,that for just all your ads you will see,a huge change in your ads,now i just read the whole copy out to,you go to the right now the reason i did,the one on the right is just to show you,how you don't have to have a breaking,news one to work you can use well,breaking news image you can use just an,image of a city can i make this up this,is phoenix arizona skyline if i'm,correct,this ad would have been ran in in,huntsville it still would have worked,guaranteed again i don't know beca

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The Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate in 2023!

how the top people in the world do it,and we're toking about Mr Beast because,I love Mr Beast,the number one YouTuber in the world not,even 120 million subscribers each video,gets millions of views this is the,number one Entertainer in the world,there is nobody bigger than Mr Beast now,do you see any words on the graphics,[Music],do you I say day 97 is the only one this,tells me a little bit on the title this,should be,what these ads,look like,but yet they don't because unfortunately,we still approach real estate like it's,selling and it's not we're storytelling,we're trying to engage people whether,it's fighting images,or whether it's by actual video,[Music],are you ready we're gonna be toking,about Facebook Facebook ads scripts,funnels all the good stuff here,I want to know who here,has run a Facebook ad whether it's a,boosted ad whether it's a a lead ad or,just a regular type of ad with a picture,and said hey go to this website I want,to yeses and I want knows,Diane is the first one to tell me yes,Diane you win,an emoji that's a cookie so I'll throw,that in there a little later,but,Susan yes I did oh so we got a lot of,yeses gurpreet I did yes yes yup yup,boosted regular okay okay okay now next,question because it'll set the tone for,us,Tiffany's the only one who hasn't no,problem Tiffany we're gonna help you out,what has been your feeling about it it's,hard to gauge success from just,um an answering on a webinar but I want,to know what has been your feeling on it,you like it you don't like it you've,seen some type of a success on it and,I'm getting Diane you're like on fire on,responding quickly I might give you,double cookies here,uh you want to do better all right I,like that here's an opportunity as,you're answering I wanna yes no it sucks,it's amazing that's the answers I want,because a lot of marketers are jumping,out of Facebook right now which gives us,a massive opportunity to jump in or jump,back in because the prices are lower and,the opportunity is still there because,guess what Facebook is still the third,most visited website in the world,and the audience there typically owns a,home already so they're either going to,upgrade or they're going to downsize,and with that I've got Gus Castro he's,the CEO founder of power Isa they do,more than isas but that's what it all,started from I've known him for years I,use his virtual assistant company and,I've been using them for about three,years now they're amazing Gus welcome to,the show man awesome thank you so much,you know a real joy to be here you know,uh with someone like Tristan who is not,just a really good marketer he's Mr CMO,let's just say that right I've been on,one of these in a while with You Tristan,so congrats on that congrats on that,right so you guys are getting a super,expert opinion here today but you know I,I love the topic and I'm really,passionate about this topic not only,because my company power Isa has called,through 250,000 uh Facebook leads over the last you,know I think probably 18 months uh but,but you learn a lot from following up,with these leads because it eventually,leads up the funnel too okay we're just,going come from right because not all,you know campaigns are are created equal,right not All Leads come out the exact,same way right the the funnel starts the,funnel starts with that ad it starts,with the ad it doesn't end there and I'm,going to tok about that too right,there's a there's there's a work to be,done once you're done with the ad yeah,it is part of the problem it's not the,full equation but but it starts there,right it starts there so I've made you,know a whole slide deck and I want to,also break out you know the the face The,Meta let me sorry Facebook you know old,habits die hard The Meta ads manager The,Meta ads manager that's the new you know,way we call Facebook ads manager so I,want to look at that real quick too but,have a lot of content here today uh but,but I want to set the table right I want,to set the table with the kind of,opportunity that is out there like,Tristan said number three most visited,website you know in in the world right,still Facebook and Instagram together,the top social network out there right,still the number one social network and,there's a lot of news about Facebook and,the competitors and all this and all,that stuff is true I'm just telling you,the facts of right now right still the,number one social network out there and,it's got people that are in grade school,and it's got my dad who's 76 and like,loves it me right so it's a weird,environment where there's so many people,on it right it's really interesting and,when you spread it out Instagram versus,Facebook also really interesting how,that breaks out but lucky for you guys,we're toking about both you kind of get,both both two for one you're toking,about ads and I'll tok about that a,little bit more but let me let me go,ahead and share my screen just don't,jump in and you can jump in buddy,whenever you see something interesting,go for it because I want I love getting,your take on this kind of oh yeah I'm,gonna I'll interrupt you a few times,yeah definitely I'm looking forward to,that so here we go so so this is I I,love this chart right I love I love,charts that go straight down to zero,Gus already this looks like the current,real estate market I know right exactly,this is this is my direction about the,same thing here this is bioactivity in,Malibu you know that's terrible stop it,so so you know this is what this shows,is a similar reaction to that but this,is like the typical amount of leads that,you would get on your website from,organic sources right people come into,your website without ads and this is,like a national number and it tanked you,know a few years ago like people would,get a bunch of results from SEO it was,all about hacking the SEO and getting,more SEO and then suddenly holy cow SEO,got much more challenging does it I,wonder if anyone knows what happened,something around 2016 2017. if you don't,know what happened,these little companies called Zillow,Redfin Trulia,decided to dominate The Organic search,results for Real Estate right and just,push the button and then you own,everything suddenly right all of the the,most common organic Search terms were,realistik BK you can tell from this,chart when they did it right when it,became like 2013 2014 time friendly,started and then organic search results,went into the toilet for most real,estate agents okay it was harder just,became harder to get organic leads,coming to your website much much harder,after those years right online leads,this is data from Nar right this is from,2020 but this has only gotten probably,more interesting 53 of home sales,happened with the previous agent which,meant 43 of home sales,the person didn't use the previous agent,right like hey that I I always think,that's an interesting piece of,information right 47 of transactions the,the the parties did not use their,previous agent which I always I always,harp on the agents for not following up,with their clients but that's all the,other side of that equation is that,there's an opportunity there right to,get transactions from these folks and I,love this data the number one thing I,love from this uh picture here just to,70 of the silent generation looks for,homes online okay,of the silent generation this is like,people's grandparents this is my dad it,was almost 18 years old he's almost 80,years old and he's on Facebook,yeah he loves looking at real estate,online right just you know whether it's,like a vacation home or or like an,investment or like managing he manages,rental property so man the guy's like,all in and he's like he's 80 years old,right he's 80 years old and he's rocking,it 90 you know not a surprise that 99 of,Millennials are looking for homes online,but but the trend is clear guys the,trend is clear really really important,to be online and to be generating leads,from the internet very very clear very,it's almost like I'm p

7 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

marketing is always evolving and what,got you from point a,to point b is not necessarily what's,gonna get you from point b,to point c so we as agents have to,evolve,now by the end of this video you're,gonna have seven rock solid,social media marketing ideas for your,real estate business,for the best in lead generation and,marketing strategies for women in real,estate,subscribe to my channel and then hit the,bell to be notified when i post a new,video if we haven't met yet my name is,amberjoy,i've had the honor to coach hundreds of,agents on the latest in tiknology to,build a referral based,business and as i speak all over the,country i get to mastermind with top,marketers and i love to bring the ideas,that have worked so well for me,and for them back to you so let's get,into the seven,rock solid social media marketing ideas,number one is automating your social,media posts,now part of your marketing strategy,should be that you are consistently,posting on social media,now i'm not toking about when i say,automation just,hiring someone and do a set it and,forget it what i'm toking about here,is utilizing tools that allow you to,pre-plan your social media content for,the day,for the week or even a month in advance,this way when the day gets away from you,because you've had,extra appointments or you're lead,generating hopefully,then you know for a fact that that day,you're going to have a great social,media post hitting all of your channels,because you've taken the time to,pre-plan out your content,now these tools are companies like,hootsuite or,buffer there's many more and usually,they cost around ten dollars or less a,month,so go check it out number two is to,create an irresistible lead magnet to,collect new leads now i love this one,i have found it to be so effective for,my team but basically what it is is,you're going to create a pdf or an,e-book of free information in exchange,for emails and why are emails so,important because if your email list,doesn't grow,then neither does your business now what,should you make the lead magnet on well,what you want to do is consider,who is your ideal client what are the,challenges or information that those,people,need and you're going to want to create,a solution for them,inside of that lead magnet so really,you're focused on,solving their problems now when trying,to come up with what lead magnet you're,going to do,make sure that you are consumer focused,realtor focus because a lot of the,things that we think will be valuable to,the customer,is not actually what they have on their,mind for example,it is great to give them things that,happen during the real estate,transactions like,how to purchase a home or how to,save thousands when listing your home,but we can't stop,there we actually need to be offering,things of value,that may not have to do with the actual,real estate transaction,that's what's going to attract someone,for leads in the pipeline later on,so for example if you are trying to,gain traction and get new names for,potential clients in a partikular area,get,really hyper local let's say it's frisco,texas for example your pdf or your lead,magnet could be the top,five mexican restaurants in frisco texas,i guarantee that would be a popular lead,magnet that a lot of people would want,to read,so also consider things for their kids,like the top three summer camps to go to,in frisco texas,so think outside the box but before you,put that lead magnet out there,ask yourself is this attracting my ideal,client,am i solving a problem or providing a,value for them,number three is consider going niche,some of you might say,niche because broad is broke,niche is rich they also say that there's,uh,riches in the niches because this is a,big one you guys,i know for me personally i was a little,intimidated to pick,a niche because if i really niched it,down,to that i only wanted to or that my,ideal client was a,doctor or a veteran or a first time home,buyer,i felt like if i really niched down that,far,that i would be excluding everyone else,and that was business that i needed,and you need to not fear this because,it's not,saying you have to turn people down that,are outside of that niche,but the more niche you get in your,marketing message,the bigger impact it's going to make,whereas if you sound the same as,everyone,very few people are going to see it so,you go from being in a,large what we call red ocean or bloody,ocean,to a blue ocean because you have,really niched it down to a specific,audience that you're trying to serve so,there's going to be less people in that,pool trying to go after that person,so by niching down you can really make,yourself,memorable now when i say niche i don't,think,gimmicky okay think of an exact person,that you,want to serve who is that ideal client,is it new builds is it senior citizens,is it veterans because keep in mind if,you're trying to tok to,everyone in marketing they say that,you're actually toking,to no one so really consider niching,down that marketing strategy to one,group to really set yourself apart from,the competition,number four is make video part of your,realtor marketing strategy,you guys video is king in marketing,there is no doubt,about that video is dynamic and engaging,when it comes to attracting new leads,not to mention video performs really,well,on most social media algorithms and,video,will just allow you to get a lot more,engagement this is why tik-tok is such,a big,deal right now because you can only use,video and let's face it because so many,agents just aren't,willing to do video it separates you,from the competition,need i say more now what if any is your,biggest,challenge around adding video to your,marketing strategy i'm just curious let,me know in the comments,all right let's move on to number five,which is showcase,expensive listings otherwise known as,luxury listings now we live in a,generation that just,loves to look at luxury homes i know i,do,so what is that area that you really,want to be known for,and go feature expensive or luxury,listings,in that area now you may be saying well,i don't have any listings in that area,so all you need to do you guys is really,get permission from those that are,listing property to be able to feature,their properties,on your social media channels now this,helps them to bring more buyers and for,you to potentially bring a buyer to them,you can also feature model homes and,luxury custom home builders in that area,because if you want to start attracting,sellers and buyers in the luxury market,then you must be featuring luxury,listing on your social media channels,now in these luxury listings not only,will you just feature what is available,but you can also give your perspective,on the home and even feature the latest,trends,want to know a powerful example of this,there is a realtor on tiktok who is,featuring,luxury listings on his uh tiktok channel,and he has 115,000 followers and 2.1,million likes and he's only been on the,platform for,three months wow people want to see,luxury listings they want to see what,they can get for what price and in what,area,and somewhere in all of those followings,they will,attract some luxury leads number six is,respond to the comments that people,are putting on your social media post,now this is so,important somebody took the time to read,your post or listen to your video,and even engage with you you want to,quickly respond because,the worst thing to do is just broadcast,only but not,actually engage back with those that are,interested in following you,now the comments section is a great,place to get to know your followers,and your readers ask great questions and,then,listen so you can get to know their,wants and needs,now something to keep in mind when you,are commenting,is you're not just toking to them,because these comments or replies,are public you are not only toking to,them but you're actually setting the bar,for everyone else and to see how you,handle things,so for example if somebody el

Real Estate Ad Examples For Seller Leads

that's a Medicare and today in this,video I'm going to show you summer and,examples now you can use these ads to,get leads on Facebook and Instagram get,seven leads for yourself and hopefully,close them as listing agreements now as,I mentioned in my previous video I,showed you the examples for buyers how,to run by assad's and how do they look,like what copy do I put images to use,how do buyer ad examples look like that,you are know on Facebook Instagram to,get bad leads I have the link to that,video down in the description as well as,there will be a bar open up there you,can click and watch that but today it's,all about sellers how to get sevens how,to run ads to get settled leads and what,should the ads look like so I'm not,going to go over exactly how to run ads,but I'm going to show you how to design,the ads how do they look like where is,the ad copy where is the offer that you,should put in front of them to get them,as leads and what you see in front of,you is one of these celluloid examples,that I'm running right now for one of my,clients these are live examples DUI,examples that we are getting leads on,okay so I am going to show you one,example this one and then one here and,the one here so buckle your seatbelts,it's going to be an awesome ride you can,see a lot of golden nuggets so as again,God will always tell you the job of,image is just to get the person to stop,scrolling okay that's it rest of,everything has to be done through your,ad copy okay that's the most important,thing because they're gonna scroll,they're going to stop okay they're gonna,see okay this is a house for sale,probably all you know five inexpensive,ways to increase your home's value and,if I am a homeowner it's going to catch,my eye and then I'm going to go kill all,I read what's it all about,so if I cannot convince my prospect head,from my ad copy he is not going to,convert it and there has been some,cookie cutter ways just to write the,script and,get them to you know get them as a lead,like for example this one,Atlanta Georgia owners homeowners do you,want to increase the value of your home,addressing their pain point get my tips,by clicking learn more below I have,compiled a free profile simple house I,taught my class to raise the value of,their home before selling get matters,were clicking so it's very short its,crisp it's asking them exactly to get,their information but the problem is,that this has been used by a lot of,people and I'm not saying that this work,this is working really well for us,even today because of the way we target,because like the ad spend the,optimization that we are doing on the,back end you're still getting really,awesome leads as a really awesome price,but if everyone is doing this and you,want to increase the quality of the lead,because many of people who would be,signing up for this you know maybe,people we just want these 5 tips right,and maybe they have a listing agreement,already with another agent but they want,to check this out and get these these,these these lists so it's not always,like this but it may happen and it's,always a numbers game if you get 10 days,two of them are like them then eight of,them might be qualified all of them,might be called for even had one is of,one of them is qualified and there's a,listing agreement with you that's all,that you should care about so again I,first have an image that is bright that,has contrast that can stop the scroll,that can get the attention of your,prospect okay five inexpensive ways to,increase your home's value have it on,contrasted way have the actual image of,the house within your area so it will,feel familiar and then we'll scroll back,then you can have hey Atlanta Georgia,owners so it will be their geographical,location so they okay this is about,knowledge say this is about my County so,I wanna meet and then it's like do you,want to increase addressing the pinpoint,value of your home and then I just read,you can read your self so this is number,deliberate test that I've been running,has been working really well for me and,I believe that the quality of the needs,is much higher than this ad just because,it's not right on from the get-go is,kind of you know giving them out the,lead magnet its first planning them up,its first wrapping them up and and it's,doing that by by asking them you know of,series of questions by asking them,addressing C's of their pain points and,I will read it for you so and the reason,valve used this immature instead of a,house image is because I again I'm,trying to increase the quality of the,lead that I get I'm trying to increase -,I'm trying to get the genuine real,sellers actually home houses and are,willing to work with me to do a listing,agreement with me so I can go out and,this little clip them as a lead to,appraisals I can give them out tips on,the top to build my rapport of trust but,on the other hand how I want to do their,appraisal of the house and I wanna get,listing agreements so this is the,approach here so everything is designed,by keeping that in mind to increase the,quality of the lead right from the,get-go and really really get these,people to apply it with me just because,I can address their accepting points and,that's the quality of treat that you,should be going after as well so you can,see here the headlines the description,the picture everything is on purpose so,why am I using to you distress them in,here the reason is because it's a it's,number one facebook favors if you have,some human some natural things going on,and your ads Facebook knows exactly,what's in the art if there are humans of,their trees quotes if they even know,what kind of clothes your people are,wearing so Facebook kind of how should I,put this they kind of incentivize these,kind of images in which there are humans,because if you're watching showing off,your art or wherever you're more in,trying to wash that story or people,or stories or images whether we're your,friends or whoever has the face image,you love them more so that those grab,your attention which is why Facebook,favors them and which is why I've used,them but I have used that for purpose,I'm using a distress one because when I,read the ad copy it's going to match,with my ad image because I'm toking,about sellers who are distressed you,know the agents who did the listing,agreements with them inaudible to sell,the house and whatnot I'm going to get,into that and and also I don't wanna,leave people on the table when they see,their image it's a shocker just stop,there and maybe some people will score,that so I want to give them enough chunk,here like grab 5 tips that I have my,constant is the value of their house,these tips are easy cheap to implement,and makes you sell faster at a higher,pace addressing the people right from,the get-go so when if the lazy down,scroll back they can just take it all,away right and they can put the,information to get this stuff and the,great thing about Facebook does is that,it already has pre-populated information,of your prospects all they have to do is,click Next and will submit and no two,people can submit the same form so the,deduplication is also radical in here so,let's go and let's break down this ad,example so we see people who have,distressed and like okay what is this on,all read about this and this is they say,I don't believe anyone in your state is,doing this but this is what I have,introduced it's called long-form copy in,which I will build up the momentum and,then ask them for anything so it's like,hey Homer suffers the CDR discs or back,then you see Homo if land is larger then,they okay this is about my city well,what's happening there and i'ma and keep,in mind that on a on a homeowner so are,you getting offers for your house under,its true value which is one of the main,pain points of these homeowners do all,the agents you've come into contact with,can't seem to find a buyer who would,really appreciate your house and pay you,the price you deserve again the exact