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real estate carousel ads

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss how to build a Facebook carousel ad from the perspective of a real estate professional. A carousel ad is an ad on Facebook that contains multiple cards, each with its own button that can lead to a different webpage. We will focus on creating a carousel ad that takes into account how consumer desires and behaviors have shifted in 2020, particularly in relation to homes with pools, large backyards, bonus rooms, home offices, and faster internet connectivity.

Here are the steps to create a Facebook carousel ad for real estate:

1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager and create a new campaign under the special ad categories for real estate listings.

2. Choose the marketing objective of traffic to drive clicks to a specific webpage.

3. Specify your target audience based on location, age, gender, and other demographics.

4. Set a budget and schedule for your ad.

5. Choose the carousel format and add multiple cards with images or videos that showcase homes with pools, large backyards, bonus rooms, home offices, and faster internet connectivity.

6. Add text and a call-to-action button to each card that leads to a specific webpage on your website.

By following these steps, real estate professionals can create a carousel ad that targets consumers with specific desires and behaviors related to homes in 2020. The ad can drive traffic to a specific webpage where potential buyers can browse listings and save searches. With effective follow-up and lead nurturing, real estate professionals can convert these leads into clients.

How to Build a Facebook Carousel Ad with Canva for Real Estate Agents

How to Build a Facebook Carousel Ad for Your Real Estate Business Using Canva

Today we are going to learn how to build a Facebook carousel ad using Canva for your real estate business page.


1. Open Canva and select the Facebook Post template.

2. Choose a post with text that works for your real estate ad and delete the background.

3. Duplicate the page to create five slides for your carousel ad.

4. Import photos of your new listings into Canva and rearrange them in a linear fashion.

5. Add highlights and calls to action to each slide, such as acreage, location, and features.

6. Use the company's logo to display the broker's ownership prominently.

7. Download the slides as PNGs and upload them to your property folder.

Creating a Facebook carousel ad using Canva is an effective way to advertise your real estate business. By taking consumers through a linear tour of your listings, you can catch their attention and encourage them to interact with your ad. Remember to be upfront about any property details, such as as-is conditions, to avoid contract issues down the line. Happy advertising!

How To Make A Seamless Instagram Carousel Ad In Canva (Step By Step) - Real Estate Advertising

How to Use Carousel Ads to Generate Leads

If you're looking for a new way to generate leads, then this video is specific for you because I'm going to show you how to use carousel ads to get and generate leads that would have people pounding at your door.

Why Create a Carousel Ad:

Carousel ads grab attention, create curiosity, and they're also new. You don't really see people creating carousel ads like this.

Questions to Answer Before Creating a Carousel Ad:

1. Who is your target audience?

2. What problem is this target market facing?

3. What is the solution for that problem?

4. What are the next steps once someone gets to the end of the carousel ad?

How to Build a Carousel Ad:

1. Figure out your colors.

2. Use canva to create your carousel ad.

3. Use images with transparent backgrounds to make your carousel ad more professional.

4. Answer the questions mentioned earlier.

5. Use the copy format provided in the video to lay out your carousel ad.

6. Use canva to drag and drop the images and text.

7. Make sure everything is aligned and cropped perfectly.

8. Keep A/B testing the headlines until you get the desired results.

Carousel ads are a new and unique way to generate leads. By answering the right questions and using canva, you can create a professional-looking carousel ad that will attract leads. Keep A/B testing your headlines until you get the desired results.

❤️How To Promote a Real Estate Listing on Pinterest [Bonus Carousel Ad]

Today we are going to create a pin for a new real estate listing and we will go over the steps of creating a pin on Pinterest.


1. Click on the little plus sign to create a new pin.

2. Title the pin with the address of the property and include any additional information such as price, phone number, or hashtags.

3. Add a general description and include relevant keywords and hashtags.

4. Choose a destination link for the pin, such as a landing page for lead capture, blog post, or video.

5. Upload images or videos for the pin, either from the website or by dragging and dropping.

6. Brand your images with your logo or watermark.

7. Select the board to pin on and click publish.

8. Promote the pin by selecting a daily budget, campaign length, and targeting keywords.

9. Monitor traffic to the website through the Ads Manager.

Creating a pin on Pinterest is an easy and effective way to generate traffic to a real estate listing. By following these simple steps and promoting the pin through targeting keywords, one can increase their visibility and reach potential buyers.

How To Showcase Your Real Estate Listings With A Carousel (Ad) Style Facebook Page Post

Creating a Unique Facebook Post for Real Estate Agents

In this article, we will discuss how real estate agents can create a unique post for their Facebook page that will stand out from other posts and capture people's attention. This post will look like a Facebook ad and can help drive traffic to specific landing pages or property listings.

How to Create a Carousel Style Post:

1. Open Facebook Creator Studio or go to your Facebook page and click on Create Post.

2. Click on Multimedia and select Create Photo Carousel.

3. Add your text copy and click on the destination URL.

4. Upload your images and reorder them by dragging and dropping.

5. Add captions and different destination URLs for each image.

6. Preview and publish or schedule your post.

Tips for Creating a Successful Post:

- Use actionable text copy to grab people's attention and drive them to a specific page on your website or for different property listings.

- Include a call to action in your post.

- Use Creator Studio to control, schedule, and organize your posts.

- Double-check your destination URLs before publishing.

Creating a carousel style post on Facebook can help real estate agents stand out and drive traffic to their landing pages or property listings. By following these simple steps, you can create a unique and effective post that will capture people's attention and help you sell properties fast.

How to Create Facebook Carousel Ads (NEW Layout Full Tutorial)

In this video, we will learn how to create a Facebook carousel ad in 2021 in the easiest way possible. By using this ad format, you can use multiple images to promote multiple pages and offers or add more images for branding to a specific product. Let's get started!


1. Open your Facebook Ads Manager and click on Create.

2. Choose your campaign objective, such as traffic, and continue.

3. Set up your campaign like you normally would, including budget and targeting.

4. Click on New Ad to set up your Facebook carousel ad.

5. Select Carousel as your ad format.

6. Add creatives by selecting images, adding headlines and descriptions, and a specific website URL.

7. You can add up to 10 different images.

8. Set up your call-to-action and finish setting up your ad campaign.

Creating a Facebook carousel ad is an easy way to promote multiple pages and offers or showcase a specific product. By following these simple steps, you can create an effective ad campaign in no time. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

How To Create Facebook Carousel Ads (FULL Tutorial + Ad Ideas)

Did you know that carousel ads have a 72% higher click-through rate than single image ads, and they drive a 30 to 50% lower cost per conversion and 20 to 30% lower cost per click than domain ads? If you're looking for a way to up your Facebook advertising game and start driving more results at a lower cost, Facebook carousel ads could be just the thing that your campaign needs. So stick around because today I'm showing you how to create Facebook carousel ads with setup best practices, and at the end, I'm sharing carousel ideas for your business to use because they're not just for e-commerce.

Facebook carousel ads are high performers. In this article, we'll define what Facebook carousel ads are, show you how to set them up, and give you some ideas for your business to use.

Defining Facebook Carousel Ads:

Facebook carousel ads let you show two or more images and/or videos in a single ad, each with its own headline, description, link, and call to action. People swipe on their mobile device or click the arrows on their computer screen to scroll through a carousel. Essentially, it lets you use multiple creatives all in one ad, and you can use the cards to show different pictures, different videos, or the cards can make up one big image.

How to Set Up Facebook Carousel Ads:

1. Head to business.facebook.com/ads manager and hit the green create button.

2. Choose the campaign that best fits your goal.

3. Set up your campaign settings, budget, schedule, and target audience.

4. Choose your placement from the remaining compatible placements.

5. Click the blue next button to get to the ad level.

6. Make sure you have the correct Facebook business page and/or Instagram account that you want selected.

7. Scroll down to the ad setup and choose the manual option under format.

8. Choose the images, videos, and links for each card.

9. Add a headline, description, and CTA for each card.

10. Hit the green publish button.

Facebook Carousel Ad Ideas for Your Business:

1. Display your products

2. Use each card to display a service

3. Paint a story from your consumer's perspective

4. Use all the cards to make one big picture

5. Take one of your how-to blog posts and use each card as a step.

Facebook carousel ads are a great way to drive more results at a lower cost. By following these setup best practices and utilizing some of these carousel ideas for your business, you can start seeing the benefits of using Facebook carousel ads in your advertising campaigns.

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