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Real Estate Leads Using Video - Trevor Jones Video Masterclass - Video Content

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

Real Estate Leads Using Video - Trevor Jones Video Masterclass - Video Content

Real Estate Leads Using Video - Trevor Jones Video Masterclass - Video Content

anytime the thinker Real Estate Advisors
welcome back to the channel
today's Eppler class features none other
than Trevor Jones world-class wizard
with video term has taken the 18 years
of experience he has in Hollywood
working on films such as a Marvel series
and Disney and is applied into his real
estate business which has exploded
dramatikally today he shares how to get
started with video how to expand your
reach but most importantly how to get
views and convert those into business
make sure to stay to the end where he
gives his 7 day game plan on what he
would do if you were to start all over
again today as always let me know what
your takeaway was in the comment section
enjoy alright welcome to today's echoes
masterclass so welcome back and thank
you so much for being here today we have
Trevor Jones video extraordinaire how
are you Trevor I'm fantastik thanks for
having coming no absolutely thank you so
much so I created this poll within my
Facebook group asking you know what
topic should be cover we've covered a
wide array but video just you know just
kept coming up so that was the number
one requested type of content so
whenever I thought about video I
automatikally thought of you and this
isn't just a I'm not saying that because
you're on the other side of the screen
I genuinely believe that I follow your I
follow your work where that's on
Facebook everything that you're doing
over there everything that you're doing
on YouTube so I'm consuming what you're
putting down so I appreciate everything
that you do for the audience
Thanks appreciate a minute so with the
echo masterclass really what we're
trying to ride that is as much practikal
and actionable content as possible so
just to get everybody up to speed came
to us a little bit about your your
history kind of and what you're doing
right now yeah my background I spent 18
years of Hollywood in Hollywood at first
two years I was teaching editing
physically in Hollywood and then I would
tik and I've evolved into become a
full-time editor and for the last eight
or nine years that I was creating
marketing content for Disney and Marvel
so I'm sitting in a room about this size
editing all day we'd get the
we get the raw footage from Pirates of
the Caribbean you know you know six
months before its release and we start
putting stuff together you'd get the
green screen stuff from thorns or
putting stuff together and eventually
get the whole movie in and do complete
spots and so I I did that for you know
that was in the entertainment history
for eighteen years and it was fun it was
a good gig but the last few years before
before I left I'm like hey guys how
about that raise and they're like yeah
that's pretty much how we're gonna pay
an editor with that business model I'm
like okay I'm probably making more than
my producer there's nowhere to go here
and my wife and I got a real estate
licenses I was you know part time
helping her while she was kind of
full-time that was about four years ago
and then September 2017 got laid off
didn't even I was on my way out there I
wasn't ready to do real estate full-time
I thought it'd be another few months but
they laid me out cuz things slowed down
a little bit there didn't even look for
another job I jumped right into real
estate and we went all-in on video and
so 2018 was our first year full-time in
real estate we had a fantastik year and
now besides doing real estate full-time
I'm also burning the midnight candle
creating video content for real estate
agents so I can show them how to use
video as I as I mentioned you earlier
before we went live we didn't do cold
calling no fizzbuzz no expired none of
SF we didn't have a neighbor who or door
knock or do anything all we did was open
houses and video just staying in front
of our sphere and it's it's worked out
great and and we love it we just we keep
getting business like it's it's it's
almost like magic and a lot of people
think oh you were prospecting with video
and not not really I know my friend
Karen Carr she's getting she's getting
calls off of YouTube because she's
making these videos it which are great
and ours is more staying in front of our
sphere constantly so don't think of
anybody else we also get referrals
because I'm out there in front of the
whole world putting my content out there
we did you know 40 50 thousand dollars
with a referral business last year it's
it's getting yourself out there
constantly being in front of everybody
all the time whether it's on YouTube
Facebook Twitter Linkedin emailing your
database and do all those things you
want to be in front of everybody all the
time people sometimes think oh it's too
much you're everywhere it's like dude
you want to be this Gary Vee does Grant
Cardone go I'm out there too much I'm
afraid no in there monsters worth
millions and millions and millions of
dollars because their eyes are
constantly are you gonna offend somebody
people gonna think you're too much yeah
so I then there is a lot of people on
the planet well I had one of my favorite
sayings is if you try to please everyone
you please no one so don't worry about
being all vanilla and all professional
and pleasing everyone I mean my first
bit of action --all advice right now
besides all the stuff I just said was is
be yourself man be out there be open be
energetik be that exciting human being
that you are when you're with your
family and people you love when you're
on camera because it's gonna get a lot
more interaction if you're if you're
this guy's like hey it's Trevor it's
March and it's time for the March market
update and you know that home prices are
probably gonna go up 3% this year like
people are out dude they're gone you
gotta go dude guess what's happening to
mark it's an amazing time to get a house
right now you know why interest rates
are ridiculous it's four and a half
percent when I was a kid there were 12
percent you're gonna save $1,000 a month
on the house I mean you got to be you
got to be understanding and it sounds
like as I go a little over the top but
let me tell you dude on camera people
think they're being energetik and
they're not you got a double and triple
your energy to get in front of people
$100 I mean I I was from professional
voice actor in fact I just did did some
voiceover for a new cars movie - no I
can't I can't see new movie but it's a
new dizzy it's not cars it's a new dizzy
out and I just got notes for like hate
for every they got it some changes and I
took voice acting lesson you know ten
years ago and I thought oh boy sover
that's got to be professional this is
Trevor toking about Captain America
Civil War is like no you gotta tok like
a human you know
yeah if you can yeah you've got to tok
like a regular human and be you have to
choose an emotion my coach Nancy Wolfson
this great coach she coaches a lot of
people I deliver my stuff all
professional and stodgy is like Trevor
like pick a color choose an emotion dude
no cuz I was like you afraid I just gave
you all my words right like a person
with some emotion so another tip shoes
into motion we're delivering your
content before you ever before even
touch the script before even pick up a
what do I want them to feel when they
watch my video now do i my just
deliberate if you're just delivering
information dude they're they're gone
nobody very few people want are gonna go
click on your video well let me see what
interest rates are this week or let me
see if the markets going up or down
there they want to feel something you
want them to feel maybe excited
maybe scared maybe it's a video to make
you connect with them because as you
know in this business it's all about
know like trust right you hear that all
the time 100 percent how do you get
people to know like and trust you you be
a regular person with regular problems
regular issues with dogs and kids scream
in the background just be that regular
guy like oh he's yeah he's on to youtube
so he must be famous right but he's a
regular person just like me you know
yeah anywhere there's there's my first
first pieces of wisdom no that's awesome
so thank you so much for that and right
before we came on I I this is a perfect
illustration of it I mention to you that
people are gonna see the contrast
between a professional ie you and
there's a guy that's over here like if I
can make it if you will anybody can make
it and I mean just yeah I mean that's
about it there's a lot of people like
well no I don't want to be in front of
camera I'm an introvert bite I mean I'm
an introvert period point blank that's
it but with this it's it feels
comfortable if those natural and yeah
this is my contents not gonna fit
everybody but I don't need it right
right and you bring up an extremely
important point which is people think oh
do it I don't have the hair dude I'm
okay the wife got my text wait you got
it put your face out there Lela this is
my wife she does all the actual work so
they make more videos that's awesome go
make us some money too so I can play out
why thank you love that um and that's in
like you people might think oh you need
to cut that out you saw that he has a
wife that brought him water oh my gosh
it's not professional so what people
love that people gonna love to see my
hot wife the side of my balding head you
know what was that what I was telling
you is that the people that make it in
this life aren't the ones that go to
Harvard and Yale in Stanford
they're not the ones that are born with
a silver spoon in their mouth where they
got a two million dollar trust account
that they get when they turn 18 the
people that slay it are the people that
work their butts off and put themselves
out there every single day like you know
Josh Smith I didn't okay
so Josh Smith my real estate mentor that
guy freaking slays it came from nothing
I just had a whole video about him in
fact he came from nothing and the guy's
worth multi millions now and he has
influenced thousands and thousands of
people for good I freaking love the guy
and it's not because he was handed
anything he worked his butt off to get
it that he puts himself out there and he
texted in our in our he texted me
directly and in our private Facebook
group that once he started being himself
being genuine he was trying to be this
fake guy I mean he's got he's got you
know tattoos and you know he came to
working out and all that stuff and used
to like we're in a suit and if you watch
his old videos aren't even that old man
they're friggin hilarious he does the
market update all uptightness suit and
stuff and now he's like dude he's got
you see his just shredded arms his
tattoos his GSD t-shirt and he owns who
he is and people love him for being who
he is
so be yourself and put yourself out
there constantly and you're gonna
destroy the competition because
everybody's afraid you're an introvert
man look at you honey
introvert has a freakin podcast where he
has a potential for the whole earth to
see him so he's going to slay it put
yourself out there man so I'm saying
awesome awesome awesome well speaking
about the actual video creation so
getting a bit more granular as we're
yeah you what would be what would a
typical script be how do you structure a
video okay more about that yes the the
first thing you do and people don't
think about this is but you want to make
videos that people are searching for you
don't want to just go oh I think it'd be
fun to make a video about painting a
house cuz I like painting houses like no
you freakin go into YouTube and you
type the thing that you're thinking of
writing it making a video about and if
you're making it what city do you live
in I live in Dallas Dallas Texas yes
okay so I was toking to somebody from
Georgia I think Dallas I thought you
were in Georgia you're in Dallas sorry
so you're in Dallas so what you do
should go to the YouTube bar practikal
advice right open YouTube at the top
there's a bar for searching type Dallas
the first ten things that pop up under
that search bar are the 10 most searched
items about Dallas some of those may be
completely irrelevant to your business
but some of them are probably related
and maybe it is Dallas Cowboys or the
Cowboys sue in Dallas don't even they
are ok so maybe this Dallas Cowboys so
maybe you do a video about the Dallas
Cowboys and how it relates to you know
your a partikular community or something
look at the top 10 things that's a
starting point and then there's other
tools that can help you like to buddy
and and morning Fame that can help you a
little bit but just get an idea for the
topic and one thing people get all
freaked out about if you watch oh I like
I watch a ton of YouTube videos I take
classes I keep learning I keep paying to
learn and grow and I was all caught up
with keyword research in getting the
exact keyword exactly right in the title
in the description of the tags that is
not nearly as critikal as it was five or
ten years ago because people use that to
game the system yeah what you want to be
really specific about is your topic so
make sure that it's a topic that is
searchable so identify the topic by
doing a little bit of research
beforehand okay and then you want to
make a title for your video and you do
this before you even shoot that's why
I'm saying this now you create a title
that people will click on not that
robots not that matches an exact keyword
that you think that the robots want make
something that humans will see and go oh
that looks amazing top ten things I
didn't know about Dallas it's like whoa
the last one will blow your mind you
know whatever it is make it something a
human look click on number one number
two create your thumbnail which is the
photo that shows up on YouTube that you
click because that's what people see if
if people aren't clicking it doesn't
matter what your content is you first
got to get them to click killer title
killer thumbnail thumbnail Tips real
quick you want it to be oversaturated
super bright it's gonna be this big
remember most people watch on their
think of a thumbnail on this little
dream so you want it to be oversaturated
over sharpened humor sharpening is high
me not so much fun saturated saturated
just means make the colors really bright
and pop number one no sharpen which
means it's there's filters the one in
Photoshop that you would use is called
unsharp mask but you make the focus
super tight so the focus is more focused
than normally so you add a filter to
make it like super super sharp so you
can really see it small big and you
don't you know you don't want things
blended in together you want it to
necessarily pop you unless you want to
whatever your images to pop and then you
only want another tip is you want only
one or two things to be the main subject
a face an animated face is usually the
best thing so if it's you and your
podcast you want to be like yeah you
know like big animated face make it big
ah you know like to see if I get on the
side like ah you know super animated and
text in relatively big words you know
maybe two to four words max that say
that compliment the title you don't
duplicate it they compliment the title
so something that's related that's like
gonna be clickable so you want to make
it you want real clickbait meaning it's
gonna bait them to click but then you're
gonna deliver with your content so do
all those things and you're you're ahead
of everybody because nobody does that
right yeah then getting into the script
real quick number one people have a
short attention span depending who you
tok to we've got you know between three
and eight seconds on social when you're
on your phone are you like this just
know you're like you're scrolling
through things so unless you like suck
them in in the first instant they're
gonna be gone so you need to rate write
a hook and your hook can be visual or it
can be something you say but it's got to
be fast just a few seconds like dude in
this video I'm gonna show you stuff that
you had I'm gonna show you the top
reasons to live in Dallas and stik
around the ending at your level one
that's gonna freaking blow your mind you
know and make it full of energy and then
it's okay to have a short intro I'm
toking two to five seconds shorter is
better and the big tip for your intro
which is a you know it's for branding
obviously nobody cares about your intro
so we're not watching friends with two
minutes of a montage completely check
out this isn't TV this is Utah you too
so two to four two to five seconds
deliver your value proposition and what
is your bet it's like everybody knows
you're Dallas it is you're a realtor but
what kind of real to you are you what's
your background who are you trying to
connect with what kind of houses do you
sell it's like and it could be like you
know selling more horse properties than
anybody in doubt or whatever it is find
your niche you gotta find a niche
identify your value proposition that's a
whole other whole other video so number
so number two title number three tell
them why they should listen to you it's
like your value proposition you say
there and then right after that you can
say like I've lived in Dallas my entire
life and nobody knows Dallas horse
properties like jaime Resendez well I
got like I do whatever just give them a
reason to stay super quick and then
immediately dive into the meet people
get into this hey this is Jaime it's a
the market update again and I'm excited
to have you guys back like dude they are
gone they're out you got to dive in
immediately with the killer content it's
like I don't number one did you know
that Dallas is the largest city in the
entire world and that we have number two
we have 7,000 restaurants on every
single block and you just jump jump into
each each item during the meet now
during the meet and even in the even
throughout the video one thing that is
super critikal is to deliver story like
nobody cares about your facts nobody
cares about your intro nobody cares
about your business nobody cares about
you really I mean when you think about
people care about themselves and not to
be like Oh Jay didn't mean but in the
end you know when you're hungry you care
about you hungry you don't care that
your neighbor didn't have lunch right
you care about yourself so you want to
deliver value to them that's gonna
interest them and the way you create
interest is by including a story you can
be watching the worst movie on the
planet but if they structure it
correctly and they hook you in the
beginning creating a little bit of
intrigue like there they set it up like
oh my gosh how is this guy you know even
on stupid stuff like million dollar
listing like how are they ever gonna
find a house with that budget I can't
believe it there they only have they
only have five million to spend but
houses there are all six billion these
poor guys I feel so bad for them you
know so it's like
and then you you set it up in the UI I
don't know can they find one you know
it's something that people think Oh Real
Estate's but realize it's not boring man
every other show on what does that
channel and girls watch you know they're
all they're all the freakin real estate
shows all the flip shows them in our
listening shows there's a million shows
about real estate real estate can be fun
so tell a story during the meet deliver
it quickly and full of energy and that
is for number five is how do you end a
video and this is huge I just took a
class with Tim Schmoyer you know Tim
Schmoyer is I doubt okay he's a huge
youtuber that teaches businesses and
individuals to grow their YouTube
channel as he has clients like you know
Disney in these huge clients and then he
does a class where they were like 25 of
us in a class live with him for eight
weeks and the value I got of that was
mind-blowing but one of the biggest
things I got is at the end of your
videos you do not want to signal that
your video is ending because if you go
you bring up the music music products
like hey guys it's been a great video
thanks for coming man you know here's my
contact information look dude done
they're out you want to keep people to
the end of your video YouTube YouTube
rewards watch time that's their biggest
metric that if if you send them to
YouTube because you sent out an email go
hey watch my video my audience of 1,600
people watch my video and they start
clicking and they go on YouTube and they
watch one of your videos all the way
through that's gold and then it makes
them watch another video gold YouTube's
like Bing Bing they reward you how they
reward you they show your video to more
people YouTube's algorithm looks at
millions of data points and they go well
that videos killing it people like that
video let's keep showing it let's keep
showing it and even if they watch your
you got them onto YouTube they click on
my video and then they see on the
sidebar and suggested they see one of
Heinie's videos and they want they watch
one of Jaime's videos I get brownie
points for that too because I brought
them onto YouTube they watched a little
of mine and now they've been on for 10
hours watching all of time these
podcasts I get brownie points for that
too so if you can get them onto YouTube
and keep them watching that's gold - if
you make them go away
in the you know your video so boring
like I'm going back to Facebook like you
know the brownie points are over how do
you keep them on a you don't signal that
you're ending the video and deliver
value to the very end and then abruptly
cut it off it's like it towards the end
you might go dude if you liked this
video make sure to hit that subscribe
button and and now for number eleven the
thing you've been waiting for
did you know that jaime Resendez is only
12 years old but he looks like he's 2500
and he's a licensed real estate agent
you deliver that last bit of it today
and then then little dudes and you're
out deliver value you keep them watching
the entire time that's huge and if you
do all that's and I just gave you a
whole bunch of stuff you do all of that
stuff you're gonna annihilate the
competition if you're consistent because
nobody's doing it I want everybody
watching this video to think of Oh who's
the real estate agent in my market that
is completely slaying it that I see
every week plus busting out like killer
content you might have probably 0 to 1
people that come to mind if you think
happen you can be the guy video is 85
percent of Internet traffic man it's
supposed to be this year ok you better
be on it be on the bandwagon 100 percent
100 percent and so again this is a this
is a dangerous mistake
no not mistake this is a dangerous
undertaking from inviting you on because
everything but I've highlighted people
that have been following me for a while
but you're on dude but you're you're
here and that's and that's ahead of 99%
of the planet you're on yeah if you got
a cool yeti mic - so no this is co I
mean you gotta look the part so that's
the that's uh that's right that's
important so no yeah and that makes so
much sense
behold keeping them engaged to the very
end one would ideally like that one but
we know that I mean my average was
watched on right now as I was looking at
my metrics has actually gone down from
six minutes to five minutes but hello
you're by designed what the hell no
longer your podcast well right now in in
a setting like this or typically
five minutes okay but I have a lot of
other content that teaches about email
drip campaigns Facebook marketing and
Google Adwords and things of that nature
so by design it's more of it tutorial
educational like you all you have to you
have to go through a B and C to get to D
of course I can't just give you D and
then hey figure it out so that's not a s
it's not gonna happen but at the end of
the day there is that element of
engagement right so even I as I'm
consuming a lot of YouTube I look for
the specific topic of hey if I want to
learn what's the option period I'm gonna
type in what is option period or
something similar to that and then I'm
gonna look to see which one has the
least amount of time committed to it and
then I'm just gonna to exit just to go
as fast as possible yeah but if at the
beginning again if there's not that hook
or it feels like wow this person really
doesn't do all like they're going to
tell me exactly what in what I need to
know that I'm bouncing to the next one
yep there's a lot of merit to what
you're saying so something you mentioned
you know I'm trying to reduce the amount
of friction that people have to getting
into video everybody at this point
everybody here's you got a do video yep
but one of the things that I hear is
well nobody's gonna watch it nobody's
gonna watch it so that's in the
beginning that's probably true well
that's true I'm sure we're trying to get
people to actually do it Trevor no but
well let's tok about that how would we
um you know and an agent that's just
uploaded their first video and let's
just say they are going to do it on
YouTube versus just uploading directly
to Facebook which on here later on but
distribution how where do they need to
be putting this how do they push it
because a lot of its even right now for
me there's no work there is organic
growth but it's still mostly cuz I'm
pushing it in front of people who need
and Twitter and thinks that nature
it's your distribution strategy my you
were right I actually saw a guy the
other day and he said
one of the things that he would do
differently if he was starting over
again this is successful youtuber he
said I would spend more time creating
content and less time pushing it out to
the to Reddit and Facebook and LinkedIn
and all these other all these other
platforms that just to get to get views
the key with YouTube is creating you
know good titles thumbnails and
watchable content people will find it is
it it's a long-term play you're not
gonna get any listings tomorrow when you
start going in YouTube this is a
long-term strategy right and so you're
better off just focusing on treating
killer content up in your game every
time better scripts better shooting
better production don't worry about
production so much because people get
freaked out about that just getting it
out there and being consistent so being
consistent is a thousand times more
important than distributing on every
other platform YouTube will find it with
that said I'll tell you what I do still
cuz I'm really trying to grow like in my
specific my creator channel where I
teach real estate agents use video I'm
really pushing that so what do I do I
upload the video YouTube make sure I
have a killer title killer thumbnail
then I go to rev.com and I get subtitles
made for it as soon as it's uploaded I
mean you know I do have a tags that
Stephin description but I make sure it's
got its got subtitles which will
increase watch time a little bit because
a lot of YouTube is watched with the
sound off and there's some people that
are English second language people and
foreign people it's gonna help people
people read it and people that are
hearing-impaired there's like there's
like you know several categories of
people that will stay on longer on your
videos because they have captions plus
it gives YouTube a little more data
which they don't wait a whole lot but
like oh here's exactly the videos about
it's uploaded caption file I do that
then I email my database I have a
database of real estate agents that I
hit and it's only like six seven hundred
right now but it's growing I'm and I
email them I in in why well number one
I'm trying to grow this channel number
two I want referrals to California and
so I'm like hey guys check out this
video it's gonna show you how to make
better videos by the way if I can go
speak in your Brookridge or if you know
if you are if you got clients moving to
your front to see me I'd love to help
you out have a great one keep it super
short I have a clickable thumbnail make
that thumbnail 600 pixels wide is what
works for me
they click it takes me right to my
YouTube channel I have a subscribe link
in my in my email so the email is one
platform then in YouTube there's a but
under your video that says shared you
know that you know that button there but
so I go on to that one I hit share I
share it to Pinterest I share LinkedIn I
shared a Twitter Google+ has kind of
evaporated so we're done with that plus
it was never real it never really
existed I go to those platforms that way
and then I'm a Keller Williams agent and
I share on KW connect which some videos
looking at a bunch of a much attraction
some won't and that and then I also for
these videos that are growing I'm
specifically trying to grow my YouTube
channel and in groups of agents that are
you know kind of like-minded more like
private Facebook groups I will share a
link to this YouTube video on Facebook
and I'll do it on my page as well but my
strong belief is you're better off in
what I would I usually do for my local
real estate market videos like I just
upload them natively to Facebook now
YouTube and Facebook look at a view
differently my understanding could be
off I don't think he knows exactly but
if you if you know when you're scrolling
to your Facebook feed and a video
automatikally plays three seconds of
play it's a view it's like hey somebody
watching my videos like no they didn't
they scroll past your video dude on
YouTube I believe the number is
somewhere around 30 seconds for YouTube
to count it as a view so I will
literally look and go oh I got ten views
on on YouTube and I got a thousand views
on Facebook
well those ten views on YouTube are more
valuable probably than those thousand on
on Facebook so don't freak out that
you're not getting not getting the
numbers you want but your goal as a real
estate agent is to sell houses your I
mean you're not gonna get money on
Adsense on YouTube for a local real
estate channel the odds are very small
to make an Adsense you need millions of
views your goal is to sell a house so
you get you get ten views on your video
the top ten reasons to move to Dallas
you get one listening from this like
boom you know my market that's like you
know twelve fifteen grand it's like off
of ten views so they don't worry about
that oh I hardly got any views be the
expert and put it out there constantly
100% I'm glad that you addressed the
whole you know the amount of views you
don't need to be a mr. beast
udi Logan those are they're there
they're not your competition that's
different market
yeah that's not even close so it's okay
to have one subscribe to subscribe you
subscribers yep so it's it's people
think that you know as soon as I start
my youtube channel I'm and I'm just even
I follow guilty to that so how's my
content is for agents and I started my
more to be to see which is you know
buyers and sellers and investors yeah oh
there's our frustration oh the
subscriber count' it's not going as fast
as one would like however it doesn't
need to be in order for you to really
reap the rewards because to your point
nobody's doing it nobody's doing it and
if they're doing it it's just you
there's plenty of space so 2019 for me
first is a I am leveraging LinkedIn
quite a bit and I'm leveraging YouTube
quite a bit those are my to grow
strategies right now so great there's a
lot of opportunity and you again going
back to the point not to belabor it but
you don't need 20,000 subscribers and 40
pounds and there's gonna come a bit
hypocritikal because my big push right
now is to get to 10,000 subscribers but
that's more of a personal personal goal
in whatever one you're not toking
you're not toking about your local
Rissa but you're toking about my guest
that's it that's a different working
yeah yeah so yeah there's there's that
point so I'm glad I caught myself to
call my own BS outright but um that is
very cool so as far as we've just got
discussed the script and let's tok
editing for a second because
everything's gonna take manifests itself
in different ways whether you're on site
and shooting all the recording or you're
doing kind of kind of this where you
have the you're projecting your screen
and just and teaching out of that or
just toking if somebody wanted to
outsource their editing whether they
just really don't want to touch it what
would you suggest for those people is it
um use it a certain do I need to go and
get some professional and put them on
full time does it
outsource going outsource it to somebody
else what are you there's there's a lot
of ways you can approach it and editing
can be very time-consuming it doesn't
have to be you could just do a live
stream like this and just upload it and
be done in fact before I get into
editing cuz people freak out like I
don't know how to edit it blows my mind
oh no it's too much I don't have to get
software and hardware and cameras and
gear it's like I'm a real estate agent
people freak out right so all you all
you need to be successful with video in
2019 is one of these dude it's got the
internet it's got a camera it's got the
ability to edit if you want to it's got
the ability to go live what I would do
starting out if editing freaks you out
is go oh I'm going to commit to doing a
one-minute livestream on Facebook every
Monday at 9:00 a.m. where I'm gonna tok
about what's cool about my city done you
just click go live write a title what's
cool about Dallas hey did you guys know
that this week another and go live and
then people come to expect it because
you're consistent there's no editing
nothing at all required do that if
you're freaked out about creating edited
content oh man I just dude I just did a
live stream from my open house on
it's like 460 views man in a bunch of
comments just like hey check out this is
a cool house you know it's like use live
video use go on YouTube live to Facebook
for a local real estate market for now
business just go on Facebook live man
and number one hey it's easy in number
two Facebook loves live video they will
they'll tell the whole world you write a
post like hey my cat's pretty and
Facebook doesn't care right you do a
live video and Facebook's like ding ding
ding the lights go off they go hey whole
world guess what hi Mira Sanders is live
on Facebook now check him out and
they'll tell the world take advantage of
Facebook and YouTube who love live video
now going back to editing if you don't
want to edit that's option a option B is
find somebody and that can be
challenging to find somebody that's
reasonable because a good editor like
dude I would charge you like 5 grand a
day I'm not gonna add people have asked
me hey we go to myself like no time like
I get way into it I get way too deep I
spend way too much time editing but
that's my brand like I'm an editor so
it's got to look like I don't don't
try to copy my stuff it'll take you too
long and you'll give up so go to fibre
try five or ten guys and then don't tell
your friends if you find one just upload
you know upload the next five projects
to five different guys and find somebody
cuz once somebody gets found out they're
done so that's a beauty you can pay you
know nothing for a guy on Fiverr number
one option B go to your local college go
to the film school call the guy that's
running the film department you guys
have any kids I want to edit or that are
into it and dude you pick a kid ten
bucks an hour daddy your real estate
video they'll be like oh they'll go
crazy they'll be excited to be able to
edit for you for cheap if you're
spending five hundred thousand bucks of
video to edit you're not gonna do it if
it's fifty bucks a video from some 18
year old college kid that's more
creative of you and more excited about
it more passionate and his mom and dad
bottom all the hardware and software
it's like dude hey that kid might have
to go through a few of them totally
worth it
option C I was just in Las Vegas with
Brian Isley did a live event with him
two days in a row and their mortgage
company fairway mortgage has an editor
that'll edit your videos for like ten
bucks they have a green screen room I
hate green scrimmage they got a green
screen they'll even shoot your stuff for
you for like 10 bucks hit up your lender
at if your title company and even if
your lender doesn't have a man editing
thing you know does have an editor
letters will do anything if your
producer is like hey there's me and ten
guys that are really gonna commit to
sending a lot of our business to you if
you could get us an editor and you if
you push all your lenders you'll find
one that'll do it and they'll let your
videos for like ten bucks are for free
so that's that's possible I think the
way to do that about that option option
for and that was great I met the guy at
fairway mortgage guys friggin awesome
the the last option that I'll recommend
to you is find a local aspiring youtuber
there is somebody in your city I promise
you probably got like ten thousand I've
been thinking I'm sure it's like hey
dude I'm a local youtuber grow my
channel your local youtuber I see that
you're you know you're 23 you're trying
to be a full-time youtuber how about
some supplemental income ahead of my
videos I can only pay 12 bucks an hour
if you're great I'll bump into 13 but
hey it's gonna give you practike and
give you exposure I'll even let my
people know that you're available and
get you more business it's going to give
you more exposure and boom there's
there's another option so if you want to
an editor it's gonna take a little
effort Oh option I'm happy that was but
option six go on indeed.com say hey
looking for an editor all it can only
pay tell him up front I'm only paying
you ten bucks an hour cos ago I'm an
editor I wanted a thousand dollars of
tell him up front and you'll get a bunch
of applications my friend John Burton he
looked for an editor he had like 30 or
40 applications in like one day on
indeed so if you want an editor or a
shooter you can find one who's just
gonna take some effort yeah yeah yeah
and a lot of it's gonna depend on you or
your type of content as well again it
goes back to if you're just gonna do a
live stream there you're done but yep
really how fancy you want to get it and
those are all I hadn't even thought
about that mortgage yeah you Realtors
and mortgage lenders we partner with we
partner for a lot of things why not I do
it for that so holiness for sure
somebody out there crushing it from the
mortgage side as well I can think of two
people right now in my market so yeah
I'm gonna hit them up and you could push
go hey it might be worth hot you guys
hiring an editor even part-time for your
own content and you may because you've
got this experience I was like I could
help you give you some ideas on how to
get your brand out there more create
video content I just need you to hire an
editor so you know you can help me and
you can shoot for you you know there's
kids that'll do do all of it no that's
awesome that's awesome and thought about
down those good okay well let's tok
about content for a second mmm because I
want to provide as many avenues for the
people watching to get one get started
but then to just really what do they
make in advance yeah what what should i
what should I make
what yeah that's really Oh once you make
a decision it's you will you're them
from the camera well he comes out now
right yeah when you got to decide that
before you refer the camera obviously
but number one the searchable content
you want things people are searching for
like we toked about beforehand so you
know the queer real estate agent you
know people ask so Google some of the
are going to YouTube and put some of
those put in earnest money inspector
Dallas Dallas County tax but all those
things in there see which one's pop the
most that's one kind of content
searchable content content that answers
questions people are asking
number two which is related and this is
probably the first
video and make if you wanna make the
baller video that's gonna get you to
stand out is like the top 10 reasons to
move to Dallas like I made a video about
you know I forgot it was even called but
about Simi Valley the city I lived in
for 42 years and when I service the most
and it's got you know hundreds of you
might be in the town I'm gonna show us a
thousand yet on YouTube it got you know
thousands on Facebook and hundreds on
YouTube and gets regular views because
it's like what's awesome about Simi
Valley and in that video I told my story
how I ended up in Simi Valley
so do that another video that I haven't
done yet which there's some guys that I
follow on on our ETV a Facebook group
Collin and Tim I think their stuff is
killer in one of them made a video of
you know you're from whatever city if
and in a town of like 30,000 people in
like a hundred thousand views on
Facebook because the video was so funny
it wasn't even like highly produced it
was just funny they go to the locations
like you know you're from you know Ridge
Ridge proquest I don't City is your
ridge crest if that used to be a frosty
freeze and now it's a tobacco or
whatever you know it's like yeah they
make like funny things that I like 10
different stops in that town and those
things slay it and then at the end you
know or some rather does have your logo
a little bit of branding in there that's
that's killer so that's the second kind
a city video where I guess it's a third
ken generic city video and then the you
know you're from video is awesome the
video that got the most views ever on
Facebook for me which is like almost
11,000 views I did a video with no
branding no call-to-action my wife is
running at Keller Williams t-shirt we
were doing we were helping a high school
raise money for their instrumental music
department because they get they get
like a teacher and a room and nothing
else and they got to raise the other 200
grand a year so one of the events they
did was a Christmas tree lot did you
ever see that video on my other channel
I can't I can't right ok so there's it's
just it's a simple video promoting their
Christmas tree sales all them and I made
it fun I had you started with a chainsaw
and like the music you know ladies
charge of the Booster Club or whatever
little chains I made it fun but because
I was specifically promote
it was not about me at all no marketing
nothing about me it's like how can I
help this school grow their music
department and that's probably gonna get
us several deals alone this year like
one of our agents his kids went to that
school we got a little connection there
and thousands of views because I
provided value to them so if you can
help somebody with their kids their
school whatever club they're involved in
whatever sports their involvement you
can help that that's huge make a video
about their soccer team you know it's
killer peepin why because people will
share the snot out of it I had over a
hundred shares that besides my wife and
I on that one video on Facebook so
everybody knows who we are
they're super grateful we also said hey
use our coupon will save you 10 bucks on
your trees so that cost us a few bucks
but but it was but it's worth it to get
that exposure so so videos that add
value so kids another kind of video is
animals people freakin love animals go
to the Animal Shelter
so here's what you adopt here's my dog
of the week those are huge the other
kind of video is business-to-business
Vinny videos like yeah it's boring
cuz I was just toking to a guy on a
Facebook group he's like do to make them
two years nothing's happening it's like
well you got to them right you know you
know you can't just go hey we're here
and we're we're having a taco at Tony's
taco stand and hey Tony what kind of
tacos you got well we got carne asada
and we got hey what's your address Tony
you know what's your hours nobody
freaking cares man what do they care
about you care about the story you get
money from Tony's tacos it's like dude
in this video we're gonna tok to Tony
the owner of Tony's tacos he's gonna
tell us about a new a new taco that's
coming out next week and then BOOM quick
intro and then you're here with you're
here you're on with Tony you're toking
to him and you go Tony how did you start
this killer stand I see the crowds are
out the doors how did you start this
business be excited get his story
quickly get his story mm-hmm you want to
do that consistently and don't end with
like hey to reach out here he is on
Twitter and LinkedIn and he's like
nobody cares put a description right
everybody ends with that like nobody
cares yeah but a Christian keep it
exciting so business-to-business another
one they
anyway there's make those videos need to
kill her yeah yeah I knew it was
dangerous to have you on he won't stop
toking by any stretch of the
imagination again everything that you're
saying he don't do right so hey it's a
value its value to me personally so I
guess selfishly this is even if nobody
else watches this I got a master class
but there will be a lot of people that
watch it so not worried about that okay
so I want to get your want to get your
opinion on one type of type of content
that I've been seeing quite a bit and
not just with Realtors but the vlogs
you know those daily vlogs yeah what's
your take on those I freaking love logs
of my favorite youtubers or Peter
McKinnon and Casey nice tat who are
bloggers and Cody wander who's a newer
blogger you know all those guys I know
Casey you know Casey right I I love
their content I mean dude literally the
other day I was I saw oh the Walking
Dead's back on right like I don't watch
TV I almost never watch TV right for the
Walking Dead it had been like months and
months and I've been waiting for
comeback so it's back on
so I got a mc.com on a Sunday night I
started watching it and they and they
show that you know the intro the the
spoilers from the privates prior season
I'm like crap Rick's dead I didn't know
that I just missed half a season oh no
like so I went back to because I didn't
really that missed half a season so I go
back to watch that one about halfway
through life to that bored so I just
went back to youtube mitt so I I love
logs some people love them some people
hate him life who cares about it I do
them I'm not sure how much value they
add but I I would love to be a full-time
blogger dude that's my fantasy is to be
a full-time vlogger right travel around
the world go my kids they got kids in
three states now so I love them should
you do them as a Realtor starting out in
video no freaking way man they're too
hard it's too complicated it takes too
much time
if you dig video and you love it yeah
throw them in there sprinkle it in there
because know like trust it's like you
know I'm toking about real estate or
maybe you are maybe it's like hey I'm
taking you on this journey with the
family if you can do it specifically
about a family on a journey and they're
down with it dude do it it's great video
but it takes a little more time to do
do you do him no no no and I'm going to
start from that standpoint but my next
step is getting somebody that can follow
me around and do some video I just got
into the editing part where I'm not
doing it myself
because okay one it's it's
time-consuming them
it is so time-consuming even with my
batching so I'll take several videos in
one and then just go after it so I've
gotten to the point where I actually
edit my videos I used to joke around and
I still do but I used to joke around
where it's a one shot whatever comes out
comes out right but at the end of the
day that's I could do better than that
so now I've actually have somebody else
doing the editing and it works I mean it
works it cuts out a lot of the fluff and
stuff although I do think that I'm okay
at artikulating a point we all do the
ester ramble sometimes and there's
there's things that can be done to make
to make it more appealing for the
audience rather than just seeing me do
yep so know that vlog would be very cool
it'll be very cool for me to dab dab in
in the future but right now that's not
where yes I wouldn't do that I would do
that first I mean that's that's kind of
my extra thing because that's my jam
like I love I love making vlogs awesome
but I would do that first cuz you'll
just it's it's very time consuming
you'll just burn out if you just start
making us make vlogs yeah you yeah
that's true it and well I will go down
that rabbit hole but let's tok about
costs for a second let's tok about
expenses yeah you know let's just say we
start doing videos right now I I agree
phones all you need it right but you
know as you start getting more tracks
and you start becoming more of a
believer let's just say you start
getting some transactions and then
there's a little bit more money to play
around with and you're doubling down yep
where should I focus more of my I'm not
gonna say excess cash but where should I
invest first is this audio is that
lighting is video the first thing I
would do is get a good microphone
and you can get a road mic for like 70
bucks it'll clip on your on your phone
or it'll sound amazing it's a
directional mic as long as you're within
like you know this distance from it it's
gonna sound fine but if you are gonna be
farther away than 2 or 3 feet you want
to have a leer mic because it's not
gonna pick up even the greatest mic like
I have this mic here I just use this mic
to record that spot for Disney yesterday
it's a sennheiser 416 it's $1000 mic
gets plugged into $1,000 with a hardware
down there you don't need that you know
that's this way overkill but it's
directional even that thing from 10 feet
away it's not going to be great you want
it to be right here when I shoot my and
here's a tip the thing that's gonna make
your audio sound great is being close to
the microphone your your the mic on your
iPhone is plenty adequate if you are
close to the microphone like like here
if you know - voiceover stuff what I do
when I'm shooting my videos in my studio
space back there is I literally have the
mic just out of frame so it's like you
know eight inches away from me yeah even
though this is a directional microphone
they use in movies and film TV all the
the closer you are the better it's gonna
sound so I would for sure invest in a
mic first why because people can forgive
bad audio they usually can't forgive I'm
sorry they can forgive bad video if it's
like it's all wonky and shaky and grainy
whatever out of focus they can forgive
it if the content is good they can hear
you and it's clear then they're gonna
keep they keep listening so make sure
your audio is good before the video so
that's my first at Esalen yes I what do
I use when I'm vlogging and for most of
my stuff house outside I have something
called the rode videomic pro I've done
links if you any of my videos have links
to all the gear I use okay and I think
you have a you actually have a video
that kind of breaks it down so I mean I
do have a I do have a video about mics I
got a video about cameras I've got a
video about here's a top 10 things you
should get a realtor for present so yeah
I've got a bunch of it easy to tok
about that stuff yes so mic first and
then then maybe lighting second like
right now I'm just using window lighting
which is free and which looks great so
free lighting literally sit in front of
a window and it just filters and
diffuses and makes beautiful lights all
you gotta do is make sure your
background looks good and you're golden
you know spend anybody a lot of these
you've logged a lot of people I have a
sister that's a sister-in-law that's an
instagramer she's got like over a
hundred and fifty thousand subscribers
on one channel and all-natural all the
time her lighting for her photos natural
lighting is that the best then probably
second after Mike would be would be
lighting I just get like I've got four
softboxes but they're so big they take
up a ton of space you know softbox is a
big box it's a it's a big box with a
diffuser in front and like seven light
bulbs in it okay beautiful light it just
takes up so much space I'm in this
little you know 11 by 11 10 by the
office it takes up way too much room so
instead I got to show you I just got
these simple okay for a second just like
in so I can control them they have you
can adjust the color temperature and the
brightness on them and for like a
hundred and seventy bucks I got two of
these that's all I do man I guess I'll
even get them all on my wall here I keep
them set up all the time and the reason
that instead of window lighting is
because well a my set is back there and
B I want it to be consistent even
lighting under think of it every time it
would have its night what if it's rainy
you know what if what if my background
isn't great behind me and I can't fix it
cuz it's a closet you know you have this
you have consistent even lighting all
the time so I would just I'd spring for
a couple lights and then and then a
camera and here's the thing that half my
videos we record on my friggin iPhone on
my my real estate channel and nobody is
like oh I can tell that's with your
Canon and that's with your iPhone nobody
knows nobody cares you know Casey nice
dad you know him yeah when you're not
running he records on his phone nobody
goes oh I'm not gonna watch his videos
because he was recording on his Canon
before and now he's on his iPhone I can
tell the difference nobody cares man
right ever think that you don't need to
spend a penny just if you got a got a
smartphone this current that's all you
need to start to level it up I mean now
I've got you know I got a GH five and a
couple lenses and you know it's my thing
it's fun I got a stabilizer right there
you know I do it's all extra fluff you
don't need people find it there's a
chick named Jessica Edwards
she records she puts her video or her
iPhone in her car slot and then she
toks and she gets thousands of views on
YouTube because she toks about things
that are interesting you know how much
does a really sad agent make she and she
on YouTube with her freaking phone you
don't need hundred-percent people go
nuts it's the content of battles let's
tok about let's tok about the call to
action for for your buyers or sellers
and investors we've toked about content
we've toked yeah how to actually do it
how do you what are you doing to
maximize like a leave cancer are you
getting here's this is this is what you
need to do you need to have people don't
know what to do at the end of your video
if your goal is to grow your YouTube
channel make sure you're going subscribe
subscribe subscribe we were going to
sell my friggin house you need a reason
that you need a way to capture their
data so you can follow up with them
consistently like you know these people
that watch your videos like up at school
honey it's great then they forget about
you after 10 seconds you need them to
click go hey every video should have
this a clear and concise call to action
any reason to click right now you need
to probably need to set up leadpages
there's a little complicated assembly
page it's not too bad but just say hey I
just give you the top 10 reasons to live
in to live in Dallas click right here
for a list of my top 10 favorite
restaurants download this free pdf right
now I just ask for their name email cell
phone / it is s for a tiny little bit
and then BOOM you'll start filling it
filling up your database with names
clear call to action with a clickable
link whether it's on Facebook running a
Facebook ad which I've done a bunch of
those or if it's on YouTube just have
the link in the description so they can
give them something of value whether I
mean some things people like the buyers
guides and sellers guides people are
little immune to those but those are
possibilities but if it's a specific if
it's related to your video is kind of
awesome it's like hey one thing that I
haven't done this yet but this is a
great idea yes you in it you do go to
restaurant people of those restaurant
reviews as I K click here I'll give you
$10 off your first order at the
restaurant and you split it with the
owner you pay five you base five I give
them a reason or hey if you tell John
that I that I sent you
um here's you night John that owns a
Nike store you'll get 10 bucks off your
shoes and you split it with the owner
you're setting him traffic maybe he'll
just eat it for you you're sitting in
traffic so everybody should have a call
to action with a with a downloadable PDF
or maybe a link to another secret video
so with
with those leads that you get do do you
put them into your drip campaign you
like normal or do they go into my when I
like when I was when I was doing
Facebook ads more they would immediately
go into my drip campaign for Mike Meyers
things like once ones that work really
well are like you know ads for brand new
listings are huge but we're not really
toking about those but yes they go to
drip campaign they went to drip campaign
that lasted for like a year but what I
do more than the drips is I just get
them in my database and then I'm hitting
them every week with my regular stuff
with like hey here's my latest video or
here's a Monday morning motivation or
here's a Friday what's going on this
weekend so every week hit him with at
least we you know with at least one
email so you're staying in front of them
constantly instead of okay I don't know
I'm not sure how much value the
impersonal drips have like I've done you
know I've got hundreds of people have
been on my trips I'm not sure how much
of value there isn't that oh sometimes
people reply to them I think there might
be more value and just staying one of
them constantly with with genuine
content written right then for them
awesome awesome awesome well Trevor
thank you so much for I mean there's
just so much values I typically write a
bunch of stuff down but I found that I'm
gonna watch it anyway so that's when I
could start taking notes yeah so I'll
end it with this if you had to start all
over again
today with the same knowledge set that
you have with same resources that you
have what would you do in the next seven
days to start get gathering business
together to start gathering business I
would start creating as many videos as
possible around things that people are
searching for okay
and push it out there everywhere as fast
as I can and just go all in on it be the
guy I would be the guy awesome awesome
man why thank you so much is it where
can people connect with you if there's
any questions comments concerns how can
they connect with you the best place is
go to my I mean my YouTube channel I've
got my contact information you tube
channel so that's youtube.com slash
Trevor Jones creator okay and you can
also email me at
let's dwv at gmail.com le t s DW v @ GW
gmail.com so that's let's dominate with
video at gmail.com and I have a course
gonna mention that or no absolutely ok
so I have I have a course if you like
all this stuff I toked about in great
detail 10 hours of video I have
literally took two months off of off of
selling houses my wife took over well I
spent a lot of time creating a course to
teach you to grow your butt whether it's
a mortgage company or a real estate
company or any business you got to be
using video in my course take it from A
to Z like a lot of the stuff we toked
about today in in great detail whether
you want to edit not edit cameras mics
content calls to action all that stuff
is in this course and it's dwv today.com
that's dwv today.com and for today we
have a discount for jaime which is dwv
for life is a discount code so the
courses it's normally 129 bucks a month
with that discount code it's like it's
under 42 dollars a month for you know
for a year and you get you get all the
content and the big one is you have
access to me in a private Facebook group
so only people would have paid for the
course or in the facebook group post
your videos ask questions and I give
feedback I jump on there pretty much
every day answering questions I make
sure I and I make sure I hit all up
anytime somebody comments or post a
video I mean they're asking questions so
there's tons of value it's one thing to
like go through a course another thing
to have somebody holding your hand and
going okay that's great but let's let's
try to tweak it a little bit like this
awesome awesome ol Trevor thank you so
much for your time thanks for having me
honey absolutely hey thanks so much for
watching feel free to check out some of
the other videos in this channel also
don't forget to subscribe and hit the
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