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Real Time Shipping Rates on Shopify

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will learn how to configure a Shopify store to charge for calculated shipping based on the weight of the item. We will go over how to set up shipping options so that the calculated rates are displayed at checkout.

Setting up Product Weight:

- All products should have a weight that gets pushed over to Shopify

- Each variant option should have a weight pushed over for different sizes

Configuring Shipping Options:

1. Go to Settings and then Shipping and Delivery

2. Manage rates for your general shipping profile

3. Click on Add Rate and select Carrier Calculated Rates and USPS

4. Select only First Class Package and Priority Mail as shipping options

5. Add a percentage for handling fee to account for any discrepancies in dimensions that may affect shipping rates

6. Click Done to save

7. For international rates, repeat steps 3-5 and select First Class Package International and Priority Mail International

8. Save and your Shopify store is now set up to charge calculated rates at checkout

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Shopify store charges accurate shipping rates based on the weight of the item. Don't forget to check out our other videos on setting up calculated rates on other platforms like Etsy.


Hey guys, welcome back to my YouTube channel! Today we will be discussing the different shipping options on Shopify and what they mean for your small business. Shipping can be a confusing topic, so I will be giving you some tips and sharing my experiences to help you make the best decision for your Shopify account.

Shipping Options:

1. Free Shipping:

- Customers don't pay for shipping, but items may be priced higher to compensate.

- Buying items in bulk can help you lower costs and make a profit.

2. Calculated Shipping Rate:

- Shopify automatically calculates shipping based on weight, destination, etc.

- You can offer different shipping options like USPS, UPS, priority mail, etc.

3. Handling Fee:

- A fee for packaging your items, which can be added as a percentage or dollar amount.

- A cushion to cover shipping costs, especially if calculated shipping isn't 100% accurate.

4. Promos:

- Spend over a certain amount to get free shipping, or offer free shipping for a pound of product.

- Increases cart value and can be a helpful tool for small businesses.


1. International Shipping:

- Complicated and can be hard to figure out, start by shipping only in the United States.

2. Safety:

- Use a PO box or suite number instead of your home address for return shipping.

3. Figure out what works best for your audience:

- Consider weight, price, and inventory costs.

- Decide whether to charge for shipping or offer free shipping.

I hope these tips have helped you understand the different shipping options on Shopify and how to make the best decision for your small business. Remember to always prioritize safety and figure out what works best for your audience. Good luck on your small business journey!

Shopify Shipping Rates Tutorial | How To Setup Shipping Settings In Your Store

Hey guys, this is Jake Alexander with Casual E-Commerce and in this video, I'm going to walk you through step by step on how to set up your custom shipping rates and everything related to shipping inside of your Shopify store.

In this video, you will learn how to customize your shipping settings on Shopify. I will guide you through the shipping origin, shipping rates, shipping zones, shipping labels, and packing slips.

Setting up Shipping Origin:

- Click on the settings and then shipping.

- Click on change shipping origin.

- Edit your location addresses and location settings by hitting manage locations.

- Put your address in here if you're fulfilling products yourself or using a custom fulfillment center inside of the US.

Setting up Shipping Rates:

- Click on the settings and then shipping.

- Edit your shipping zones.

- Add a bunch of shipping rates in so that it sets up domestic United States and the rest of the world, which is 241 countries.

- Select calculated rate and then select which carrier you're going to use.

- Select the base services like first class mail, first class package, and Priority Mail.

Customizing Shipping Rates:

- Price-based rates are used for offering free shipping or a flat rate for shipping.

- Weight-based rates are used instead of price-based rates.

- Calculated rates are used when you're fulfilling products yourself.

Creating Separate Shipping Zones:

- For example, if you want to have a separate shipping origin for the mainland US and then all of its territories would be separate.

- You can create separate price-based rates, weight-based rates, and calculated rates for the non-mainland states and territories within the United States.

- You can create separate shipping zones for other countries like Canada and Europe.

Packing Slips:

- Customize packing slips that you can print.

- Edit the packing slip itself using HTML or CSS.

Customizing your shipping settings is essential for your Shopify store. It is important to understand the shipping origin, shipping rates, shipping zones, shipping labels, and packing slips. With this video, you should be able to customize your shipping settings without any problems. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below. Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel for more Shopify training.

Setup Real-Time Rates for Shopify with ClickShip

Are you tired of manually entering package dimensions and weight at checkout on your Shopify store? ClickShip has the solution for you! Real time rates at checkout is a feature that allows you to display carrier rates of your choice to your customers, empowering them to compare and select shipping options they prefer.

Steps to Enable Real Time Rates:

1. Create a ClickShip account and integrate your Shopify store.

2. Confirm that your Shopify plan is on the Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus plan, or add the feature for a monthly fee.

3. Head over to the Marketplaces tab on ClickShip and go to Edit Store Settings for your Shopify store.

4. Enable Real Time Rates for Packages and Pallets, select your ship from address, and save changes.

5. In your Shopify admin dashboard, go to Settings and click on Shipping and Delivery.

6. Under General Shipping Rates, click on Manage for each shipping to region.

7. Select Use Carrier or app to Calculate rates and select ClickShip Rates.

8. Select the shipping services you want to display at checkout and click Done.

9. Save your changes and you're done!

Additional Tips:

To ensure accuracy and speed in your fulfillment operations, update or add product dimensions and weights on ClickShip's Products page. You can also set your own package dimensions and split one product into multiple boxes.

With real time rates at checkout and other automations offered by ClickShip, you can optimize your fulfillment process, reduce cart abandonment, and save time. Try it out now and enjoy happy shipping from the ClickShip team!

How to Set Up Shopify Shipping Rates for Print on Demand

Mindset for shipping: Don't overthink shipping. Pick a simple strategy and launch your store. Delaying your launch can delay potential profits and hinder your journey towards becoming an expert print on demand seller.

Shipping strategies:

- Free shipping on everything

- Creating shipping rates based on the amount spent

- Offering free shipping if customers spend over a certain amount

Tips for setting up shipping in Shopify:

- Delete unnecessary shipping zones

- Create new shipping profiles for different products

- Simplify your business and offer shipping to only the major countries

- Don't confuse yourself by overthinking shipping costs. Work out the total cost and revenue for each sale to ensure a profit.

How to Add Shopify Shipping Rates - Free Shipping, Flat Rate Shipping, & Weight-Based Shipping

In this video, Sam from keycommerce.com teaches viewers how to set up shipping settings in Shopify. He highlights that there are three main ways to set up shipping rates: free shipping, flat rate, and weight-based. He also emphasizes the importance of considering the products being sold and how they will be fulfilled. Sam demonstrates how to set up general shipping rates for all products in a store and how to create different shipping zones based on countries or continents. He also shows viewers how to set up different rates based on weight or price and how to create shipping profiles for specific products. Sam concludes by encouraging viewers to think about their customers and use shipping as a sales and marketing strategy. He invites viewers to check out his other e-commerce tutorials and videos.

UPS shipping rates Shopify

As a Shopify merchant, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with complex UPS rate charts. Often, merchants resort to configuring free or flat rate shipping as they don't have a way to charge actual UPS rates during checkout. However, Carrier Calculated Rates can solve this problem by providing real-time UPS shipping rates at checkout. This not only saves you from overcharging or undercharging your customers but also makes the process hassle-free.

Features of Carrier Calculated Rates:

Here are some of the features of Carrier Calculated Rates:

- Real-time UPS shipping rates at checkout

- Shipping cost calculated based on customer address and warehouse address

- Other factors like product weight, dimensions, insurance, and special services are considered

- Option to add handling charges or discounts

- Option to configure store location and packaging method

Using Carrier Calculated Rates with the Shopify Multi Carrier Shipping Label App by Plugin Hive:

The Shopify Multi Carrier Shipping Label App by Plugin Hive is certified under the UPS Ready program, making it easy to integrate your UPS account. Here's how to use Carrier Calculated Rates with the app:

- Add your UPS account

- Select preferred UPS shipping services to display at checkout

- Configure your store location and packaging method

- Configure weight and dimensions for each product

- Display UPS Carrier Calculated Rates at checkout

- Generate UPS shipping labels and automate order fulfillment and tracking

Carrier Calculated Rates is a must-have feature for any Shopify merchant who wants to provide accurate shipping rates to customers. The Shopify Multi Carrier Shipping Label App by Plugin Hive makes it easy to integrate Carrier Calculated Rates with your UPS account and automate the entire shipping process. If you need any assistance with setting up the app, Plugin Hive's team is always available to help.

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