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Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Top 10 best and most beautiful Indian Prnstars in 2022

number 10 carmen bella carmen bella is,an indian adult actress career started,in 2015 born on march 19 1995 in new,york united states carmen bella is 26,years old as of 2022 height of 1.7,meters she weighs about 122 pounds,number nine maya bazin maya bazin is an,indian adult actress career started in,2019 born on the 14th of february 1987,in bhaktipur nepal maya bazin is 34,years old as of 2022 height of 1.6,meters she weighs about 112 pounds,number eight priya anjali rai priya,anjali rai is an indian adult actress,career started in 2007 born on december,25th 1977 in india priya anjali rai is,43 years old as of 2022 height of 1.6,meters she weighs about 121 pounds,number seven cali sudra cali sudra rai,is an indian adult actress,born on may 27 1987 cali hails from,barcelona catalonia spain cali sudra is,34 years old as of 2022 height of 1.6,meters she weighs about 121 pounds,number six shazia sahari shazia sahari,is an indian adult actress career,started in 2010 born on october 25th,1984 in chicago illinois shazia sahari,is 37 years old as of 2022 height of,1.65 meters she weighs about 114 pounds,number five bell knox bell knox is an,indian adult actress career started in,2013 born on june 9th 1995 in san,antonio texas usa bell knox is 26 years,old as of 2022 height of 1.63 meters she,weighs about 95 pounds,number four leah jay,leah jay is an adult actress career,started in 2006 born born on the 31st of,august 1986 in croydon england united,kingdom leah j is 35 years old as of,2022 height of 1.57 meters she weighs,about 95 pounds number three janice,griffin janice griffith is an adult,actress career started in 2013 born born,on the 3rd of july 1995 in new york city,new york united states janice griffith,is 26 years old as of 2022 height of 1.6,meters she weighs about 99 pounds,number two marina maya marina maya is an,adult actress,born the 17th of july 1992 in london uk,marina maya is 29 years old as of 2022,height of 1.65 meters she weighs about,130 pounds,number one sunny leone sunny leone is an,adult actress career started in 2011,born on the 13th of may 1981 in sarnia,ontario canada sunny leone is 31 years,old as of 2022 height of 1.63 meters she,weighs about 54 kilograms,[Music],you

Let's Punish these XXX Website Scammers

i'm going to show you guys how these,scammers go from this there are some,suspicious activities going on in your,amazon account to this there are 30 000,transactions was made on your account,for a fraud in transaction to a website,i've got a 400 charge from amazon that,the scammers turn into a 30 000 charge,from an adult website which honestly,isn't really surprising because these,guys are a little strange why is my,camera open it's off no it's not i can,see it all right look guys this call has,a lot going on and the scam might be,confusing to you so i'm gonna break,everything down for you this is the,email i received the phone number i call,connects me to the first scammer who,accesses my system tells me i've been,hacked and transfers me to the fraud,department,this scammer's job is to remove the,hackers and transfer me to my bank which,is misleading because he uses the real,bank phone number for part of the scam,welcome to chase business service line,now we're connected to the bank aka,still the scammers here's where the big,pivot happens once they see the amount,of money in my bank account these greedy,scammers say there's been a fraudulent,charge of thirty thousand dollars from,an adult website now these scammers are,getting a little cocky so later on we're,going to retaliate by accessing their,system and deleting their files let's,get into it thank you for calling,support to site alicia how can i help i,have a uh,an email about a charge to my account it,says thank you for,contacting amazon there's a laptop,that's been purchased order four zero,four,four three five,all right mister zero,order placed on april 14th what i'm just,going to do mom uh it seems like someone,has their amazon account okay uh because,as i can see from my side there are some,suspicious activities going on in your,amazon account and that suspicious,activities is there are three people who,is trying to log into your paypal your,amazon account from last 48 hours okay,so what i'm just going to best,yeah what i'm just going to do best for,you i'm just going to connect you to our,amazon secure server directly okay so,after that our tiknical department will,remove all the hackers secure your,personal details and cancel the charge,and respond your money okay yeah because,i would like to have the refund as soon,as possible just do one thing just open,your desktop and open your google in,your desktop,you just need to click on the search bar,and type the any desk a as an alabama oh,well unfortunately the microsoft guy had,me download that i already have that on,my system,oh i think the hackers will have door,any dust he's using your index and after,that he's trying to scam with you no,he's not scamming me,oh,i want to explain something really,quickly to everyone because a lot of,people ask me like why do you even say,another scammer you're kind of giving it,away you're throwing the scan bait but,i'm really not it does the opposite so,if i tell a scammer that i've been,toking with microsoft and i had to send,the money it really kind of legitimizes,myself as a victim so the scammers are,actually really excited about that and,the idea is like hey if you've already,been scammed one time then we can scam,you again okay just open that you're any,desk all right i opened any decks and,i'm just going to transfer your call to,the fraudulent department okay just be,on the line,and ask,no i'm working with you okay first of,all the portland department will remove,all the hackers and cancel the shot,after that i'll definitely tok with you,all right,nice to tok with you bye-bye so she's,been trained really well typically if,you get on the indie desk you can get on,their computers really well but this one,was not,allowing it thank you for holding the,line your call has been transferred to,me my name is alex how are you doing,today hi alice i'm sitting here i was,toking with a lady,she had me download any decks so i'm,just kind of sitting here alice i'm,supposed to be receiving,funds back into my chase account no ways,we successfully secured your information,and you with secure line okay let me go,check on my chase account and see honey,and ma'am this is the first time you are,facing this problem or have you ever,received these kinds of things before,because as,alicia mentioned on the your case id,like you already got scanned from some,people so could you let me know how i,haven't been scammed,i have not been scammed no i um,i had some issues on my computer,and i i,accidentally owed some additional money,to microsoft but i haven't been scammed,no,all right ma'am but the best thing i can,directly transfer your call to your bank,all right in order to transfer this call,to your bank ma'am can i tell me the,toll-free number of your bank a customer,pay number i guess i have,the chase tiknical support yeah you can,help me with that one so i can directly,transfer your call to your bank,all right guys please pay attention,because this part's really important so,scammers are really going to the next,level with adding this bank element,where they'll have you look on the back,of your debit card to call your bank up,or they'll have you search on the,internet for it they're going to hear,right now call up the bank and go,through the automated system and then,transfer you over to just another,scammer that pretends to be the bank and,it elevates the scam and legitimizes the,scam even more and confuses the victim,even more the scammer in this situation,makes a little bit of a mistake by,letting the automated system run too far,but typically when they run this bank,part of the scam it works really well,for them and right now i'm transferring,your call to your bank till the time we,are fixing your problem okay and you,need to follow the idea of your bank and,follow the instructions okay,okay honey,welcome to chase business service line,[Music],to report your debit card lost stolen or,damaged or to report unrecognized,charges press eight to speak to a,customer service specialist press zero,or we connect you to a customer service,specialist please enter your debit,thank you for calling chase bank this is,steve howding today,fine how are you steve ah may i have,your first and last name for the,verification,yes it's betty reed and please drive me,the last of four digit software account,number uh my checking is,6969.,thank you for the stratification as i'm,going through with your account right,now mom i can see here the microsoft guy,whom you had a word okay,they hacked into your account and now,there is a fraud transactions made on,your account uh for,uh thirty thousand dollars like the uh,thirty thousand dollars transactions was,made on your account for a fraud in,transaction to a website which is,www.hub.com,was the transaction made by you what,what about,website,graphic,graphic website,i'm 81 years old honey i would never go,to that,oh okay that's fine right now as i'm,working here it shows that,that this transaction okay the,transaction is gonna deduct from your,account within two hours of time okay,two business hours,so all right i want you to just go to,your bank and withdraw your fifteen,thousand dollar from your account first,well i thought what about thirty,thousand i thought you said it was 30,000 on the farm website what farm,something that's right but it doesn't,allow to withdraw all the money in a,single time okay,don't you worry i'll help you with,everything okay,now what do you see on your screen just,yes the scammers want me to take out,fifteen thousand dollars so that the,hackers can't get the money and really,what they're worried about is another,scammer taking the money from me or from,them so they don't get paid and,sometimes they'll,frame this in the idea of like hey this,is a safety deposit box we're sending it,to or we're doing a dummy transaction,now we don't really get that far because,the scammers start to get pretty creepy,so the call ends but i'm going to be,calling them back so i can get some

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Inside SOTHEBY'S Watch Auctions: Experts' TIPS for Bidding on Watches

hey guys I am here with Jonathan and,Richard from salterbees that were kind,enough to let us in for somewhat of a,private viewing prior to their auction,uh so what are we going to tok about,two things number one I wanted to take,it from the professionals to get their,feel on what the auction environment,looks like as of right now and what to,expect going forward over the next six,months to a year and of course last but,not least we're going to look at a lot,of Kick-Ass watches,[Music],yeah,so gentlemen thank you once again for,having us maybe just a quick,introduction to what you do at Sotheby's,for the viewers hey I'm rich Lopez I'm a,senior watch specialist with Sotheby's,based out of New York I also covered,Latin America and I'm Jonathan Burford I,covered watches from Los Angeles now,Beverly Hills office and I cover Mexico,and Canada and various other parts and,my brother in the Vintage watch world,needs no introduction you guys know,and the one question I wanted to ask you,and get your take what are you seeing on,the East Coast as far as the overall,mood we're all aware that the market did,take a dip in a certain I guess aspect,of the market some of the modern super,hype stuff has taken a dip over the last,couple of months we've seen dips as high,as 20 30 percent even though it's not a,crash because the pieces took a dip from,trading at 3x MSRP down to 2x that's,still well over 2019 prizes right it's,all relative exactly and I wanted to get,your take and see what the feeling is,out there specifically in the auction,world because it's a bit of a different,world well from my take I see that,vintages back against and it's,rightfully so it's going to get the,great prices that it deserves quality,will always get top dollar the prices,with modern watches was amazing it's,great it helped in other ways but,vintage it's always got to be vintage,you always want the best of the best,with seeing good stuff is selling really,well you know we've had a one of five,5970 salmon dolls so for one of 1.3,million in September right really rare,really great stuff people are going to,fight for it because they might not have,enough no opportunity Quality vintage,like if you're looking for one of my,favorite watches a gold 6542 in all,original condition who knows when the,next one's gonna pop up but that same it,correlates the same thing with modern,like a special Tiffany dial or a special,salmon dial or some unique dial those,watches will stand the test of time,because maybe they're modern now but in,20 years they're going to be Neo vintage,or vintage and they're special and,they're rare it's like you create a,compelling reason for a bicep something,is fantastik quality or priced really,aggressively or exceptionally rare,people are like yeah we'll go in there's,five six ten bidders all coming into it,it says is something they think you know,what maybe wait till January he said the,prices have dropped another 5K so you,have to compete career at a compelling,price for us as an auction house to get,people bidding then when you get,competitive bidding that's when we see,these exceptional prices but it is with,things like this like you might have to,wait two more years to find a really,good one exactly yeah like the,exceptional piece that we had the 1518,pickup thing yeah how many bidders did,we have for that that was 10 million,dollars we had 27 registered bidders and,up to five million dollars we still had,something like nine guys on the phone,because of this little scare in the,market you're going to end up with more,consigners over the next six months I,mean I thought we would into this,earlier generally because we only close,the sale six seven weeks ago and I was,like in September October time thought,we might have a bunch of stuff coming,through how many lots are in the cell,we've got 135 in the in the printed,catalog set and with 318 in the online,store so we're selling like a,considerable amount of watches and also,it's unusual like they think the,takeaway from this we've got million,dollar watches and online sales people,people are comfortable spending a,million dollars on an online sale when,we had a watch that bi'd in Switzerland,at JPS before and then a month later we,put a single auction a single lot,auction for the JPS in London did 1.6,million dollars the difference with 2008,is in 2008 bunch of guys just dumped,their inventory they got scared they,liquidated it cracked but it was an,actual crisis yeah it was a real yeah,now we're heading into what people call,a normal recession a lot of the a lot of,the trade the auction houses are either,more securely funded they're not worried,then they can ride out a storm and also,there's just the increase there's more,interest we have 40 of new buyers in,every sale that we do sometimes that,people buying one watch and done they've,bought their whatever it is for the rest,of their life but there's a lot of,people making and we're getting,Consignments across the whole globe from,places that we normally wouldn't get it,if you looked at a December sale or even,the June sale we had a consider amount,of Royal Oaks and nautiluses and,acronauts right those we had three,nautiluses in here I think three or four,acronauts across the sales and some of,that is that some of the buyers have,paid big money and they want to realize,that and we're saying well actually the,market shifted and you're going to have,to readjust your expectations,they're not they're not nobody's,panicking and dropping these things,which is good because it gives us,confidence whenever something one,certain model runs up so high and,there's so much interest all of a sudden,everybody rushes to sell because like I,want to cash in I want that crazy result,too and make some money so they flood,the market you know so you just have to,ride up I think there's also people who,don't need to liquidate but I mean from,our point of view as an auction house,and for you guys in the trade like you,have we have clients that come to us and,say give me good advice when the,Market's going like this you can't give,good advice you can't give them like you,can't say this is a great watch to hold,it so this one thing you could say is,quality yeah quality buying quality,always always people ask me they said,okay Roman I still have exposable income,that I'd like to park my answer to them,is this the biggest issue in the Vintage,is I always seen it is that you have a,guy that sells a vintage watch not,necessarily something super expensive,but due to his lack of knowledge he ends,up selling a watch for somebody for X,when it's really worth why because he,didn't know about the insert he didn't,know about the dial or the conditioner,Etc but that's why I like working with,you guys by the way because you guys,actually have people on your team who,understand what they're looking at yeah,yeah we've had a few drawings of,experience but yeah I think you've been,around for a while I'd agree with you on,the on the Vintage stuff like quality,the other thing I think is going to be,more apparent as we go forward is like,if you have a great watch and it's naked,it's going to be really especially,we'll say if you saw mine if you're,looking for not investment pieces but,like the the,um trailers between a really good,example complete in Immaculate condition,and something that doesn't have its case,back doesn't have a certificate it's,going to be a real it's a that'll be a,much larger yeah I mean I think a lot of,people look to the comfort of buying,from an auction I was kind of in the,same way that the new buyers who with,the the Rolex uh authentikation,pre-owned system is going to be coming,they just feel more comfortable buying,it's a comfort blanket yeah it's,comfortable to me when somebody asks me,what is the next hype and I told them I,think you can find those same Blue Chips,in the modern perhaps and to me the,Vintage stuff starting you know if you,want to tok lower pricing is going to,be your olde

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HOW SHE TOUCHED ME! Sexy Underwear Campaign Shooting! (18+)

[Music],what is up my friends I hope you're,having a lovely day so far my day,today's can be very special because I,booked an underwear campaign in Korea,which means that you are gonna go on a,photo shoot with me we're gonna have,loads of fun bad news this I got a,message from my agency and they told me,I'm just gonna read you the message,hey Mario I'm going to the job with you,tomorrow the client is asking you to be,pretty much hair less on your arms,armpits legs and chest so that means I'm,gonna have to shave my body I'm kind of,terrified that's what I want to take you,guys with me let's go and try this ok,guess this is where it's gonna happen,welcome to the model apartment in this,video Mario's gonna show you how to,shave your body properly we're gonna,start a beauty channel now they,apparently I have to shave this area,here I have a little bit of hair then,pretty much my legs I mean I'm not,terribly hairy or anything but yeah,there's some hair on there and I only,have like 20 minutes to do it so let's,better get started so first step duct,tape apply it here oh my god this is,strong duct tape I can feel it already,[ __ ] one two I can't I literally can't,this is off fix focus focus one two yeah,I hate this I hate this it's probably,gonna be all red on my chest here do you,see your house red haha not a good,feeling not a good feelings I'm gonna,just do the old-school way this is gonna,be a weird video guys seriously guys,what has my youtube channel become you,know when I signed up when I went to,Korea for modeling they said hey Mario,it's gonna be great you can do a lot of,Street word jobs maybe some TV,commercials but they didn't tell me this,was gonna happen I don't even know how,much the job is paying but I'm paying,with my masculinity you know five,minutes later,holy [ __ ] two guys to quickly summarize,that I really suck at doing this but do,you see that I'm pretty smooth here but,I'm so sure that once I go to the shoot,they're like Oh Mario you forgot guess,that's one thing I realized I forgot the,freaking the the back of my legs here,you know but you know what I'm so late,for my shoot let's go run and I'm gonna,bring a razor maybe do it on set but,sometimes I question my life,the modeling of things I have to do but,it can only get better from here,famous last words let's go to the shoot,guys I felt so freaking awkward shaving,my legs in the car while people were,just walking by you're in Korea but I,made it to the photo shoot feeling like,a female baby dolphin I got some makeup,on and then it was time to check out the,set for the photo shoot okay guys how's,it going hey team we're here on set,right now actually put on these,underwears here and I just check the,concept and apparently I'm gonna have to,just move with it and the reference,video they gave me is a Justin Bieber,campaign for Calvin Klein,[Music],so that's what I'm gonna do I'm,basically gonna be Justin Bieber's my,Calvin's maybe I can pull that off let's,see all right guys ready for the first,scene that we're gonna be here on this,pillow and all I have to say is slowly,turn around and say [ __ ] gorgeous,that's the plan and before I do this,push-ups,okay now already so there I was guys,standing on a small platform with my,tight underwears,in a room full of camera people while,somebody is gently adjusting my,underwear this shoot is gonna get way,more awkward later on but I felt happy,with the results I had to say [ __ ],gorgeous when the light came on and I,knew my lines so we freaking killed the,first part but then it was time to meet,the girl I was gonna shoot with later on,alright guys first seam down I'm here to,make up with Sonia you're the female,model and later I think we're gonna,shoot together yes,and you taught me a lot cuz I can't stop,touching in my legs I feel like I feel,like a freaking dolphin I just found out,that you have to say as a girl you,shaved your legs slice a week or so my,god one more reason I'm I'm very happy,to be a guy I can I can do this yeah and,you don't need to get a life or to give,a life or a person or somebody and you,don't have three years every week and,everything it's very fun no period no,shaving legs I'm very happy about this,okay so after we establish some respect,for what women have to go through it was,time to start with the actual couple,video shoot which was very sexually,charged,[Music],holy [ __ ] guys okay I gotta say was,definitely one of the more fun,photoshoots I've done it literally just,consisted of us while gently touching,each other and re-enacting the,commercial between Lara Stone and Justin,Bieber so she's gonna say [ __ ],gorgeous and I'm gonna look like Justin,Bieber at the camera Justin Bieber face,one two three yeah I think we got that,and moving on to the last scene of this,video shoot I felt like it kept getting,more and more sexual too at some point,Sonya's job was to literally touch me,down there and it was one of the hardest,things I've ever done I had to focus,really hard on well not getting hard,[Music],but part of being a professional model,is the ability to control your own penis,got them and I just said penis again in,the video anyways I was happy the video,shoot was over I think we freaking,smashed it and now it's time for some,photographs all by myself,alright guys move on to photos now I'm,just a pimp look at me I have like this,line under words I don't even know where,we going man but I feel good yeah let's,go raibh or something yo guys it was a,crazy long day of shooting we kept going,until 11:00 or 12:00 p.m. doing some,underwear shots in studio and then after,I was so happy to drive back home and go,to the model apartment alright we,finally finished the shooting here now I,got back to my apartment and we have,some company here Christina made pasta,isn't it amazing and I feel kind of,weird because now I'm eating pasta with,chopstiks it feels wrong but thank you,Christina,appreciate that I really appreciate holy,[ __ ] what an insane day it's literally,midnight right now we shot for 12 hours,straight but I gotta say I love this,about modeling I didn't know what's,gonna happen this morning but I have,some fun experience that can take away,and a fun video from an underwear shoot,I can show my grandkids when I get older,or maybe I shouldn't show it to my,grandkids because I shaved my freakin,legs and I was touched inappropriately,wearing tiger and the world but hey I,had a great time and quick insert I was,gonna show you the actual finished,commercial but unfortunately I'm gonna,have to wait for another two weeks until,the brand releases the TV commercial but,I'll make sure to keep you updated in my,next YouTube video and I will show you,the finished commercial because I think,it's gonna be freaking sexy and fire I,cannot wait to see you there thanks so,much for being part of the carrot,Kingdom and I see you my next video,[Music],[Music]

Obama mocks Herschel Walker's vampire remark

Got Mr. Walker,All right.,Don't go down.,Well,,I told you what I told you the last time.,Can nobody here you boo,,but they can hear your vote.,All right.,All right. So.,So you got Mr. Walker.,Look,,I was here last night,,and I think I made clear,my thoughts on Mr.,Walker,He I.,I had to acknowledge, and, you know,,some of you,,you know,,everybody here,has pretty good home training, but.,And so,,you know,,you're always retikent,if you don't have something nice to say,about somebody,you don't say.,So I toked about what,a good football player here, but,but I also had that knowledge,that I did not think he had,either the confidence, the character,,the track record of service,that would justify him,representing Georgia,in the United States Senate.,Now,,if,if you had forgotten what I said,the last time, it's okay,because you just have to wait a minute.,He reminds you every time,he opens his mouth,I mean,,every day,every day,he comes up with something,every day,since the last time I was here,,since the last time I was here, Mr.,Walker has been toking about issues,that are of great importance,to the people of Georgia,,like whether it's better to be a vampire,or a werewolf.,This is a debate that I must confess,I once had myself,when I was seven,then I grew up,In case you're wondering, by the way, Mr.,Walker decided,he wanted to be a werewolf,,which is great.,As far as I'm concerned.,He can be anything he wants to be,,except for a United States senator.,Since the last time that,since the last time I was here,,apparently he also claimed,that he used to,let me beat him, that basketball,but then he admitted,then we've never actually met,So I guess this was more of an,imaginary weapon that I laid on him.,Well, listen,,this would be funny.,If he weren't running for Senate.,We all know some folks in our lives,who we don't wish them ill will,they say crazy stuff.,We're all like, well, you know,,Uncle Joe, you know what happened to him?,You know, it's okay.,That they're part of the family,,but you don't give them serious response,to those,when you spend more time,thinking about horror movie fantasies,than you do thinking about the people,you want to represent,that says something,about your priorities.,When again and again you serve up,bald faced lies, just make stuff up,that says something,about the kind of person you are,and the kind of leader,you would be,if you were in the United States Senate.,So, Georgia, look,,I'm not telling you something,you don't know.,You deserve a senator.,You can be proud of,somebody who will tok straight to you,,somebody who will fight for you,,somebody who will garner respect,in Washington,,somebody like Reverend, we're not,who's been doing it responsibly,and conscientiously and effectively.,Not just in the Senate,,not just in the last few years,,but his entire adult life.,So let's bring in now our senior data,reporter, Harry intern.,Good morning to you.,So we have this new,polling out of Georgia,,the Senate runoff there,,just four days out.,What do you have? Yeah.,All right.,So, you know,,let's just start with that,top line that you mentioned.,And we've got Raphael,Warnock with a 52 to 48% lead.,I'll tell you this much.,This race is still within,the margin of error. Right.,That applies to the margin.,The margin of error is a little less,than four points.,The margin here is four points,,but you've got essentially double,that margin,very to understand the margin of error,between the candidates.,So this is still a very narrow advantage,,but it is a larger lead than Warnock had,,of course, in the general election,where he got more votes than Ralph,than Herschel Walker did,,but only by about a point.,This is a four point margin.,Now, let's dig a little bit,deeper, right, to understand,sort of why it is,that Raphael Warnock has the lead.,So which candidate is well qualified,,Raphael Warnock? 52%.,Herschel Walker. 27% has good judgment.,Raphael Warnock, 50%.,Herschel Walker.,33% would effectively represent,and represent the state of Georgia.,Raphael Warnock. 50%.,Herschel Walker. 41%.,So when you look at sort of those,candidate quality issues,,Raphael Warnock,comes out ahead on all of them,and by pretty clear margins.,So this is why Walker is saying,so why is why is Walker staying so close?,You know,,you look at this,,you say Raphael Warnock,should be running away with this. Right?,Look at these kind of qualities.,But let's take a look at what,the biggest factor in your vote,is, right?,So candidate issue positions.,57%.,Candidate character. 42%.,Raphael Warnock is winning the vast,majority of these voters,who say candidate character.,But take a look at this.,57% who say candidate,issue positions,are, in fact,,the biggest factor in your vote.,And take a look at these voters.,These voters,favor,Herschel Walker by a 64% to 35% margin.,So basically the fundamentals,you know,the high inflation,Joe Biden's unpopularity,are keeping this race close,because those voters,they may not love Herschel Walker,but they prefer him to Raphael Warnock,because they just don't like,Raphael Warnock.,It's not necessarily,about loving Herschel Walker.,All right. Harris, thank you very much.,Appreciate it, Harry.,Stik around,a little bit later on the show,because I want you to pay,attention to this ahead.

The Best NEW Animation Movies 2022 (Trailers)

[Music],buzz lightyear mission log stardate 3901,after a full year of being marooned our,first hyper speed test flight is a go,who were you toking uh no one you were,narrating again i was not just doing the,mission log you do know no one ever,listens to that i know that narrating,helps me focus,ready captain light you ready as i'll,ever be commander hawthorne this is,exciting a new adventure i'm gonna grant,you four minutes to be off planet but,then you come right back to us,to infinity and beyond,and you are clear for hyper launch,buzz that was utterly terrifying and i,regret having joined you,i'd like you to star command come in,star command,why don't they answer,the robots the what,what is happening right now,alicia oh no that's my grandmother but,sucks how long have we gone yum yum yum,yum yum 62 years seven months and five,days,what,i hope you're ready for action because,all we needed was a pilot for what to,destroy the alien ship,i have a plan and i have a team darby,can take any three things and make them,explode,i do this and they shave a little time,off my sentence okay and what about you,well i thought this was going to be like,a fun boot camp workout thing,but it is not,did i get it pretty close i need that,you don't see the harpoons,[Music],right here,[Music],the probability of survival with an,inexperienced crew is 38.2 hmm seems a,bit low mission failure imminent in,three grandma always said she believed,in you too,there was a big swelling too i think i,need a better don't always record your,last words do not vomit inside the,vehicle do not vomit inside the vehicle,if you are satisfied with this recording,speak or select one,[Music],to infinity are you trying to get me to,pull your finger don't fall for it no,not like that,sorry it's the thing your grandma and i,used to do yeah,good night good night,yes yes yes good night,[Music],there are a lot of other villains in the,world,but i am going to be,a super villain,[Music],i am pretty despicable,all right all right i'm not minnie,please stop calling me that,time to strike,[Music],my minions will save me,you like picking on little guys huh,i am a master of kung fu,uh,for smoochy smoochy,i will teach you,here,kevin kevin kevin,um,[Music],[Music],why don't we make this a fair fight,okay,i'm,all right tv night with my pro,you're going on a date with lois so,disrespectful,oh hey there little fella,wake up buddy it is one o'clock i,[Music],with other animals this just seems gross,we need gross smelling stuff is one of,the greatest joys of being a dog next to,licking any part of your body and i lick,myself all the time well that explains,the breath,superman i am lulu and you will kneel,before me,oh aren't you a little ray of sunshine,what's going on,[Music],you're invulnerable i should be a lot,more dead right now right all of us have,superpowers,still working out the kinks i didn't see,anything,are you okay my best friend is in danger,and you have to help me you know what,they say about dogs don't you never feed,us chocolate we love unconditionally,we're just a bunch of shelter pets,[Music],we'll help you get your dumbo in the,back,hey deploy k-9 here what is a k-9,excellent shielding that seemed,incredibly painful,why can't i have gotten a magic hammer,or something,what do i have here,oh squishy bros,that better be a licensed toy or i will,freak out,[Music],i am known by many names,[Music],the legend whisperer,i am pursuing boots,holy free college,you launch me,[Music],and the rest of you play double time,hey guys,hey you want to see something cool,get home safely good night,you're still here okay okay one more,number i call this one the legend will,never die,[Music],i have bad news,you died,doctor,relax i am booze i have night life,and how many times have you died already,uh,i am not really a mad guy,honestly,do you like you does this have shellfish,in it,a cat always lands on his feet what,[Music],what's happening watch,and then there was the giant today so,what is that like uh,a four,that makes eight puss what do you wish,to do with your last life when you only,have one life,that's what makes it special,fear me if you dare,goldilocks and the three bears crying,family,you're supposed to be dead,it never fails whenever i team up with,you things go wrong trust me,you gotta trust him look at those eyes,you killed that cute no,and with the paws it's all so,cute,am i doing it stop you're gonna give,yourself a harness,hello there now i know what you're,thinking crikey a black cat he's gonna,bring me bad luck,shows what you know about luck,let's drop some knowledge,luck is different all around the world,like in scotland where a black cat like,me is considered very lucky remember,kids don't try this at home,name's bob by the way and this is the,land of luck,morning jerry,we work behind the scenes to create,those wee lucky and unlucky moments that,make up your everyday life,like these guys an entire team thinking,up the jammy lack that kind that makes,you feel like a million bucks,okay maybe a hundred bucks of course,then there's the other team,working on the not so jammy kind of luck,and they sure love what they do,well you humans are a complicated lot,and that's why things run so smoothly,here because no human has ever stepped,foot in this place and with a little bit,of luck they never will,uh where am i,oh you gotta be kidding,[Music],oh,boy,oh,no,oh,no no no oh,[Music],god,oh,[Music],boy oh dad i don't want to stop your,flow but can you pass the pilaf oh,god that's butter you know what butter's,better,you have seven days to make your payment,seven it's gonna be okay bob,happy,hopeful,kissy lips,please,oh my god louise don't go down there,it's dangerous,did you mean to wave your arms all over,the place while falling into the hole,because if so you nailed it yes it all,would great,sister please,i'd like to report,a thing happened,what do we do ideas go oh oh what's this,thing,i'm so nervous,i know can you believe it,[Music],that feels nice i know i know don't rub,my sesame seeds off i won't don't worry,they're a cute couple uh i give them a,year,what's the first thing that pops into,your head when i say chip and dale i bet,it's these guys but certainly the second,would be those rascally cartoon,chipmunks chip and dale,what if i did something like i am into,good good i love,[Music],just it to remind you guys i'll be at,fancon this afternoon hey watch out,i'm keeping myself fit and you know my,updated modern look don't you think,you'd have more fans here if chip did,these events with you i haven't thought,about them in a while i should give him,a call see how life's treating him life,is the worst,which is why you need good insurance,a message on my landline,i don't like that,i know you're still mad about rescue,rangers getting canceled but i just got,a call from the police and i need your,help,i searched the perimeter no clues why,would there be six missing tunes in a,month and not one clue,oh no,dale you look,different it's no secret i had the cgi,surgery what's been up with you you know,this that other vague things to fill the,space of this conversation cool,we can see what we can find out and then,pass it along to the officer that that's,all we're gonna do so you're saying the,rescue rangers are back yes,you two come poking around where you,don't belong and i can't have that run i,gotta go,what are you looking at honestly your,weird dead eyes,over here go get em,[Music],i was always more of an alvin and the,chipmunks person you,monster,[Music],this is incredible,on the outside,the five of you are villains,predators,remorseless sociopaths,oh stop you making me vlogs,we're the bad guys,and this is the crew mr snake serpentine,safe cracking machine imagine houdini,but with no arms jackpot yes,miss tarantula our in-house tik wizard,where'd you learn to do that mostly,youtube mr piranha he's brave crazy,and mr shark master of disguise his,greatest trick stealing the mona lisa,disguised as the mona lis