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recharge subscriptions shopify

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss how to add recharge subscriptions to your Shopify store. Recharge is a subscription service that can be integrated with your ecommerce store to offer a seamless buying experience for your customers. We will go through the steps to set up your recharge account, add products, some do's and don'ts, and why a subscription-based service and model is great for your ecommerce store.

Benefits of Recharge Subscription Services

- Offers a seamless buying experience for your customers

- Increases brand loyalty and lifetime customer value

- Manage subscription business straight from recharge's merchant portal

- Customers can fully manage their subscriptions straight from your store

- Customers can skip or reschedule deliveries and swap out products thanks to recharge's powerful integration

Setting up Recharge Subscription Services on Shopify

- Find the recharge app on the Shopify app store and install it to your site

- Shopify requires you to have your payment method set up before offering a subscription-based product

- Recharge can be set up on a variety of ecommerce platforms but we will focus on integration with a Shopify store

Adding a Subscription-based Product to Your Recharge Account

- Recharge will ask you a few questions to get an idea of the type of subscription you would like to use for the product

- Customize the type of subscription, discount, and frequency of renewal

- Add the recharge subscription widget to your Shopify theme

Customizing Your Storefront

- Customize both the customer portal and the subscription widget added to the Shopify product page

- Recharge has two themes built in for the customer portal and offers customization options for delivery date changes, reactivating or canceling subscriptions, and adding incentives for customers

- Customization can get more complicated if you choose not to host the customer portal using Shopify or Recharge, but their documentation can be used to further implement Recharge with your ecommerce platform

Incorporating Recharge subscription services into your Shopify store can offer a seamless buying experience for your customers, increase brand loyalty and lifetime customer value, and allow you to manage your subscription business straight from Recharge's merchant portal. Customization options are available for both the customer portal and the subscription widget, and documentation can be used to further implement Recharge with your ecommerce platform. If you have any questions or need help with integration, reach out to our team of experts at Sunrise Integration.

How to Set up a Subscription on Shopify using ReCharge

Today we're discussing ReCharge, a Shopify app that enables setting up subscriptions for products. We'll be looking at a client's product, Goodwell toothbrushes, which offers subscriptions for toothbrushes, refills, and toothpaste. Subscriptions are especially useful for high-quality products, and Goodwell offers a replacement toothbrush every two months at a discounted price.

The ReCharge app costs $19.99 per month and requires a separate Stripe account. Once set up, all completed orders and customer information are available in the app. You can add new products and set up subscription rules for monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly deliveries. Discounts need to be replicated in both Shopify and ReCharge discount sections to avoid revenue loss.

Notifications can be customized to remind customers of upcoming charges, out-of-stock products, declined payments, and expiring cards. Customers also have access to a portal to edit their subscription products, billing information, and address.

Overall, the ReCharge app is a powerful tool for delivering high-quality products through subscriptions. It offers a seamless checkout process and customer portal, making it a game changer for businesses looking to set up subscriptions for their products.

ReCharge Shopify Subscriptions - Honest App Review By EcomExperts.io

The Best Way to Increase Customer Lifetime Value: A Review of the Recharge App

Subscription businesses are gaining popularity due to the convenience they offer in terms of client retention. Recharge is one of the leading players in this field, offering subscription services for e-commerce businesses. In this article, we will provide a full review of the Recharge app and determine if it is the best option for your business.

Installation and Walkthrough:

Installing Recharge is easy, and it can be found on the Shopify app store. Once installed, you will need to fill in your store details and choose a product for subscription. Recharge offers both one-time purchases and subscription options. You can also customize your subscription widget to fit your brand.


Recharge supports all major payment processing methods and payment options. Customers can manage their subscriptions through the customer portal or via SMS. Recharge also allows for one-time purchases to be added to subscriptions, which can increase the average order value. It also allows customers to reschedule deliveries and swap products.


Recharge is one of the more expensive subscription apps, with plans ranging from $60 to $300 per month. It also has a high transaction fee for the smaller plans. Bold is another player in this field, but Recharge has a more user-friendly interface and is easier for outside developers to make changes to.

Recharge is a great app for businesses looking to offer subscription services. It has a user-friendly interface and supports all major payment methods. While it may be more expensive than other subscription apps, its features and ease of use make it worth the investment.

ReCharge Subscriptions 101: Simple Steps for Success (ChargeX 2020)

Today's topic is Subscriptions 101: 10 Tips to Run a Successful Subscription Business. As the Director of Product at Recharge, I'm thrilled to discuss these foundational concepts that can be applied to businesses of any size and stage.

- Thanking audience for attending

- Discussing the excitement for the topic of subscriptions

- Goal of empowering with actionable tips for any size of business

- Format of 10 tips presentation

Tip 1: Experience the Customer's Journey

- Importance of putting oneself in customer's shoes

- Walking through different stages of awareness, selection, purchase, delivery, and subscription management

- The need to experience the journey from multiple perspectives

Tip 2: Talk to Your Customers

- The significance of getting feedback directly from customers

- Importance of contacting customers at different stages of the journey

- Using customer feedback to evolve product offerings and marketing strategies

Tip 3: Use Data to Your Advantage

- The significance of tracking and analyzing data to make informed decisions

- Using data to improve customer experience, product offerings, and marketing strategies

Tip 4: Set Clear Expectations

- Importance of setting clear expectations for the product, delivery, and subscription management

- Ways to communicate expectations clearly to customers

Tip 5: Focus on Retention

- Importance of customer retention for subscription businesses

- Ways to improve retention rates, such as offering incentives and personalized experiences

Tip 6: Offer Flexibility

- Significance of providing flexibility to customers

- Different ways to offer flexibility, such as skip options and customization

Tip 7: Use Effective Marketing Strategies

- Importance of using effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers

- Ways to use social media, email marketing, and content marketing effectively

Tip 8: Provide Exceptional Customer Service

- Significance of providing exceptional customer service for subscription businesses

- Ways to improve customer service, such as offering 24/7 support and quick response times

Tip 9: Continuously Innovate

- Importance of continuously innovating to stay ahead of competitors and meet customer needs

- Ways to innovate, such as adding new products and features and improving existing ones

Tip 10: Stay Compliant

- Significance of staying compliant with regulations and laws related to subscriptions

- Ways to ensure compliance, such as providing clear terms and conditions and obtaining proper consent

- Recap of the 10 tips for running a successful subscription business

- Importance of implementing these tips to improve customer experience and business success

- Reminder to ask questions and engage in Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Using Recharge to build subscriptions for a small eCommerce business - eCommerce Makeover Ep 9

Bulk Candy Store has a loyal customer base, and their focus on bulk buying and repackaging gives them access to products that other retailers can't get or don't carry. In this episode of eCommerce Makeover, we will discuss adding a subscription service to capitalize on Bulk Candy Store's loyal customers.


- Ken, the owner of Bulk Candy Store, believes that a subscription service is crucial for their business, especially since their most loyal customers come back month after month to buy specific products.

- Ken has observed that their loyal customers have a pattern of buying a specific product and then coming back to buy it again after a certain amount of time.

- Ken thinks that a subscription service is an easy way to generate revenue, and it would be an instant revenue generator for their business.

- Ken believes that offering discounts to set up a more regular subscription would work for their customers, especially for those who call in to place orders.

- Ken wants to offer individual products on a subscription basis and surprise customers with a candy box of the month club or popcorn of the month club that includes new and different flavors every month.

- Bulk Candy Store's most loyal customers buy unique products that other retailers don't have, such as coffee prims and Tootsie Pops in separate colors.

- Ken believes that a subscription service has to be simple for both customers and the Bulk Candy Store team to manage, without overwhelming them with customer support requests or more overhead that takes them away from running the business.

- The solution for this problem is to find a subscription service that integrates out of the box with big commerce and has pricing that is small business-friendly, such as Recharge.

- Lindy Crea, VP of Partnerships at Recharge, believes that subscriptions are a great way to increase customer engagement, retention, and average order value.

- Lindy suggests that businesses should think about subscriptions if they have customers that come back time and time again to buy the same product and offer those customers a subscribe and save on that product.

- With Recharge, Bulk Candy Store can put up individual products and use existing products or create new ones.

Adding a subscription service is a great way for Bulk Candy Store to increase customer engagement, retention, and revenue. By offering discounts and surprising customers with new and different products every month, Bulk Candy Store can reward its most loyal customers and give them control over the products they receive on a regular basis. Recharge is a small business-friendly solution that integrates out of the box with big commerce, making it an ideal choice for Bulk Candy Store.

How to Set up a Recurring Payment in Shopify (4 Subscriptions Apps You Should Test)

- Shopify subscriptions can increase average order value in your online store

- You can integrate this feature easily with Shopify

- There are free and paid apps available to help you set up subscriptions

Benefits of Shopify Subscriptions:

- Increased customer lifetime value

- Personalized experience for customers

- Scale subscription success

Free Apps for Shopify Subscriptions:

1. The Group Subscriptions

- Offers recurring payments

- Allows customers to select delivery time

- Simple design, but effective for testing waters

2. Payroll Recurring Payments

- Ongoing subscriptions with reminders

- Seamless for customers to manage

Paid Apps for Shopify Subscriptions:

1. Bold Subscriptions

- $49.99/month with 60-day free trial

- Detailed design and customer support

- Tools to enable upsells and increase average order value

2. ReCharge Subscriptions

- More expensive, but offers more control

- Detailed design and active subscriptions management

- Tools to boost LTV and reduce churn

- Testing out Shopify subscriptions can increase average order value

- Free and paid apps available to integrate subscriptions into your store

- Consider trying a paid app after testing with a free app

- Let me know in the comments how it works for you!

Recharge Subscription Billing Demo: Explained in 5 Minutes or Less | Ecommerce Tech

Recharge: A Subscription Billing Platform for Shopify and Shopify Plus Stores

Recharge is a subscription billing platform designed for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. With a focus on complex subscription and billing needs, Recharge provides automation and customization options to Shopify users.

Features and Benefits:

- Rule sets for specific subscription billing cycles and functionalities.

- User portal for managing subscriptions, including skipping a month, cancelling, and unsubscribing.

- Customization options for design and development teams.

- Gifting functionality for sending gift subscriptions and follow-ups.

- Email notifications for card expirations, out-of-stock products, and declined payments.

- Custom frequency options to retry cards and prevent involuntary churn.

- Greatly increases lifetime value and grows business for stores with repeat purchases.

- Most flexible and robust platform with the most integrations of any Shopify subscription management tool.

- Strong partner network of trained agencies to assist with advanced functionality.

- Competitive alternatives include Bold Subscriptions, Pay World, and Charge Rabbit.

When to Use:

- For stores selling replenishable goods that people need monthly, quarterly, or annually.

- For stores selling discoverable products that can be turned into a subscription box or added to a subscription.

- Great for industries such as beauty, food, health, skincare, and some jewelry brands.

- Not recommended for pass-through companies with no brand and no point for repeat purchasing.


- Massive list of integrations to ensure seamless integration with email providers, CRM, customer service, loyalty programs, inventory management, tax compliance, fraud protection, and more.

- Recharge syncs directly with Shopify inventory management and also has a TradeGecko integration.


- Starts at $40 per month with a 1% transaction fee and 5 cents per transaction.

- Additional transaction fees for payment processors like Stripe or Braintree.

- Possible discounts for those with over $100,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

Set-Up and Maintenance:

- Requires a reasonable amount of set-up, including setting up each subscription plan, training customer service and operations teams, and explaining the subscription process to customers.

- After set-up, maintenance is low, with occasional changes to subscriptions and handling customer service inquiries.

Recharge offers a powerful subscription billing platform for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, with a focus on automation and customization options. By increasing lifetime value and growing business for stores with repeat purchases, Recharge provides a valuable tool for businesses looking to expand their subscription offerings.

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