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red bull ads 2020

Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

DAL Jsi na ad Hodn t st V tejte V as b Sv tla pros m P nov dovolte mi p edstavit v m dal c l va cesty eskou republiku a Slovensko Za neme eskou republikou a jej m kr sn m hlavn m m stem P mo na sv tozn m m Pra sk m hrad Pod vejme se napravo pr v tu proj d konvoj Nejsp tam nejsou kv li n mu ale David se k nim p ipoj Co tu chce ten chl pek Promi te Tohle auto nem jezdit pomalu Nevad zapome me na konvoj Sezn m me se se servis ky Hned do box V dy jsme zrovna vyjeli Pozdrav me je a jedeme d l au kluci uvid me se pozd ji Jedu do centra M te povolen p ejet Karl v Most Ty jo byl jsem tu u tolikr t a po d m to nep est v fascinovat Jedeme Hal co to je Jejda pardon Omlouv m se Davide Na t st jsme se pr v chystali vyjet z Prahy Co se p esunout na v chod Proto e esk republika toho m e nab dnout mnohem v c Obzvl tady na Morav V d jak udr ovat sv tradice Jen se pod vejte A ty hrady Opravdov zem kr l a ryt Je to jeden hrad za druh m A n kter z nich vypadaj jako by vypadly z poh dky Ale to m je tato oblast nejv ce zn m je v no Sam vinice kam a oko dohl dne A taky dobr destil ty Poslouchejte jak zp vaj To byla j zda L b se mi to Co p idat kaskad rsk kousek Skv l n pad Davide V styl se mi v n l b as vydat se za sousedy na Slovensko V tejte v Popradu p nov A p idejme do sc ny sv tov ho ampiona Martina onku Oskar kilo Sierra Oscar november V Poprad N zk pr let povolen Pozor auto na ranveji R d t vid m Davide D ky Martine Kdo bude prvn v c li Z vod zde v Popradu pokra uje Formule je v t sn m z v su za letadlema pomalu ho doh n Zd se e se dost v pod letadlo Naprosto nev dan Bl se konec ranveje David by pot eboval aby se z formule stalo letadlo Tak po kat Z sta me nohama na zemi ano Jist Co se sakra d je Ano tak e Vysok Tatry U ijme si tyto impozantn pi at dominantyv z vratn epick m sledu z b r Dobr dost epi nosti Nav tivme nedalekou vesnici A zeptejme se na cestu Kudy Tudy A jedeme d l Jo a e nev te eho m Slovensko spoustu Ano hrad A kdy je e o hradech zb v posledn kter mus me dob t Ten se nach z v hlavn m m st Ale nejd ve se k n mu mus me dostat Br cho j jsem nejrychlej kapr v Bratislav Tak asi druh P es Dunaj se lze dostat t emi cestami P es takzvan Star most p es nov most Apolloa p es legend rn most SNP Tak jedeme A to je v e m p tel k m tomu Od jednoho hradu k druh mu V te co Tenhle chl pek se mi l b Jdu do toho Bude na m py n tati Chci ct Davide

Race To Miami | Sergio Perez takes a Road Trip from New York to Miami

Let's go, there's no road here. Come on! What do you mean it's closed? 11 HOURS EARLIER.

Hey Christian H Checo, I wasn't sure if you'd be awake yet. How's New York treating you? Yeah, I had dinner. I have a date for the first round of the Miami Grand Prix. That's great! I'm really looking forward to it. Tell me when and I'll be there. Thanks, Checo. I'll see you in May in Miami. Wait, do you need me in Miami today? In May, Checo. May. Do you need me today? That's what I like to hear. They're waiting for you. You're apart. What did you say? I have to go. I'll see you soon. You got this. You got this. Never give up. I need help. Red Bull, assemble. RACE TO MIAMI.

It's time, guys. Let's go. No headlights. Start, I need help. Come on, come on. It's a road trip. I need supplies. Check your phone. Checo, Christian here. What's going on in New York? And why is our car parked wrong in Chinatown? Oh man, not again. It's drying up. We need slicks. Thanks, much better. Yo, you cut me off. I got your license plate. Weird. From here, I know. See you in Miami. Sergio Perez is driving south, just south of Manhattan. South. Where is he going? What's going on there? Pull over quickly. Come on, buddy. Are you okay? That thing was huge. Yeah, man, wow. Not much of that in my country. Where are you trying to go? I'm trying to go to Miami. Miami? I can probably show you better. I have an idea. Go right. Thanks, amigo. Hello, Christian Horner here. I see you were just with my driver Checo. We were fighting a bit. He looked lost, so I gave him some directions. Miami. He's going to the track. You've got to have balls. You started and you did so. Guys, I'm tilted. I need a wrench. A bit of dirt from the swamp. No time to clean up. Thanks. Well, what do you know? I'm in a hurry. How do I get to the Hard Rock Stadium? You're going the wrong way. You need to turn around and go that way. Okay, thanks. Good luck, man. The final stretch. Let's go. I think we're ahead of schedule. Do you want them to speed up? I'll call you back. Closed. What do you mean it's closed? Guys, I'm doing some laps and you won't let me in. Let's see if this works. DO NOT ENTER THE FIELD.

Checo, are you there? I did exactly as you asked. I'm here today. I said in May. In May. In May. I guess I'm a little early. I'm not complaining about any of my drivers being fast. You're here now so you can go home. And Checo, I'm not paying for that ticket. Assemble. No more fines, please. I said May, damn it.

Transforming Formula One: 2014 Rules Explained (Full Version)

Hey, I'm Daniel Ricciardo, and I'm here to talk about the new changes in Formula 1 racing. The guys at Infinity Red Bull Racing have given me the opportunity to test out these new cars and see how they perform. Let's dive in and see what's different!

Comparison between New and Old Cars:

Things have changed a lot since 2013, especially in terms of technical regulations. The new car I'm driving now has undergone some significant changes compared to the winning car Sebastian drove last year. The main goal behind these rule changes was to make the cars safer and more fuel efficient. Let's take a look at the main changes:

1. New nose design

2. Updated front wing

3. Redesigned rear wing

4. Improved engine and gearbox

5. Enhanced energy recovery system

Fuel Efficiency:

One of the most crucial changes is the restriction on fuel usage. We now have 30% less fuel in the tank compared to before. You might be wondering how we can keep running with such a limited fuel supply. Well, first of all, we now have one extra gear, which helps with fuel efficiency. But the most revolutionary change is the new fuel-efficient engine. It features much higher pressure fuel injection for more complete and efficient fuel burning. Additionally, we now have a V6 engine instead of a V8, which means fewer cylinders. Though there is a rev limit of 15,000 rpm, the turbo is back, and with it comes the iconic turbo sound.

Enhanced Energy Recovery System:

The energy recovery system, known as ERS, has also seen significant enhancements. The new ERS now consists of two motor-generator units. One of them is powered by the flow of hot exhaust gases, while the other still uses brake energy from the rear wheels. This new system provides us with much more power, enough for 33 seconds per lap, compared to the previous 6.6 seconds. It also offers a double boost of 160 horsepower, resulting in more torque. However, this increased power also means it's tougher to control, leading to more exciting battles on the track.

Aerodynamic Changes:

The aerodynamics of the car have undergone significant changes as well. The front wing has become narrower, reducing downforce significantly. The blown diffuser and beam wing are no longer present, and the rear of the car has been modified to provide better support. The main flap is flatter and opens up further, allowing for more aggressive DRS attacks.

Longevity of Power Units:

Lastly, the new power units are expected to last longer. In the past, we had eight engines for the entire season, but now we are limited to only five complete power units. This means we have to manage our engines more carefully and ensure they last throughout the season.

The changes in Formula 1 racing have brought about a whole new level of excitement and challenges. From the fuel-efficient engines to the enhanced energy recovery system and aerodynamic modifications, these new cars are pushing the boundaries of performance. As a driver, it's thrilling to be a part of this evolution and see how these changes will impact the races. So buckle up and get ready for a season full of adrenaline-fueled action on the track!

Redbull Ad Presentation

Hi everyone, I'm Victoria and our group, consisting of Josh, Jared, and Gavin, is targeting students for Red Bull energy drinks. We want to let the market know that we have a product that fulfills their need for energy. Our purpose is to inform them about the availability of a sufficient energy drink.

- One example of our ad would be on Snapchat. As you swipe through a story, you'll come across an ad that allows you to swipe up and shop the product being promoted. The Snapchat ad for Red Bull shows someone drinking a Red Bull and flying, emphasizing the energy boost it provides. This targets students who need energy to fulfill their requirements.

- Another platform we would use is Instagram. We would show an ad with Red Bull next to a computer, symbolizing how it helps students zoom through their semester. It communicates the idea that Red Bull is what they can turn to when they're tired from staring at a screen all day.

- Lastly, we believe a YouTube banner ad would be effective. This ad would either pop up on the side of a video or in front of it at the bottom of the screen. College students spend a lot of time on YouTube, so this ad would remind them that they need energy while watching videos instead of doing homework. They can either exit out of the ad or click on it if they're interested.

In conclusion, our presentation focuses on reaching students through social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. These platforms are where students spend most of their time, making it the perfect opportunity to promote Red Bull and fulfill their energy needs. We hope that our ads will catch their attention and encourage them to either click on the ad or crave a Red Bull. Thank you.

The BIGGEST Runs from Red Bull Rampage 2022

Tom Van Steenbergen started his run with a branded seminar, taking the same route into the shoot. Can he control the speed? The consequence of not making it to that catch burn is something we don't want to talk about. Brandon is online now, coming into the canyon. That's incredible! He puts in a single crowd forward to use a stylish table into the Step Up Hit. Now he has to carry all the speed, which lines him up straight but flat drop into the OG sender Landing. What trick does he have for us?

Here we go, a flat drop talent clean to the pedals, now into a dirt to dirt trick jump. He backflips it. Right-hand half stylish one-footed table. What's he gonna do on this trick jump? So many options. Yeah, a 360 flat. Knock, knock. Carrying speed down towards the bottom. Wow, he's done it! No way! Oh, the caveman at the top, the whip drop in the middle. He's finally made it top to bottom at this venue after so many battles in 2012 and 2013. Not able to complete either of the two runs offered both of those years.

Okay, here we go. Three, two, one. Simon Godziek on course. Wow, how this guy has evolved as a big mountain rider, coming from the slope style scene, proving himself over the years that he's one of the best in the world. His best result, sixth place in 2019. He is primed and ready for the podium.

Here's where he dips in, disappears. Suicide no-hander back into the venue. Cracked nice table on that left-hand hip. He's got another couple errors before he points it straight down into the canyon. Gap flips this one. Now flat drop 360. Nailing that perfect. Here we go. This is the run into the canyon. Oh, what? Applause! God! Oh, it's not over yet. He gets it! Wow, the pressure to be able to link that technical suicide no-hander backflip after all he just did. No way!

Well, if Brett Reader opened the door, Simon Godziek said, I would like to come on in. Taking a little bit of a pause here, waiting for that wind. Great! Well, there aren't many who are better than this man right here at those go time moments. The last time he was at Rampage, he got a second place. That was 2019. He's back, after a refresh and like you said, coming back with so much more intensity. He won Proving Grounds just a month ago on the similar bike setup he's been working on with Coleman Saul. Here we go.

Such a steep, technical, vertical drop to start this out. He's got to control speed, dive into that left-hand firm. He does it clean. We stood up there the other day, and it is terrifying. Yes, it was. Oh, he gets a variation. Flat drop backflip with one foot. He can't and then a tail up to the ridge. That gap is like 50 feet. Everybody's got another drinkable drop coming up. What's he gonna choose? 360 to the right. Stopped. Now this long step-down, he talents it. No way! That's so high speed. I can't believe it came around so smooth. Now connecting on this step-up left hip. The final trick of a drop here and opposite 360. Stopped. Wow, Brett Reader. Oh, that was like an insane run.

There's a reason that Brett Reader was one of those people people were talking about for the podium, and this just might be the score for first place.

Redbull Commercials 2000s TV Ad red bull

In this article, we will explore the power of music, the energy of Red Bull, and the intriguing story of a young man named Michael. From gentlemen's clubs to true love, this tale will take unexpected turns. So grab a Red Bull and join us on this exhilarating journey!

1. Music, the Gentlemen's Club, and Flying Pigs:

- Music, often associated with enjoyment and relaxation, takes an unexpected turn in this story.

- The phrase when pigs fly is used to express something highly unlikely or impossible.

- A young man finds himself in a gentlemen's club, a place one wouldn't typically associate with music.

- Despite the unconventional setting, music manages to captivate the audience.

2. Red Bull: It Gives You Wings:

- Red Bull, a popular energy drink, is known for its ability to provide an instant boost of energy.

- The phrase Red Bull gives you wings is a colloquialism, suggesting that the drink can make you feel invigorated.

- Applause follows the mention of Red Bull, emphasizing its reputation and effectiveness.

- The young man, Michael, expresses his desire for a Red Bull to overcome his sluggishness.

3. A Confusing Encounter:

- Michael's interaction with a princess takes an unexpected turn.

- The use of contractions, such as I'm and don't, adds a casual tone to the dialogue.

- The phrase keep my options open suggests that Michael is not committed to the princess and wants to explore other possibilities.

- The princess suggests that Michael needs a Red Bull to keep his energy levels up.

4. Seeking Guidance from the Grand Master:

- The story introduces the character of the Grand Master, who holds the key to energizing and invigorating minds.

- The phrase travel to the farthest corners of the world emphasizes the extent of the journey undertaken to seek the Grand Master's wisdom.

- The Grand Master is asked to teach the ways of meditation, implying a desire for mental clarity and focus.

- The absence of Red Bull in the Grand Master's origin is humorously highlighted.

In this unique story, music, Red Bull, and unexpected encounters intertwine. From the gentlemen's club to the search for enlightenment, this tale showcases the power of music and the revitalizing energy of Red Bull. So, next time you find yourself in a peculiar situation, remember to reach for a can of Red Bull and let the music guide you.

REPLAY: Red Bull Rampage 2022 - The Biggest Event in Mountain Biking

Today is a special day as we return to a venue that hasn't been visited in nine years. The progression in the sport over this time is evident in the lines the riders are choosing. We have every inch of the mountain mapped out, thanks to BFGoodrich Tires. The start tower gives us a great view of the steep and exposed middle section known as the heart. This venue is filled with iconic hits, like El Nino and the Canyon Gap. Speaking of the Canyon Gap, it has gotten even longer without the wooden lip, now measuring 75 feet. The diggers have put in countless hours to create these incredible lines, and their hard work is on display today. Red Bull Rampage is unique in the sense that the riders get to build whatever they want, showcasing their creativity and preferences. It's amazing to see what can be accomplished in just 10 days of digging. This week is physically demanding for the riders, but they are in it together as a team. The diggers deserve credit for their role in making Rampage possible. They turn something impossible into a rideable masterpiece. The riders have spent hours visualizing and building their lines, and now they are ready to make memories on the mountain. The hard work and dedication leading up to this moment is immense. Red Bull has partnered with T Mobile to bring us a new perspective of the mountain through their 5G POV drone cam. The Canyon Gap, made famous by Kelly McGarry in 2013, is just one of the incredible features we get to witness today. The fans are lining up, eager to witness the action. Brandon Semenuk is a top contender, having won the last two Rampages. His line is steep and technical, and he always adds his unique flair at the bottom. Jackson Riddle is another rider to watch, with incredible flow and a calm demeanor. Simon Godziak is hitting the Canyon Gap, paying tribute to Kelly McGarry's groundbreaking backflip. The weather couldn't be better for today's competition, with calm winds and clear skies. We have a field of 16 riders, including three rookies and eight wildcards. The top 10 riders from last year will also be competing. The judging panel consists of experienced individuals, including Kyle Jameson, Randy Spangler, Darren Bearcloth, Josh Bender, and Greg Watts. It's an exciting start to the 2022 Red Bull Rampage, and we can't wait to see what the riders have in store for us.

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