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registered agent dropshipping

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers & Sourcing Agents

you guys must have known that dropshipping is a business model allowing you to sell online without touching the product or keeping inventory. that means you basically have no control over the product quality, packaging and delivery. all these depend on your suppliers, so a good supplier or agent is vital to your business. when starting a dropshipping business, the first and the most important thing is choosing a profitable niche and find a good dropshipping supplier that can meet all your demands. However, the majority of dropshippers find it challenging in their early stage of the business, So a lesson from this is to do an in-depth research when finding a suitable supplier. in this video, I'm going to give you some tips on finding your best dropshipping suppliers and sourcing agent. our team has experienced in dropshipping business for over 5 years. if you want to know more about dropshipping and making money online, please hit the "subscribe" button below and turn on the notification so you won't miss our next video and also weekly SourcinBox hot product recommendations. Now let's get back to the point of today's video. Many dropshipping beginners are looking for suppliers on AliExpress or Alibaba. these platforms are not actually not built for dropshipping, so you have to deal with different suppliers for different products and manually forward your store orders to the suppliers. That’s very troublesome. Besides, most of the suppliers on Alibaba require a very high MOQ and some Chinese suppliers does not have a good ability to communicate in foreign languages. That's why I do not recommend you to find suppliers yourself on AliExpress or Alibaba. so where to find dropshipping suppliers, I guess most of you must prefer automation apps or tools that can associate your store with massive products and dropshipping suppliers, such as DSers, which integrates with AliExpress suppliers. the good thing is that DSers helps you import AliExpress products and manage your store orders, which saves you a lot of time. However, it requires monthly fees and your orders are still fulfilled by different AliExpress suppliers. There are still no competitive prices and quality control and processing and shipping times are hard to control as well. you may also have heard of agents like SourcinBox and CJDropshipping, which also integrates with massive dropshipping suppliers. it's much better than DSers because they have their own fulfillment center to process and ship your orders, which is much faster than AliExpress. this leads to another way of finding dropshipping suppliers, which is to find a dropshipping agent that works on your behalf in the country that you are dropshipping from. usually, the country is China. of course, a dropshipping agent can be a person or a company, But I'm toking about the companies that have all-in-one platforms. it means that you can connect your store with the platform and sync your order information. they will negotiate with different manufacturers to pick the best-priced products, then pack and ship for you. In this case, you can easily skip the process of finding the product suppliers yourself and skip multiple middleman to get the best prices. What's more, you can enjoy a much better fulfillment service than that on AliExpress. I’ve toked about the advantages of working with a dropshipping agent rather than AliExpress in my last video. you can check it out if you are interested. So all I’m saying is recommending you find a dropshipping agent rather than working with random suppliers or AliExpress resellers, Because a good dropshipping agent can source better products and control the quality, has better prices, helps you with the brand building and, more importantly, the delivery time is much faster than AliExpress. You can easily find dropshipping agent apps on the Shopify App store, dropshipping agent listings on Google and the recommendations on YouTube. The dropshipping agents you can find have different features and quality, so how to find the best one for you among them? I'm not recommending you any specific agent today, but I'm telling you some key point that you should consider when choosing your dropshipping agent. the first thing you should consider is whether the dropshipping agent matches your business model. Professional agents usually support store integrations. you can also find these information on their website. if you're running a WooCommerce store but the agent can only support Shopify integration, you’ll have to manually forward your orders to their system. so you should check this out first. Besides, you need to figure out their product categories, destination countries and language support, because some agents only provide one product category, like clothing, furniture, etc. or only ship to US and EU countries. It may not suitable for your business model. The next point is the cost of hiring a dropshipping agent. Usually, dropshipping agents don't charge any fees for registration and they can get the products much cheaper than AliExpress. but some agents will charge a percentage of product and shipping cost as their service fees. the feast can vary from different agents. what you can do is to check the pricing plans on the agent's website or ask them for more details. Remember, always consider total cost and a delivery time when you are comparing costs of different agents. total cost includes product cost and shipping cost. free shipping means nothing if the total cost you pay is even higher. Also know that even with the same total cost, the delivery time can be different. Of course, it's hardly possible that you can get an offer with the lowest total cost and fastest delivery at the same time. You can't have your cake and eat it. you want to have a good balance between total cost and delivery time. Not all dropshipping agents provide live chat services. some only give you a way of emailing them and you may never get any responses from them. when contacting them, it would be better if they have live chat support to help you out. in time To learn more about their pricing, you can directly ask them for product sourcing. You'll know how much the product costs are from different dropshipping agents. And don't forget to ask them whether you could buy only one product from them as a sample for testing, Because some agents have MOQ requirements and they only source products for those who already have daily orders, So they might not accept beginners And some may ask for service fees for product sourcing. just be careful with these matters. if you are going to sell products under your own brand, you also should ask if they provide private label customization services and what the MOQ is for customization. Next is to check the fulfillment services of those dropshipping agents. Order fulfillment is also the most important part of your dropshipping business. First they must have a fulfillment center to process your products and orders and control the product quality. Then they should have optional global shipping methods to meet the need of different kinds of dropshipping businesses. you can ask them for photos or videos of how they work in their fulfillment center. A good agent must be able to scale with you when your dropshipping business grows. Some of the dropshipping agents allow you to keep inventories in their warehouses for free. Also, don't forget to check the return & refund policies, Because after-sales services are basic guarantees that a formal dropshipping agent should provide. Last but not least, a mature dropshipping agent must have years of experience in dropshipping business, must have good reviews from its customers and must have been approved or introduced by some dropshipping experts on YouTube. All that make a dropshipping agent more reliable, which brings additional value beyond dropshipping services. In addition to essential fulfillment services, some agents also provide dropshipping-related resources, such as detailed tutorials on working with them, product recommendations, blogs on dropshipping and mar.

How to Find the Best Sourcing Agent for Your Dropshipping Business

Hi guys, welcome to our first video in July. today we are going to tok about sourcing agent. The simplest definition of a sourcing agent is a third-party that helps you find the right supplies in a partikular country, who can make your dropshipping process much easier and cost-efficient. thus, if you don't have an agent yet, do watch through our video today, especially if you are looking forward to scaling up your business. The content for today is: 1.Why do you need a sourcing agent? 2.3 Types of sourcing agent. 3.How to find the best agent. 4.Sourcing agent recommendation. In this channel, we prepare this kind of useful information on a weekly basis, So if you are willing to grow your business with CJ, don't forget to subscribe and turn on the notification bell. There are many benefits that a sourcing agent can bring you, but the most essential one is definitely time-saving. Time is money. a sourcing agent will help you with the overall product preparation, from finding the reliable suppliers to managing the shipping and logistiks, covering service like price-negotiation, quality control and so much more. some of them even provide repackaging or print-on-demand service, which is very helpful if you want to improve the customer experience With this kind of start-to-end assistance. the potential inconvenience maybe caused by language barrier, lack of experience and many other objective reasons due to the fact that the sourcing place is too far away from you can be avoided. There are 3 types of sourcing agent in the market, and they all have their pros and cons. #1: Independent agent. This type of sourcing agents work completely on their own, which means it's hard for you to tell how reliable they could be, since the history of their performance is hard to track. Although independent sourcing agents are generally cheaper than big sourcing companies, the chance of them disappear in the mid of the process or practike scams on you is also bigger. #2: Sourcing agencies. These agencies hire several sourcing agents with different expertise at different niches and they will assign the agent for you depending on your specific demand. However, they also charge more for this- professional services. #3: Full service sourcing & logistiks companies. This is the most expensive yet versatile type of agents. they provide a huge network of sourcing services, finding your suppliers from different markets. In addition, they are also responsible for quality inspections, logistiks, shipping and etc. and etc. There are 6 steps you can take to find the most suitable sourcing agent for your business. Step1: Find out what you need. The first and most important thing is to find out what you need. you can't just dive into the market without any knowledge or strategy about the product you want to sell. Elements like target market, target customer and marketing strategy are all necessary to be defined before you actually start looking for sourcing agents. Step2: Set your budget. Every business needs to be built up on a budget. setting the budget down to details is also a good way to run the overall business plan again, during the process, you can inspect the feasibility of your project. The more accurate your budget is, the easier to locate the suitable sourcing agent for your business. Step3: Research & Compare. Once you are certain about what you want to source and how much you are willing to pay for it, you can use this "filter" to find a sourcing agent. Do some company research online, narrow down the options you have and compare the service terms they offer and the price they charge. Through comparison, you can have a general understanding about the market, which can help you distinguishing scams also. Step4: Check credentials properly. Except the comparison as aforementioned, you should also check the following for further credential verification: #1: The location of the agent's office. it's to your benefit. go have an agent who's close to the local factories. #2: The duration of the agent's company has been in operation. #3: The references from businesses the agent has worked with before. #4: The quality-related policies. Step5: Try getting prior samples Before place the official order. make sure to ask for the sample of your ideal product first. It's the agent's responsibility to provide you with a sample of the product and collaborate with the manufacturer to adjust it till it fits your expectations. Step6: Negotiate the payment. When you've compiled up a list of the most suitable candidates as sourcing agents, its' time that you negotiate about the money. Find out what kind of payment method will the sourcing agent agrees to Assess the overall payment strategy. keep the overall budget you've set in mind. Moreover, you can also negotiate in terms of increasing or decreasing the commission in case you re-order. No.1: CJdropshipping Sourcing Service. CJ offers free services for products sourcing, order processing and shipping. Thousands of products can be posted to your stores with just a few simple clicks. We offer Print on Demand Service, Quality control before dispatching, Professional product images & video shooting. No.2: Jing Sourcing: Small business friendly, offering free product inspection to reduce defect rate to near 0. customize packaging service is available as long as you are able to invest over $500 minimum on one product. No.3: Leeline Sourcing. Leeline Sourcing was registered in Hong Kong 2009 and in 2015 they created the current company in mainland, with a specialization in product sourcing. They provide a variety of logistiks solutions in addition to conventional shipping methods. No.4: Meeno Group. This company is based in Yiwu. expanded offices across Asia, Africa, Europe and America- great for start-up companies. Small business with minimum order as low as $500 is supported. No.5: LINC Sourcing. LINC Sourcing is based in Europe with branch offices in China and some other countries. This one is recommended for small and medium scale European companies who want to source products from China. No.6: Dragon Sourcing. Dragon Sourcing is a procurement service provider based in both China and Vietnam, focused on delivering sustainable value for clients globally. Complete sourcing service. small or medium size company recommended. Alright, that's pretty much for today's video. I'm Bella from CJdropshipping. if you like this video, always hit the likes and leave any question you have in the comment below. I'll try answering them ASAP. Subscribe us if you haven't and don't forget to turn on the notification. Thank you for watching. see you guys next week on Monday.

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Achieve total tax-freedom through a US LLC as a Non-Resident

five benefits of incorporating an LLC in the United States of America. over the last two years, there have been a lot of changes in your offshore world. compliance regulations have become higher, economic substance regulations have reintroduced and many restrictions. it's really difficult now to get bank accounts, even for legit business operations. so many people have started to move from their offshore business into their own - like other jurisdictions, and the United States over the last year has really emerged as a prime location for online entrepreneurs all over the world. here are the benefits for you of incorporating a LLC in United States America. if you're not a US citizen, a limited liability company is a so-called pass-through entity or tax transparent vehicle. that means the LLC itself is not being taxed in the United States, but the tax obligations are being passed through shooty respective owners. if you, as a non-us citizen and a non-resident, a so-called non-resident alien, incorporate a LLC United States and then have a personal residency either in a country it charges very little tax or a country that has a territorial basic sation system that doesn't change any tax on foreign earned income, or your perpetual traveler, and you're a resident of nowhere, then you can legally operate a business that can get all the payment processing. you ever want stripe papal Braintree, you can get good banking with solid banks. you get banking with all sorts of neo bangs, that transferwise or mercury, and you can make that money completely tax-free because the United States doesn't text you as long as you don't have economic substance in the United States- meaning employees and offer or something like that- any any kind of assets and your personal taxes- your personal tax residency- also doesn't charge you any type of personal income tax. so now you have the best of both worlds. you have a rigorous diction with a very high reputation, solid banking. you can give your customers invoices that they have no issues deducting in their local high tik jurisdictions but at the same time, your personal tax load is zero. this is probably one of the best set ups right now. it's very cost effective to set up, it's very cost effective to maintain, it's very easy to set up, you don't require a lot of documentation, you don't require utility bills and this is probably a setup that many of you can really put to a great effect. if you need, further in term, a information about how exactly to set this up- where do you go, what, what company to use to set this up, how to get all of the documents in order, then send me a. send me an email to the email address below this video and I can help you to guide you through this process. this is Chris from offshore secrets. I hope you liked this video. please subscribe and I see you on the next video.

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What No One Tells You About Dropshipping.

so this is what no one's telling you about the Drop Shipping business model and the long-term flaws that come with this business. naturally, now I'm going to be completely honest with you guys and tell you that the Drop Shipping business model isn't perfect, and there's three things that happen with most beginners that stop them from seeing long-term success and being able to go full time with this business model. now I do want to say that I absolutely love the Drop Shipping business model and I do believe it is the best business model and it has changed my life. personally, I've experienced the three main flaws from stopping beginners like you from seeing Mass success. so for the last two years, when I start brand new Shopify drop shipping stores, I add these three simple steps before I launch them to make sure that I don't get into any of these long-term issues, and by doing that, I've been able to generate multiple seven figures, and this year I've done over three million dollars with my Drop Shipping and e-commerce stores. so I'm going to be completely honest with you guys. most people are approaching the Drop Shipping business model the completely wrong way and they're using an outdated strategy that just doesn't work anymore. and if you- you guys- use this brand new strategy, then you're going to be ahead of most people that are doing Drop Shipping. so, before we get into the video, let me just tell you what you can expect to learn from this video. so I'm going to be showing you the three main problems of Drop Shipping right now and I'm going to be giving you examples for each one of those main problems, and then I'm going to be toking about how you can solve these problems in your own Drop Shipping Store. and before I even do any of that, I'm actually going to be showing you the proof of my drop shipping stores and my e-commerce Brands, so you know that you're learning from somebody that actually knows what they're doing. now, if you guys appreciate this transparent content, then make sure you smash that like button, because that just lets me know that you appreciate the content that I make and all the time and effort that I put into these videos. so, as mentioned in the intro, let me show you guys some proof that these strategies and these ways of approaching Drop Shipping actually work for the long term. so, as you guys can see on my computer screen, this is a brand new store that we started literally last year, and you can see that we've achieved 651 000 with this store and if we refresh the screen, you can see that the numbers are going to stay the exact same. and, as you guys can see on the screen, it's currently refreshing and the numbers have stayed all the same. now what I'm going to show you is another Shopify store analytiks, but this is to show you that this helps work in the long term and you're going to be able to consistently make money over the long term and not just in the short term. so, as you guys can see on the screen, we've done over 1.4 million dollars and if I refresh the screen, you're going to see the numbers are going to stay the exact same again. so, as you guys can see on the screen, we've refreshed and the numbers have stayed the same, and the reason why I wanted to show you that one in partikular is to show you that this store has been running for years and the numbers still keep growing. now, something that I want you guys to take into consideration and is extremely important is that this store has been running since 2018 and if I show you last month's Revenue, which is the first to the 31st of October, you're going to see we're still doing really good numbers. you can see 58 000 we did last month. so this shows you that this method actually works for the long term and not just the short term. now, with all of the proof out of the way, let's go over the three main fundamental flaws with the traditional way of doing the Drop Shipping business model that are stopping you guys from watching this, from seeing long-term success. now, the first fundamental flaw with the Drop Shipping business model is the customer's Journey, meaning when they go to your website, when they place an order, what happens after they place an order. so the first issue is these major long shipping times. the second issue is customer support- as a drop shipper, customer support has never been the best thing- and the third issue is the quality of the product and the actual quality checks of the product. now, I'm fully aware that a lot of you guys are watching this, might not truly understand the damages of the customer Journey with the traditional way of doing a drop shipping business model, and that's why I'm going to be showing you two real examples of how this can kill your Drop Shipping Store when you start to see real success and it stops you from making Mass money. the first example, as you guys can see on the screen, is I'm on trustpilot right now and this trust pilot is for a drop shipping store called Urban shoes and you can see, based on 25 reviews, it's got a two star rating, which is really poor, as it shows here. now, for those that don't understand what trustpilot is, trustpilot is a very wild, credible known place that people leave reviews based on where they go to buy things, and you guys can see here, if we look at the reviews you can see here it says one of the worst shoes I've ever bought and the guy goes over the quality being terrible. this one goes. if I could give no stars, I would. they go over how the actual store was terrible. the address was missed. they go over how the company owes them 100 euros because of the postage that they paid. so they go over the three big flaws that I just went over with you guys: number one, the quality being terrible. number two, the shipping being out of your control and being related mode on a Drop Shipping supplier, which can cause issues, and then the really expensive postage fees that can come into place. now, if we take a look at the next review under that, it says extremely unsatisfied, and they go over how they barely had any responses. they waited eight weeks for the shoes to come and they never did. and if we keep going down, we keep going down. it's the same issues with all of these reviews. now, just to give you guys more context on this Drop Shipping Store, you can see I'm on a website called flippercom and flippercom is where you come to sell your store and you can see here it's the same store, Urban shoes. if we go to the website it takes me to the same website and you can see here it says 750 000 in sales with a Shopify Drop Shipping shoe brand, e-commerce specific Niche, and they go over how much money they made. so you can see here their revenue for the past 12 months and you can see that they've made lots of money. this is a multiple six figure Drop Shipping Store and the reason why I'm showing you this is so you guys understand that this is a money making Drop Shipping Store. you can see the profit right there. they're making profit right now. bought. their customer service is terrible and it's stopping them from launching a long-term brand because of all of these negative reviews. this is stopping them from seeing long-term success, and I want to make this very clear. I am just showing you data that anyone can find publicly online just to show you that these fundamental Drop Shipping flaws are real and most people are still suffering from them because they are not moving to the new way of doing this business model. now I want to quickly show you their website as well, to show the products that they're selling, and you can see here this is the top streetwear brand for 2021. it's a sneaker brand. it's called Urban shoes and you can see here they're selling these AliExpress, Yeezy look-alike Alternatives and everyone knows these shoes that have been in Drop Shipping for a while and the website looks pretty good. to be fair to you and to show you how bad this really is, I've gone to their Facebook page and you can see that they've turned their reviews or their testimonials off, because normally it wo.


okay, guys, welcome back to my channel. it's yaly Michelle, and in today's video I'm going to be sharing with you guys how I got my virtual online business address for my Brad lavish curls beauty. so if you know her to subscribe to my channel, go ahead, hit the subscribe button, turn my post notifications so you are aware when I post, and let's get into this video. so for some businesses, mostly from even online businesses, most of the time you don't need an actual physical address, like to go, like to actual building, get a business store, because most the time we're operating from home and you just mostly need a virtual business address so that when you're shipping our items you're not showing your actual home address. so I'm going to show you guys a service that I use to get my virtual address and it was super cheap. I only pay $10 a month for it. some other virtual visit addresses you may have to pay more. it just depends on the location, so it might not be the same for everybody, but if you are a California business owners, then most likely you can get it for about $10. so let's go ahead and just get straight into it. I'm gonna start the screen recording. okay, I saw the website I use is called I pull stole one, so it's a digital mailbox, but it's also a real street address, so you don't have to worry about it being, like you know, not real. they've been in service for some years so they do have some credibility to them, and I've also heard other business owners use them that are having online stores. so that's why I chose to go with this website. so it's called I post or, like I said, it's the complete digital mailbox. like I said, they have different plans, they have different locations, so it just says they're the number one digital mailbox service worldwide districts is from $9.99 a month, and then there's 850 real street addresses for business or for personal use. so you don't have to use this only for business. you can use it for personal use and it does also include a free phone and fax included like a number. so let's go ahead and get started. so I'm going to go ahead and use the locations. I'm gonna show you guys hide in it. so it just says digital mailbox locations and then it says: please select state. I'm gonna go ahead and select how to park it and then you're gonna choose the address you would like for your digital mailbox. so for me I'm wearing the Los Angeles area storage. scroll down until I found Los Angeles. now there's going to be different addresses that come up and you're basically just going to select whatever address you want. so they have one for post hurt out of Wilshire, Westwood. you can see the first two or 9.99, but when you get to the third one it is 1999, and then the next one goes back down to 999. so, like I said, depending on the area the price might be different. so that's the only one in Los Angeles that is 1999. other than that, all of them are 999. so what I'm going to go ahead and do is just randomly click on one. so I'm just going to hit choose I chosen. when I says 3, 1 by 4th Lego Boulevard, and what you're going to do at the bottom it says: step 2 is select your plans so you can choose a virtual mailing box and that's basically personal use, and then they have a virtual business address and then they have a virtual office. I went ahead and selected the virtual business one and then they also have different plans levels. and another thing for you guys to know is there's no contract or signup fee and you can't change it if you have the monthly plan. so our law and based off of the monthly plan- because I don't want to be locked in to like it's really an automatik- your payments, if I got to sure how the business might run. so I just play the safe and did the monthly payments, because I do have month to month. and then they also have it where they say you can get one year and they get two months off for free. so I would have headed to the green plan, which is $9.99 a month, and then it says $4.99 a year so you can select it as two different options. I did the $9.99 a month, like I said, and that basically allows you 30ml IDs per month, but I'm basically only using it for the address. I'm not really using it for anything else. and then it also says location pricing varies by standards like premium or prestige address plans renew unless cancel me for a billing date. you get a full refund within the first 30 days upon request if account not used for receiving mail or other purpose. so it basically just says what all the plans include. it's a whole list. so you get a real un street address. you get a personal digital mailbox. you get the free app for the Android or the iPhone. I, of course, downloaded it on my iPhone. you get a 24/7 digital access to all your metal items. you see a picture of the outside of every mail item. you get center information for every item, clearly visible, and Melissa basically goes on, and then it just also has optional services and that's pretty much it. so I'm gonna go ahead and select the 9.99 so you guys can see about that, and basically after that, all you have to do is input your information. so you go put your first name, your last name, the name of your company, your address, your city, your country, your state, your postal code and your phone number, and then you're going to basically make an account. so you're gonna put in your username, your password, confirm the password. you're gonna put it in your own email, confirm the email. and then you're just going to put in all of your payment information- and it could be credit card, debit card or PayPal. you're going to agree to the Terms of Service, you're going to create an account and after that you will have your additional mailbox. it's really really simple and easy and it's the fastest thing that I found to work right away, and it works perfect on Shopify and I will have a video or Chapa fight soon, because that is what I'm using for my online business. so I hope this was helpful, informative. if you guys aren't already subscribe to my channel, go ahead and subscribe button. turn on my post notifications so you are aware when I post and I will see you guys all in my next video. bye, guys.

Dropshipping in the UK | FULL Step By Step Guide for Beginners

how to start a uk drop shipping business: a full, step-by-step guide for beginners. if you want to start your own drop shipping business and you've got your eye on the united kingdom, there's a good reason for that: it's one of the biggest markets in the world and doesn't have as much competition as other regions, like in the us. that's why, in this video, i will show you all of the ins and outs and how to start your own uk drop shipping business, whether you live in the uk or not. quick intro and let's go: hello everyone. i'm lyron from autods and in this video, you're gonna learn how to start your own dropshipping business in the uk, no matter where you live around the world and no matter what selling channel, what platform you want to sell. on one second before that, subscribe to our youtube channel if you haven't done so yet, if you always want to stay updated and learn about the biggest and hottest topics that are coming out in the world of dropshipping and, of course, like and share this video if you appreciate the value. now, having said that, let's go ahead and begin on how to start a uk drop shipping business. for all of you guys who are beginners here and you haven't heard much of the term drop shipping, yet this is a very easy business model with low risk that can give you high rewards, and the way it works is you have an online store where you sell products without holding any inventory, which means no initial investments and no big expenses right from the start. once a customer purchases a product from your store, you simply ship out that product to the customer's address directly from your supplier, meaning the product does not go through you, the seller, the drop shipper. you are just the middleman keeping the profit between the source price and the selling price. so what we're doing here basically is we are the middleman between the supplier, the manufacturer and the end customer. all that you need to do is find the right uk drop shipping suppliers with great products that ship from the uk and find the right selling channel to sell it on- and there's more than one right answer for this- and in this selling channel, you're going to list that suppliers, products or multiple suppliers, if you want to scale and earn even more, and you'll simply be importing products from your uk suppliers to your selling channel. and this is where the uk online shoppers will go to see what products you have for sale and purchase from your store. let's see how all of that works and everything else that comes along with the territory. let's start with some of the most frequently asked questions. is dropshipping even legal in the uk, especially if you don't even live in the uk? can you sell to them, and what are the rules and regulations that come along with that? so drop shipping is, and always has been and always will be, a legal business model. anyone can become a drop shipper, an e-commerce store owner. all you need is a computer, an internet connection and the right knowledge and tools, some of which i'm passing on to you in this video. and, for those of you who don't know, everything that i'm going over in this video is also on our blog, artikle, which i'll leave a link to right below. so drop shipping is definitely a legal business model. you just need to keep a few things in mind, like selling the right products, do not sell products that are copyrighted or that are trademarked, and you also want to abide by uk's business rules. go over the acs advice on preventing underage sales and read uk's competition and consumer laws for businesses, as well as their online and distance selling rules. hearing about all this may sound a little bit scary, but believe me, it's not. all the information here goes along with common sense and it's actually very practikal and easy to follow. just stay away from products that you cannot resell and also dangerous products like tobacco, firearms, weapons, ammunition, flammable material, flammable liquids and all things of those sorts. besides that, and copyrighted and trademark products, you shouldn't have any problems selling to the uk. but go over those rules and regulations just to be on the safe side, and always remember if you're going to dropship with our automation tool without ods, you'll always be protected when you're trying to add a product to your store that you are not allowed to resell, since autodesk has a large vero database with all kinds of products that you are not allowed to resell as a drop shipper. so you'll get hit with those warning signs and you can take it from there. so that's another layer of protection for you when starting off, and this way you'll be able to avoid making other people's mistakes. finally, the links to everything that you need to read about. i will also leave them right below this video and you also have them in the blog. artikle: is drop shipping profitable in the uk? well, i probably wouldn't be making this video if it wasn't, but to better show you how profitable dropshipping in the uk is. you can check out this chart from statista on the ecommerce sales in the uk from 2014 to 2019.. now, granted, today we're in 2022, which is three years past this chart, but just by looking at the increasing numbers which you can see here in billion in great britain pounds, so this for so here. for example, 2015, we almost reached 500 million great britain pounds in sales just from e-commerce in the uk, and you can see how the numbers increased every year. now drop shipping alone, and also the uk market, is growing exponentially every year. there is never a better time to join than now, and in one year from now you're going to say the same thing one year ago and so forth, moving forward, and this chart is just a small example of the potential of having an e-commerce business in the uk. so, yes, it is a very profitable business model and a very profitable market to target to when running your ecommerce business. what are my uk drop shipping tax obligations? now? this is a question that many, many people are asking before starting a uk drop shipping business, whether you live in the uk or not. so what are your tax obligations? how does this work and how do you get around this to doing it the right way, the legal way, and doing everything by the book? as a drop shipper in the uk, you have three tax obligations. the first one is income tax, the second is your vat and the third is customs duty. let's go over each of them one by one. your income tax is what you have to pay your local government, so wherever you live around the world, your local government probably wants you to pay an income tax for every income that you are making, including having a drop shipping or ecommerce business. what this means is you will have to pay your own government a certain percentage from your total profits, and this can easily be done if you have a local accountant. so what you need to do is speak with a local accountant and ask them: what are your income tax obligations and every other tax obligation that you have if you want to dropship from where you are to the uk market. your local accountant should help fill you in with all the information, including what your tax percentages are and everything else that comes along with the territory. so your income tax differs on where you live, and that is why you need to speak with a local accountant. the second is vat. when drop shipping to the uk market, we have to charge our customers a 20 fat fee from every purchase and then we'll have to pay that 20 to the uk government. now there's two ways of doing this. one: you can collect it from the buyer yourself on every cell, collect 20 vat and then pay that to the uk government. or you can have the customers pay that to the delivery company that's delivering the package to them. but of course the buyers would much rather have you pay the vat, and that will give them another reason to buy from your store. so make sure that you have a store policies section on your ecommerce store and in the policy section let the buyers know what happens with custom duties and taxes. who's goi?